Gentle Birth World Congress in Portland, OR

Gentle Birth World Congress in Portland, OR 1You are invited.........To the Gentle Birth World Congress.

From the Gentle Birth World Congress website: "The Congress participants are obstetricians, midwives, nurses, childbirth educators, lactation experts, alternative health providers, risk managers, lawyers, hospital administrators, healthcare executives, birth advocates, parents and more."

Some of the questions that will be discussed:
1. Do current care practices help or hinder?
2. What do moms and babies really want?
3. Can hospitals create special low-risk birth centers?
4. Have we forgotten the baby?

I could talk about birth for hours and hours (and often do).

Here is my answer to question #2:
A. Comfortable and clean surroundings with lots of available birthing tools (birthing ball, rocking chair, stool, ice chips, sour candies, relaxing music, candles, tub, heating pads, etc.)
B. Supportive, compassionate, and solution-focused caregivers who are present for most or all of the labor.
C. Less medicinal approach and more freedom to labor without IV's, stirrups, hospital beds, epidurals, etc.

Portland Moms...wish I could be there to join the discussion.

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3 comments on “Gentle Birth World Congress in Portland, OR”

  1. mom of a muchkin -

    Thanks for commenting! I'd love to hear about the differences between birth options in Canada and the U.S. What was your hospital like? Do the majority of women in Canada give birth in hospitals, birth centers, or at home? Do most women give birth without medication or using the epidural? Let's continue this discussion.

  2. Sounds like an interesting conference. In Canada we have even less options than you do most of the time since our health care is public and not private. I had a fairly good birth experience but definitely nothing like the hospitals you sometimes see on TLC with the nice beds and jacuzzi's and everything.

    Thanks for your comment on "Party Pictures"!

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