Get Fit...with Mizuno

Get Fit...with Mizuno 1Do you prefer trail running or city running? I mostly do sidewalk running in our neighborhood because that is what is most convenient for a mom of two littles. No driving, babysitters, or gym fees required...and I can bring along my jogging stroller, when convenient.

That being said, I think if I had my preference, I'd be out in nature - running through glorious scenic paths and perhaps ending up at a waterfall.

If you run on rocky, bumpy, or uneven surfaces to stay fit, you're sure to be impressed by Mizuno's Wave Ascend 4 trail shoes for women. They offer excellent tread and grip, helping you keep your balance as you sprint up hills or glide across wet surfaces. They are also super comfortable and they mold around your foot, encasing it in comfort and protection.

I've been wearing these over the last few months and I love them. I even wore them in my most recent 5K!

Get Fit...with Mizuno 2WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of Wave Ascend 4 trail running shoes (~$90) by Mizuno. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Wednesday, January 27th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

* I received a product sample for review purposes.

*UPDATE* The winner is #261 Chrysa. Congratulations!

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280 comments on “Get Fit...with Mizuno”

  1. I would love to win these shoes for my best friend. My best friend has three children and I know that she would love these sneakers. When we were in high school we ran track together and I know she misses running.

  2. Ooooo, this is exciting. I just found out about a running/biking trail pretty close to the house, and these shoes would be perfect for that! I didn't realize there were such shoes. These are now on my wish list. :-)

  3. I actually really love running on the trails. Keeps it fresh and no repetitive, you have to get engaged with your surroundings so you dont trip. Stephanie you should check out my blog :) It is all about running, I am new to blogging so any tips would be rad.

  4. I don't run any more (age and arthritis are the culprits) but I enjoy a good walk. It's so much more rewarding to have good shoes so my feet don't give out too soon.

  5. These look like very nice shoes. I don't run but I could still wear them while walking around the neighborhood.
    ncschools at yahoo dot com

  6. I'm a treadmill fanatic. I know it's not as beautiful as outdoor exercising, but it also keeps me away from all of my favorite excuses for not exercising. Such as too cold, too wet, too many dogs running loose etc.

  7. I'm the same as you. Run around the neighborhood and at the gym, but if I had my choice it would be trail running!

  8. I really prefer running in our community,where I
    know most of the people that live here.It is way
    to dangerous in our city to run on the sidewalks.
    It is so important to own a good pair of running
    shoes.I have a pair of Nikes right now,but they
    are showing some wear.I would love to try a pair
    of Mizuno’s Wave Ascend 4.I have heard good things
    about Mizuno shoes and how comfortable they are
    when your running.Thanks for the giveaway

  9. I'd been slacking off, but ran tonight (after a long reprieve). Let me just say, woofta, I need to run more. Why does it seem you get out of shape faster than you get in shape?!

  10. love to run just had a baby in dec need to get rid of this baby weight and as we now my feet where huge when i was prego so i have not had good shoes for a long time i have been living in flip flops would love to win

  11. I would love to win these Mizuno running shoes! I have a sweet little 4 month old daughter and would love to use these shoes to go for walks, hikes and runs with her (and lose the pregnancy weight)! I just realized that my current running shoes are almost 10 years old (eek!) and these might provide just the motivation to get out and get moving!

  12. One thing I like about living in a small town now is that we have so many great places to run/walk. I can't wait until the temperature is consistently above freezing so I can get back out there!

  13. These shoes sound like the perfect ones! I just found out I was pregnant for the 3rd time and with 2 herniated disks, I know it will get harder and harder for me to run and pushing my 4yr old stroller on the trails next to our home. These would help since I have abused my old running shoes for almost 2 years (at least they helped me shed over 25 pounds!).

  14. We are fortunate to have a lake near us that has a three mile trail around it. Even though it is within the city, it is a wonderful place to run or walk or bike. We mostly walk around it with the stroller, but my husband runs it. So, yes, these shoes would come in handy for an extra boost of enthusiasm to my walking routine.

  15. These shoes look wonderful. I'm just starting to get back into running (after my baby was born) and I need a new pair of shoes. Like you, I also love trail running, so these would be perfect for me.
    Thanks :)

  16. Hi. I'm a 41 year young mother with a 13 year young and energetic daughter whom has asked me to run a 5k with her. I have given much thought and aspire to become more than simple but adventurous. What a better way to prepare for this venture; a new pair of trail running shoes.

    I don't believe this came across my path just by chance.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

    Have a blessed day.

  17. I have a jogging trail right behind my house that I use almost every day. Those "Wave Ascend" shoes would be perfect!

  18. My college daughter used to run cross country in high school, but hasn't had a new pair of good running shoes in quite a while. I'm sure she'd love the opportunity to run in a nice pair of new running shoes. Thanks.

  19. I'm a walker, not a runner, but I have to wear running shoes for extra support. Although I walk in the city, that doesn't mean that it isn't bumpy or uneven! A little extra stability would be a great thing.

  20. I really need a new pair of running shoes, I've had my current one for about 2 years now and they are really beginning to show signs of wear.

  21. Wow thanx so much for this informative review, I am actually looking for a pair of running shoes, I really really want to start running to get firmed up. We have this awesome park here with waterfalls and it is bumpy and uneven so these shoes sound perfect!

  22. I would really like to win these because I am trying to get back into the excercise routine to improve my health this year.
    Thank You so much for the giveaway!

  23. I walk and run outdoors every day with hubby unless it is raining hard. We run on hilly roads and get a great workout! Just got back from walking today and took it a bit easy as we have been sick for 12 days with a flu.

  24. My teen boys and I take the baby (now a toddler) out running on the nature trail in the warmer weather. It's too cold right now, but thank goodness it's right around the corner. I enjoy that time with the boys. The shoes would be a plus, I'm in a rut where I only wear one brand.

  25. those look soooooo comfy i have been walking every night after dinner and when i get home my feet are so sore i guess it does matter what you have on your feet.

  26. My wonderful stepson decided his lawn mowing shoes were too small and he didn't want to ruin any of his shoes, so he wore my NEW SHOES to mow the lawn. I have another pair but these would make a great replacement for my ruined pair. I would hide these!

  27. nice shoes indeed. i just started at the gym again after 2 years of laziness. im gettin older and want to look better. a good pair of shoes helps alot. thanx

  28. Live in a hilly rural area where sidewalks can be hard to come by, so trails are pretty much it! Great tread is essential, especially with so much gravel around.

  29. I'm another one who walks rather than runs, but I think these shoes would be great for that as well. Would love the opportunity to try them out.

  30. Those sound like it would be good for the trails in the hills near my home; if I win, I'll take that as a sign to try the trails out!

  31. I run everyday, so these would be amazing to have. I bought my current pair early last year and they weren't made the best and they pinch my toes which is so annoying. Thanks for the chance!

  32. I have just taken up running as a form of exercise. I run at the gym mostly but I am planning on running around this awesome park a few minutes from my house. It is like being in the country but in the middle of a city. It rocks!

  33. I have had the same pair of running shoes for over 8 years, I am about ready to run them over to the trash bin


  34. I run around the ER all night chasing down doctors and dodging grumpy co-workers. Does that count as exercise? I feel like I've run a marathon. Sometimes I have to trek into the supply closet (if you go all the way to the back you'll find Narnia.) I can always use new shoes.

  35. my dearest friend wants to lose weight and I would not relish the thought of her jogging on city streets without a pair of decent shoes!

  36. my dearest friend wants to lose weight and I would not relish the thought of her joggin on city streets without a pair of decent shoes!

  37. OK, I was just thinking how much my gym shoes get beat up when I wear them outside(shhh, don't tell my gym I do this). If I won these, my current gym shoes would remain my inside shoes, making the janitor at my gym a very happy man!

  38. These are some super nice looking shoes. I use to run a lot til the knees started acting up. These would still be great and comfortable for long walks.

  39. These look like great shoes! I am a huge fan of trail running. I can run for miles through the woods but don't last a minute on a track. I think that I psyche myself out thinking about going around and around again.

  40. At 51 years, I am finally able to lose significant weight, and I feel more like moving than I have in 20 years.
    Frankly, I didn't think I'd make it past 50, but today life is good and i want to get running!

  41. I prefer trail running for fun, but when I'm just trying to get in shape first? I miss the indoor track at my old gym!

  42. I love the outdoors and would love to be able to run like I did as a child free as the breeze--I need a new pair of shoes and to lose some weight to do it.

  43. I'm not much of a runner... I'm trying though. There's a Curves about .75 miles away that I signed up for and I've been wogguning there every morning for the last 2 weeks (walking/jogging/running). It kills me every morning, but its getting about .000001% easier every day. Maybe someday I'll actually enjoy it. Who knows? Thanks for the giveaway, I can always use a new pair of shoes :)

  44. I was a runner once upon a time... and now I really need to get back in shape. I'm not in love with my shoes and would love to check these out.

  45. I was doing SO great with my running until I injured my knee. I'm working back into it slowly and I am excited to feel my body healing. Winning this would give me a boost!

  46. I absolutely LOVE Mizuno's shoes! The support they offer is unrivaled. My current trainers are Mizuno's albeit very old worn out Mizuno's but I love them all the same!

  47. I have a park about 5 mins away so when the weather is nicer, these shoes would be great for some jogging/running in there!

  48. I love these shoes. I am trying so hard to get back in shape this year and keep up with my two wonderful kids. I used to hike and play tennis when I lived in Tucson and now that I'm in TN I don't do as much. I really want to get abck into it and maybe these wonderful shoes would be the last kick in the hiney I need!

    angelface041206 at yahoo
    come check out my blog if you get a chance:

  49. I used to run several miles a day, and got out of the habit when I got pregnant with my son (six years ago--yikes!). I would love a good pair of running shoes to help me get back in shape.

  50. I love running. I am recently recovering from a broken ankle,and cannot begin running again until the beginning of march of 2010. I have heard of your running shoes and would absolutely love to have my own pair.Thank You,Gloria Grant, hawthorne,Fl.

  51. These would be great to have. My current pair of sneakers are as flat as a pancake so you feel EVERY little pebble on the ground. Not fun.

  52. I could so use this for training and running the Undy 5000 in October to raise awareness and money for colon cancer research.

  53. We love to walk, hike and run in the mountains near our home. I would really like these shoes because of the tread on them. It would be helpful for the steeper areas of the mountains.

  54. i've just started to "learn" to run. i've always deep down desired to be a runner...when i see women (or men) running outside i seriously want to pull over and applaud them! i'm definitely one of those girls who would totally go running more with cute running clothes or great new shoes! i've heard a lot about mizuno, and it's all been good!

  55. I can't believe we got another wave of snow...cannot wait to get back outdoors, these would be great for some trail-running..Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. I have recently started walking as a means to lower my cholesterol. My son has your running shoes and clothing, and he loves the quality of your merchandise. Thanks for the opportunity to register for this giveaway!

  57. I do alot of walking and ocassionally run on the treadmill. they sound like terrific shoes. If I do not have good shoes, it becomes really uncomfortable to do these things

  58. One of the things I like about Mizuno's Wave Ascend 4 trail shoes for women is that they only weigh 9.4 ounces. That is one very light shoe. I've had running shoes in the past that felt like I was wearing blocks of wood on my about awkward. Those ended up on a rack at the local Goodwill. I definitely will give these shoes a second look now that I've visited their website after having read this review.

  59. I agree with you, I'd love to be running out in nature but the neighborhood sidewalks will have to do for now. Maybe these shoes would give me more motivation to get out onto rougher terrain.

  60. My family are runners and into sports
    Not me
    Well after much nagging I decided to start walking
    after a week my feet had blisters so bad they were bleeding so I gave up walking
    After too many people saying get these shoes or no get these shoes I would be broke buying all the recommended shoes so entering in hopes of winning some great shoes

    Thank you so very much for giving me a chance to be a winner

  61. I've been looking for a different pair of shoes to train in since my current shoes are not cutting it for me. I haven't tried Mizuno yet but I would love a pair of comfortable shoes with some good traction and padding. Thanks for the opportunity!

  62. My current sneakers and all I can really afford are an off brand of shoes from a discount store. I really am trying to get in shape and walk everyday. It would be great to have a good pair of shoes to do my new activities with.

  63. I'm a beginning runner, and so far am not very good at it. I do prefer the trails and nature to the city sidewalks though.

  64. My husband and I go hiking and trail running on the weekends. I love the change os scenery from my regular neighborhood run. And most definitely enjoy the special time with my husband.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  65. I have a pair of Mizuno Pearls that I really like. These would be great to own, since I started my dreaded January workout routine again!!!

    Thank you for the chance!

  66. I am trying to get out there and work out by taking walks and hiking as opposed to renewing an expensive gym membership this year. I definitely could use these Mizunos. I see they are very durable and would withstand the elements, which would be great!

  67. i havent worked my way up to running, I just walk fast LOL. I love to walk in the park. and those shoes look awesome.

  68. I have been trying to walk every day. Some days I just don't do it. I think this awesome pair of shoes staring at me every day would help. :)

  69. Hey, I could use them just to wear at work. I have to do a lot of walking there. A GOOD pair or athletic shoes like these are a must for everyday walking if you have back problems.

    bbentry [at] aol [dot] com

  70. I've almost run holes in my running shoes, so needless to say, it's time for some new ones. I haven't done a ton of research, so I've been holding off. These look very sturdy, and would hold up to my trips outdoors.

  71. I owned a pair of Mizunos and they were so light and held up for two years. I love this brand and, according to your review, it sounds like they have a great outdoor shoe. Thanks for the review and teh giveaway!

  72. My sneakers are starting to get pretty worn out. Not to mention, they really aren't very good for trail running...which I started getting into this past summer. I really need a more rugged pair of running shoes with better traction for trails. These shoes look like they will do just the trick. Thanks so much for hosting this fabulous giveaway - I would be SO thrilled to win!

  73. So I've just committed to running in my very first competitive 8K in less than two months. I've begun training (believe me, I need it).To give you a sense of how badly I'm in need of some new shoes in order to prepare, just yesterday at the gym I was telling a woman in the locker room about how the shoes I was wearing to begin this new world of training were purchased as hiking shoes when I went to Europe in 2005!

  74. These look like wonderful shoes! I love to vary where I run. Some times I run the roads near our house and other times we go on the trails. I love being in the woods too!

  75. I am a runner...but love to hike with my daughters. Running shoes are not good hiking shoes..I know this & have the scars to show it:) Oh how I could have (and still could) use some trail shoes.

  76. I have a lot of wooded trail areas near my home and I would love to win these shoes to try them out on the trails.

  77. I like that these shoes have "excellent tread and grip, helping you keep your balance as you sprint up hills or glide across wet surfaces" -- I'm the type of person who can trip on dry flat surfaces so if you put me on any type of wet sidewalk or up a hill I'm done for!

  78. My girlfriend has resolved to walk more this year and so far is doing GREAT! Her shoes are looking a little worn though. This would be a great surprise for her.

  79. I could use these! I have just started getting back into running after baby #3 (it took a while-he is 13 months now-and finally sleeping through the night most of the time) and still need to invest in a pair of good running shoes. I hadn't run since I started having pregnancy complications in May of 08! My goal is a 10k in September! I've got a long way to go from my current walk/jog schedule!

  80. I started running a few months ago and really love it! These would be great to win as I should probably replace my current pair of running shoes!

  81. I'd love to have some new running shoes. I am working on getting fit in 2010 and I haven't bought a pair of athletic shoes for myself in at least five years.

  82. These shoes are amazing! I have wanted to purchase a pair of Mizuno's for quite a while but my budget won't allow it. =( I would love to win these! My current shoes are about time to be retired- I've had them for 2 years. Anyway, thanks for the chance!

  83. I just recently started getting into running and was fitted for shoes and just purchased my first pair of Mizuno shoes and absolutely love them. I am training for my first 5K which will be in April. I live near some great running trails in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains and would love a pair of trail running shoes.

  84. I am planing on running my first race since highschool in march (well it is my daughter's race but at 6 she is not running by herself!) so I would love some new running shoes

  85. Whenever I do my morning walks/jogs, it's usually on a track or the local park. The idea of walking on a trail is really appealing.

  86. i love running anywhere outside, but i hate running on a treadmill..sadly i tend to do most of my running that way. when given the opportunity i run at a track or down a paved "trace" that we have here

  87. I like to be out in nature. I haven't done much running but think that it is something that I would like to get into. I tried it some this past summer and really liked it.

  88. I have been trying to get back into running, and these would be great. I think they'd also be good for hiking, which is great, because I hike a lot with my dog!

  89. I'd love to win. I've been wanting to start walking/jogging around my neighborhood in the mornings. These would help me stick to that!

  90. I was just looking for a new pair of running shoes. I don't run, I walk but I need arch support so I figured I'd look into good running shoes. These shoes look great! I love learning about all the products you find and share.....thanks!! :)

  91. I run about 10-15 miles per week and think the shoes you wear truly make a difference on your running. The last thing you want to worry about is how much your feet are hurting or will hurt when you are out for a run.

    I love well cushioned shoes. These sound great.

  92. I would love some shoes like that. I used to run outside often (now its a bit too cold) and I hated going up trails in my little running shoes, there wasn't much traction. These shoes are what I needed!

  93. I am a walker-not a runner but these shoes look like they would be good for either. I am glad the really cold weather is over(for a while) so i can get out.

  94. I love the dark colors on the soles of these shoes! Why do they make ones that are white/light colored when they get SO dirty SO fast?? I've never been one for exercising indoors, but lately the kids have been excited about my exercising (jumping jacks, sit ups, push ups), so indoors it is! It helps that the weather is messy outside, too!

  95. Well, as you know, I just started running for the first time last week. Currently running on the treadmill at the gym but I can't wait to try to run outdoors when the weather gets better. Hubby and I are definitely going to be running trails nearby because I think that will keep my mind off the pain LOL I am really struggling right now with the running but hopefully it will get better.

    Would so love to try out these trail shoes. They look amazing.

  96. I'd love to try these. I love to run on rough trails, but I've had trouble finding shoes that are stable enough with enough tread--but I've never heard of these! They might be the perfect solution!

  97. I told my husband if I got an iPod I would start running/walking again. Guess what I found under the tree this year? So these shoes would be a great addition to my workout!

  98. I wish we were a little closer to some good trail running locations. I remember loving hitting the trails in my cross country the only trails I usually hit are paved ones!

  99. I don't run outside. We have a treadmill and I do my running in the comfort of my basement. Eventually I hope to be able to do a 10K or half-marathon, but I'm not there yet.

  100. I am not a runner, but my daughter is, so these would be good for her to have. I know she doesn't replace her shoes as often as she should.

    clynsg at yahoo dot com

  101. I look out the window every day waiting for spring and the outdoors. I'd love to have these shoes for my daily workout.

  102. I’d love to have some incentive to get out and get moving more. A great pair of shoes really does make a big difference

  103. I can't run because of arthritic knees, but I do walk. I have read many good things about Mizuno Shoes. Many thanks, Cindi

  104. I wish I could run ~ I'm more a walker. However, either way having the right shoe is so important. My hubby loves Mizuno shoes and although they are spendy it is a worthwhile investment!

  105. I live in Colorado and I love trailrunning for clearing my mind and rejuvenating my body. I'm always on the lookout for a good pair of shoes that can stand up to the muck and debris of trails and still look and feel great.

    Thanks for the review, I will try on a pair of these and see how they feel!

  106. I think I'm one of many who has started this year off with a commitment to running. Brrrrrr! I've never worn Mizuno's and would really like to try them. Thanks for the opportunity!

  107. Another walker (not runner) here! I love walking along running water. Sadly, none of that here in So Cal, so I improve and walk along the canal that has running water for citrus grove irrigation. Added benefit - heavenly fragrance in the spring when the orange blossoms are out! Nice added incentive!

  108. I used to walk five miles everyday where I used to live, and the roads were slanted on the edges. My sneakers would all wear out on the right side of the soles!

  109. I love Mizuno running shoes. They are great for running the dirt trails of Tennessee. Thank you Mizuno for making such a great product!

  110. At this time of the year it's running at the gym. I can't wait till good weather. I live in the country so our small streets are paths!

  111. I love running! Unfortunately, due to my recent ankle injury I have been unable to do it as much as I would like. After almost 12 weeks of therapy I'm almost fully recovered. I am ready to hit the road! I have tried many brands of shoes but not these, I just might have to get myself a pair!

  112. The soles on these shoes look like they'd be great for trail walks. Here in Tennessee we have some great state and local parks that are wonderful to walk in during the spring.

  113. I'm very lazy but I have been trying to walk more often. I have a dog so I tell myself I have to walk her. That helps get me out of the house.

  114. I would love a great pair of running shoes. We recently moved to Montana from California and although there is a ton of snow right now, there are so many trails walking distance from my house. That would be great!

  115. I can't run to save my life, and I know it. So it was completely unnecessary to hear my boyfriend making fun of my running to a friend of mine the other day. Moral of the story - must take up running and "show him"! Need good running shoes!

  116. I wish I could do trail running. Moving from Georgia where there were hills and mountains to the flatlands of Florida is a little sad. But I also prefer to work out in the morning and sometimes the trails have creatures I don't want to meet. When I get the chance we do go through the bird watching areas here. Not the same but fresh air is good regardless.

  117. I Saw on their website that they also come in grey/blue! Blue is my favorite color : ) . Once a bit more of the snow/ice goes away we want to get back to going for our nightly walks/jogs and eventually be able to kick it up to a run!

  118. Been sick for the past few years. I need to get out and walk. My feet really bother me so a new pair of shoes would be great.

  119. Here in Colorado I have a big mountain behind me that I enjoy hiking, but I could use better shoes. These sound like excellent shoes.

  120. I would love some trail shoes - we want to start doing hikes in the spring. I try to only where athletic shoes for athletic purposes....

  121. I am really trying to get serious about getting into shape. I am going to be participating in a 5k for Breast Cancer awareness this spring with my sister.

  122. I usually wear New Balance running shoes because they fit comfortably, but these sound like they might be even better; and the tread pattern on these look like they would grip anything.

  123. I really really could use a good pair of running shoes. I started running about 2 months ago but really need a good pair of running shoes!

  124. My friend and I walk atleast 4 miles everyday. I go through shoes like you wouldnt believe. Im also going to Disney during Thanksgiving!

  125. I haven't tried these shoes but they look like good ones.
    Exercise shoes of any kind have a life span and believe me the pair I have now are nearing the end of theirs.

  126. These look awesome! I've never tried Mizuno, are they comfy? I am currently loving my Asics sneakers but would love to try something different!!

  127. My husband has a pair of Mizunos and he says they're absolutely the best running shoes ever. Maybe winning a pair for me would get me off my butt and onto the streets.

  128. These would be great for running agility with my standard poodle. We often have to run on wet muddy ground and the trail runners grab so we slip less.

  129. These sneakers look great! I'm not particularly happy with the ones I have, a new pair would really be a joy to have.

  130. I would love these. I tried to resolve to lose weight this year, my body has really changed since having 5 babies. Putting these on would motivate me!

  131. I think it makes all the difference when you have a good pair of running shoes for both indoor and outdoor workouts. Thanks.

  132. I have wanted to try trail running, but so far have stuck to the pavement. Having excellent new shoes would certainly be a motivator. There are so many gorgeous places a short drive away that would be perfect for trail running, and I believe there's a local mom's group also that gets together once a week for runs.

  133. My running shoes are getting so old it is pathetic. I work out each day on my elliptical so I think I have let it slide a bit. In the spring I hope to take to the roads and trails again, so a new pair of sneaks would be wonderful!

  134. My husband is so hard on his shoes I'd like to win this for him as he goes thru shoes quickly. These ones would suit him well I think.

  135. My current running shoes are not in very good shape and not very comfortable - I could really use a new pair

  136. I would love have a good pair of running shoes. These sound like they would be a great fit for me. I love the style of the shoes.

  137. My state has some excellent running trails located in the state parks. And at least 2 of them do end at waterfalls.

  138. I've started running again. We run before work, so, it's still dark and have to wear reflective clothes and carry little flashlights. It is so peaceful at that time of morning.....but cold. I had frost on my hat when I got back in one morning. We usually do 3.5 - 5 miles. I'm starting to look for new shoes now, but, I've never seen these. Your review sounds reaaly good.

  139. I prefer to run on the sidewalk with hubby in the very early morning hours when its not so hot. I dont like running alone because of safty reasons. I also prefer running in my nieghbor hood because it is well lit.

    waitressdani (AT)
    hotmail (DOT) com

  140. I don't think I've ever seen this brand in stores (I don't think that I've really looked), but I'd love to try them out. There are actually a lot of nice scenic trails within a reasonable distance from my house that I walk all summer long. It would be kind of fun to pick it up a notch and go for a sprint through the woods!

  141. I love running, but to be honest, I rarely do it. Or I rarely just go out for a run. I do work as a housekeeper though. It's hard to explain about the place where I work. We have hotel rooms, cabins, dorm rooms, and a house. I can not even begin to tell you how many times my face as almost come in contact with the ground due to me slipping on something either wet or outside around the cabins. It has been difficult for me to find the perfect shoes for work. I have been working there for three years, and never have I come home without my feet hurting, and I don't mean just sore feet, but they hurt as if I have a broken bone. It's crazy. I have no idea if the perfect shoes will make it better, but surely they couldn't hurt.

  142. I'm new to running, and still fairly new to this town. But I was excited to learn recently that there are a few trails, not too far from me, that are great for running.

  143. could really use a new pair- I notice the pair I have are worn a little on the outside but no longer have the shock ability

  144. I'm always looking for quality shoes for my walks. my feet are terrible & these look like they would be a great help.

  145. I have never tried Mizunos but my brother is a marathon runner and loves them. Guess that is reason enough to give them a try! I would love trail shoes as well since we have so many trails around our home.

  146. I started running last fall. I am hoping to run my first 5K this year. I don't have a treadmill or gym membership so I can't wait for the weather to get nice again so I can start running again! I prefer nature, but do more sidewalk running so I can start and end at my front door.

  147. I much prefer trail running! Have you read anything about running barefoot or with leather shoes? My dad was just telling me about it the other day.

  148. I could have made good use of those shoes today. It was 74 deg after being 10 deg just last week, perfect for running. I need to replace my running shoes, but haven't because of the cold temps, I don't go outside when it's cold, just stick to indoor activities. Thanks for the chance!

  149. These would be perfect since I started working out I sure could use a new pair of shoes. I love hiking and walking on trails and a new pair of shoes would be perfect for that.

  150. I decided a couple of weeks ago to start training for my first 5k, which will happen this spring. So far so good, but I really need some new running shoes!

  151. Ooh Mizunos are great! I love trail running, personally, though I found a great route this weekend taking me on mostly surface streets, from my house to my parents house. Which was great, because then they could drive me home!

  152. I'm pretty sure my current running shoes are going to be destroyed after a pretty sloppy, snowy winter. I would love to not have to buy new ones in the spring!!

  153. I really enjoy walking at the local wildlife area - it's my favorite place to go and I'm so glad that my little ones enjoy going there too!

    (we don't have any sidewalks - just bad roads that everyone speeds on so I have to drive...)

  154. I really like the "trail-worthiness" of those running shoes. I'd like a pair that could transition from road-running to trail-cruising.

  155. I'd love to have some incentive to get out and get moving more. A great pair of shoes really does make a big difference and these look pretty darn nice.

  156. Our weather has been GLORIOUS the past couple days. We took two walks today... and I wore my flip flops, because... I could. I should have donned my sneakers, tho, because my feet hurt a bit. But it was also worth it. And I just feel so much better after being out in the sunshine, getting fresh air and exercise. There is another mom I like to walk with here, and I am thinking of convincing her to run a 5K with my in the fall (I figured that would be enough time to recover from baby #2...). We'll see!
    But all in all, I am definitely a walker, rather than a runner. Maybe because I like to walk with people... and talk :) And that is just so much easier when walking.

  157. I am not a runner but love to walk. I much prefer walking next to a gurgling river but since I live in the desert all I have available is dirt. So I don't walk outside much. But I need to. I really need to get started walking again. A nice pair of shoes definitely would help!

  158. Like Nell, I like being outside too! Thankfully we live in a place where we can walk, run, or hike on the beach or in the redwoods. If it weren't pouring rain right now I may have been out there now. :)

  159. I like being in the country. Hiking, walking, jogging... anything out in nature, with the trees and fresh air and animals. Love it sooo much.


  160. I've fallen out of habit with my running.
    First, Andrew is sleeping better now that we are home, so we're not usually up at 6 anymore. And when we are I'm not trying to keep the house quiet for my child-less, law school bro-in-law. And my chest/throat has still not recovered from our horrible sickness.
    All those excuses aside, I bought some cute athletic pants after Christmas so I would have something to wear in the cooler weather. And we've been out walking a few times in the past couple weeks.
    Forgive my chattiness...I guess it's because I never actually get to talk to you! haha

  161. I have been trying to get myself prepared to start running. I have a pair of tennis shoes, but they're really not made for running. I would love to give these a try. I, too, would prefer to be running in nature, but I think I will probably end up doing the bulk of my running in my neighborhood. Whatever gets it done I guess. :)

  162. Ok, I'm first which I don't know if it's a good thing, but either way...I would love a pair of good running shoes! I have yet to find a pair that I love. So I am definitely checking these out even if I don't win! :)

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