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queenSome moms are Contest Queens...meaning they enter (and win) contests regularly.

Other moms are Coupon Queens...meaning they utilize coupons and save big $$$ at the grocery store.

Still others are Freebie Queens...meaning they get free samples in the mail all of the time.

Want to be the latter? You can start by frequenting a freebie website, like New freebies are added daily and you can pick and choose the items that you prefer by category.

go freebies logoLooking for samples of Doritos, Popcorn, Chocolate, or Tea? Check out the FREE food samples.

Or maybe you have a baby in the house? Request diapers, baby lotion, or a breastfeeding support kit from the FREE baby stuff category.

Have fun browsing the freebies...

YOUR TURN: What "kind" of queen are you? Do you request freebies? What is your favorite freebie site?

* This is a sponsored post.

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3 comments on “Get Free Stuff at”

  1. Pretty sure I'm not much of a queen in any catagory unless it's dark chocolate eating queen, maybe that! I've gotten quite a few freebies from Walmart's website. It was handy to have little shampoos and deoderant for travel, that's mainly what I got.

  2. surprisingly I used to have a blog until I got too busy for it, I was trying to get back into it in January but we just bought a house that needs a lot of fixing up so again I am lacking time. I put it in the website line if you want to check it out. I had a list of resources where I found all the free samples but when I had to do a system restore I think I saved them on my back up drive but who knows when I will have time to dig my bookmarks out of there. If you check it out don't pay attention to the about me section, I was making a different blog for a character on a game I play call EverQuest II and it changed all of the about me's.

  3. Is there such a thing as a "behind on the housework" queen? I think that's what I'd have to be... I'm not much of a couponer, although I do use the ones that come in my email for department stores, I win stuff sometimes, I get free samples sometimes... but not enough to make me a queen :)

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