Girls Night Out with Colleen & Jo-Lynne

Last night, we laughed and talked a million miles a minute in Downtown Phoenixville.

Girls Night Out with Colleen & Jo-Lynne 1

We talked about twitter, facebook, family, friends, movies, poverty, passion, and how to make life work.

I love these girls. Colleen - with her business smarts, strong opinions, contagious smile, and impressive lungs (we went running yesterday at Valley Forge Park!). Jo-Lynne - with her obvious fashionability, her honest humor, her fun-loving personality, and her inspiring knowledge about whole foods.

Today, I gave them both a +K on Klout, acknowledging that they influence me. Klout is a fancy ranking tool that helps brands understand the key thought leaders in social media [see my score].

What's your Klout score? Do you ever give your favorite bloggers a +K? (It's a great way to support their writing and work!)

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13 comments on “Girls Night Out with Colleen & Jo-Lynne”

  1. SO FUN!! SO FUN!! SO FUN that you got to spend time with these gals! Is it okay to say that I am excited for the girls night we get when you come to this area!?!? Woohoo!

  2. How fun! And isn't Phoenixville cute? I think if we had stayed in the Philly area, that's where we would have ended up. I love it.

    1. Yes. It's a very fun area, made even more special by the presence of friends.

      (I think I'm still more of a west coast girl though). ;)

  3. I do Klout but not sure what it's going to mean for bloggers. My score is 59 - and I gave YOU Klout today! :)

    Sounds like a fun time with you friends. I love moments like those!

      1. Thanks! I'm beginning to feel that I don't because I wear the same three shirts everywhere! Such is life in an RV. ;)

  4. I like Klout, it seems to have meaning, but I wish they would explain just a little bit more what some of their numbers mean! Like what exactly is True Reach and how is it measured? :)
    I also wish you could have a list of all the people you follow on twitter because unless you type in each person's id individually it's hard to find them.

  5. Thanks so much for visiting with us. You and your family are so inspiring to me. The kids and I are all literally teary eyed right now at your departure. xoxo

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