GIVEAWAY: $100 Gift Card to Anthony's Fish Grotto

Whenever we go to the coast, we make it a point to eat seafood. After all, fresh fish isn't exactly the main staple of the deserts of Arizona. Our state knows tortillas, tacos, enchiladas, salsa, tomatoes, jalapenos, grapefruit, melons, and margaritas. High-quality fish, however, isn't as easy to come by.

While in San Diego, our family enjoyed a Sunday lunch at Anthony's Fish Grotto Downtown on the Bay. The antiquated restaurant sits right along the shore in the midst of the hustle and bustle of city life. Limited metered parking directly in front of the grotto is probably your best bet, but there are also paid lots nearby that will cost you approximately $8 for two hours.

GIVEAWAY: $100 Gift Card to Anthony's Fish Grotto 1

The menu features cod, crab, scallops, shrimp, salmon, and other fresh fish options - grilled, fried, in salads, or as stand alone dishes. My Coconut Crusted Tilapia ($14.50; pictured left) was served with delicious sweet roasted carrots (perfect for our 5-month-old baby to share!). Tim ordered the "Main Lobster Trio" ($26.95; pictured right), a selection of lobster, coconut shrimp, and crab bites. Ideal for someone who wants to try a medley from the sea.

GIVEAWAY: $100 Gift Card to Anthony's Fish Grotto 2

Our girls split the Pelican's Pasta ($4.50), served up with a side of fresh fruit. Other options on the Kids Menu included Fish Dippers, Surfer Shrimp, Moby's Chicken, and Grilled Cheese.

Clearly a favorite among tourists (the restaurant is within walking distance of the USS Midway), the views were relaxing. Boats and schooners scooted by us, passengers waving at us with wide smiles.

Would you like to try Anthony's Fish Grotto? There are two locations: one in downtown San Diego, the other in La Mesa. Enter to win a $100 gift card below.

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24 comments on “GIVEAWAY: $100 Gift Card to Anthony's Fish Grotto”

  1. That restaurant is iconic California. I never knew the name but I need to go there. I'm in AZ, too, and really indulge in fresh fish (and fruit!) when I am in California. I look forward to my next trip! Thanks for the recommendations.

  2. Hi Stephanie! I was absent from the blogosphere all summer so I've missed reading your blog.I wish I had known you were coming to San Diego! Sounds like you had a great time :) We LOVE Anthony's. Seafood is always our number one choice when eating out! We also love The Brigantine and Point Loma Seafoods can't be beat!

  3. Yeah! A SD giveaway! My grandpa told me about this restaurant but we've never been. I'd love to try it though! We recently ate at a restaurant in Little Italy called Buon Appetito - I had lobster ravioli. I was handmade and exquisite - flavors layered upon flavors. Delicious!

  4. I grew up eating at the Anthony's on the water, as it was my grandma's favorite restaurant. I havent been there in years, but would love to take my husband there!
    The contest entry thingy told me to name my favorite seafood restaurant: Anthony's Downtown San Diego :D

  5. I ate lobster for the first time at the Anthony's in La Mesa and I can still remember that first bite of nutty, buttery goodness!

    1. Do you order the same thing every time you go...or are you an "adventurous eater"? I tend to be the latter. I love experimenting and trying new dishes.

      1. I have tried several things from their menu, but the last three visits I have had the shrimp and avocado salad, because it is so good!

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