GIVEAWAY: Cordless Kettle by Sunpentown

My entertaining goals for 2013-2014 include:

  • building or buying a large table with benches for the backyard.
  • getting better about meal-planning so it's no big deal to invite dinner guests on short notice.
  • creating more fun "kid spaces" and activities.

No matter the size of my house or the pen scribbles all over my calendar, I want to have the margin to welcome people into my heart and my home. To be known as a gracious, warm, and fun hostess. It's on my list of life improvements.



While friendliness, humility, compassion, and flexibility are the foundation of hospitality, it helps to have items in the home that lend themselves to a comfortable and laid-back environment. Examples? A coffee pot, enough seats to go around, cups for kids and grown-ups, etc.

An electric kettle is also lovely for when you are serving hot drinks to a crowd. Simply heat the water to the desired temperature and each guest can select their favorite tea, hot chocolate, or cider. It's certainly much faster than microwaving one mug at a time. Not to mention it keeps your stovetop free.


All you do is fill the kettle with the desired amount of water, push down a lever, and the water boils quickly. No worries if you're busy with young children or other tasks around the house. The kettle automatically turns off when it reaches the boiling point.

The thermal pitcher does a good job of keeping the water warm, but it's also safe to put down on any countertop (plus, it's BPA-free).


One Metropolitan Mama will receive a Cordless Kettle by Sunpentown. ARV $62.


Use the Raf­fle­copter form below to enter. Com­plete as many (or as few) tasks as you like.

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* Thanks to SPT for providing two kettles - one for review and one for this giveaway.

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54 comments on “GIVEAWAY: Cordless Kettle by Sunpentown”

  1. We love our slow cooker! You just throw in the food and don't have to worry about it for awhile. Plus, it can make a lot of food, so plenty for visitors!

  2. I'm hoping we can entertain more this year as well. We are a large brood that includes 6 kids under the age of 9 yrs, so it is defintely easier for us to have people over! We just got a picnic table at Costco for $130! It is awesome and I would totally recommend it! You can find it on Costco's website for $199, which includes shipping, but I was able to find it in the warehouse for $130!

    1. And, I just saw the comment question we were supposed to answer, so I will also say that my favorite kitchen tool for entertaining happens to be this little basket that I got at Crate and Barrel that holds napkins and utensils. It is cute and convenient to hold those things that are usually in separate drawers, but altogether for many people to get quickly!

  3. My crock pot. It's so convenient to start food far in advance, and know it'll be all ready when my guests arrive.

  4. My favorite kitchen tool is my big Tupperware bowl. It is the largest bowl I own, and is the one I use whenever I make a salad for a crowd.

  5. My electric skillet. It heats up a lot quicker than the stove, doesn't make the kitchen as hot, and is super easy to clean up.

  6. Definitely my crockpots! I have two of them and they are often both in use when I have guests over. Love them!

  7. I like my electric hot plates that keep the food warm while i get ready to serve the crowd

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  8. We do a lot of garlic around here and my Garlic Twist makes the job so easy! It's my favorite kitchen tool :)

  9. Tough one. I love my Dutch oven... It makes the worlds best artisan bread. And I love my immersion blender. And my kitchen aid. My freezer is awesome, because I can have stuff prepped and easy to throw into a soup or whatever. So there... My favorites! :)

  10. most used kitchen tool is actually the, patterns for sewn napkins and placemats, ideas for mini-celebrations and a means on communication to say "come on over".

    1. How DID people cook before the Internet? I gave away all of my cookbooks several years ago b/c recipe sites are far superior. You just can't beat using recipes that have ratings from hundreds of users, plus photos galore.

  11. I like to have multiple crock pots to keep things warm - definitely helps me when serving a crowd. And for us, seven at the table is a nightly event, so serving a crowd is 30 people for a full meal.

  12. I can't really answer what makes serving a crowd easier, because I haven't had people over for dinner in forever. I do know that I love electric kettles. I've had a few and my last one died years ago and hasn't been replaced yet. I love that this one is cordless.

  13. I LOVED my electric kettle, but it kicked the bucket a last winter, and I've missed it so! It's definitely a great hostess tool. I also love having big serving trays (for carrying nice arrangements of tea & coffee fixings) and large, pretty serving dishes. Becoming a better hostess is always a goal of mine too.

  14. I love this kettle and have been wanting one for quite awhile now...cost keeping me from it, for now. :) I find having a couple mini-crock pots makes entertaining fun and easy. Even on short notice, I can throw a couple appetizers together and have fun with friends and family. :)

  15. Having a bigger kitchen? Ha ha! But seriously, when I do actually serve to the table I love the hand thrown serving bowls that a former co-worker made me!

  16. I'm not sure if this is where we're supposed to comment, but my favorite kitchen appliance for hosting is my crockpot.

  17. I got hooked on electric kettles when I spent some time in tea-infused England in college. We got one as a wedding gift and it has been my MOST used kitchen gadget for over 7 years now! (although my Keurig has been giving it some competition!) It really is probably the kitchen appliance I use most when entertaining... so convenient.

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