GIVEAWAY: Clothing & Shoe Shop

It's probably obvious that you can buy diapers from (they offer cloth and disposable options at good prices)...but they also recently opened up a brand new clothing & shoe shop!

The Girls Collection is off-the-charts cute and features all of my favorite brands - Tea Collection, Zutano, OshKosh B'Gosh, See Kai Run, and more.

GIVEAWAY: Clothing & Shoe Shop 1 GIVEAWAY: Clothing & Shoe Shop 2 GIVEAWAY: Clothing & Shoe Shop 3

We're a "girls only" house, but I have to admit I took a peek at the boys collection too. Lots of fun pieces. Soft, stylish, and stately. You won't find any Spongebob t-shirts or Spiderman shorts in their virtual aisles.

GIVEAWAY: Clothing & Shoe Shop 4 GIVEAWAY: Clothing & Shoe Shop 5 GIVEAWAY: Clothing & Shoe Shop 6

Also, good to know - offers FREE 2-day delivery on orders of 49+.

If you enter this code, you'll get $10 off your first order of $49 or more: STEP465042. 

P.S. Have you ever shopped for diapers online? We just did it for the first time a few weeks ago and it was significantly cheaper than buying at traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a $50 credit to use in the Clothing & Shoe Shop on! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, July 9 at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!” or “Love it” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Thanks to for providing two gift codes – one for review and one for this giveaway. 

*UPDATE* The winner is #131 Dayna. Congratulations!

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147 comments on “GIVEAWAY: Clothing & Shoe Shop”

  1. I've never shopped for diapers online. In fact, it's been years since I shopped for diapers at all except for an occasional package of disposables for my grandson.

  2. This sort of site overwhelms me a bit, with all the products. But the free shipping is a good motivator. Plus, they seem to have tons of great stuff. I love Tea, Kissy Kissy, California Baby, Mustela...

  3. Being a city mama, makes my life so much easier! I love having diapers at my door within 24 hours!

  4. we always order the biggest case of diapers from and occasionally a small toy to get free shipping but i had no idea they sold clothes as well!

  5. They have really cute sundresses and swimsuits, some very affordable. Love that they carry Carter's.

  6. Love the convenience of Having these items delivered to my front door is invaluable! Saves time, frustration and money - and of course, shopping from my living room has multiple benefits. They have really added a variety of items in the last few years which makes them that much more appealing!

  7. I remember a friend recommending when my now two year old was a newborn. She loved the selection, prices, and fast shipping. I never looked too closely and sort of forgot about it until now. I was surprised to see how many different things they offer besides What a great resource for parents. I wish I had been using them all along.

  8. just visited them and surprised they sell so much more. TOys, gear,books, and so much more

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  9. I have bought diapers from before and was very happy with the service, pricing, and speedy delivery. I found it really handy with a new-newborn when I didn't feel like schlepping the little ones out... I may try it again with Baby 3.
    They also seemed to have a lot of coupon codes and rewards that helped with pricing.
    Glad to see they have so many of those really good brands!

  10. I have never used, but it appears that they have a lot of nice clothes. I was looking through the boys clothing and I found two adorable tops. I like the Spudz Graphic that says Totally Jawsome with sharks on it. ->

    My favorite shirt on the site so far would have to be the OshKosh B'Gosh Pique Polo with Turtles on it. I love this one because blue is our favorite color and we love sea turtles. In fact, we go down to Loggerhead Marine Life Center all the time to visit turtles brought to the hospital.

  11. I have bought diapers online, but if I can find deals in the store and match up with coupons, I find that can be a cheaper way. But for saving time and money, online is a good way to go.

  12. We have a friend that loves we do cloth diapers from a local store, but their patterned rompers are really cute!

  13. We haven't bought diapers online before but I keep reading that it may be a better deal. When I get low again, I'm going to have to look into it.

  14. I have never shopped for diapers online before, but i have shopped with their sister site It was a great experience. now its great to find awesome prices and selection online for babies clothes....with my first baby on the way it will come in handy:)
    thnks for the giveaway

  15. Hmm . . . that information about buying diapers online would've been useful five years ago! (Was it possible five years ago? I feel like kid's stuff changes at a lightning fast pace. Put a few years between your babies, and it's like you raised the older one in the dark ages!)

  16. I love their selection of shoes on We seem to always be missing shoes around here! I've never bought anything from them, but have bought diapers off of another website and it is really nice having them shipped straight to the house!

  17. We started purchasing diapers online when JT was born last year. Online services weren't available with my first two children so this is a treat. With online service I've never once needed to make a late night run to the store after realizing that I was down to may last couple diapers. Another bonus, the cost savings.

  18. I didn't know they sold clothes. I have browsed the site for diapers and such but will have to now look at the clothes

  19. I always shop for diapers online!...unless I am on vacation for a while at my parents, or I find a good deal in stores.

  20. I love the idea of staples, like diapers, showing up on my doorstep. A lot less Target impulse buys!

  21. Well, I will definitely use that coupon code - thanks! We've been thinking of researching cheaper diaper options, and I've heard is great. Those clothes look adorable, too - I think I may do some looking around there right now, actually! :)

  22. I have never shopped for diapers online before, I will have to try it out. We used clothe for the first three kids but I need to replace my stash for our fourth, they are just a little stinky and I can't figure out how to get the smell out. Frustrating, so I have just been using walmart brand, I wonder if it is cheaper to buy online.

  23. I didn't know had more than just diapers and other baby products. I'll have to check out their clothing for our three growing kiddos.

  24. I've never shopped for diapers online, but always do for clothes. I love the brands that are featured in this store, lots of favs!

  25. I have heard wonderful things about've started out using amazon for our diapers but are definitely considering switching.

  26. Oh wow...they really have alot of clothing to choose from! I love that they carry Carters brand! I just love their Carters Blue Plaid Cargo Shorts for little boys! So cute! Thanks for the great giveaway!!!!

  27. I live for diapers being delivered to my door! I currently order from amazon (free shipping with amazon mom) but have used before.

  28. is the best value for bulk formula and delivery is super fast. Would love to win to try out their new clothing line.

  29. I order all my Pampers Swaddlers from Amazon. You can't beat the price and the shipping is fast and free! However, after my kids outgrow the Swaddlers size I switch to the Target Up & Up brand. I've found both the quality and price are unbeatable. What brand of diapers do you use post-Swaddlers?

    1. You know that I love the Swaddlers best for newborn and size 1. Right now, we're using Huggies from Costco. They seem to work reasonably well. I wonder how they compare in price to Target's brand?

  30. We have never ordered diapers offline, only because we have a "seconds" store nearby that sells diapers cheaply. But the prices at look great. I'll definitely keep them in mind for the future!

  31. I have been meaning to try was not aware they sold clothes too, that's super helpful!

  32. ive ordered from before but eventually forgot about them until now.
    amramazon280 at yahoo dot com

  33. The boys selections are great! It's so hard to find cute, non-branded stuff for boys - love the options that they have here! My boy liked the biplane t-shirt, the monster truck t-shirt, the train t-shirt, the.... :)

  34. Having 2 toddler boys, getting to the store is hard. I have always loved You can also mail in your manufacturer coupons to them and use them on future orders of diapers.

  35. I had no idea that sold things other than diapers!! I will definitely have to check them out more later. I have a 21 month old toddler, so we'll be in diapers a little while longer. =)

  36. I'm looking at buying my oldest a new booster. has the ones I'm looking for~
    inalak at msn dot com

  37. I love the clothes they have available, especially the Captain adorable romper for boy's. I would love to shop at this site for my children, thanks for the giveaway!

  38. I love for diapers, but I have never tried to purchase clothes there. When I checked out their site, I saw lots of super cute clothes that I would love to have for my baby boy.
    lajohnson555 at yahoo dot com

  39. I had no idea sold items other than...well, diapers! Thanks for hosting this giveaway, it gave me a chance to check out the website and learn more about everything that offers.

  40. How fun to win this gift certificate and be able to choose exactly what you like. I would love a new outfit from Tea Collection, it's just such an amazing brand. My son is tall and thin and evert Tea peace fits him great. Thanks for the chance to win.

  41. I've bought some Zutano clothes from before. We use cloth diapers, so we mostly buy them online. But I've heard that buying disposable diapers online is a better deal.

  42. I would use the gc to get the Pediped Flex Isabella in chocolate brown and the Saltwater by Hoy Surfer in silver. The brown ones would be perfect for school!!

  43. Didn't know you could get clothing there too! That owl onesie is adorable!


  44. I buy my diapers from them all the time. I have it shipped under my husbands name just to see him get all excited when HIS package arrives! :)

  45. Diapers add up so quickly in the monthly budget. I never considered buying them online but if it offered me a better price I would.

  46. I've never looked into buying diapers online. I guess I assumed they would be so much more expensive when you included shipping.

  47. I've never shopped for diapers online .. never even thought of it !!!Bet could find some good discounts =)

  48. I love They always have great sales and I've made many purchases from cool they're carrying clothes now as well!

  49. My daughter would love the dresses on their site. I really like the Carter's
    Sleeveless Floral Print Sundress - Purple/Green

  50. I'm a big fan of owls and love the dwellstudio owls bodysuit you posted! Looks like a great online clothing store.

  51. Thanks for this post! I've been seeing ads for on the subway, and I always wondered if the site actually had more than just the basics! This is where I'll be shopping for Christmas presents for my friends with new babies!

  52. We are down to only 1 pull up per day (bedtime)! Yay! But the clothes are adorable! I love it that they offer both genders too. Boys clothes tend to be harder to find in my experience!

  53. I didn't know that and were related. I like how you can buy clothes with the diapers though-nice time saver.

  54. I have started buying diapers online if I need them. I can usually find good deals, paired with coupon codes, AND i don't have to drag the kids into the store. All pluses! :)

  55. We began ordering diapers and wipes online when we realized that we could save money and's wonderful to have them delivered right to our door! I really like because it offers so much more then diapers...I have perused their Tea Collection clothing many times! It would be fun to actually shop!

  56. So I totally love these clothes, especially the little girls dresses! What a neat idea for! Plus with friends having babies may also be a great way for me to stock up on diaper gifts, which I know most moms are always thankful to save in that way.

  57. I am excited to hear that has a clothing shop-I've used them before in the past to order diapers and formula. They always have fast shipping-thanks for the post!

  58. Love buying diapers through the site and often see sales on good quality clothes. Also like that you can use the other sites affiliated with one checkout and get it delivered the next day!

  59. I have never used before, but when I checked them out I was amazed at their selection of inventory

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  60. I've used for lots of things, diapers, baby supplies, (fabulous customer service!) but for some reason it never occurred to me to get clothes there. They have some nice ones too!

  61. I cloth diapered my daughter, but did look at the prices of disposables at once or twice and was happy with their price and the selection of stuff that they carry is amazing.

  62. I did not know they sold clothes but I did know that they sold baby items. I'm going to have to take a peek. My neighbor just got a delivery from the other day. I assumed it was diapers know I wonder if it wasn't some super cute clothes.

  63. I have shopped but haven't since my kids were potty trained. I didn't realize they have clothes now! Love looking for good deals and now I have a new place to look!

  64. We cloth diaper, so I never have bought sposies online, but I have used before and I loved it! I didn't realize they sold Tea Collection stuff! Awesome!

  65. I've never bought disposables online, but I should definitely check it out....especially now that it's become hard to find 7th generation diapers locally!

  66. I have purchased a few things off of and must say I love their 2 day shipping super fast for items needed for today not later....their clothes and shoes are super cute.

  67. I haven't bought diapers online but that is only because I was told they are more expensive because of added shipping. I will definitely look into it again. I really wish someone would come up with a "sample diaper package" for new moms, with one diaper from every brand. I have tried about 5 different brands and I still haven't found one I am super happy with.

  68. Who knew! I really need to check out I usually wait until our box is almost empty before I even think about buying anymore, but I am always shopping for great deals on clothes.

  69. We haven't shopped online for diapers but I do love the idea of having it arrive right at our door. I love the variety of items that offers because you can not only get diapers but everything else you may need too and more!

  70. I haven't shopped for diapers online yet, but if it's cheaper then I would definitely give it a try. it sure beats lugging it home from the grocery store - thanks for the recommendation and generous giveaway!

  71. When we had my baby shower, I didn't understand WHY my mother insisted everyone bring package got you an entry in the raffles we did (each additional package was an additional entry-my mom's an unofficial party planner lol). NOW I fully understand why she did that! I think if I was blessed with another child I would try to use fabric diapers (more environmentally friendly) BUT if I were to order diapers online, I would go thru my business....~ $40 for 144 diapers yeah buddy! doesn't seem to be far off of what you would pay at a Children's Place or any other store and the GIANTS like Walmart and Target DO still have them beat BUT maybe the money is worth the product...sometimes the extra cash is worth the quality. They do have super cute clothes though!

  72. I have bought dipaers from dipaers,com in the past. They have really quick shipping! I am going to check out the clothes that they have now!

  73. I've ordered diapers online when my son was a baby (and hated car rides) - mainly through who ships diapers for free with $45 purchase. I've never found the savings to be significant at all though. I actually just price my normal large box of diapers at and they are more expensive per diaper than the large box I buy at the grocery store - even without my $1.50 off coupon.

    The clothes that you highlighted are very cute. I prefer solid colors and patterns over cartoon characters or pithy sayings, which can be difficult to find for a little boy. I'll have to check them out. Although, I will say that I try to buy the majority of my son's clothes at the resale shop. It helps save a quite a few dollars on clothing he'll probably only wear for 6 months or less. He's also bad about food dribbles down the front so many shirts end up stained pretty bad.

    1. Wow! I checked out the clothes. Very cute but PRICEY! I can't afford $20+ per shirt for my 2 year old no matter how good of quality.

    2. We compared the cost per diaper price between Amazon and Target...and Amazon won. ;)

      I wonder what the cost comparison is between Amazon and Costco. I should price-check that. Of course, you also have to account for gas and time spent.

      1. I purchase diapers where I grocery shop (multiple boxes when I have coupons) so there's not any more gas spent than normal and only a couple extra minutes spent walking down that aisle.

  74. Thanks for the advice about buying diapers online. We are about to adopt a many diapers will be in order!!

  75. We had an Amazon Mom membership while Eli was in diapers and got all of our diapers through them. It was a great money saver, and a nice convenience to have a big box of diapers magically appear on our door step! I've ordered from, but never looked around Thanks for the info!

  76. I have never ordered diapers, but have ordered things like shampoo and diaper cream that I can not get where I live. has a great selection of clothing.

  77. i had no idea!!! i have bought diapers online before, and saved considerably, but need to be more of a planner. i always feel like i have to run to costco last minute for a new box!

  78. I think we've bought most all of our diapers online. We use cloth but also have a stash of disposable for emergencies or trips where cloth isn't practical. (Though even for our week long vacation with my family we stayed in a big house and used cloth then too except for the car trip.)

  79. It's so much more convenient to buy diapers online, makes sense to buy a few cute new outfits at the same time!

  80. Hmm, I had no idea you could buy clothes there. I've purchased diapers a couple of times on With the subscribe & save discount, you can get them even cheaper. I haven't done that because I use cloth diapers 90% of the time.

  81. Never actual ordered anything from there but have been on their site several times. It is a lot cheaper to order diapers from there and they're delivered, awesome. Totally would love to start doing that.

  82. I didn't know that sold clothes! I've seen their advertising in magazines and just thought they sold baby gear and diapers. You learn something new every day! :)

  83. I've shopped for diapers before but never for clothes! I love that they have some of my favorite brands like See Kai Run, Carter's, Zutano and Tea Collection. The See Kai Run Irina hot pink sandals are SO adorable!!!

  84. I buy diapers almost exclusively online now. A box of Huggies isn't as exciting as other things that might be delivered to my doorstep though. I had no idea also sold clothes. I'll definitely be comparing their prices.

  85. Yes please! I have ordered lots of things from and also I love that you can combine carts so I order my diapers and then add some toiletries that I know we'll use eventually to get to the free shipping level! :)

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