GIVEAWAY: DownEast Basics for Girls

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know what my "style" is for kids clothes. Unbranded. No cartoon characters. Well-made. Simple in design and functionality. Soft materials. Modest.

GIVEAWAY: DownEast Basics for Girls 1 GIVEAWAY: DownEast Basics for Girls 2 GIVEAWAY: DownEast Basics for Girls 3 GIVEAWAY: DownEast Basics for Girls 4

DownEast Basics "fits the bill" in all of those categories.

GIVEAWAY: DownEast Basics for Girls 5My oldest daughter had a green polka dot skirt several years ago from DEBasics that she wore at least once a week (maybe more). It was one of her favorites, to be sure.

This summer, she's been wearing the Sailor Tankini swimsuit (pictured right; on-sale now for $24.99) from DEBasics. Adorable.

WIN IT! One winner will receive any one item from DownEast Basics! To enter, leave a topic-related comment on this post prior to Sunday, July 8 at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!” or “Love it” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Thanks to DownEast Basics for providing two samples – one for review and one for this giveaway. 

*UPDATE* The winner is #31 Amber C. Congratulations!

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153 comments on “GIVEAWAY: DownEast Basics for Girls”

  1. I've been a huge fan of DownEast Basics for myself and am thrilled that my oldest daughter is now able to fit into their children's line!

  2. You know how I love vintage-inspired yet simple DownEast Basics:-) Although their smallish Tucson doesn't have the little girls line, I recently got to browse it at the Chandler store. The clothes were simple, sweet, and priced well. Thanks for the chance!

    1. Good to know about the Tucson store. I've actually never been there, but I was wondering if they carried the girls line. What did you end up buying at the last blogging mixer?

  3. I have never been to DownEast Basics before but I am so glad that I found it from this blog. I love how sweet the girls dresses are as they are just adorable. They are perfect in the way they let a little girl look like a little girl.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  4. This is my first time visiting DownEast Basics site! Cute clothes....women's too!! BIg sister looks darling in the polka dot tankini!

  5. I love the style and look like great prices! Thanks for this review! Perfect for my lil girl!

  6. This would be a nice way to add to my daughter's wardrobe with something that would be suitable for wearing in an office.

  7. So many simple, classic styles that look like they will wear very well (and make the best hand-me-downs too!) I bet whoever wins is going to have a tough time choosing!

  8. The bathing suit is adorable! I would pick up some Wonder Camisole's if I won. I love to layer them under tanks

  9. We like the Daisy Days girls skirt from Downeast Basics for girls.
    repose4jr at gmail dot com

  10. I love that both their girls' AND women's clothing is classy. Hard to find that at affordable prices nowadays!

  11. I share your ideas about kids clothing. I used to make almost all of my kids clothing myself
    . These look like the next best choices!

  12. I love Down East Basics! I have never shopped there for kids clothes but I have a couple pieces for myself and I love them. They are some of my staple items.

  13. Such adorable clothing! My two girls just love to wear dresses, which we'd be able to find plenty of fashionable yet modest ones from DownEast Basics.

  14. They have beautiful dresses and I love their rare find shirt that is coming soon. Can't wait to buy that one for me :-)

  15. I love their clothing for adults. I'm not sure why I've never browsed their girl's clothing. I could see my daughter getting a lot of use out of the skinny jean this fall. So cute!

  16. The sailor tankini is too cute! I bet your daughter will get a lot of use out of it with this hot summer!

  17. I highly recommend this store. I have been buying clothes from them for a couple of years now and some of the items I bought back then still look almost brand new! Their clothes stay in style, they are reasonably priced and they make beautiful clothes! They have awesome patterns and designs! Love them!

  18. I totally agree with you about branded clothes! I have never heard about DownEast but their clothes are super cute :)

  19. ohhhh a rain coat would be divine - what a great collection - i'm surprised I've never heard of them before! thanks for introducing the brand to me!!
    (ps: I'm with you - not into cartoon character clothing.)

  20. the rain or shine trench coat is too adorable! i love the yellow! my niece would love this! :) thanks for review sharing and for the giveaway!

  21. I like that DownEast Basics has dresses with sleeves for women. It is so hard to find in regular stores, so I end up buying a lot of my dresses online.

  22. Love this giveaway! I would get the Rock Star Shorts 'cause they're super cute. Downeast Basics is my absolute fav.

  23. I would love a pair of the NEW Double Take Jeans! My daughter likes the Hang 10 Tankini for girls though!

  24. Have you ever bought their clothes for adults? I haven't, but LOVE them. Their girls clothes are super cute, too! I need to peruse the site more and decide what I would get! :)

  25. I didn't know that Down East Basics existed until know, wonderful line of clothing-unique and different.

  26. These are exactly the type of clothes I like to buy for my daughter: cute, classic, and great quality.

  27. This is my first time to hear about this company and I like what I see. I too love the swimsuit and know that my grandaughter would like it too.

  28. This might be my favorite of all the giveaways so far...I cannot even pick a favorite because I love the tailored style of every piece! Oh this is going to be so much fun choosing!!

  29. Never heard of this brand, can wait to check it out. My daughter is slowly outgrowing her 2T size and doesn't have any 3T stuff yet. Could def get some good quality basics for her. Love the swimsuit your daughters wearing.

  30. nice stuff, and very reasonable prices. I'd either get my daughter a dress, like the Everyday Denim Dress, or the Sand Castle Tankini

  31. I am so with you on the "Unbranded" style! I think it's important for kids to be able to express themselves through what they wear!

  32. I like the chic chevron maxi dress in black and white. Plus other items of course. I like the banded bottoms in their swim section too, but wish they had some regular bikini tops to go with them instead of all tankinis.

  33. I am a huge fan of Down East and I am so excited that I now have a girl to shop for, too! That tankini is so cute and I love their selection of dresses.

  34. That little bathing suit is so adorable. I could totally see my daughter wearing that. She'd love it!

  35. Such a cute swimsuit your daughter is wearing! I looked at their site and simply love the Braided Colors Bracelet. Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. First, I love that bathing suit on your daughter. She is looks so cute. And that yellow coat is to die for! My daughter would love it.

  37. That swimsuit is adorable! I'm exactly the same way about cartoon and Disney characters. I think sometimes my husband thinks I'm a little overboard, but they are seriously everywhere. It's hard to find anything kid related (umbrella strollers, sippy cups, plates, bowls, pajamas, etc) that is plastered with advertising.

    1. True. I much prefer to buy kid clothing and gear in solid colors (for easy mixing and matching) or in fun/creative patterns.

  38. I like the Slouches and Stripes Pullover. Casual, comfy, but you could layer it with a tank or t-shirt for chilly nights.

  39. I think I just found a new place to shop! Their clothes are amazing and very reasonable - thank your for tipping me off to this website. Going to go bookmark it now! PS - the "on trend" that is "coming soon" is on my wish list!

  40. The Mini Frosted Flowers Cardigan in pool blue is so cute! These are really unique clothes for little girls. Thanks for the chance!

  41. I'm so happy to see this as a giveaway. I adore this brand! I have several of their "adult" clothes. They have great customer service and they ship pretty fast, too.

  42. I love their selection, it's so cute. I have the privilege of owning one top and you are right, it is oh-so-SOFT!!

  43. I think we have similar styles for our kids (even though I have boys!). :) I am NOT a fan of cartoon characters. Probably the ONLY exception I make is for my husband who is a big Star Wars and Super Hero fan - our son has ONE Superman shirt and ONE Star Wars shirt - but just logos nothing crazy! :)
    I prefer classic and interesting designs...
    Down East Basics has been on my list for good style for awhile now and I really love the colors in the items you showcase at the top! :)

  44. How did I not know DE basics made kids clothes? Oh and I love a tankini for my 4 year old as well. Easier to take them potty and not a bare body showing bikini!

  45. I love DownEast Basics. I get over the top excited when the new catalog arrives in the mail. And just in case you're wondering ... if I won ... I would choose the Beachside Dress for my granddaughter Kennedy. . ;)

  46. I so agree with your taste in style! It's hard to find appropriate, modest, well-made clothes that allow little girls to be little girls. This brand definitely seems to fit the bill!

  47. Modesty is a big deal for me as far as how I dress, and I'm finding that I care a lot about how my baby girl stays modest, too. There's no way I'm going to let her dress trashy now if I ever expect her to respect her body as a teen.

  48. Those clothes are so cute!! I wish that they had them in my size. Can't wait to buy them for my baby girl one day :-)

  49. I am all for clothes to last long and modest for my girls. I love the swimsuit it is so cute on her.

  50. Wow...I cannot stand character clothing (or shoes) either! I will make a few exceptions. I don't mind a few vintage character shirts. For example my son has a very old-looking Donald Duck shirt and since he LOVES Donald Duck it seem appropriate. My kids also have a few "team" shirts for our family's favorite colleges, baseball teams, etc. But I don't allow them to wear any of these to school or church. (They don't really put up a fight so I hate to even say that I don't allow's just an accepted way of doing things.)

    I've also found, and maybe you'll agree, that's it's way cheaper to buy plain clothes because they mix and match a lot easier. I've never bought anything from DownEast Basics but I'm definitely adding it to my list of stores to browse!

    1. Although "character clothing" isn't my favorite, my girls still have some Disney princess clothing items. Liv has a Cinderella shirt. Kayla has a princess-themed nightgown. Plus, we have Cinderella, Belle, and Sleeping Beauty costumes.

      I don't usually buy those items, but the girls end up getting a few things here and there from grandparents and friends...much to their delight! ;)

  51. I wish they had a maternity section! Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to going shopping (they have a store at our mall) post-baby! Enough about me, my girls would love the Beachside dress! The Seashore dress is super cute, but seems kind of pricey, but maybe I'm just cheap when it comes to buying swimsuits!

  52. I have never heard of Down East Basics until today. Thanks for the heads up on this site - I am going to check them out.

  53. I've bought myself things from DEO before, but I've never thought to look for clothes for my daughter there. I LOVE the record player top, and all their cute cardigans. And since I couldn't resist looking at their sale items, check out that cute Shelby top!

  54. I am so with you on the "no cartoon characters" rule. I like cute animals and flowers like Gap Kids prints on some of their shirts, but I can't stand commercial characters or logos. I really like the Down East Frosting Skirt!

  55. I bought some clothes from them back when they just started! I haven't bought my girls any clothes from there yet though. I kind of forgot about them.

  56. They do make nice things! I've been wanting to get out to the new one in the mall but I live really far from that mall. I'm always looking for quality made clothing for my three year old, knowing it will get passed down to the little one!

  57. I wonder if they will restock the Carolina dress...that one is adorable with the circle neck. My daughter, Charity, loves dresses.

  58. I would love to win the frolicking flowers dress for my niece. She would look too cute! Looks like they have cute women's cloths also!

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