GIVEAWAY: Justin Boots

Boots are a good bet for little ones. They're rugged, comfortable, and - if they're Justin Boots - they're ADORABLE.

Take, for example, these Gypsy Boots ($59.95). Available in either brown or pink, they're extremely versatile because they can be paired with either skirts, jeans, or dresses.

My 5-year-old chose this recent pairing - a stripes & hearts dress, tea collection leggings, and boots!

GIVEAWAY: Justin Boots 1 GIVEAWAY: Justin Boots 2

Another great thing about boots? They're built to her little sister(s) will likely get a chance to wear them too!

WIN IT! One winner will receive a gift certificate for a pair of Justin Boots! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, July 10 at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!” or “Love it” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Thanks to Justin Boots for providing boots – for review and for this giveaway. 

*UPDATE* The winner is #249 Kathy Pease. Congratulations!

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264 comments on “GIVEAWAY: Justin Boots”

  1. I can think of so many things that I could wear with a great pair of boots, they would be put to good use. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. I have never heard of these boots, but I know my daughter would love them. Just the right touch for any outfit.

  3. I'd love some Justin boots for me...but there's a sweet little two-year-old in my life who could use some rodeo attitude =)

  4. I'm a native Texan and I love boots. Boots make such a great fashion statement no matter where you live.

  5. This would be perfect for my middle daughter since her show boots have become too small and her next ones are too big. She has quite a few horse shows coming up this summer and needs new boots.

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  6. I've always liked the Justin boots. They provide a boot that is durable and versatile which can be worn on the job site and also on a hot date.

  7. Justin Boots are the best!!! I would love to have a pair or two!!! They are so durrable and long lasting!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  8. we have been thinking about getting a pair of boots for our little one. I think they have some great styles

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  9. I would love to get my pre-schooler the Dark Brown Rawhide with perfed saddle vamp boots. I already know he would think they were the best thing since rye bread (his favorite). Thank you for the giveaway.

  10. Adorable boots! My youngest daughter would love these. I could totally see here wearing these every day.

  11. I just bought my almost two year old her first pair of boots...and she loves them! Little kids wearing boots is the most adorable thing ever!

  12. Justin Boots have very nice products. I think my mom would love to get a pair before her trip to TN. If I were to select a pair of boots for myself, I would choose the BLACK CRAZY HORSE HARNESS BOOT

  13. Oh my! These are just too marvelous! I have been promising my little girl a pair of cowgirl boots. These are perfect. I hope I can win/buy a pair for her birthday next month!

    t_freckleton at yahoo dot com

  14. My husband and three sons all wear Justin Boots for work. They are the best and are even comfortable for on your feet work all day.

  15. I love Justin Boots! They are classy, durable, fashionable and able to withstand the test of time and farming. I live out in the country but I still don't own a pair of boots because they're out of my price range

  16. I live in Nashville, and I still don't have a good pair of boots. Justin boots are popular here, so I'd love to be able to buy some.

  17. I've been looking for a pair of cute and comfy boots for my daughter- she would love these pink ones!

  18. My oldest wore a pair of pink cowboy boots until she outgrew them and I have yet to find another pair that I loved enough to buy but these look perfect!

  19. Now that my daughter is 8 I am just now getting back into horses. She is boot shopping as we speak. I remember growing up I loved Justin Boots!

  20. I am a native Texan transplanted to the Pacific Northwest. You can't find a decent pair of boots in this area.I would love to get my little girl a pair of boots, and a cowboy hat too while I am at it.

  21. My daughter would also love those boots since they are pink. They look like they are quality made too.

  22. Just checked out their website and I must say I think my boys would love the Workboot style boots. I hadn't heard of this brand before, thanks Stephanie!

  23. i would love these little boots for my granddaughter. She has trouble keeping her shoes on her feet and I think boots would stay on better.

  24. I have a pair of Justin boots that i have had for 5 years they are such durable boots! I would love to get my daughter a set of them:)

  25. Pink boots! Love it and of course, the quality - we've found that kids boots tend to be sort of fake adults boots and they dont hold up - these looks like they'd last not just a season, but a kid or two :)

  26. These are so precious! I have been thinking about boots for my daughter lately, because they could protect her feet better when she's outside!

  27. It would be so wonderful to win this gift certificate for my fiance, he works outside and needs new work boots. THANKS for the giveaway

  28. My first pair of boots were Justin Boots. I know a little girl who could use a pair for her first boots too.

    Your little girl is adorable! Love her in the pink boots!

  29. Justin Boots are meant to last and I really like that. Most footwear is shot after a season or two.

  30. I had never given much consideration to cowboy boots before, but I saw a gorgeous pair on another blog a while back and wanted to find out more. I didn't realize how pretty and functional they are!

  31. School starts in a week and a great pair of beautiful Justin boots would overjoy happy little 2nd grader. She loves boots and will wear them with anything, if I would let her she would sleep in them.Thank you for the chance to win them

  32. Our girls love boots too. I agree that in terms of durability and "go-with-anythingness" boots for kids can't be beat! Our kiddos haven't managed to own any Justin's yet, but I remember loving some of the ones I had over the years.
    I like the casual slightly rounded toe and lower sides of the Gypsy line. Perfect for everyday wear.

  33. I can't believe I've never thought of getting boots for Eli! He loves having a variety of shoes.
    I love seeing the outfits your little ones choose. Thanks for sharing! :)

  34. I've worn Justins in the past. They are soo comfortable and last forever. I actually have to get mine resoled. I wore them every day for a bout a year & a half.

    However I am a equal opportunist when it comes to boots... Tony Lamas, Justins, Artiat, Twisted X. I've worn them all. From work boots to pretty boots, I am a boot junkie. So pick me! Pretty, pretty please with sugar on top. :)

  35. My daughter would love those pink ones too! :) What a cute picture and thanks for the chance to win

  36. Boots are so versatile. My husband and I don't own any (gasp- and we live in Texas) but I'm saving up for some!

  37. These boots are cute! My son wore boots to his first day of Kindergarten. Just found your website for the first time and love the fashion flair of your "supermodels"!

  38. I don't ride or go anywhere without my Justin's on. They are a part of me. Without them, I feel like I've lost something or feel bare. Gotta have my Justin's!!

  39. Would love to get my Grandson his first pair of Justins! He would love them! Thanks for the chance :)

  40. My kids love their boots! It would be hard to choose who would get them, boys or girls! It does seem that Justin Boots are great quality, so they are sure to be an heirloom piece to pass down through the kids!

  41. These are so adorable! We have a outfit from Tea collection that would look great with those boots.

  42. i have been wanting to try the white dress/brown cowboy boot look! this would be the perfect op!!

  43. I just love my Justin boots!!!!!! Every time I go out I get so many compliments on how great they look!!

  44. I used to ride horses, so I love wearing boots! My oldest son loves boots, but we don't have any cowboy boots for him yet, so he wears his rain boots everywhere :D
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  45. it would be hard to decide what to buy for 150 i like the snake skin boots but too flashy for everyday but would be great for going out or the work boots which would get the most use but then couldn't be flashed around

  46. My kids love boots! The ones your daughter has are so stinkin' cute. We had a pair of pink boots from Target but they didn't last to my younger daughter, so a pair of nice ones that would actually last would be great.

  47. Justin boots are very good quality. I wore a pair way back when in high school. Now my 4 yr old loves to wear boots. She'd wear them year round if I'd let her.

  48. My daughter has asked for a pair of cowboy boots for her birthday and this would really help with that. thank you!

  49. So much fun! My Kenz is starting to express her own style with clothes and would like these :)

  50. My daughter had some similar boots like the ones posted and she loved that they had glitter...Justin boots has really modern & cute ones for girls.

  51. I would love to give my New England granddaughter a pair of Justin boots when she comes for a visit to see me in the midwest!

  52. My 3 year old lives and breathes in her pink Justin Boots! Wears them with her bathing dress...pj's......etc.....Been wanting to get her a pair of the brown ones...She even steal mine sometimes! Thaey go up to her armpit-but my little cowgirl can still strut in them! My oldest wore hers to Six Flags and now they are all colored by the saltwater---we love our boots!

  53. I have to say I have never owned a pair of justins but we are from ohio and 5 yrs ago we went to texas to visit my brother and while we were there my husband had to get a pair of boots "texas boots he says" and he picked Justins!!! Needless to say he packed them in the suit case and we lost our luggage on the way home and was so bummed but they ended up getting our suit cases to us and he still wears them and says we have to go clear to texas to get him another pair!!! (we have to drive this time hehe). I have a stepson who wears boots while doing chores and hanging out with dad on the farm and even wears them with shorts cause he says the girls do so why can't he!!! Well I guess he is right :)

  54. My 4 year old has worn Justin boots since she could walk. She loves them! She just started showing her very own full sized horse this year in the walk trot at local shows! Glad to see your daughter enjoys them as much as mine!

  55. My little cowgirl wears only boots or flipflops. Boots being the preference. These boots she would go crazy over. I would love to see her little 2 yr old face light up when she sees these super cute boots. Nice job once again Justin. We are a Justin wearing family on our farm. They are durable and comfortable. We go through 1 or 2 pair.each year for our family.

  56. I'm a huge fan of Justin boots! I have vintage goat leather boots and I love every bit of it! They worth every penny. Justin truly makes outstanding,durable quality yet classical,and beautiful. I have a little boy and a girl who love to walk and run everywhere. I think Joey and Hannah will look adorable in those little boots! In fact, I was thinking to get two pairs for their Christmas..maybe they can get early presents?!:-D Thanks for an awesome giveaway~*

  57. we love our Justins around here and my little girl always gets her sisters had me down boots ..although I must say the hold up REALLY well s o they are able to pass down, but she sure would love here shiny NEW boots =}

  58. Hi. I like to say I have always been a justin boot person and now the new looks are great mÝ gírl friends daughtersure would look great in a pair of them cause as a cheyenne frontier days volinteer I see all kinda oflittle young cowgirls they look very nice I think she would look great in a pair and as a vet I seen lot of boÓts not as cofrotable as them. Great company. Keep up the great work

    Cheyenne leal

  59. Out working with the horses the whole family lives in boots. ROPERS mean quality long lasting boots. Whoever wins these will love them.

  60. Those boots are truly adorable! My daughters have wellies and they love them as well. They fight over who gets to wear the Thomas ones! I love it.

  61. I have a 13 year old son and a 1 year old daughter and they both love to wear their boots. Love Justin boots . . . . . you can always find a cute pair!

  62. Absolutely adorable cowgirl boots!!! I have been searching for a first pair of real cowgirl boots for my daughter and these would be perfect :)

  63. i own several justin boots and shoes and would love to have a pair for my 4 year old cowboy grandson

  64. My daughter is three and a half. She wore her first boots the day she was born and she's always had a pair since. She has a pair of Justin's now that she just loves. When she seen the pic of your daughters boots she told me the horses would REALLY love those.

  65. I can't even count how many pairs of Justin boots I have owned over the years but the only thing that might be more comfortable is my flip flops - only in 100 degree weather though!!! Looking to get my grandbabies their first pair of Justins for their birthdays this year!!!

  66. I have a pair of Justin Boots and my 4 year old grandson would love to have a pair like mine! He likes to go to the barn to help me with our horse. He even enjoys cleaning the stall. He calls it "Working the poop!"

  67. my 6 year old daughter just got into barrel racing and her show atire is pink which would match perfectly

  68. My little boy has been wearing boots since he could walk. He loves Justin boots! He is now almost 10 and actually asked for another pair for his bday!

  69. Gotta love little ones with their short dresses or shorts and boots. My Levi loves his boots, but I'm afraid he's outgrowing his already. (Thanks for the adorable picture!)

  70. Your daughter is adorable! It was hard to chose a favorite because they make great boots but I loved the ones called: BLACK WALNUT COWHIDE

  71. Being born and raised a midwestern farm girl I would wear my boots everyday if I could. Never had a pair of Justins but I've only ever heard good things.

  72. This is exactely whaty my daughter was saying she wanted. Justin Gypsy style. She has had a pair before and loved them. She was hoping for another pair. She said they are very comfortable.

  73. I have a pair n what a few more. My loves them every time we go to the store she try's them it hard to get them off of her when we get ready to leave. I keep telling her hopefully soon I will b able to get you a pair:)) it puts a smile on your face when your kids what to b just like you:))

  74. Justins always seem to have that design and spirit. I've always loved the gypsy boots and now I love the cute style and rough standards that my little cowgirl can wear that only comes from Justin !

  75. Love my Justin boots, bought 3 pairs this year already. Would love a colorful pair for my little cowgirl.

  76. My granddaughter loves shoes all kinds! I would love for her to have a pair of cute boots lije tgese Justins! She could go to the Rodeo in Style!

  77. Your daughter has great style :) She put together a great outfit! My little girl would love a pair of cowgirl boots!

  78. These boots are adorable! I am taking my granddaughter to see Blake Shelton on her 6th birthday in September and I think these are the perfect boots for her to wear to meet her favorite country music star!

  79. My six year old daughter would love to sport those pink boots when enters the first grade...super cool trendsetter!

  80. My girls have outgrown their boots but they looove them. We are a Justin family too...We hit up the Justin stores whenever our budget allows. :-)

  81. My 2 year old son is a cowboy at heart and he would love these boots.he's already wore out his other ones and it would be so awesome if i could win these for him

  82. I've got a pair of Justin Gypsy's myself and I LOVE them! I know my daughter would love a pair to match mine!!

  83. My son is 5 and loves wearing cowboy boots. His dad and I work around horses so he loves to wear them to the barn. His boots are the first thing that gets packed when he visits his grandpa and grandma on the ranch.

  84. My daughter is 6 1/2 and she loves being a cowgirl she just took 3rd this weekend in our hometown rodeo for mutton bustin. This would be her second pair of justin boots. She wore her last pair out. She would really love these boots and pink is also her favorite color.

  85. My daughter and I have only recently become boot lovers! We live on coastal NC so flip flops were our standard. I got my first pair of boots and she ha to have a pair too!! We love the comfort of Justin! Wearing western boots with shorts skirts in this area was unheard of, but after we sported them to a few cookouts or other outings, we noticed more and more people trending it! Surprisingly the idea caught on in our community and seeing someone with boots and shorts or leggings and shorts is now a fashion statement!!!

  86. Both my boys have always worn Justin boots. I should have kept track of how many pairs they have gone through so far. And they are still roping and riding in Justin!

  87. My 4 year old and i love justin boots. Been looking fir a pair but wides for my toddler son, but no luck. Love this style

  88. My daughters been asking for some cowboy boots for ages, with her birthday coming up I know exactly what will be number one! Now that she has the pony.. She needs the boots to go with it!! Your daughter is totally rocking' that look too!! <3

  89. We are a boot loving family. We have work boots and dress boots. and play boots. My granddaughter wears her boots to bed. My son doesnt wear anything but Justin Boots. Cant start our day with out our boots

  90. My 3 yr. old great nephew would look awesome wearing a pair of Justin's when riding his horse “Cooper” out at his Grandpa & Grandma’s! He would be the third generation to wear Justin boots in our family! A great boot company……I love wearing my pair of Justin’s (Gypsy)!

  91. My grandson loves boots and won't come to grandma's without his. I have 3 pairs of Justin boots and have always been able to wear them all day long the same day I bought them. No break in time ever. Thanks Justin for making such a good product.

  92. My best friend has a little girl who would love these boots her brother has a pair which are way to big for her lol.. but she puts them on and wears them around the house she is only a year old !! My best friend has been laid off from work and can't afford to buy her any right now i would love to see her win these boots!!!! i have a pair of Justins my self and i love them they are very comfortable!! will diffently buy another pair when my wear out!!! Thank you !!

    My adress is 3514 Senaca trail south
    Peterstown WV 24963

  93. My 3 yr. old great nephew would look awesome wearing a pair of Justin when riding his horse "Cooper" out at his Grandpa & Grandma's! He would be the third generation to wear Justin boots in our family! A great boot company
    ......I love wearing my pair of Justin's (Gypsy)!

  94. My 2 year old son would just love to have a new pair of boots. He just loves riding and walking around in them. He has just about out grown his first pair that his grandma gave to him. They were the same ones she had as a little girl, just about 67 years old. So, he really needs a new pair.

  95. Every little girl should have a pair of boots just like her momma my daughter loves my pink camo Justin gypsy boots

  96. I have had the pleasure to grow up wearing Justins and bought my son his first (of many) pair when he started walking :) he wears those boots (now in his 2nd pair) everywhere :)

  97. My girls love Justin boots now my grandson who is 5 has out grown several pairs of his boots he prefers' his cowboy boots over any other shoe even with his shorts.He also thinks he has to wear cowboy shirts every day.

  98. My daughter has been riding since she was 1, we have to buy new boots every six months if not sooner, I would love not to have to buy this round of boots :)

  99. I love Justin boots, I wore mine to prom. The children boots are so adorable (: my neice always puts mine on and walks through the house with them on lol (: the children ones are the cutest thing ever (:

  100. I wear my Justin boots with jeans, skirts and dresses too! Those pink boots would be adorable on my niece. She loves pink!

  101. I love Justin boots, as does my niece. She's always telling me she wants to "wear cowboy boots to ride horsey just like Auntie Ray Ray!" I would LOVE for her to have a pair!

  102. My duaghter is such a country girl, at 6 years old she LOVES the outdoors.. her recent pair of boots are worn out and too small... These boots would be perfect because then she would have a pair of boots matching her mommies.. we could have portraits done together

  103. My daughter is 5 years old.. she has been wearing boots ever since she started walking.. which was almost right around 6 months old. We travel a lot.. and she always has too have her boots. Her last pair have been so worn out the sole started too come off. & she wanted too keep wearing them. :) Keiylah would absolutely LOVE a new pair of Justin Boots... She says she isn't a lady if she isn't wearing a pair of boots with her dresses. Lol I'm always posting pics on Facebook of Keiylah & her boots. She even wears them with her swim wear. I really hope you will consider my little girl for the new boots..
    Thanks so much.. :)

  104. I'm awaiting the birth of my first granddaughter next month; I'd love to have a pair of pink boots to go with the pink helmet I'm going to buy her! I'm going to get her a miniature horse and teach her to ride; I'm hoping she will love it as much as I do, and that it will be something we can share in the future.

  105. I LOVE Justin boots. I have a pair that I bought when I went to college in 2002 and they lasted me through 2 years of riding, cleaning stalls, western Oregon winters (LOTS of rain and mud!!!!), feeding horses, and walking in the muck and mire!!! I had a couple holes repaired shortly after I graduated, and then bought another pair for "nice"... I still wear the the old pair occasionally and they are so comfy!!! Justin boots are built to last!!! Oh and my 2 year old daughter loves her "cow-cow boots" (as she calls them!) and will not be able to fit into her current pair after this summer/fall- I'll have to get her a pair, and I wouldn't hesitate to get her a pair of Justins! :)

  106. My son is turning 5 tomorrow and he would love to have a new pair of Justin Boot. I own a pair of Justin Boots and i must say they are the best wearing boots i ever owned.

  107. Love Justin boots! My daughter loves wearing boots like her mommy and daddy:) we are a boot wearing family!

  108. My little Angel loves her Mamas boots! She would gasp at the color of these boots! She always makes sure she says "Please ma'am" before putting mine on! My daughters 3rd Birthday is the 14th of July and would be the happiest little cowgirl in Texas to unwrap these!!!

  109. Justin boots rock!! They are by far the best!!! I would love a pair for my little girl
    Or her Mama(:

  110. Justin boots are the cutest I have ever seen. I need a horse and a pair of Justin boots and I can die happy.

  111. My little girl has a T-shirt that says,
    Cute 'lil country girl! and a pair of Justin Boots would go AWESOME with it!!

  112. My daughter rides for therapy, she wears Justin Workboots, and she LOVES them. Wouldn't by anything else!! I wear Justin Ropers because they are the most comfortable boots made.

  113. Would love to win some for my kids. They all love to wear them but havent got the money to buy them new ones yet.

  114. I love Justin boots, I wish I had the money to buy a pair for my 3yr old son Brayden his sister has a couple pair she's 21 and he wants to be just like her, shes my cowgirl and he's my little cowboy I've been so blessed.

  115. My daughter loves cowgirl boots. She is always yelling she is going to be a cowgirl when she grows up. She would love those boots!!

  116. We love Justin Boots! My little niece would love a pair, too. She keeps on raving about how much she needs some "Cowboy" boots! Thanks for the contest and the opportunity to win a great prize!

  117. You got that right ! Justin boots sure are made to last ! My husband has been a Justin man for a LONG time & has been sure to pass that down to our boys. Never have a problem with "hand me down's" as they are still just fine once the 2nd boy gets them.
    Plus, boots look great with everything, right ?!! ;)

  118. My daughters love cowboy boots. Especially pink ones. My youngest would love a new pair as she has outgrown her other pink boots. Those boots are just too cute!

  119. I would love to get my niece Mikal Ann a new pair of Justins! We just recently got her back from a year of turmoil with an untrustworthy person and as going through the courts for custody. She has lost the majority of belonging due to frequent and radical moves by this person and she is REALLY missing her boots!

  120. My daughter is a true cowgirl at heart and she has wanted a pair of these boots and I was thinking about buying some for her bday but it would be great to win them!!! And thanks for offering this giveaway it is such a great idea!

  121. My daughter LOVES boots! She received a pair for her birthday when she turned 2 and wore them all the time til they wore out on the bottoms.

  122. My daughter is about to start horseback riding lessons and will need a pair of boots. It would be wonderful to be chosen for this giveaway. She is my little cowgirl but doesn't have any boots to wear. Thanks for doing this Justin Boots.

  123. I have worn Justin boots since I was a little girl. They used to have these really awesome crepe sole ones but I can't find any just like those anymore. They were great for riding and SO comfortable. I absolutely adore the Antique tab and turquoise vintage goat boots. I have always wanted a full ostrich quill pair of boots. I would oh SO ♥ to get a pair. I would put the gift certificate toward that if I won and a pair of new boots for my son or husband. They are both in need of a new pair. Thanks for the chance! info (at) giveawaybandit (dot) com

  124. I was just looking at my old boots and boy do I ever need some new ones ! Enter me in I always love going to tack shops and looking at justin boots. I ride a lot, so mine are kinda getting old.

  125. Time for my grandson to get his 1st pair of boots and Justin's would be perfect! I still have the one's his mommy wore when she was a little girl...those bright red Justin boots! She never wanted to give them up & I'm sure he would be the same way with his boots :)

  126. it is almost time for a new pair of boots for us. its usually a hat or boots for the holidays to go riding in


  128. Oh my goodness! Those are too cute. Kenna doesn't have any boots yet and these would be perfect. She's so hard on her shoes and clothes the durability of these would be great.

  129. This is fantastic! I own a pair of Dan Post western boots and I love them to death, an I've always wanted the chance to try out Justin's. I live in the midwest, so I know there's a few ranch and farm supply shops near by that carry them, too!

  130. Those are adorable!! Every little girl needs those one pair of pink boots they won't take off! I remember having mine! Glad to hear they are comfortable too...always a must in a good pair of boots.

  131. Those boots are adorable! I think it is so important to have good boots that will last and are comfortable.

  132. My daughter and my son both love to wear boots! Chantae has been asking for a pair of pink cowboy boots for her birthday in September. I'll have to think about splurging for her! When it comes to buying quality footwear I wish I had two girls - that way we'd get twice the wear for our money! Oh well, some things are worth the expense.

  133. I'm very glad to hear they are so durable! I would likely let my oldest wear them, then pass them on to her younger cousin, then get them back for my youngest child to wear. Think they can last through 3 toddlers??? :-)

  134. I have always wanted a pair of Justins for myself but never splurged. So I'd just love to pick something from the Justin Gypsy collection for my little girl.

  135. My 3 year old daughter would love a pair, she already matches her clothes with her shoe and sandal's. These boot's would be a perfect Birthday present, thanks for the giveaway!

  136. Boots are the best! My dd often wears my cowboy boots around the house- now that hers are outgrown

  137. I have a pair of Justins that I adore. They are absolutely the most comfortable boots I've ever worn, and they fit my wide calves like a glove. Huge fan of the brand, it would be tough to make me try a different boot!

  138. These would be a time saver, kids can just slip their little feet inside and go. I fell in love with the MAHOGANY WORN SADDLE, they had so many styles to choose from. Great giveaway and thank you for the chance to win.

  139. One of these things is cuter than the next! I would love to get my girls some cute boots for fall, and since their little sister is only a baby, I love to hear that they will last for the next one!

  140. My oldest 2 kids and I love wearing boots. My youngest son has to wear them out of necessity, but he likes them too!

  141. Oh my girls ADORE boots! Lately they have been wearing their rain boots since we don't have cowboy boots that fit both of them and there are fights if they don't both get to wear cowboy boots.

  142. My daughter just outgrew her pink pair of Justin Boots and has been begging for another pair. She love the PINK COW WITH DIAMOND CUT PULL STRAP and the FLOWER PRINT WITH DIAMOND CUT PULL STRAP. These would be the greatest gift for her upcoming birthday.

  143. I haven't worn Justin boots in years. I'd like to get a new pair to wear to Cheyenne Frontier Days.

  144. Ahhh these are too cute! Samantha my middle child would love these. She is my shoe girl the more color there is the better and if they are boots we have the happiest girl in the world. Samantha will wear boots with anything, I love that my sweet girl has her own style and doesn't care what people think about her wearing shorts and boots together :)

  145. I bought a pair for all of my sisters kids several years ago, she was able to pass them down to other kids in the family. They really do hold up well!

  146. I love their boots! My feet grew a half size when I had my daughter, so my boots don't fit--I haven't the heart to get rid of them.

  147. I live in Texas and been sporting Justin boots since I got here. They are the best quality and most original Cowboy boots there are.

  148. Boots are a necessity in the desert southwest. I agree Stephanie that they pair with just about anything- great for home, school or church:) Every Christmas I buy boots for all four of my girls. Winning a pair of boots would be great. Justin boots are the best brand and would last more that a season!

    Boots also happen to be a only way I can tell the twins apart that live next door. One of the boys always wears boots just like his daddy:)

  149. My daughter goes through boots so quickly, not because she outgrows them, but because she wears them so much. Love Justin, as they seem to last longer than most.

  150. I've always wanted a pair of Justin boots... and I daresay my little son would be THRILLED to have cowboy boots to wear!! :) They definitely seem like a terrific company with high quality products!

  151. Pink boots! My girls would love them. The hard part would be figuting out which one would get them. I would probably do what you did and give them to the oldest and then the other 2 could have them as well.

  152. As you said, they are built to last and surely your daughter's sisters will get to wear this adorable pair later on. It is so nice to have a product that stands to dirt and grime and wear of everyday life. Makes me wonder how many pairs of other boots will not end up in a landfill because of Justin boots' excellent quality.

  153. It's Christmas in July! And you just know I'm checking out Justin Boots' Christmas Gift Guide. I'm gonna start with myself. I need a new pair of Justin Boots for the Brothers of the Sun tour, but I ain't waiting 'til Christmas for my gift. Gotta get me some now!

  154. What fabulous shoes! I had never heard of this brand before, but now I'm going to check them out!

  155. Both my daughters love boots and shoes. They would absolutely be thrilled to be able to wear a pair of these boots. The pink ones are just too cute.

  156. I've always loved seeing you and your family in your cowboy boots. These pink ones are just adorable! I have never bought any for my kids b/c I just couldn't justify the expense when we needed sneakers and church shoes, but it would be fun to have the pink ones for my daughter!

  157. Sam just grew out of his boots... I think Ailey would flip to have her own pair. This is adorable.

  158. Justins boots are such good quality and I adore seeing small children wearing western boots..they make me smile...

  159. I have a pair of Justin boots that I love, they are more comfortable than my tennis shoes. It would be so cute if my 6 year old Nicolas had a pair of Justin's too. I bet he would want to wear his boots more often than his tennis shoes too, just like Mama!

  160. I loved looking at all the boots on their site, I have wanted a pair of cowboy boots for ages. Anyway, they even have a section of boots that were made in america, which is great! I found a pair of boots that I love, the AGED BARK W/PERFED SADDLE. But I don't understand how you buy them, or how having a GC to justin's will work?
    blue65829 at aol dot com

  161. These look great! It is a little annoying to me that you can't order them from the Justin Boots website though.

  162. I've been wanting to get a pair of boots like that for Ezra for sometime now! Kids in cowboy/cowgirl boots are soo adorable!

  163. I love their boots!! By the way, my daughter would let it be known that those can also be paired with a pink tutu and new bathing suit! ;)

  164. These look so great and I love that they are built so well that it can last through multiple siblings. That's always a big help in our household.

  165. my daughter wants real cowboy boots and to learn to ride horses. We recently registered for horse back riding lessons now we need the boots

  166. My daughter loves boots. She hasn't ever had a pair of Justin boots and I"m sure she would love to.

  167. We are huge boot people. In Montana my son has worn his boots for 8 months straight! He is partial to the John Deere ones, but Isley would look great in some girlie ones instead of her brother's hand me downs. :) My kids have 3 pairs of shoes each sandals, tennis shoes, and boots. What more do you need?

  168. Justin boots are so cute on little kids. My little cousin actually just appeared in Justin's ad for the summer. I think it's on their website and FB page. It's the pic of two little kids on swings and both are wearing Justins. The little girl is my cousin Maddie Mae. So excited for her! I would love to see my son in a pair of Justins. He loves his thrift store boots right now. =)

  169. We love our cowboy and cowgirl boots! Gabi has had a pink pair two years running and Bobby is on his second identical pair! I finally got a pair and Rob is leaning in a cowboy-boot wearing direction! I have saved the kids' boots too. So cute!

  170. So cute! My sons always loved wearing boots when they were that age. I have kept them to remember how small their feet once were.

  171. I'm in love with the pink suede gypsy boots! My granddaughter always chooses bare feet OR boots. My favorite feature is the low, low heel. Perfect for little girls!!

  172. Jaxon is addicted to shoes and boots! His cute little 2 year old self definveitely needs some cowboy boots! We have been keeping our eyes open for some reasonably priced ones because he will out grow them quickly! This would be awesome and he would rock boots everywhere with his personality!

  173. What cute boots! My daughter used to have a target brand pair of cowgirl boots when she was younger and she'd wear them all the time! I think she'd loe the Apache Bay pink boots!

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