GIVEAWAY: Pediped Shoes

We buy most of our girls clothes from Twice As Nice, the local consignment shop. Occasionally, we pick something up at Costco or Target. The bottom line is price.

For shoes, however, I just can't bring myself to buy plastic shoes at Payless and other similar shops. Put plainly, "cheap" shoes tend to be sweaty, smelly, and blister-inducing.

The bottom line for shoes is comfort (and breathability). I'll pay a little extra for good quality.

Pediped shoes fall in that category. They're well-made, soft, durable, and beautifully contoured to fit the feet of toddlers and kids. Prices range from $23-$69. BUT, there's also a SALE section, with shoes as low as $12.

Our 3-year-old has these Grip n Go Emily maryjanes ($40). The details are super sweet and she can put them on herself with ease:

GIVEAWAY: Pediped Shoes 1 GIVEAWAY: Pediped Shoes 2

WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of Pediped shoes (~$50)! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Sunday, July 8 at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!” or “Love it” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Thanks to Pediped for providing two pairs of shoes – one for review and one for this giveaway. 

*UPDATE* The winner is #142 Christy. Congratulations!

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228 comments on “GIVEAWAY: Pediped Shoes”

  1. We buy consignment and Costco too! However, when it comes to shoes for my darlings I want quality because you only get one pair of feet. Too much is important on having a good foundation!

  2. I am still very excited for these beautiful shoes for my sweet Emily. She has had many surgeries and been in braces most of her 4 years of life. Shoes have never been easy for us to find, but now that her feet are almost normal she is so excited to try on shoes. We have done a lot of shopping at Target for shoes mainly because we have to replace shoes to fit over her braces every 3 months and we simply can't afford the more expensive shoes. So excited to see who the winner is.... 20 minutes :)

  3. We buy our little girl nothing but the best. These are right up there with the best
    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  4. Great shoes! I have a 1 year old who is just starting to walk and these shoes would be great! My daughter had a pair and loved them. Wish there were many more retailers!

  5. We love Pedipeds! We have one store in town that carries them, but it's not a wide selection. Would love to win this!

  6. This would be fun to win for either of my boys! We have not tired and it would be nice to try these on one of my kids!!

  7. We've owned one pair of pediped shoes and they were so well made! Both of my girls wore the pair during their "learning to walk" stage- around 9-12 months. I just gave them away as hand-me-downs and they still looked good as new!
    Our toddler pair were soft-soled. I would like to give the rubber sole type a try.
    P.S. that style seems to suit Liv perfectly:)

  8. Soft, supportive, and the ones in the photo are supremely girly...I have the perfect little lady in mind. Embellished shoes + simple dress = great combination!

  9. We love Pedipeds! We had a pair for my son when he was little and they are amazing for new walkers.

  10. I've not purchases Pediped before but have heard great things. I like the closed-toe design of the Sahara sandal (Flex collection).

  11. I love Pediped shoes. My first son had a pair when he was just learning to walk and they held up so well I think I'll be able to use them for my second son. Love that they're so flexible and soft, but they wear out more slowly than shoes with much thicker soles.

  12. I agree with you about getting good shoes. I bought some sneakers at Target one time and they maybe lasted two weeks. Def. pays to spend a little more for good shoes.

  13. I love how there are so many cute, quality choices for girls shoes! But, when you get older and your feet get to, say, size 11! The choices become much more limited.

  14. Love the shoes you picked out.! We have never tried Pedipods but have heard great things about them.

  15. We've had one pair of Pedipeds, and they were great quality shoes! I would love to pick up a pair of Flex Saturns for my son, the orange on them is great and vibrant!

  16. I would love to win some Pedipeds for my little granddaughter. My daughter says they are the best.

  17. I would love to get a pair of these for my 18 month old. My husband wants to burn his current leather sandals--who knew baby's could have such stinky feet?!

  18. I love Pedipeds they have cutest shoes and they hold really well! My son is extremely rough on his shoes and if they aren't quality made they don't last long at all- but these are really well made!

  19. I would love to get these for my son--Grip n Go
    Piers - Navy

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  20. My sister-in-law used to work in a department store shoe department and tells us not to buy our shoes from them for the same reasons you mentioned. UH? go figure

  21. My son keeps complaining that his cheaper Lightning McQueen sandals are "owies" on his feet. I need to spring for nicer shoes for him, so they are more comfortable.

  22. Pediped shoes are my favorite for my 2 boys. They have the Flex fit system, so you can add/remove the insert so they last so much longer! Besides that - they are adorable (& no super heroes on them!!).

  23. Those Grip n Go Emily maryjanes your daughter has are adorable. I would love them for my 2 year old. My girls seem to wear shoes out really quickly.

  24. I've never tried pediped shoes for my kiddos. They look so comfortable and well made, like they would be able to be worn for a long time or would be able to be passed down from one child to the next, which can't be said about a lot of other brands of shoes.

  25. After my sons femur bone accedent I realized that I must look for a shoe that has both quality and support. It is also important that the shoe is doctor approved. After much research I found that PediPed is a leading brand that has all three qulifications. Never have I even understood the importance of a good structured shoe untill now.

  26. I like the Grip n Go Piers - Brown shoes for toddler boys. These would be great for my little grandson.

  27. Any shoe that a toddler can put on themselves is a huge plus! Especially ones that don't take forever is another plus :)

  28. I'm familiar with Pediped Shoes but thought they were expensive, I'm glad to learn they are in fact affordable. I adore the Flex Neptune - Charcoal, Electric Pink sporty!
    t_freckleton at yahoo dot com

  29. I agree with you. I go for cheaper clothing as she will outgrow it and it won't affect her development but cheap shoes will. PediPeds are wonderful shoes that last. Once she is done, they get passed on to my niece. :)

  30. so far - Pedipeds are the only shoes that I've purchased for my 15 month a podiatrist I take shoes seriously...and these are literally the best on the market. I'd love to win a new pair for her to grow into - they are so pricey!!

    1. I've been meaning to ask you an unrelated question. What do you think of high heels now that you are a podiatrist? Do you still wear them? What heel length do you prefer? Perhaps you could write a post on that topic for your blog (with pictures of the shoes in your closet!). :)

  31. Pedipeds are great! I don't like putting my little ones in hard soled shoes until they are older. Pedipeds are flexible and stylish both!

  32. Like you, I often get bargains on clothes. Many of my kids clothes come from second hand stores like Goodwill, thanks to my Grandma who finds beautiful things there. But shoes are one thing I can't bring myself to buy cheaply. I grew up with completely flat feet and cheap shoes always cause me problems, so I make sure to get my kids shoes that won't hurt their tender little feet!

  33. Just checked out the sale page and there are some cute cute shoes. I find myself struggling to pay extra for good shoes especially when my kids just want to take them off and go barefoot most of the time. The sale prices at Pediped are definitely more affordable. The next pair of shoes for my girls just might come from there.

    1. Ah, you have little barefoot explorers too? Our girls are barefoot 80% of the time - especially when we are outdoors in the yard. ;)

  34. What would we do without sale and clearance sections? :)

    I need to get a pair of these to try for my 3 year old boy - he loves to put shoes on himself but it's difficult to find boys shoes that he can manage himself. Now his sisters shoes... he puts those on all by himself all the time!

  35. Pedipeds are the only shoes my daughter would let us put on her feet when she was learning to walk. Even she could tell the difference in their quality. I will definitely be getting pedipeds for our baby when she's ready to walk, too!

  36. I love these shoes. I was so excited to have another girl so we could wear these adorable shoes again.

  37. My son is four and I haven't tried this brand yet, but I've heard is one of the best in style, comfort and keeping those growing feet healthy. Thank you for the chance to win a great brand shoes.

  38. I would love a pair of the Flex Jamie - Brown for my son! These look like they would work well for him!

  39. I would choose the Flex Isabella - Chocolate Brown. These would be perfect school shoes for my daughter. She has to wear brown dress shoes and there are not that many cute ones out there to choose from. LOVE THEM!!!

  40. I would love to win a pair of Pedipeds for my baby for my daughter I have a pair and they are so comfortable and cute I think they are getting to small for her so a new pair would be perfect.

  41. Ahhh these are too cute! Samantha my middle child would love these. She is my shoe girl the more color there is the better and if they are boots we have the happiest girl in the world. Samantha will wear boots with anything, I love that my sweet girl has her own style and doesn't care what people think about her wearing shorts and boots together :)

  42. pediped shoes has wide sized shoes which i love because my boy has a wide feet.
    amramazon280 at yahoo dot com

  43. we love pediped! both my daughters wear only pediped since they were a few months old, my oldest wears shoes from the flex line and my baby wears originals..

  44. These Pediped shoes are absolutely adorable! I love that they're comfortable, safe and healthy! I really liked finding the Pediped charity info on their website as well!

  45. I've been a fan of Pediped since my oldest (6) was a babe... I like how soft they are!
    inalak at msn dot com

  46. I have looked for good quality shoes for my girls. I am glad that I found your site. I can't wait to order for my daughter. Thank you for the post. I think I can spend many hours looking around your blog. Thank you!

  47. Pedipeds are the only shoes that I've found that properly fit my daughter's foot. I just love their styles and the quality!

  48. I dated a podiatrist-trust me when I say that the shoes kids wear make a huge difference. Spend more money for comfort and health

  49. We had a pair of pedipeds for my son, and loved them! I'd love the Eva in chocolate brown for my daughter


  50. i like that the shoes promote healthy feet development because a lot of problems come from our feet back pain knee pain hip pain just from years of walking wrong im dealing with it right now because of flat feet that were never treated

  51. Pediped shoes are the best. The quality, comfort ability and the soft soles are the perfect shoes for little ones feet. I've been buying these for my daughter since she was 3 months old. They are so super cute that I bought them even before she needed them for walking.

  52. I have been dying to try these shoes! My 15 mo old just started walking a few weeks ago, and so shoes are my new obsession!! Pediped has such cute shoes for boys - something that is hard to find. thanks for the giveaway :)

  53. My daughter learned to walk in Pedipeds, she's now about to go to first grade. My four year old son loves Pedipeds, too. He's had several pairs and even after many miles and many washes, they still look new.

  54. My granddaughter Addison would love these shoes. She loves pink and she loves any kind of shoes, so these would be perfect.

  55. We love pediped! Mostly we buy them when they have sale on their website. They have a great price for great shoes.

  56. we are huge pediped fans!! started using them when my daughter was 9 months old and she's 5 now. we haven't been able to buy a pair for awhile though. and i'm a lot like you - target clothes are fine, but good shoes are a must!

  57. had some pedipeds when my son was younger, i started researching shows and childrens footwear because my son was and still occasionally is a toe walker and has some sensory issues, so i feel shoes tailored toward children were best, and i have heard nothing but great things about pediped, he is now 3 and we have been usually buying sperry's or something similar at stride rite, think it's time to get him another pair of pedi peds, maybe i'll find something on sale! :)

  58. I love pediped shoes for my kiddos! Not only are they super cute but very functional as well. My 15 month old and 4 year old both love the shoes so I try to buy them on sale as much as possible.

  59. I could not agree with this post more! I am thrifty by nature, but that doesn't mean I am cheap. I look for quality name brand items, usually at thrift or consignment stores or places like TJ Maxx. I have no qualms about buying my kids their wardrobes at thrift stores, but you will not find cheap, unhealthy shoes on their feet! I buy new, quality, healthy brands of shoes for them -- this includes Pediped. I love that they use soft leather and are super flexible.

  60. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway! I didn't know that Pediped changed the soles on their infant shoes to be more slip resistant! Such an awesome idea! I took a look at the sale items and every time I do I start wishing I knew someone who was having a girl! I love little boy shoes, but the girl designs that they have are too cute!

  61. We too buy most of our clothes at a resale shop, Pollywogs, in our little town, but shoes are a different story. We are firm believers in quality shoes and I love the cute, flexible designs that pediped offers. What fun giveaways you are hosting! I always appreciate the quality of the products you recommend!

  62. I've always wanted to try these shoes for my toddler. He has wide feet so it's always hard to find him shoes that will fit him well. Plus I'm always worried his shoes aren't comfortable for him. These look like a great pair of shoes for him!

  63. I have been buying pediped shoes for my kids since my oldest (now 5 1/2) was a baby. love the shoes! my girls always pick their pediped shoes over any other shoes in the house. the prices are comparable with other shoes that are good for growing feet but they seem to be made much better. in all of the pediped shoes we have (and we have a lot between 3 girls) i have only had to return 1 for problems (and the company sent out new shoes the next day after sending in a picture of the problem with the shoes)... great customer service.

    and the sale prices are great. i buy ahead and keep till next year. you really can't go wrong. only wish their sizes increased as fast as my oldest daughter's feet grew. she is starting to size out of the shoes.

  64. I am in love with...Grip n Go Abigail! My daughter is not liking the fact she has to wear shoes...these look comfortable. I would love to win a pair she could try.

  65. We bought our first set of pedipeds at a local consignment shop as well. We LOVE the "sneakers" that we bought him. Nothing else fits him as well. While I was there I bought another set that are one size bigger with a stronger sole. I wish I had more and this would be perfect. I will check out the sale section and see if they have some sandels in his size. BTW, he actually LOVES trying to put them on his feet. His other shoes, he always tries to take off! LOL. thanks for this opportunity for the free pair and for letting us know about the sale!

  66. My little boy will start walking by the end of the year (or earlier, yikes!) and I want the Pedipeds to be his first shoe. They look so comfy and are just adorable!

  67. Hello... I have BBG triplets and my boys have been receiving PT for motor delays. Our PT actually recommended Pediped to us. I've been holding off on getting them because of the price. As you can imagine I have to multiply everything by 3. Good luck everyone!

  68. I have bought Pedipeds since I had my first child in 2005. We love them and I need a new pair for the baby since she is outgrowing her shoes so quickly!

  69. I have 3 (soon to be 4) girls who have all worn Pediped shoes. They are durable (even with my tough little ones, who run on the pavement, play in the sandbox, and ride their bikes (among other things) in them). They are priced fairly and comparatively to similar quality shoes on the market (but with much more style!), and the fact that you can get them for a steal and have the proceeds donated to charity at certain times throughout the year is a bonus! I always get them as baby gifts for friends who are expecting (that's been my only chance to buy the adorable styles for boys).

  70. I've never tried PediPeds, but I've heard great things about them for growing feet!! My daughter is working on running now, so it would be great to have a good shoe for her feet. :)

  71. I love pedipeds! My daughter has the giselle grip n go and the flex boots! I feel they are the best shoes for little ones...very well made and so soft. I would love to win a pair for my new little guy!

  72. Ofcourse as we all know all that quality comes only with a price tag attached... And pediped has both great quality and a price tag as well.... These were the 1st shoes that I had purchased for my daughter when she was learning how to walk and they lasted me for for around 8 months.... I bought a few other shoes after that and they have done very well.. They look stylish and classy.... So i love them, my daughter loves them too and whatever be the price tag I may still buy in future....

  73. As an Orthotist and mom of a 15 month old, I both personally and professionally reccommend Pedi-Ped shoes to patients, family and friends! I have never had any shoe allow my daughter to walk so confidently! She can tackle any terrain with her Pedi-Peds! With baby number two on the way; we are gonna be a Pedi-Ped family for a long time to come! Thanks for making such a great product!

  74. I had Pedipeds for my little boy and am anxiously waiting for my daughter to grow into the pair I got her (6-12 month size!)! Great shoes!

  75. I absolutely agree on this one year old has a problem with the shoes sold at payless or even Carters.
    Her first pair of pediped was are answer she felt more comfort walking and didn't cry everytime I put on shoes.
    They are a bit expensive so if it wasn't for the sale tab she wouldn't have a second pair.

  76. We love Pedipeds! They conform perfectly to the shape of both my 2 year old and my 5 year old's feet. I'm a bargain shopper too so I usually wait for their big Purchases with a Purpose sales! We've never been let down.

  77. I love these shoes and buy them for my grandchildren. One little girl has really skinny feet and these shoes fit her. The boots I bought fr another granddaughter actually kept her feet pefectly dry in winter and she had the soft sole boots. Love them.

  78. A coworker gave a pair to my daughter. I love them because they are a perfect fit for my daughter. It was difficult to find shoes that fit her because she has fat feet and slender ankles.

  79. All of my friends swear by these shoes.... but we are a target, goodwill family and am currently saving up for our first pair. This would just make our lives just that much sweeter! I would love to be able to provide these shoes for my son.

  80. I would love to try a pair of pediped shoes for my son. He has been complaining about his feet lately (just turned three) and we found out he has flat feet. Since he doesn't complain when he is walking around barefoot, I'm guessing this brand of shoe would work great for him.

    Thanks for doing this!

  81. I've never tried pediped shoes for my daughter but I have ahard time finding a pair that will fit her well since she has wide feet.

    Thanks for this!

  82. I never bought shoes until my daughter was walking. She's been trotting around all summer in Pedipeds. I love them!! They have so many cute styles too! We have about 4 pairs in her closet for her to grow into!!

  83. We are a hand-me-down family too so that I can spend a little more for the kids' shoes. If I spend a bit more on their shoes, they are comfortable in them and the shoes do actually last longer - I got my two boys to wear their shoes for a little over a year with not much wear and tear - and they're active boys! So I was pleased. My youngest is a girl and it is a bit harder to find non-klunky good quality shoes but you have just introduced me to the cutest, feminine and PRACTICAL mary janes!! Thank you. My two year old girl would be so excited to have these and with our next baby expected in Nov. perhaps she'll have a little sister to pass them on to :)

  84. As the eldest in my family, I have been the first with children and the guinea pig for all new baby/kid products. My motto has been and will continue to be "don't go cheap when it comes to feet"! Have been a lover of pediped for 4+ years.

  85. i would love to win a pair of pediped shoes for my daughter, she's 9 months and will be walking soon so i would love for her to have a great pair of shoes to walk in :)

  86. I learned about Pedipeds from an local magazine article about the start-up of the company. I went to the store (we are so lucky to have the store right here in Henderson) and was sold. The experience alone is so nice. My daughter loved trying on shoes and knowing that she had a good shoe that was fitted to her foot made my happy. She loves these shoes. If you ask her to go get her shoes, she always comes back with a Pediped pair. I'm really looking forward to trying the new active line. I tell all my friends about these shoes.

  87. I love Pedipeds! They are durable, stylish and comfortable! I have both my toddler and my baby in them! With my toddler, I had bought some cheaper shoes and they wore out very quickly. I haven't had that problem (or any other!) with any of the Pedipeds! They are now my go-to shoe for my girls.

  88. I agree! We started out with Pedipeds and they are the best shoes. They are trendy looking but do not wear out, and most importantly give my daughter the support she needs as she learns to walk. Grip and Go shoes are amazing, as are the originals.

  89. We love Pediped!!! I have three boys, and that's what they wear. The soles are soft, flexible, and sturdy. I don't worry about their feet hurting, or developing issues. These shoes also stand the test of time (and boys!). They have been passed down from boy to boy, rarely wearing out. But, they are so great I have taken some to a local shoe repair place to keep them in great shape. Love them!!

  90. We would love to try a pair of pedipeds my son would love a comfy pair of shoes!! Thanks for having this giveaway!!

  91. Shoes are the one place I'm willing to splurge in my kid's wardrobe... those tiny growing feet deserve the best!

  92. my daughter has been wearing pedipeds since she was a few month old and we love them! cute, comfortable and great quality! what more can u ask for?!? ( :

  93. I love Pediped, they are comfortable, good quality, the only problem is that I can't find them in any stores in Wisconsin (grip n go), just online, so, it'll be nice to have them available in the store to try it on but we love them anyways...

  94. Both of my sons have cubby feet and so it is hard to find shoes that fit nice, my 4year old has a pair of the water safe sandals and loves them. I would really like to get him a pair of shoes for preschool. They are definitely worth spending the money on. I gave in and let my mother in law by a pair of light up spiderman shoes and they were like $30 and didn't even last a full year, wish I would have had her use that money towards a nice pair of pedipeds.

  95. We love pedipeds! We bought a pair of the Carrie boots to go with a costume and they ended up being the favorites- they're awesome because they have the cuteness of the cowgirl boot, but she could climb in them like it was a shoe!

  96. We discovered the importance of good kids shoes as well- they're more comfortable and last longer. "Shoe" was one of my daughter's 1st words because she loves her pedipeds so much!

  97. Pediped definitely has me sold on their shoes. My daughter has been wearing them since she was about 9 months old when she began taking her first steps. I LOVE the shoes that Pediped makes because they are so comfortable to my daugher and support her growing feet! They have great styles, especially their fall boots...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! They make them so easy for my 4 year old to take on and off. Thanks Pediped!

  98. I have a hard time finding shoes that fit my 3 year old comfortably and are of good quality! Pediped looks to be both a good shoe and comfy.

  99. I have just discovered pedipeds for my daughter! And we love them, and the size insert for longer wear!! Cant beat em <3

  100. I would love to use pedipeds on my son as soon as he is ready to walk. The best shoes for tiny feet! My daughter used them and they are great vs those bulky heavy shoes. Love the flex and light weight and leather material!

  101. Pediped shoes are by far the BEST childrens shoes available!! We could not get our daughter to even wear shoes until we put her in a pair of Pedipeds!! Now, about the only shoes she will wear are Pedipeds! My hope is that Pediped will start making their shoes even bigger!! We are now wearing size 30, so only a couple more pairs of shoes until we have to start looking for some other brand. Please Pediped, extend your size range for the little people who have extra long feet but are not ready to give up your adorable shoes!!

  102. Pedipeds are such great quality. My friends just had a baby last two months ago and I know they'd love it if I won this and gifted it to them. thanks.

  103. I haven't tried Pedipeds yet...My boys are 20 months and 13 weeks, and I am constantly researching kids' shoes. Maybe Pedipeds are the way to go.
    BTW, those pink Mary Janes are sooo cute!

  104. my daughter would love these. she has a wide foot so i think these would work well for her.

  105. Pediped shoes are wonderful. I have already purchased 2 pairs for my little daughter and she loves them. Very comfortable and adorable and match any clothes she wears. She wears her sandal all by herself. she wears them all day with no complain... Best shoes...

  106. I agree about using new shoes on kids. Good, Guality shoes. I have bought this brand before and our granddaughter loved them.

  107. My son is autistic and this is one of the two brands of shoe that he will actually leave on, and the insert system in the flex shoes allows it to fit for a long time, so they are definitely worth the money!

  108. I agree 100%!!!! Our daughter is 19 months and I can't imagine putting anything else on her. We bought her the Daisy White and Colored ones for summer in the Original style. They are so soft on her small feet I don't have to worry about her breaking in a stiff cheap pair. She has recently out grown her first pair of summer shoes so I had to go back. We purchased more summer shoes along with a couple pairs for winter! The sale was AWESOME, I save about 50%! One happy Mama. Oh and if you have not been to a pediped store the sales associates are very helpful!!!

  109. Pedipeds were my son's first pair of shoes and we have since gone through several pairs. We love the durability and cute styles!

  110. My bestfriends daughter owns a pair of Pedipeds and told me how much her daughter loves them and those are the only shoes her daughter wont take off because she likes the feeling it gives her feet. Planning on getting one for my son if they have it in boys and hoping he would love it as well (:

    Moniquebbon at gmail dot com

  111. Pediped shoes are wonderful. My daughter got her first pair as a baby gift and since then, we have bought 3 more pairs. I love the different styles for both everyday and dressier occasions as well. She has wide feet but Pediped shoes fit her great. Thanks!

  112. We love Pedipeds as well! Both my son and daughter wear them, and we've never had a blister yet! I love finding their sales as well. Skimping on high quality shoes is definitely not an option! Thanks for putting up this offer!

  113. i agree with you. We love Pedipeds too! My daughter has been wearing them since she started walking. She has some other brand shoes too but her Grip n Go's are her favorite.

  114. I love all the different stylish options they have. With Pediped I know I am getting good shoes no matter what the price!

  115. I agree whole heartedly. My 4 year old generally gets one pair of "fun" shoes, generally "Cars" themed and 1 or 2 pairs of Pedipeds. I love that they come with inserts so I can buy them 1/2 a size too big and make them last a little longer!

  116. I love Pediped brand of shoes - very durable, and you know you're giving your new or learning walker the best foot forward. :)

  117. We love Pedipeds. They were my Daughter's first shoes! Now that my Sister is expecting her first child (A girl!) i'd love to win so that i can give her Daughter her first pair of shoes as well :)

  118. I am a huge fan of Pedipeds. Our little guy has been wearing them for the past year and we just got him a new pair of the flex and he can even put them on himself =) Would love to get another pair for him or for baby # 2 arriving in September

  119. We are HUGE pediped fans. My kids LOVE them. I always recommend them to my friends, esp those who have little ones who are just starting to walk. They are definitely worth the $. I always tell my hubby that its sad my kids have nicer shoes than I do:)

  120. we've been getting pedipeds since our five-year-old was a babe and we love them. her little brother has been in them all his life. always comfortable, flexible soles, washable....what's not to love?

  121. I agree - I just can't bring myself to buy cheap shoes for everyday use for my daughter (even though she outgrows them so quickly!). We're big fans of Pediped in our house! :) And my daughter can tell the difference in shoes, too. She always runs to grab the more expensive ones - if I have a cheap pair of sandals, she'll wear them, but usually complain that her feet hurt and then runs to grab a more comfy (ie expensive) pair of shoes.

  122. I agree. I've only used soft shoes on Kenna. i've never used the Pediped brand before - I'll have to look into those especially since they have them in a little bigger sizes. I was fortunate enough to find all of her shoes at a garage sale - 3 sizes worth. Yay!

  123. I agree with you. I shop for clothes on sales racks and in consignment shops but don't skimp on shoes. I love the Pediped shoes that we have gotten. The quality is great and my son walks so easily in them. Thanks for the giveaway because soon be time for us to size up :)

  124. I would like Pediped shoes for my son. They would be great, comfortable shoes for back to school. Thanks.

  125. I have never tried this brand but anything pink and girly works in my house! My daughter actually has a sun dress that is pink with little white flowers... would look cute with these shoes! :o)

  126. I agree with you on the shoes. I get a lot of my boys' clothes at consignment shops, but shoes are usually so dirty. I can't pay a ton of money for shoes, especially since the boys outgrown their shoes every few months! My oldest is 4 and already wears an 11, my youngest is 22 months and is in a 6. It's crazy how big their feet are.
    thank you of the chance to win!

  127. I'm with you on shoes. I know how much of a difference the quality of shoes makes for me. Kids can't really tell you, can't really tell for themselves what makes a shoe comfortable for them so you have to choose quality for them. Flexibility is also key in a toddler shoe. I really should invest in a pair of Pedipeds for my daughter!

  128. I am completely with you there on the quality of shoes. I have a bunch of shoes given to me by well-meaning family/friends when my baby was small... the "plastic" or cheap ones - well they didn't even FIT right, much less feel like they would be comfortable materials. Once he started actually NEEDING shoes for walking, I have gone with high-quality brands like pedipeds all the way - I still look at consignment stores and once found NEW pedipeds for $10! So you can still get a great deal on good shoes. :)

  129. I am completely with you there on the quality of shoes. I have a bunch of shoes given to me by well-meaning family/friends when my baby was small... the "plastic" or cheap ones - well they didn't even FIT right, much less feel like they would be comfortable materials. Once he started actually NEEDING shoes for walking, I have gone with high-quality brands like pedipeds all the way - I still look at consignment stores and once found NEW pedipeds for $10! So you can still get a great deal on good shoes. :)

  130. My son had a pair of Pediped when he just started walking and we loved them. Flex Mercury - Silver, Blue would be perfect for him now. Agreed - great brand! (albeit expensive)

  131. I agree completely about good shoes! We've been lucky to find sale prices when we've needed new shoes, but I would pay full price if the timing made it necessary. We've never tried Pediped but I love the styles!

  132. we owned a pair of pediped shoes about 3 years ago and my daughter loved them . the soles are so soft.

  133. Wow! I've never heard of these before, but I think they would work so well for my daughter, Sophia. Her little feet are so narrow--it's hard for shoes to stay on. The little mary janes would work really well, I think!

  134. The older my son gets the more breathability is an issue. I keep thinking "I thought he wasn't supposed to smell like this until he was a teenager!" :P

  135. Almost all of the clothes William wears (90%, I'd say) are hand-me-downs from his year-older cousin. And almost all the clothes Katherine wears are hand-me-downs from Lucy or other cousins. But Lucy gets hand-me-downs from no one because she's my first girl and because there are too many other cousins her same age. So she always comes away the new clothes winner. I hunt down bargains like a skilled shopper. I go to an outlet mall twice a year and I always scour the Internet for sales at Old Navy and Gap.

    I pay money for quality shoes too but it took me a while to learn that lesson. Now I give that advice to all new moms! In the summer my kids are fond of Crocs. They are breathable, easy to put on and easy to wash up. But when they need more stability for running around, they both have a pair of See Kai Run and my son also has a pair of Nikes. In the winter I only buy their boots from Lands End and always in black so that they can be passed down to either gender.

    I've never bought a pair of pediped but I've heard great things! Such cute styles!

    1. Since Kayla is our oldest, she rarely gets handmedowns. As a result, she usually has "the fewest" and "the newest" when it comes to clothes. ;)

  136. pediped shoes are the absolute BEST. pairs we have bought in the past have made it through both of my boys and are already passed on to my nephews. i am looking forward to shopping in their girls department next!

  137. I have such a hard time buying shoes for the kids. I hate paying full price and spending $30 plus for shoes b/c they grow out of them so quickly. A few months ago I finally bit the bullet and bought them good sneakers for all of the summer hiking, running and playing we do. I am glad I did but my oldest daughter's shoes are starting to come apart and they are only a few months old!

    1. The hardest thing for me is online sizing. I like Pediped, See Kai Run, and Stride Rite...but it's tough to get exactly the right fit without trying the shoes on in-person.

  138. I agree with you! We rarely pay full price for clothing & shoes. My daughter received a pair of Pedipeds when she was an infant and we LOVED them! They held up so good. I would love to try a pair for my son to see if boys can live up to their standards. LOL!

  139. I love their shoes! It would be great to win a pair - seeing as how my son outgrows his shoes overnight!

  140. This brand of shoes is my go to when my boys need new ones, amazing quality, style and good value for money. I feel reassured these are looking after their feet and can withstand their adventures. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  141. I have a pair I am waiting for Louisa to grow into :) my son is hard on shoes though- I'd love to see how these wear on him.

  142. Completely agree about the importance of good feeling/fitting shoes. We have owned a couple pairs of Pedipeds and they are great quality.

  143. We love pedipeds too! I even convinced my mom to start carrying them at her gift store! I love that they can last through more than one kid.

  144. You get what you pay for, so, sometimes spending less on shoes is not always a good idea. Thanks for the chance to win a pair of good quality shoes.

  145. I didn't realize Pediped has sneakers as well as sandals and Mary Janes. My daughter owns a pair of the Isabella flex shoes in chocolate brown that she's unfortunately outgrown already.

    Thanks for the chance!

  146. I love Pediped's shoes! My favorite is the Flex Adrian - Navy, Grey, Red. I love that they are machine washable. It's important to get them great quality shoes so that their feet form properly. These would be perfect for my grandson.

  147. I posted a little earlier but I just had to post again because I kept thinking about those shoes. My little girl is so tough to get shoes for and we often leave stores empty handed or end up returning shoes because they just do not fit how they should. From the day my precious little girl was born she has had leg and foot problems that have now been corrected through bracing. She loves shoes but we could just never find any that would fit. I wanted to look at the shoes more closely and see what else they had that might work for her, not only are those sweet shoes her favorite color but they share the same name, Emily!

  148. I will have to try this brand out for my daughter. She is always complaining that her feet hurt. I have tried several different brands/styles. She is my sensitive little girl.

  149. We have been finding great clothes at the 22nd Thrift Store. I actually buy they kids shoes there too and then wash them, because I want them to have good shoes.

    1. I haven't been there in 2+ years. Do you also shop/trade at Twice as Nice? That's our go-to place for clothes for the girls.

  150. We shop consignment for most things too....or just get hand-me-downs from friends. But, I insist on good shoes. I tried the cheap ones, and they don't last. Good shoes can generally be passed down either in decent shape or at least as play shoes. Sophia has had a couple of pairs of pedipeds, and I've been pleased with them.

  151. I agree. We have bought cheapie shoes for certain occasions and they always end up giving those little feet blisters! We do spend a little more for good shoes, they just don't have several pairs. Save that for the teen years when they can get a job and support their shoe habit!

  152. These are the best shoes every! My little one would only wear them for the longest of time. So many cute styles too and I love the causes they support.

  153. Those little Mary James are so cute. I hate to admit that I've bought a lot of shoes for Lil at Payless and Target because of price. Now that I know I can get really good shoes sometimes on sale (from their site) I might have to change my shopping patterns. I guess I just never thought about looking to see of the good shoes sites had sale/clearance sections. Thanks.

  154. I agree 100%! I can count on one hand how many pairs of shoes my almost 4 year old has owned because we only buy high quality brands. They last so much longer, too! This reminds me that my youngest little boy will be in the market for some first shoes real soon here.

  155. Those grip and go shoes are super cute! I love the rubber tips, as the ends of our shoes seem to get quite a beating with bikes and trikes and scooters! I have a hard time buying nice shoes for the kids when I know that they will usually get worn out before they are grown out of.

  156. I agree with you on the shoes. I'd rather her have 2 or 3 good pairs of shoes rather than a bunch of pairs of plastic uncomfortable shoes.

    1. We share that same philosophy. Our girls usually only own one or two pairs of shoes for each size...but they're good shoes!

  157. We love Pediped, too! Additional benefits come if you have a few of the same gender- like we both do!- they last through multiple kids!

  158. I agree 100% about paying a little extra for quality shoes. Pediped and See Kai Run are my go-to brands. I love the retro velcro strap on the Hayden.

  159. Good shoes are a good find. I can usually find good brands at our local consignment sales, but it's always hit or miss . These are super cute! (And the shoe rule goes for me, too.... I want my feet to be happy!!!)

  160. I finally found a second hand store in town and have been bringing my kids outgrown clothing there- it's a great way to make extra cash. However, I find their clothing not to be cheap, many sale sections tend to be cheaper and hand me downs from neighbors work well. I will spend on kids shoes though, rather spend on decent shoes now than on an orthopedist later in life. We have used pedipeds for pre and new walkers and only recently did I realize they make kids shoes as well.

    1. Hooray for handmedowns! We are always so grateful when neighbors and friends pass along their clothes to us.

  161. I totally agree - the one clothing item I never skimp on is shoes.
    Currently I've been buying my one year old's shoes at Stride Rite but I'd like to try PediPed!

  162. Shoes are a challenge in our family! My son has super wide feet and sadly just any shoe won't due. He normally just goes barefoot =) but when shoes are necessary, he needs wide or extra wide. Stride Rite are the only shoes I've found that fit him. I haven't checked this brand, it's definitely worth a look!

    1. We like Stride Rite shoes too! The pairs that we've owned have been durable and supportive for little feet.

  163. My youngest is four and has had many surgeries to help her walk and is just now able to wear regular shoes, she is so excited to get shoes and when she saw this picture while looking over my shoulder she said to me. "Oh mommy pretty shoes and they are PINK!"

  164. We are big fan's of Pedipeds over here! Super cute, good for the feet and reasonable prices!

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