GIVEAWAY: Zutano 1
This is the Balalaika Toddler Picnic Dress.

If I were a photographer, I would be happy if a family showed up at a shoot with their kids dressed in Zutano.

The colors pop. The materials are non-wrinkly and soft. The designs are undeniably unique...but not so much to overshadow dazzling personalities.

Take a peek at a few of my favorite pieces:

GIVEAWAY: Zutano 2 GIVEAWAY: Zutano 3 GIVEAWAY: Zutano 4 GIVEAWAY: Zutano 5GIVEAWAY: Zutano 6 GIVEAWAY: Zutano 7

I also recommend that you follow Zutano's Pinterest Boards. This company knows style (and fun)!

WIN IT! One winner will receive a $75 gift card to Zutano! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Wednesday, July 11 at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!” or “Love it” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Thanks to Zutano for providing product samples – for review and for this giveaway. 

*UPDATE* The winner is #81 Cynthia C. Congratulations!

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166 comments on “GIVEAWAY: Zutano”

  1. I think I've heard you recommend Zutano before but have never tried any of their clothes. I enjoyed checking out their website and love that they aren't afraid of using lots of color in their boy clothes. Suddenly on my radar these days, you know;-)

  2. what I really like about zutano is that they have bright colors and that I can dress my girl and boy twins in coordinating clothing which is great for pictures

  3. i love their clothes. they have quality clothing in very cute patterns and styles. thanks for the chance to win!

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  4. I have never bought Zutano before but now I know what I have been missing. The clothes are just so adorable and I love how they have so many styles to choose from.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  5. I love Zuntano. they have so many cute clothes to choose from and very affordable

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  6. They make a range of sizes. I gave a Zutano outfit to a friend who had a very small baby. It fit and looked adorable.

  7. Oh such adorable clothes they have! I just love how they do all the mix and matchables! So many different outfits to put together with the same colors...yet different styles! Looks like a GREAT quality too that will last and not fall apart after a few washes.

  8. Really cute clothes! I love that they don't wrinkle that easily and are comfy. My boys sweat a lot in their car seats and by the time we get to church they are all wrinkly and sweaty and just little messes :D
    thank you for the giveaway!

  9. I like the Periwinkle Stripe Sleveless Romper, I ordered it for my friends baby a couple of weeks ago and it's so cute.

  10. I love cute, yet interesting and reasonably priced clothes for kids. I think zutano has the best clothing for kids!

  11. I see their clothes all over the interwebs, but we've never had any for my boy. Would love some, then I'll have to schedule a photo shoot!

  12. I don't THINK I commented on this yet (if I did already forgive me... my prego brain is fuzzy). Zutano definitely ranks in my top 5 kid's clothing companies! :) LOVE the colors!

  13. I love dressing my daughter in Zutano! Their patterns are just so fun and cute- and unique! I love that she won't be dressed in the same thing everyone else is. :) And the fabric is super soft and comfy!

  14. Thanks for the chance. Would love a mini shopping spree for the little one, they have some of the cutest things!

  15. Love the clothes! Especially the Chocolate 5 Stripe Reversible Baby Hoodie.


  16. Talk about super cute clothes! We have a few pieces from zutano and love them! (cute model, by the way:) )

  17. These are so darn cute! I love the simplicity of them with the classic sort of look, but with a fun splash of color. Super cute and not too over the top :) Im not a big fan of the bling on kids clothes these days - it doesnt take much to make em look just precious so these are awesome!

  18. I love the colors -- you're right, they'd be so fun in photos! We haven't tried Zutano yet. Thanks for the recommendation.

  19. I love their cloth baby shorts- it's so hard to find those in solid colors, and other shorts are hard for my boy to wear over his cloth diapers without making the red indentions in his skin. Would love to stock up from them...I'm definitely adding them to his wish list on Amazon for grandparents to see!

  20. Oh my gosh! That Beluga Bubble outfit is so incredibly cute! That is something I would dress my daughter in!

    fs4sarah at gmail dot com

  21. We're kind of obsessed with owls right now, and that line is one of the cutest I've seen! I now know where all those cute owl prints I was seeing on Pinterest came from. :)

  22. This store has beautiful clothes! Thank you for hosting this giveaway, and I hope you gain new/more followers.

  23. I still have some Zutano pieces that my 3 boys (soon to be 4) have worn as infants! Now that is quality! But, I will say that style-wise, I'm more of a fan of Zutano for my girls! The Pool Stripe Tights are super cute!

  24. I purchased the lion blanket for my youngest son last year. I love the vibrant colors and the thickness of the fabric. Zutano makes quality items. My all time favorite outfit on my now 11 year old daughter was a Zutano dress that she wore as a toddler. It was a gift and lasted "forever".

  25. Zutano has such wonderful colorful clothing. The Beluga Picnic Dress is adorable and would look great on my toddler

  26. That Beluga fabric is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Love the toddler camp t-shirt in that pattern.

  27. Nothing as sweet as clothing that is modest and sweet for the little ones. Would love to dress my little guys in this for pictures.

  28. I love the idea to dress my boys in these types of outfits for a photo shoot - the clothes look beautiful. So simple, but you can tell they are good quality. And I am tired of all the pastel baby clothes...would love some new bright additions to the wardrobe!

  29. I would love to win this for my boys! Zutano has the cutest outfits and it would be fun to have them match too!
    ramblesahm at yahoo dot com

  30. My girls have a couple items from Zutano and they are such nice pieces. They are super comfy but still cute.

  31. That picnic dress is just adorable! It's something that my girls would choose to wear on a daily basis.

  32. Their pieces are wonderful, so cute and simple. Would definitely love to get a few for an upcoming baby shower.

  33. A friend sent me a Zutano romper as a shower gift and I was hooked! I love mixing patterns together, and the vibrant colors make me smile. My girls love the softness of the fabric and the easy-breezy styles. My only complaint is that the kids outgrow these incredibly cute & fun clothes too quickly.

  34. My son is in a green striped onsie from zutano right now. He grows out of hos clothes so fast! Sarah at

  35. Zutano is one of my favorite kid's clothing brands. With baby #3 on the way next month, I'd love a gift card to buy a few special things for him. :)

  36. Our family are huge Zutano fans. They make the best quality but unfortunately they are also a bit pricey so we only have a few pieces.... we would love to have more!

  37. I love the sleeveless romper with striped shirt underneath on the website. I'd use the prize to buy this.

  38. I love Zutano's clothes! I think they are one of the beat kids clothes company for babies & kids. Thanks for the chance to win this. I would be thrilled to win & be able to get my 2yr old son some adorable clothes. He has just recently gone through a growth-spert so this would be perfect timing.

    [email protected]

  39. I love Zutano's clothes. They are so cute. I have a pair of zutano fuzzy booties for my son and they are one of my absolute favorites. Zutano makes me wish I had a girl though, because their girl clothes are absolutely adorable! I love their gumballs pattern.

  40. I love zutano clothes and have a new baby nephew due this fall. I would love to outfit him with some cool duds!

  41. I love the fun prints Zutano has...the whale or the crab prints would be so fun for my baby girl to wear around New England!

  42. What I love about Zutano is, no matter how much you wash their stuff, it never fades! That almost makes it worth the price;)

  43. I received a package of onesies from them at my shower and they were really cute and most importantly the snaps held up nicely unlike some other brands I have tried.

  44. I love Zutano's selection of simple dresses. Lucy wears a cotton dress almost every day in the summer. They're easy, cute and they keep her cool. I absolutely adore the dress on your little lady. And her pose is priceless! :-)

  45. I love that they have a unisex section, not just for newborns, but also for toddlers. I think it must be hard for parents with a boy and a girl and they want to use hand-me-downs, but this would make it a lot easier! The Chocolate 5 Stripe Reversible Toddler Hoodie is absolutely adorable.

  46. I love the style of Zutano clothes! They are so bright and friendly. The quality seems like it could last being passed down from one little one to the next too.

  47. i like zutano because of their unique clothing.. we bought a shirt, matching top and matching shoes there and we NEVER got so many compliments because you will never see something like it at the mall!!

  48. Zutano makes the cutest clothes for newborns and toddlers-so colorful! I was so sad recently when I found out I won a gc to Zutano, but it ended up in my spam box and I found it too late. Now i check my spam everyday!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  49. I love the bright colors and cute outfits! Other people buy cute and uncomfortable outfits for their little girls to wear- I just can't do that to Kenna. That these are soft and comfy is awesome.

  50. I haven't heard of this company before so I just spent about 30 min browsing their website. They have some really neat patterns on their clothes. Some places have such bland clothes but theirs are full of color and shapes and pictures.

  51. I bought my daughter's first Zutano dress when she was still in the womb. I had never heard of the brand (having no children, there was no reason for me to be aware of it), but I stumbled across it at FAO Schwarz in Manhattan when I was six months pregnant. That was the first of many Zutano outfits I have bought my daughter in the last three years. I love the quality and style. Along with Tea Collection and Hanna Andersson, Zutano is one of my favorite brands.

  52. We had a lovely velour Zutano dress and my daughter wore it forever. It never looked worn and was just so comfy and stylish!

  53. We LOVE Zutano!!! I have been dressing my little girl for a long time in their clothes and we always get great comments about them. I just wised they would go past 4t ~ we are almost there : ( Sad days ahead. Thanks for the chance to win more!!!!

  54. I love this brand as well. We have a couple of Zutano pieces and they are high quality, sweet designs. I've had my eye on the animal screen terry jumpers for a while...

  55. I love Zutano! I especially like that they have several gender neutral outfits. When you don't find out the gender of your babies ahead of time, it's great to know you still have clothes to pass down regardless!

  56. I have been admiring Zutano clothing but we don't have any yet- I would love to try them out for my baby girl!

  57. We love the quality of Zutano clothing! The fabrics are durable, and the prints are vibrant and creative. We especially love the Zoo and Beluga prints for our boys!

  58. The romper in the top lefthand corner is the sweetest thing I have ever seen!! I love this website!

  59. I love how soft Zutano is. My daughter's favorite is the print gumballs. We would love to win the gift card.

  60. Zutano is one of my favorite clothing lines for children. Perfect for infants because its not only adorable but comfy and great for my toddler as well because in addition to looking great, they are tough and hold up to his constant climbing, running and exploring!

  61. I am totally addicted to Zutano! It is soooo nice to be able to dress my baby boy in cute, colorful clothes with more patterns than just trucks and sports!

  62. Oh my! I wish they had that dress that Live is wearing in my size! Either way, my daughter would look great in that!

  63. Oh my goodness! That dress is adorable!!! I have two darling daughters and they both love to wear dresses. I have never heard of Zutano but I will be checking them out today.

  64. I had never heard of Zutano until reading your post! I checked out their site and they have a ton of cute stuff and not too expensive! I love the bright fun colors and it looks like you can do a lot of mixing and matching. Thanks for sharing this company and the code! Shopping here I come!!

  65. I love the clothing from Zutano! They are so incredibly cute and look very comfortable for active kids.

  66. Zutano outfits where alway's some of our favorites when our kids where babies. For the summer the short body suits where the best.

  67. Very cool things. I had never heard of Zutano but will start watching for them on Zulily. If I were to win, I think I would choose the Owl print swing shirt and coordinating leggings or shorts.

  68. I love the whimsical prints Zutano uses in their clothes for children. I have bought Zutano tops for my grand daughter and the fabrics are so soft! What a great giveaway and a great company!

  69. Thank you for introducing me to another new brand! Those peacoat style jackets are just too sweet!

  70. I won a Zutano gift card when Lily was little and I loved those clothes so much it was almost embarrassing. I think she wore them more than anything else while they fit.

  71. I've always loved Zutano's camp shirts for boys. Classic style with whimsical prints. My boys would love them!

  72. I was just introduced to zutano this summer and I tried out one of their outfits and I loved how soft and fashionable the outfit was. My son loved the crabby design on the screen tee. Super cute and my son looked comfy. I would love to win and get an outfit for this fall. Thanks for the awesome chance to win!

  73. My middle girls, who are four and three, love love love dresses and I would love for them to wear some of the Zutano dresses! I've never seen them before, thanks!

  74. On a good day, I can actually find Zutano at the thrift store... on a really good day :) I like their clothes, too! Great quality. Great colors.

  75. Oh I love Zutano clothes. I want to buy all of them all the time, but I must restrain myself since we really have plenty of clothes (mostly cousin hand-me-downs, which I'm very thankful for).

  76. I wish the website had models wearing each dress/shirt/etc. The clothes don't look that inspiring to me on the website buy your daughter looks adorable in that dress!

    1. I feel the same way! When I see the items on the Zutano website, they don't look particularly inspiring/exciting...but they fit so nicely in "real life."

  77. These are super cute clothes. I just found out I'm expecting and I'm trying not to get too overwhelmed by the enormity of it all!

  78. I love the Super Stripe dress. We used to have an awesome striped dress from Zutano. It may be in the garage, or I may have finally retired it. The two biggest girls wore it all the time when it was their size. From dress to tunic with leggings underneath.
    Gorgeous & comfy stuff.

  79. We were lucky enough to try Zutano with our little one. Not only do I love the quality of the clothes but the socks are so cute and are durable. My little one also loved the vibrant colors and playful patterns.

  80. Is Zutano for all sizes or just toddler and baby? Oh it doesn't matter, I have someone who can wear it! Cute clothes! It would be nice to have some new cute stuff for the baby, he's always in hand me downs!=)

  81. I love the Owls Puff Pocket Dress. The owls design has always been my favorite. When my daughter was a newborn, she had an Owls onesie from Zutano.

  82. I definitely appreciate the Zutano style - simple, cute, mix & match colors & patterns - that's how kid's clothes should be! Your sweetie looks super cute in that darling dress!

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