Tim Attends the "Go Further With Ford" Trend Conference

Tim Attends the "Go Further With Ford" Trend Conference 1My husband Tim attended the Go Further With Ford conference between July 26-28 in Dearborn, Michigan. I'm thrilled to have him guest posting today about his experience.

Thanks to Ford for putting on a top-notch event, with extravagant meals and informative sessions. On the first night, we had dinner at Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions. I enjoyed kicking field goals and touring the facility.

Tim Attends the "Go Further With Ford" Trend Conference 2Ford’s agenda wasn’t only to impress, however. They wanted their guests to leave with confidence that Ford was leading by example in taking corporate responsibly for the future of our world. Urbanization and environmental concerns were top keynote and breakout session discussions.

I listened intently to Henry Ford’s great grandson (Bill Ford), the company's CEO, and other leading voices in the “eco-psychology” and “urban-studies” fields.

Developing technologies like soy based foam in seats (replacing petroleum counterparts), anti-traffic jam synchronization, and electric powered vehicles (ready for purchase in Ford’s newest lineup) are ways this company is actively implementing best practices for future resources and a healthy planet. I test drove Ford’s latest all-electric car (Ford Focus) while at their headquarters.  It seemed to have similar performance to the gas alternative and could be driven about 100 miles between charges.

Tim Attends the "Go Further With Ford" Trend Conference 3

I wouldn’t trade our Toyota Camry for an electric car just yet. We can go about 500 miles on one tank of gas. The upfront premium (largely for the batteries) on an all-electric vehicle is roughly an extra $12,000 and I don’t see the research yet clearly showing the amount of energy used in the full life cycle of the vehicle. That said, alternative energy vehicles like the Ford Focus are certain to be prominent and necessary in the future. I am glad to see one of America’s largest corporations evaluating their word-wide impact and taking intentional steps to avoid regret.

Do you own a Ford Vehicle? Would you say you are "brand loyal" when it comes to cars? What features would you like to see big motor corporations implement in the future?

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2 comments on “Tim Attends the "Go Further With Ford" Trend Conference”

  1. Oh, I'm so disappointed I didn't know to look for Tim there. I would have loved to say hello. There were so many bloggers and journalists that I missed seeing several online friends! Ford does a great job of making these events transcend car talk. I really appreciate their willingness to innovate and try new things.

    1. Did you write a recap of the event on your blog as well? I'd love to read about your experience (I'll go take a peek now).

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