gummy vitamins : a discussion

"Can I have a vitamin?"

My almost-3-year-old asks me that every day.

Actually, my husband and I take our vitamins every day these days too.

Thanks to Hero Nutritionals, the first company to put vitamins and minerals into a gummy delivery system.

yummi bears gummy vitamins hero nutritionalsThe company boasts a huge selection for kids - 11 in all:

  • Multi-Vitamin and Minerals
  • Multi-Vitamin and Minerals Vegetarian
  • Vitamin C
  • WholeFood
  • Echinacea
  • Child Bright
  • Fiber
  • Calcium + Vitamin D Vegetarian
  • Omega 3-6-9 Fish Free
  • DHA
  • Vitamin D3

The kids line is called Yummi Bears and all of the vitamins are shaped (and taste) like gummy bears.

There is also a Yummi Bears Organics line.

slice of life gummy vitamins for adults hero nutritionalsHero Nutritionals also has a gummy vitamin line for adults called Slice of Life. The vitamins are available in 6 different categories: (1) Multi-Vitamin + Lycopene, (2) Vitamin C + Pomegranate, (3) Vitamin B12 Energy, (4) CoQ10, (5) Omega 3-6-9 Fish Free, and (6) Vitamin D3.

All vitamins in both lines are allergy-free, gluten-free, and created with all-natural flavoring. And they're tasty too - especially the Vitamin C - great flavor.

As I am writing this post, I am wishing that I had a degree in Pharmacy, Nutrition, and Chemistry. Yes, all three. Because I find vitamin-taking a rather confusing business.

All kinds of questions roll through my mind: Are vitamins necessary? If so, which vitamins are most vital? Are vitamins in the gummy format better or worse in terms of absorption than the swallowable variety? Will gummy vitamins rot my teeth? Why is there an organic line (and, if organic is really better, why do they sell the non-organic line?)? Etc.

For example, you probably noticed that the Yummi Bears line offers ELEVEN different varieties. Um. That is pretty confusing. If I read the descriptions, it would seem that I should have my child take all of them. After all - of course I want her to have "healthy vision," "strong bones," a "boosted" immune system, etc. So, how in the world am I - your average Joan Cleaver (without the apron and sparkling floors) - supposed to decipher the hieroglyphics on the container to know which ones to buy? That is what I want to know.

Since I'm not a scientist, I stick to the basics. I serve my family as many whole foods as possible (we eat lots of fruits and vegetables, plus whole dairy and wheat products). We rarely eat out to avoid all those extra calories and preservatives (besides, food tastes better at home). Then, we take multivitamins and vitamin C (non-organic, I admit).

That's what we do. What about you? Oh, and if you are an expert in vitaminology, please do share your knowledge.

P.S. Am I the only one who analyzes the minute complexities of vitamin-taking?

YOUR TURN: What vitamins do you take on a daily basis? What vitamins do you give to your kids?

hero nutritionals logoWIN IT! One winner will receive a gift basket from Hero Nutritionals that includes vitamins from both the Yummi Bears and Slice of Life lines. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Sunday, August 23rd at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #101 Michelle H. Congratulations!

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107 comments on “gummy vitamins : a discussion”

  1. I don't take vitamins or give my children any. I used to take One A Day and I gave my children vitamins but I forgor the name.

  2. It would probably be a good idea for me/my kids to get back to taking vitamins on a regular basis. We eat fairly healthy, but vits would be a good boost.

  3. My son has been taking the Yummi Bears for a while, but I would love to try the adult line. The one I take now is a horse pill. (and I totally sneak some Yummi Bears once in a while.)

  4. i dont take any vitamins myself but i probaby should. my son takes the flinstones chewables i usually stock up on those whenever i get coupons :)

  5. I take B 12,omega 3, K, iodine, Co Q 10, selenium, Vit D and vit. K, and sometimes Mg. Those are the basics. I am looking for a good multi without vit, C-makes my joints hurt and without folic acid. We find taking vitamins makes a tremendous difference in our lives. I love this company, too! And my kids love the taste of their vitamins.

  6. I personally can say that Vitamin C has saved me many times with colds and infection. People can believe what they want but I have not had a cold in years and when I have any type of infection it heals quickly if I double up on C. I also take E and B12. I fully believe vitamins help you and I really think kids should take them. I have a three year old that just will not eat well and I think the vitamins have made up some for the loss of eating. Kids especially if they are like mine just do not want to eat the foods that give them all they need.

  7. Wow, this is a fun way to take vitamins. I really should do it more, but I always seem to forget. These would make it fun and I would want to remember.

  8. I take a daily multi-vitamin as well as fish oil, cinnamon, garlic and vitamin c. My son takes a daily multi-vitamin as well. In the winter, we also take extra zinc and echinachea to help fight cold germs. Thank you for the contest!

  9. I don't take vitamins. I used to, but as time went on I started forgetting, and then just stopped all together. Its hard to remember vitamins on top of everything else!

  10. I'm a nurse but I'll admit I'm quite vitamin-ignorant. I take care of adult ICU patients, so they usually have bigger problems than vitamin deficiencies going on LOL.

  11. I'd love to find a good multi vitamin that both my children and myself enjoy taking. This sounds perfect!

  12. I take a Prenatal Vitamon as do my teenaged daughters. Our doctor said they are the best for women. My younger kids take the Gummi Multi-vitamins. They love them and it's worth it to not have to fight them over taking a vitamin.

  13. I have to admit that we do not give our children vitamins. We were good for a little while and then we just started forgetting. Would be good to start doing it again. Thank you

  14. I'm just as confused as you are! I take a magnesium tablet as well as the Flintstones vitamins (instead of those horse tablet prenatals), but I always make sure to eat healthily anyway. Vitamins are important, but they're not a substitute for a good diet!

  15. I take a multi-vitamin, as well as Calcium-magnesium, fish oil and glucosomine. I think vitamins/supplements are a very important part of overall health.

  16. I only take Vitamin D and a calcium supplement per day. I currently only give my teen daughter a calcium supplement also. I have in the past given my children a multivitamin if they were in one of their not liking fruits or veggies phases, but most of the time I don't. But my son DOES prefer the gummy type when I give them to him.
    Thanks so much!

  17. I just have a question. I thought the Academy of Pediatrics advised against using candy to market medicine to prevent unintended overdoses if kids got into the bottles. Would this be a problem with these vitamins?

  18. Thank you for the giveaway. I need to take vitamins daily, I really do but, I don't like to swollow several large vitamins to get what I need. I give my children a multi chewable vitamin and I've tried them...needless to say, they are sour and I stopped taking them myself, lol.

  19. multi-vitamin, C, E, Calcium (twice a day because I have osteoporosis), shark liver oil, DHEA and omega 3. :D

  20. The kids take the good ol' Flinstones vitamins, not to be mistaken for candy! Hehe. I take Vitamin C vitamins to keep healthy and sometime Protein vitamins because I don't eat a lot of meat. I can't decide which looks yummier, the Yummi Bears or Slice of Life! :)

  21. What is so intriguing about us buying gummy Flinstone vitamins? They contain artificial colors and flavors and the bottles are half full when you buy them! Is it because we want to give our kids what we grew up with? There are a few natural gummy vitamins (i.e. L'il Critters) with less sugar and no artificial ingredients. Why don't we give our kids more of those?

  22. I'm actually working on finding a good vitamin for my two year old to take each day. I get so confused by them all that so far, I have sort of given up. I want to get her on some though, so I'm off to check these out. :)

  23. I take a multi/whole foods vitamin, fish oil, probiotic, vit D, vit E, brewers yeast, & complex B vitamin. If I feel illness coming on, i take Vit C, beta glucan, and whatever else will treat that exact illness (like colloidal silver for sore throat). My children take multi/whole foods vitamin and my oldest take fish oil too.

  24. I just started on prenatals again -- I had been taking children's gummies for most of my pregnancy because I couldn't stomach anything stronger. But I recently realized that prenatals would be good for nursing too! (and not pregnant I handle them just fine)

  25. I don't take any vitamins on a daily basis. My 12 month old only gets probiotics every day. That's really not a vitamin, but it is supposed to help with immune health.

  26. I take a high-energy multi every day -- my kids take a chewable multi for kids, though lately my son's been asking for gummy vitamins. :)
    I also supplement all of us with extra Vit. C during the winter.
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  27. We are really bad about vitamins. I try to remember to take one and I get good about it for a few weeks and then I slack off, my husband does not take anything. The girls vitamins are $30 each per month because they have the flouride in them and I have been bad about this. Do they really need the extra flouride? Our drinking water does not have it in it. The doctor thinks they need it but do they really/

  28. I take a large caliber multi+1000 mg of C+2 cal-mag-z tablets+lutin & fish oil. My 9 yo will only take her pokemon multis + a cal-mag chewable--too bad

  29. I don't take any vits...but i should! I give my tot the flintstones vitamins but I have been looking for a more natural alternative! Thanks for the intro to these!

  30. My little one always makes sure before we leave the house that she's had her viatmins. The gummi ones have helped make sure she takes one. She loves the shape, character, and I know she's getting the vitamins she needs! What a special gift to get some for free and make sure we don't run out for awhile! Thanks good article and good giveaway. Gotta keep the little ones healthy! Oh and the big kids (grown-ups) too! 8D

  31. We take vitamins most nights, but we sometimes forget. The kids usually remind us! They love to take them, whether they are gummy or not. I personally don't usually get the gummy vitamins because they are more expensive, but we're flexible. I figure they are just a back up because we are usually feeding them plenty of healthy foods to begin with.

  32. I find vitamins confusing as well. There are some things that sound right-not to take synthetics, go for the natural. But, does one take a multi or just what she needs. I know there are some I should take, but I always forget, or don;t have the time or don't want to be bothered. But if I'm eating right, shouldn't I be getting the vitamins in the food?


  33. You aren't alone. I get completely, utterly, paralyzing-ly overwhelmed when it comes to vitamin choices. It really is too, too confusing! I know I should take a multi. I am almost positive my kids should be on one. It's just so hard to choose which!

  34. My doctor has always told me that if I thought my children weren't getting enough vitamins and minerals from their diet, a vitamin should be added.
    I figure they couldn't hurt them. I take a lot of vitamins. Many thanks, Cindi

  35. I take a multi vitamin on a daily basis. I always hear about new-fangled types of vitamins but when I go to the store there's just SOOOO many of them that it becomes overwhelming! I figure a multi vitamin is a safe and easy way to go! :)

  36. I take a mega multi every couple of days because I know I don't eat enough healthy foods. I make sure the kids get theirs too.

  37. I take a vegetarian multi-vitamin, multi-mineral yummi bears (sour)that my MD recommended. They taste good and I understand why your 3-year old asks for more. I'm 44 and, for the first time in my life, look forward to taking vitamins. Thanks for offering these.

  38. Honestly, we get the cheapest vitamins, because my kids are really great about taking them, and my wal-mart has ones that have extra vitamin c, which is great for kids in the early years of school who seem to bring so much crud home with them all the time!

  39. Whenever I try to think about what my or my kids' bodies need I try to think about what the human body originally thrived on and that was food and animals of the land. They didn't have fancy dancy vitamins back then so do we really need them now or are we just continuing to put excess into our bodies?

    That said, I do give my son an immune booster Oct-April because our winters are so harsh here and it's hard to get around the air-borne illnesses when we are constantly indoors.

  40. I take a multivitamin daily but I don't give them to my kids. I hear you can "over-do" vitamins and kids may have a hard time processing I'll wait until my kids are school-aged before I give them a multivitamin.

  41. We (adults) take multivitamins daily. We don';t give them to the kids but there is research that says kids are deficient in DHA and B-vitamins...and I believe it. Our "foods" are so over-processed - all the good stuff is processed out and fat & sugars are added. It's frustrating.

  42. I take C,E,Fishoil,daily vitamin supplement and a baby aspirin in addition to the 5 medicines I take daily for gout,kidney disease and high blood pressure. I don't know what vitamins my grandkids get. [email protected]

  43. i really wonder how well the ones I am taking absorb. My kids eat balanced and drink vitamin drinks am not a reg vitamin giver, hoping they are eating enough, and trying to watch the diets.

  44. My aunt gives Gummi Vitamins to my 92 year old uncle- they're easier to digest than regular viamins. Our household uses the Viactiv vitamins and the Calcium chews- it's sort of my "dessert" LOL. We would love to try out the slice of life products.

  45. I have not decided 100% on vitamins yet. I do believe we can get what we need in our food the problem is all the processed food. I would definatly try these vitamins though!

  46. We try to eat healthy, balanced meals and my daughter and I take a basic multi-vitamin (well, I'm breastfeeding so I'm still taking prenatals) My hubby won't take anything except for vitamin C when he's sick.

  47. The Wholefood - Fruits and Vegetables with Antioxidants sounds like a good idea. It was a godsend when I discoverd "gummy" vitamins. My special needs child wouldn't take regular vitamins, but he loves gummy bears.

  48. I struggled with prenatal vitamins because swallowing pills is sooooooooooo difficult for me! Now I take Flinstones chewables. I take a multi-vitamin mostly because of the Folic Acid (if I happen to get pregnant, I wont have to worry that I wasn't getting enough). My diet is pretty healthy, but I don't eat meat so the iron in the multi is a good backup.

    I don't know what I'll do when my LO is old enough for vitamins. I'd like to think I can provide healthy enough meals that he wont need them, but realistically I'll probably have some bad days!

  49. I agree it is overwhelming. I took prenatal vitamins diligently but haven't been so good since then. I need to get back in the habit and leave them out on the counter. I like the idea of gummy vitamins but I took a calcium one during my pregnancy and found it too sweet! Weird. Maybe need to try another brand.

  50. I normally give my kids vitamins but slack on taking them myself. I know that's bad.I usually grab the big bottle of dinosaur shaped ones from Costco. Lately I've been trying to teach them about eating healthy and how to take care of their bodies

  51. I used to take gummy vitamins everyday as I kid and they were always my favorite!
    This sounds great!

  52. I just started taking gummy vitamins(the generic version), I used to buy the Viactiv vitamin chews but they're just too expensive!

  53. I take a prenatal vitamin because I'm still breastfeeding. My son takes gummy vitamins. I haven't started my daughter on any vitamins yet - I'll wait until she is old enough for the chewables, because those liquid infant vitamins are just gross.

  54. We do take some supplements to ensure we're getting certain vitamins/minerals, just as backup. The vast majority should come from the food you eat though. We eat 100% organic and vegan (but with self-caught fish rarely) with a TON of veggies and fruit...and we still feel we need extra vitamins/minerals, especially for me during these childbearing/breastfeeding years.

    Most of the ones we take are from New Chapter Organics and their whole line is great (but not all vegan - just fyi, so you have to read them carefully). We also take Body Balance, which is aloe vera based and is just amazing and full of sea vegetables and a TON of minerals. We use Cell Food in our water occasionally and take some New Chapter Organics probiotics every week or so. We also take Designs By Health Krill oil as it's by far the best, cleanest, and healthiest fish source out there. We take spirulina too and also occasionally Alive Vitamin C and New Chapter's Berry Green. What we take is supported by our holistic chiro and naturopath so we feel great about what we take.

    As I'm sure you do, because you're obviously very intelligent, I would highly recommend researching exactly what the ingredients are in the products you take or want to take. Most vitamins - such as any Vitamin C that says it's from absorbic acid, is not absorbable by your you just pee it out. That's why they call it "expensive yellow pee". But unfortunatley, most vitamin C supplements ARE from absorbic acid or calcium ascorbate (synthetic sources), which again, our bodies cannot absorb so you're paying for nothing. You always always want WHOLE FOOD sources with your vitamins -always. So with my above example for Vitamin C, you would want whole food vitamin C most likely derived from acerola cherries (one of the best food sources) or other fruits - i.e. Alive! Organic Vitamin C...

    Gummy vitamins contain alot of things that we wouldn't give our vegan child so it's not something we do and it's definitely not the most easily digestible option. You want something liquid (Body Balance) or something to add to liquid (New Chapter Berry Green or EveryKid). I highly recommend Mountain Rose Herbs supplements too...and the other ones I've mentioned above.

    There is a TON of info out there - good luck!!!

  55. Vitamins are confusing, though I believe they round out a balanced diet. I am interested to see how a gummy vitamin would go down since the horse pills I take require a bit of buttered toast with jam {otherwise my tummy and throat are uncomfortable}.

    I do wonder what the merit of an Organic vitamin is with the FDA's organic standards being a bit of a mish-mash and vitamins being largely lab created.

  56. We all take vitamins, but not every day. More like once or twice a week. I feel like eating a healthy, balanced diet is much more important, a better way to get our vitamins and minerals, so we try to do that as best we can, and occasionally take our vitamins as purely additional supplement. But taking daily vitamins can't hurt, right? :) I've never tried the gummy kind but have always been a little intrigued by them.

  57. I find vitamin taking a very confusing situation also -- I myself have taken a prenatal every day since I became pregnant with my son (almost 5 years ago!) My doc told me to continue taking them instead of just a "womans" vitamin until I am done with my childbearing years. Occasionally I take other vitamins (whether it be B, cinnamon, st. johns wort - whatever I'm craving) I just give my son the Flintstone Complete ones - I've had him on vitamins since he was 2 - I try to give him balanced meals all day, but want to give him all the extra I can. Unfortunately - my hubby refuses to take vitamins (or any other type of medicine, anything other than food)

    autumn398 @

  58. I give my kids gummi vitamins when I remember. Most of the time they ask if they can have them.
    I take a multivitamin every night. I wonder also...what is better. My mother-in-law thinks that I shouldn't give vitamins. She thinks that they will crave what they need and they need to learn to eat nutritional foods. It is a great idea...but I am not supermom and lets face it I have very picky eaters. Sometimes, trying to get my three year old to eat anything, is a huge success! If we did know the answer...I think that the vitamin business wouldn't do as well and their wouldn't be such a hipe about them. Everyone would just be on the same stuff everyday and no questions asked. SO, I think it is a mystery to everyone. Except those that think they know all!! :-)

  59. We just ventured into the world of gummi vitamins and the problem is that my kids just want to constantly eat them. Luckily the lid is child proof and they have yet to figure it out. . .

  60. I have wondered about these gummy ones. I take a bunch of vitamins, but I have the same questions you do :) I have found a book called "Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition" to have some good info re: nutrition and vitamin requirements, but I still have tons of questions!

  61. My kids actually both take the Yummi Bears but I hadn't heard of Slice of Life. My husband is rotten at taking vitamins (low gag reflex) so that might be a good option for him. I'm still taking generic prenatals.

  62. Well I do have a MS in Analytical Chemistry, but I still can't give vitamin advice. I provide food with the same aims as you... give them all the good nutrition with as little of the junk as possible in real food, and then supplement with a basic multivitamin.

  63. I don't take vitamins. Always forget and can't stand that most are horse size pills LOL Now if this is something I can chew up and tastes good, I'm all for it!

  64. I get Flintstones vitamins for my kids, they are delicious!!! If they made fruit snacks that tasted that good I would be all over them! Each vitamin only has a certain percentage of the daily value, I don't know about the adult multivitamins, as I don't take them but the children Flintstones gummies I get maybe have about 50% of the daily value and I assume that goes down with age of the child as 3yrs and over are supposed to take 2 a day. The only down side I see is that they are so good my kids always want more. You have to be careful though because some vitamins are water soluble vitamins, such as ; B and C(excess is excreted from the body through urine) and some are fat soluble vitamins, such as; A, D, E and K(excess is stored in fat, so as fat is burned it is release.) So taking too much of a water soluble vitamin won't hurt you but taking too much of a fat soluble vitamin can, and not right away either, you won't see the effects of it until you or your child start losing weight. I give my kids vitamins because there are days that they hardly eat anything and there are days we just don't get a balanced diet, so to me they are beneficial. However they are just supplemental and you need to make up for what they don't offer with nutritional food. Just wiki vitamins and you can learn a lot more about them. You can rarely OD on fat soluble vitamins from just food consumption but it is possible through vitamin supplements, most people don't need supplements but it is everybody's personal choice and also depends on lifestyle.

  65. Currently my children take a multi and their juice plus veggie and fruit chews. I did have them on calcium and v/c. I might do that again. I'm going to get everyone on a probiotic, too.

    I take a multi - calcium and vitamin c. Plus fish oil.


  66. I don't currently take vitamins, but I should. When I do, I opt for a multi vitamin. I had a doctor tell me that even a children's vitamin is fine, so long as I'm taking something. So since then, I like the Flinstone's vitamins. When I take them that is. I've also considered getting those packets from the health food store where you take like a dozen vitamins a day. Except I assume that they've all been analyzed to go together in the right way if they're in a packet made for that purpose, right? I don't eat very healthy, so I know that my diet could use a boost from a regular vitamin. My only problem with the gummy type is that they are too much like candy. When I was a little one, I had to take a medicine to make me throw up because I got a hold of the bottle and ate them all. And those weren't even quite as yummy as the ones that are out today.

  67. We don't take vitamins very often because no one has ever been able to explain to me whether or not we really need them. I know we get a bunch in our food, and I think some people are way over-vitaminized (yes, I made up that word). If someone shows me why I or my kids need extra amounts of a particular vitamin for some reason or another, I'd consider making them a part of our daily routine.

    I've gone back and forth about what I think on the gummy vitamins, too, but for a different reason. I think I'm afraid that they're too candy-like. I know that's supposed to be the draw; the kids will like them and think they're candy, so no argument. But I'm wary to let kids think it's candy and then think I'm okay with them eating candy daily, and I'm also wary to let them think it's a vitamin in candy form because if they get ahold of those gummy vitamins (or some other candy-looking medicine), they may eat ridiculous amounts of them and get hurt.

    So basically, I have no idea what to do with/about vitamins. :)

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