Halloween? Not so much... Dressing up? Oh, yes!

Here's how I feel about Halloween.

It's spooky, dark, and decidedly disturbing - for the most part.

Here's how I feel about dressing up.


As such, we dress up on October 31st (and on a lot of other days throughout the year too).

We don't do creepy costumes (witches, vampires, devils, etc.), but we do like to try on clothes and pretend.

In fact, one day I hope to have a handmade wooden chest just for dress-up clothes (scarves, hats, glasses, props, old-fashioned dresses, and other fun stuff). A full length mirror and natural lighting would be nice too - for photographs.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll see us in this year.

The littlest will be a "future doctor." Dr. Q.T. Patootie, to be exact. I betcha she could cure any ailment in about five seconds flat - with that super sweet smile. It's the best Rx out there.

future-doctor-and-50's-girl future-doctor-costume

Our oldest will be none other than Little Miss Muffet (who sat on a tuffet). The costume even comes with a bowl of "curds and whey" (ewww), a fabric spoon, and a spider bag for collecting candy.

little-miss-muffet-and-50's-girl little-miss-muffet

And, as you can see, I'm a 50's girl...all ready for the nearest sock-hop. I kind of like wearing a poodle skirt and a ribbon in my hair actually. Now all I need is a convertible to drive around in.


Pictured Costumes:

YOUR TURN: What will your kids be this year? Do you dress-up too - or do you leave all of the fun to your littles?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a baby, child, teen, or adult costume of his/her choice from Costume Express. To enter, leave a comment stating which costume you would choose if you won (you can change your mind later!) on this post prior to Friday, October 2nd at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #9 Mami2jcn. Congratulations!

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198 comments on “Halloween? Not so much... Dressing up? Oh, yes!”

  1. I'm hoping to get super mario and luigi for my 2 older kids.. maybe peapods for my twins. I don't think i'll be dressing up this year unless you count 'over-worked and tired mom costume' LOL

  2. I would like the Poodle Skirt With Top & Scarf Adult Costume. Usually just the kids dress up. but if I won, I would join them.

  3. I try to get the kinder excited about dressing up in something original, like her award winning 'girl in bathtub' costume. She'd rather be a super hero. *cry*

  4. My twin boys want to be ghosts (yay for cheap and easy costumes!). My daughter wants to be a pumpkin. I am loving it, since this is the first year they haven't wanted to be characters of some kind from cartoons. :)


  5. The No Place Like Home Toddler costume is super cute! We have a Yorkie who could be Toto...though I'm pretty sure he won't stay in a basket.

  6. Ileave all the fun to my daughter. And to be honest I am not sure what she will be. We are debating on a devil or princess.

  7. I used to sew costumes for my granddaughters - Belle and Snow White were two of their favorites. Now they dress up in whatever they can create from the clothes they have. I love the Baby Blossom Infant/Toddler Costume!

  8. My teen daughter and her friends are dressing up like the girls from Grease. Luckily my daughter gets to be sweet Sandy. So we'd need the same outfit YOU'RE wearing. That would make a great sweet Sandy. Thanks so much. pamelashockley(AT)netscape(DOT)net

  9. The Flinstones! Our little family of 3 would be perfect and my 6 year old asks for pink hair everyday! She'd make such a cute Pebbles!

  10. Oh my gosh! I LOVE this shop! I would chose the Viking Warrior Elite Collection Adult Costume for my son. He would love it! Too cool!

  11. i like the POODLE SKIRT WITH TOP AND SCARF ADULT COSTUME. I've never had one and have always wanted one!


  12. I'd choose a baby jaguar costume for my 4 year old daughter. She keeps telling me that is what she really wants to be for Halloween!

  13. I’d choose the Poodle Skirt With Top & Scarf Adult Costume. This would work for Halloween and we do a 50's dance that we dress-up at work with our clients! :)

  14. I dressed up as Batgirl two years ago..yeah, good luck fitting into that now! ;)

    My son's going to be Wolverine this year although he hates the mask since it covers his face.

    I like the Astronaut (White) Toddler/Child Costume, that's pretty cool! Halloween is usually pretty chilly so I like costumes like this where you can wear something warm underneath.

  15. My youngest is going to be a princess but I'm not sure about my oldest. It's hard to find her costumes that fit in an appropriate way. My daughter would like the Emerald Witch Teen Costume. Thank you!

  16. The Green Pixie Child Costume is my 4 year old daughters favorite. My other daughters are going to be Hannah Montana and the Statue of Liberty. My kids will be dressing up and we will be going around the neighborhood. My husband and I don't dress up.

  17. I don't dress up anymore, but my daughter Mira is planning on dressing up as a pirate (which she has done several Halloweens already).

  18. I have 4 kids. My 11 yr. old son wants to be Billy Mays. He wants to go up to people's doors and say (in a LOUD voice)-"Billy Mays here, to trick or treat at YOUR house, for a limited time only!"....I thought that was an awesome idea. I am the same thing every year, a giant yellow crayola crayon.

  19. My daughter would love the Lil' Mermaid Toddler/Child Costume! So that's what I would choose!
    And, I let my little ones have the fun, I don't dress up! My sister in law does, and that's enough for everyone!!

  20. I would choose the 'Zombie Prom Queen Adult' costume....LOL I know what you're saying about cute costumes, I always get my son to wear one but seriously when your kids are older they may think differently! When my daughter was around 10 she started wearing scarier costumes and she won't wear anything else anymore!

  21. Mine are going to be Batman and Strawberry Shortcake. I love to dress up, and hubby does too (he's making a bacon costume out of felt for himself this year!)

  22. I would have to choose a costume for my daughter for next year, it would be great to not have to think about it then. She would adore the Striped Frog Infant/Toddler Costume, I imagine there would be a lot of ribbit-ing and hopping around here.

    This year she's going to be a spider, but not really a scary one. It was between that and a duck and she really wanted a spider, so... sure. I don't dress up anymore, aside from wearing a shirt with a pumpkin on it, but I don't think anyone looks at me anyway when I have a toddler running around all dressed up and a cute baby (who is going to either be a pea pod or a ladybug), right?

  23. My son is going to be Elmo.. My daughter hasn't picked a costume yet. I think that she would like the Butterfly Princess Girl Costume. I'm not dressing up this year. I get plenty of chances all year round. My hubby and I run a Bible group for kids and every night is a theme night. Next week is Western Night so I'm going as a cowgirl.

  24. We don't know what we are going to be this year..the kids keep changing their minds 52,000 times. As for whether we are going to dress up...of course.

  25. my 7 yr old is planning on dressing as a ballerina butterfly and my soon to be 6 yr old would explode with joy if she could be the Sugar Plum Fairy. I'm not planning on dressing up this year since I may or may not still be pregnant- it's kind of hard to plan a costume around that!

  26. My toddler wants to be little mermaid and i haven't decided what our new born will be yet. We love to all dress up!

  27. I have always loved Halloween and I have a new baby this year so it will be even more enjoyable.
    I chose the Ladybug adult costume, so both me and my baby can go as ladybugs.

  28. I would love to have the Plush Monkey Toddler Costume for my son! He IS a little monkey and that would be perfect for him!!!

  29. My son will only be 7 months old, so no trick or treating this year...it would be obvious who the candy is for! Grandma offered to babysit so I could see my boyfriend's concert, and I planned on going as Harley Quinn from Batman. OMG...If I won, I'd choose the Gotham Girls DC Comics Harley Quinn Adult Costume!!!! Just checked and they have it new for this year!!!!!! Thanks for the contest! codisweepstakes2 (at) gmail.com

  30. We don't do scary here either. We downplay the candy too.
    My kids would look great in the Tiny Tiger Infant/Toddler Costume.

  31. my oldest is going to be an Auburn football player and my youngest is going to be Aubie, our team mascot. My hubs and I sometimes do dress up but not normally. THis year we are considering being a cheerleader and coach for our team! We'll see if we can pull that off!

  32. For some reason, I find the adult banana costume absolutely hilarious! I would definitely get that one and make my husband wear it to the first Halloween party we are hosting at our house this year!

  33. I adore Halloween...as in I've already started decorating. I tend to go for cute more than creepy though. I don't like to be scared.
    This year I'm revamping sweat suits into bear costumes for both of us. And, I've already made some cute stuffed pumpkins and BOO pillows to add to the decor.
    I'm with you on the love for dress up! Eventually I want a chest full of dress up clothes too. My mom always kept a full dress up box for us as kiddos, and we loved it.
    And, the Wizard of Oz scarecrow costume is super cute! I'd love to have that one in the dress up stash.

  34. Our daughter will be Cinderella this year (or a cow -- she can't decide!), and our son will be Spiderman. If we win, I'd choose the Iron Man Light-Up Chest costume for my son, who doesn't have as many dress-ups to choose from as our daughter. :)

  35. I don't dress up, neither does my husband. However, our children do. This year our baby will be a ladybug and our older daughter, I think will be some sort of butterfly (still figuring that one out).

  36. Believe it or not, the kids already have their halloween costumes for this year! :) I would love a costume, as we have a family halloween party coming up. The Adult Lady Bug costume is too cute! Love it. Thanks!

  37. I use to dress up and then I had kids. My husband actually asked me out for the first time after he saw me dressed as a pirate for Halloween. I could make a "booty" joke here but I won't. My girls love cape costumes. We only have one Super Girl so the other one gets stuck with a cheerleader outfit. Fun but not super fun. So I'm going to get a Wonder Woman costume for this year so both get a cape.

  38. No idea what my 6 year old ds will want to be. It's about time I start asking! My 4 yo wants to be Belle again and the baby...I think the monkey costume would be adorable for him!

  39. I love Halloween! Dressing up is so much fun. I love the Miss Bee-dee-LIGHT-full Adult Costume, so cute, thanks for the chance.

  40. I think the plush monkey is adorable! I love the pictures you have posted, you all look so cute. I need to get on the bawl with my kids and see what fits. We save costumes and have them get handed down. My daughter is supposed to be a lion but I don't think it's going to fit her, she's smaller than herbrother was at that age.

  41. I'm not sure what the kids are going to be for Halloween yet, but I do usually dress up with them and I am going to use my "nice witch" costume from last year. If I win I would probably pick the cryptic rocker child costume because I think my oldest would love it.

  42. i would love to dress up as a referee.. it would be cute because the whole family is going as football players and cheerleaders

  43. I would choose the Pumpkin Princess Infant/Toddler Costume ~ no doubts in my mind...my husband has already started calling her his Lil pumpkin and she isn't due to debut until January! LOL.

  44. I like to see all the kids dressed up but don't dress up myself. I would choose the Batman Deluxe Batman Toddler/Child Costume.

  45. Me and my daughter are dressing as a fairy. My husband doesn't have a costume yet so if I won I would get him the Deluxe Beast Wings and Chest Piece Adult Costume Kit - Grey.

  46. I always dress up and already started to look and dream about what I am going to be. I am currently trying to talk my boyfriend into being Fred, so that I can be wilma, so I have to say I would choose The Flintstones Wilma Adult !!!

  47. i think my son would like the Spooky Skeleton Child Costume

    I'd love to win this prize, thanks for sponsoring this.


  48. We love Halloween and dressing up too, my son has already picked his custome (spiderman) so I would pick The Flintstones Wilma Adult Costume for myself

  49. I haven't had money to dress up for Halloween in years. I always make sure my kids have costumes though since it's there day. I would love the Red Riding Hood Tween Costume for my daughter.

  50. My husband loves to take our children trick-or-
    treating! He is a fan of Gumby and Pokey, so he goes dressed and Gumby! I enjoy handing out the candy and seeing all of the wonderful costumes!
    The three of yours are adorable! How fun.....
    Thanks, Cindi

  51. Oh my, that Little Miss Muffet outfit is ADORABLE! I leave the dressing up to the kids, usually because I just can't think of anything to dress up as. Thanks!

  52. My little guy would want the Elmo Plush Deluxe Toddler Costume-he loves "MoMo!" I don't dress up for Halloween, but enjoy getting my boys ready for the night. Thanks for the chance!

  53. I don't usually dress up, but do wear Halloween jewelry & dress in all black & orange. I love dressing up my two little boys in costumes though. I would love to win the UPS Guy Toddler costume for my older boy!


  54. I'm not so much about the costumes for myself, but I'm way looking forward to dressing up baby girl. We're leaning towards something Star Wars --
    Yoda, perhaps.

  55. My kids have decided to be pirates this year. They look adorable in their costumes (which I bought after Halloween last year). They've never had coordinating costumes before so I'm glad that they finally will this year. They are 6 and 4 yrs old. My kids dress up all the time! It's no unusual for my 4 yr old to go grocery shopping in a princess dress or tutu. :) I don't usually dress up. I'll wear a halloween themed t-shirt and last year I bought a witches hat at the dollar store that I wore.

  56. I love dressing up and really enjoy giving out candy to the neighborhood kids. It's been years since I've bought a costume -- I usually make my own because too many of the 'adult' costumes are sexy rather than cute.

    There are some fun costumes on the linked site. I'm not certain which I'd choose, but the Maid Marion dress is appealing.

    Your family's costumes look great! Is your DH dressing up as well?

  57. The Mother Nature teen costume is a nice change from witches and vampires. I won't be dressing up. I will chat with a friend while our daughters have Halloween fun.

  58. DD [2 yrs. old] is going to be a peacock. After changing her mind [from pumpkin to Abby Cadabby to peacock] she finally settled on the peacock...and was totally her choice. She seems to love the holiday and points to all the pumpkin stuff in the stores. I am making her costume and can't wait for all the stuff to get here so I can get started! I have dressed up with her the previous two years, but haven't decided what to do this year. I like to dress up, but seem to be more into her costume this year than mine.

  59. I love the Abby Cadabby costume, it's so cute! Princess is really into Sesame Street, she would love it!
    We don't do the creepy costumes either. It's a rule in our house that dressing up and celebrating is fun, but nobody in our house dresses as anything creepy-witches, vampires, etc. are all out! We do fun and cutesy stuff. Last year, when Princess was 15 months, she was Cinderella, and the year before, she was 3 months and she was a pine tree air freshener. :)

  60. I'd love to have the Goldie Rush costume for myself.

    My God-daughter and God-nephew will be dressing up, but we currently don't know what the costumes are going to be. As for myself, I'm thinking of wearing an island dress I got from the Bahamas with a lei - going for a Hawaiian look.

  61. In the past I have done Hermione, Nurse, and a Karate Person. I think this year an 80's Groupie Adult Costume would be alot of fun. Bring out the side pony tail, jelly bracelets etc. I am manning a booth at our neighborhood party so it has to be practical for the weather, easy to move in and child appropriate.
    We just got my kids costume from Costume Express (star wars, ninja, and handy manny)

  62. I am not sure what or if they will be wearing anything this halloween, but last year they dressed up as a witch and a dragon, i also dressed up myself, and went trick or treating with them, i was just dressed up as a "Goth" character, no famous character or anything like that but it was fun! they got sooo much candy, it was awesome :)

    You and your kids look absolutely adorable and cute in these photos!

  63. Agreed...love dressing up...hate the day! If I could control my entire neighborhood and ask them not to dress up in yucky costumes...I'd probably be walking around w/my kids in a Raggedy Anne costume. But...I cannot!

  64. my kids keep changing their minds but would love to get husband a santa outfit or something he likes.. we have a doc, a princess, a pirate

  65. I would pick the Scooby-Doo toddler/child costume. My son is 2, but tall for the baby costumes, I think. Plus, this is an outfit that doesn't cover his face because I don't think he would deal with that. They had a superb selection, though!
    This is a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win some dress-up time!

  66. I admit it, I LOVE halloween. Not the scary stuff (I dont like horror movies either), but the dress-up, trick-or-treat, pumpkin carving is all right up my alley! Our son is going to be a pumpkin this year, and for next year, I would choose the captain kirk or R2D2 costume. Both are pretty cool!

  67. Not sure what my 10 year old son is going to be. He wants to be something scary but can't decide. My 2 year old little girl keeps saying she wants to be a monkey but when we went to the store to look at costumes she didn't want the monkey costume anywhere near her! lol Soooo in that case we have no idea! I don't dress up because getting the kids together is too much work! haha

  68. I really want my youngest to be Curious George because she reminds me of him, always getting into something. My older wants to be a penguin and wants her dad to be the Man in the Yellow Hat. I liked the Curious George costume at the site but I think I prefer the penguin they have, it's really cute.

  69. My kids are grown but I still like to dress up with the grandchildren :)

    And~I would choose the Crypt Witch Adult Plus Costume if I were chosen the winner!

  70. Its a tie between the red riding hood and the mother nature costumes. That queen of hearts one is AMAZING but I don think I have the guts to pull it off.

  71. How timely! I just received my son's Harry Potter costume from costume express today! We usually have fun handing out candy, getting dressed up, admiring cute kids in costumes for an evening.

    Since we already have the kids' costumes for this year, I would like a witch costume that could be my costume from year to year. Thanks for the chance!

  72. Oh man - I'd forgotten about Halloween.

    I'm a fan of dressing up (Cute babies! Cute kids! How can I resist?). We already have a dressup box, in fact.

    But I'm with you on the ambivalence over the holiday itself. It seems to me that most of the time the holiday is either a celebration of the creepy, scary and evil or an excuse to encourage candy and greed.

    We usually spend the night with the lights out watching a movie. We've never handed out candy. Not sure what we're going to do this year!

  73. This year my 4 boys want to be different types of candy bars, Hershey, Baby Ruth, Snickers and a Chocolate kiss. So I am going as Willy Wonka!

  74. I love the flapper costume. My daughter will be Tinkerbell this year. She loves to play dressup and has been wearing her costumer for the past few months already! I love halloween! Thanks for the chance to snag a costume for free! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  75. For Halloween we usually just dress up our son because he looks much cuter in costumes than us! I've always wanted to be Snow White however, so that's definitely the one I would choose!

  76. I'm with you on the whole Halloween thing... but we do love to play "dress up" and I love your dress up chest idea, that's one I have thought would be fun to put together too. I've actually snagged a few things here and there that I could put into it - old clothes from older relatives when we started cleaning out their closets, cool finds from thrift stores when looking for props for some skit I was involved in and then there are all those costumes I've made too... so if we won I'd probably pick the Lucy from Narnia costume to add to my collection... my youngest niece really enjoys dress-up and she and Sugar play together a lot!

  77. my kids will most likely just pick from our dress up bin. my youngest a giraffe i think (if it still fits), my middle a cat, and my oldest either Dash from the Incredibles or a Ninja Turtle. BUT if we did win i'd pick something that either of my girls could wear since they may not fit the costumes i have. i like the pink dinosaur or the infant/toddler lamb.

  78. We play dress up all the time and while they are young will do it on the 31st as well. I would choose the Green Pixie Child Costume, we need a TinkerBell.

  79. We're moving, a 3-day drive, right during the last few days before Halloween. Thus, we aren't dressing up or going Trick-or-Treating this year. My kids are very NOT happy about that. I had all these grand plans, this year, too. I was going to sew a beautiful elven dress for myself, and look into getting a jewelry piece, like one from Thyme2dream.etsy.com. I still hadn't nailed down what my kids wanted to be, but my 6yo daughter was thinking she wanted to be a candy corn, and my 4yo son is a big fan of Link from the Legend of Zelda video games. Our toddler was definitely still up in the air.

    In years past, I've mostly stuck to an animal theme. I made a peacock costume, a phoenix costume, and a panda costume. There was a Tinkerbell thrown in there, too (and my daughter looked so cute with her hair done up in a bun!). One year I made them both jesters. But I've usually skipped the dressing up for myself, because I never start thinking about it well enough ahead of time.

    But you know, I love your thought of having a big chest full of dress-up clothes. My husband's mom has just that (though, not the mirror!), and it's SO much fun to dig through it and see what fun costumes you can put together.

    From the website, I'm quite partial to either a Star Trek jumpsuit for myself (in red!), or a Mario costume for one of my kids. :)

  80. I like the Centurion Adult Costume. Plus I love the little Ms Muffett toddler costume... So cute!!!! Thanks for the contest!

  81. You picked the best costumes! my tot runs around saying she is a doctor all the time! She'd love the doc costume!! Or the little bo peep! We really need a costume for this halloween! xoxox have fun at disney!

  82. I agree with you about the scary dark part of Halloween. I have no interest in any of that. But it sure is fun dressing up the little kids. My plan is to put my son in the chicken costume his sister wore two years ago. My only concern is that we're in a much colder climate now, and the chicken costume has no legs. If I won I'd get a costume for him that would cover him up a little better. Maybe the Lily Pad Frog.

  83. I need a costume to wear to school this year (teachers dress up in costume? since when?) and I think I'd go with the Hippie costume. It's not too revealing and it would be comfortable to wear all day long!

  84. I agree with you about Halloween. I don't like the dark side of it at all. I do love letting the little ones dress up - and like your daughter, mine loves dressing up all the time! I have never made a big deal of Halloween, however since my little man decided to enter the world 9 DAYS LATE on Halloween, I think I am in for at least a few dress up birthdays! Big sister wants to be a cowgirl and we may try and have brother be a horse...a birthday boy horse!

    Hope you have an excellent time in Dland!

  85. We have done the typical pumkpin costum for a few years and last year Mikayla was Tigger. She loved that outfit and everyone else loved it to. I really liked the Curious George costum and Mikayla loves Curious George.

  86. I'm expecting my second baby the middle of next month and have been working on getting Halloween costumes ready for my 2 little ones ahead of time. I love dressing up but I have no idea if I will this year!

  87. My son would totally want a transformer costume! Even though we have boys we actually have a dress up box full of costumes. They love being super hereos! I will actually go out the day after Halloween and buy stuff that goes on mega sale! Dressing up is fun and uses their imagination :)

  88. My daughter will turn 1 on halloween, so we are going to have a halloween bash and all of us will dress up. I think the Baby Blossom Infant/Toddler Costume and Monkey costumes are adorable

  89. I think the Ladybug Infant/Toddler Costume would be adorable on my toddler. I havnt dressed up for halloween in years and i think this year will be the first year that I will dress her up! How exciting i cant wait

  90. I'd choose the FairyWitch for my niece. (Tho the cockroach made me laugh). The last costume I "made" was a suit to which I attached pieces of paper that had stupid laws written on them. No one did guess that I was a frivolous lawsuit! :)

  91. Well aren't you three just the picture of adorable. I don't typically dress up because it's always freezing here around that time, and I'm out with my boys getting candy.

    I still don't know what we're doing this year. Dash will be something cute, like a bee or something. But the older boys I'm having a hard time with.

    And I agree about not celebrating the "holiday" with creepy outfits and such. So, that is why I'm thinking after this year we'll stop doing the "holiday" in the way we have been because Nicky is getting to that age where cute outfits aren't flying as well.

    We didn't celebrate it as kids and I'm not all torn up about it now. So I think they'll be just fine if we decide not to.


  92. That little miss muffet is adorable!!! I don't know if I can talk my son into it, but I think the hot dog is a hoot. We need to start figuring this one out.

  93. We've got a little Jedi Knight at home - I'm going as a character from an old movie. We're gonna have a blast - it's our favorite holiday!

  94. I do not dress up. I am not a fan of Halloween, but try to make it enjoyable for the children. I don't enjoy the creepy, gory costumes. So, my little one is going to be Snow White (again), my oldest is going to be a Go-Go dancer (dance costume from this year) and my son wants to be a bee Transformer. This last one I need to purchase.

  95. I haven't even thought about dressing up this year... which is pretty sad! The past two years my son has been Yoda, which was absolutely adorable :) This year I know he'd love to be a dragon, so that's which costume I'd pick :)

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