Halloween Time @ Disneyland

HalloweenTime disneyland 2009Do you know what gets me every time about Disneyland? The details.

I am always amazed by Disney's attention to the subtle nuances - the little touches throughout the park that make the whole experience more special. For example, if you go to Disneyland right now, everything has a bit of Halloween inspiration. Pumpkins. Candy Corn. Hanging jack-o-lanterns. Fall colors. Etc.

There was even a HUGE candy corn (Don't mind my frizzy hair in the second photo - the humidity made it go crayyyzeee):


Aside from the decor, there were other "spooky" touches throughout the park:

  • Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy (a spooky ghost chases you through outer space, recommended for ages 13 and older)
  • Haunted Mansion Holiday (Jack Skellington of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" serves as your tour guide), and...
  • Mickey's Trick-or-Treat Party (ride attractions, collect candy, and enjoy live music).

disneyland-candy-corn-family-halloweenAs I mentioned before, I'm not a huge fan of Halloween (the ghouls, the ghosts, the celebrating of evil and mayhem). That said, I do love the fall season in general - and I like that Disney keeps things classy and family-friendly. Even though both the fireworks show and the Fantasmic show were "hosted" by Disney villains (Cruella de Vil, Maleficent, Captain Hook, Jafar, and Ursula), they were both dazzling, colorful, lighthearted, and spectacular. Our 3-year-old wasn't frightened by the displays (I should note, however, that we had discussed the nature of the shows with her beforehand, explaining that the characters were pretend). In fact, she actually loved both performances and excitedly pointed out everything as it happened: "Look! Green lights! The Bad Lady! The Princess! Peter Pan!"

All in all, we had a splendid and spooktacular time @ Halloween Time. Early fall is a great time to visit Disneyland.

Actually, the truth is that: Any time of year is a great time to visit Disneyland. Am I right or am I right?

Halloween Time at Disneyland will end on November 1st, 2009.

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16 comments on “Halloween Time @ Disneyland”

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  3. Sounds like a blast! Y'all are such a cute family. I haven't been to disneyworld since I was a little girl. It'll be fun to take Levi one of these days.

  4. Looks fabulous! We've only visited the park during spring and summer time. Our goal is to get there during the fall/winter - hopefully next year!

  5. looks like a fun time!
    you are totally right.
    i went to the florida disneyland as a child and i can still remember things quite clearly.

  6. Hi, great meeting you with Kelly (love her)! Hope to chat more next time. Looks like you all had fun. Debbie :)

  7. So I have a 7 week old baby, and already I have a "disney world" fund for her, where we automatically send $25 each and every month so that in a few years we can more easily make the trip. Disney really does make the experience magical, down to the last detail, which is why I find it to be totally and completely worth the money!

  8. You all are a beautiful family. I have never been to Disneyland during Halloween...you are tempting me. My favorite is Christmas time, love all the Christmas details.

  9. we went this time last year & stayed at the Grand Californian - agree with you on all points! Halloween was super fun with lucy - I dressed her up cute & she got lots of attention which I believe all kids need when traveling!!!

  10. We are headed back there on Oct 12th and can't wait to see the Halloween decor. We were just there a few weeks ago and now my son keeps asking to go on a trip.... which means to go to Disneyland. Everytime we get ready to go somewhere he hopes it is going to be Disneyland.

  11. I was at Disney last October and I was AMAZED by the (non-scary) Halloween decorations. Disney really pays attention to the details.

  12. i've always, always, always wanted to go at christmas - wouldn't that be amazing!?!?

    kudos to disney for making halloween not scary! my kids are getting scared just walking into the grocery store lately!

  13. You are right! Disneyland is pretty fantastic! I always enjoy the 'hidden mickey's' that are throughout the park. Mickey Mouse heads in bushes, on benches, in shadows on some of the sails in Pirates of the Caribbean...they are everywhere! Makes walking around even more fun!

    Fall is my absolute favorite time of year (could be because I grew up on the East Coast, and nothing beats fall foliage over there). I love blue skies and crisp cool air. Pumpkins muffins, fall smells, colors..all of it!

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