Hearthbeckon: a vacation home in Stanwood, WA

When we vacation, we typically prefer to rent a home rather than to stay at a hotel. Homes are just...well...homier. And more spacious. And you can buy groceries and cook (a HUGE way to save money).

The absolute best is when you rent a home with 1 or 2 other families. That way, you can put the kids to bed and the adults can stay up to chat, play games, watch movies, or enjoy a dessert.

hearthbeckon signIf you're looking to plan a vacation like that, I've got just the place for you: Hearthbeckon, a beautiful family homestead located 5 miles south of Stanwood, Washington in the community of Warm Beach. There's plenty to do around there:

It's a spacious 3,000+ square foot guest home that features a gorgeous kitchen, a cozy living room, a warm dining room, and six bedrooms (with sleeping arrangements for up to 18 guests).

The home is magnificent - a beautiful blue-gray with white trim on the exterior and a welcoming atmosphere on the inside. It's clean and well-kept. The decor is contemporary and informal, yet quite elegant - casual enough for kids, yet aesthetically pleasing for even the most fastidious artist.

hearthbeckon-1 hearthbeckon-2

Best of all, the home just "feels" good. You know how sometimes you can just walk in a place and it seems like love is there? That's this kind of place.

You and your guests will be totally at home here. The kitchen is fully stocked with cups, bowls, plates, pots, and pans. The beds are made. The towels are in the cupboards. The property is huge - plenty of room to run about in the grass, to admire the gardens, and to tromp through rain puddles.

At only $265 per night for 8 people ($15.00 per night for each additional person up to a maximum of 18...), Hearthbeckon is extremely reasonably priced. Especially considering that it's MUCH nicer than a hotel.

Hearthbeckon is equally perfect for a big family reunion, a wedding, or a 2-3 family vacation.

And, just because my girls are so beautiful that "beautiful" just doesn't cut it, here are a few photos of them at Hearthbeckon:

sweet-1 sweet-3 hearthbeckon-3 hearthbeckon-4

YOUR TURN: Have you ever rented a home on vacation? Why or why not?

hearthbeckon-house-exteriorWIN IT! One winner will receive 1 night free at Hearthbeckon (minimum 3-night stay). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Wednesday, October 14th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #8 Kelli. Congratulations!

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14 comments on “Hearthbeckon: a vacation home in Stanwood, WA”

  1. This summer we rented a lakehouse that slept 12. My family (my, husband and two kids), my in-laws and my husband's sisters and their husbands all split the cost. It was soooo much fun spending time with everyone and we each were in charge of one meal. We saved money on lodging and saved tons on food! It was such a success that a few of my college friends and I are renting a house on our old college campus for the weekend instead of paying the outrageous game weekend hotel rates!

  2. Whenever we travel, or a planning a trip, the first place I visit is vrbo.com or I type in vacation rentals and the town that I will be visiting in Google. For all of the reasons you already mentioned in your post, we love to rent houses. It often times works out to be a bit less money as well. It's nice to have a 'home' when traveling with kids too! We will be traveling to Austria next year for a family reunion and we have already booked a house for the WHOLE family to stay in!

  3. We have talked about renting a cabin in the mountains in AZ but never got around to it. I think renting a home to stay in is great get-away even if it is not far from home. I think it helps when you have kids so they don't feel soo couped up in a small room and have space to run around. We would love to be able to plan a get-away in a nice area and stay in a beautiful rental one of these days.

  4. I've thought about renting homes if we ever go somewhere family isn't, but so far we've always gone where family can put us up or somewhere we'll only be a night so a hotel is cheaper. I'd certainly consider renting a home if we were to stay somewhere for a week or so, though.

  5. We've never rented a home but then, we hardly ever vacation. Just don't have the money for it at this stage in life.

    In other news, the boots I won over here last year are just the right size for Sassypants now. I was hoping they would fit in the fall. When she wore them out today she got multiple compliments!

  6. That is a great idea to rent a house for families to stay in. I had never thought about that before (besides beach houses) but I'm loving that idea. It looks great and sounds like my kind of vacation!

  7. Staying in a home versus a hotel is a huge plus! The kids seem to be more comfortable which makes me more comfortable! And being able to cook is wonderful!

  8. Hearthbecken looks gorgeous! Even if we don't win, I think I will look into this spot as our next vacation. We love doing multi-family vacations, especially after "surviving" our first year with twins, a long getaway weekend would be just what the doctor ordered. Thanks for sharing this gem with us. Did I mention we live in Seattle?

  9. We like to rent condo's if and when ever we go on vacations. I know when I was a kid we rented a house at the lake for vacation. I live in WA now and never heard of Stanwood. Maybe I'll have to go check it out.

  10. We are blessed to have close family with a beach house at Hilton Head Island who generously offer to let us stay there with our entire crew as often as we can get away! It is the best!!

  11. We haven't taken many vacations - but we rented a cabin for our honeymoon and that was awesome. I agree - renting a home is definitely more pleasant.

  12. WE have never been to WA and would love to go! I think we'd actually bring our families since it seems so spacious.

  13. We have often rented homes for vacations with family. Half of the fun is all being in one place and sitting around together after meals and in the evening. We live in Seattle and this would be a great get away spot for our family!

  14. OOOHHH! We just returned from a few days at the beach with two other couples and all of the kids in a rented beach house. It was the best! Would love to repeat out in WA someday.......

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