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teething-bling-bronze-smart-mom-jewelryAt 6 months old, my baby is at that overwhelming stage when babies put everything in their mouths.

And I do mean everything.

She is super curious about the world around her: reaching and rolling and moving across rooms like nobody's business. And if she finds anything, she'll immediately put it in her mouth.

When we venture out-and-about, I try to remember to bring a teether or toy, but...sometimes, I forget.

Now, however, I wear my bronze teething bling pendant {pictured, $21.20} by Smart Mom Jewelry. It's a necklace that also functions as a teether...brilliant! The pendant material is non-toxic, latex-free, and food-safe (oh, and it's dishwasher-friendly too!). I really am lovin' the rich bronze color I selected because it's equally perfect paired with dressier clothes or every-day clothes.

Two mamas - Kendra & Amy - started Smart Mom Jewelry in 2002. And I have to say...they really are Smart Moms! Even my husband was impressed by the concept (and he's a pretty tough critic).

YOUR TURN: How do you help your teething baby? What products do you recommend?

smartmom jewelry logoWIN IT! One winner will receive a teething bling pendant of her choice by Smart Mom Jewelry. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, September 21st at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #1 Deborah. Congratulations!

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57 comments on “help for teething babies”

  1. I love how they have made a necklace for teething that has not dangerous parts for a child to choke on or chemicals.
    These are relly stylish & have even seen celebs wearings them in pictures in mags.

  2. My 8 month old daughter is enthralled with necklaces, and is of course putting anything and everything in her mouth right now. She just about just me (and anyone else unfortunate enough to be wearing a necklace while holding her!) trying to pull it into her mouth. This is a brilliant idea!

  3. My sister in law has one of these, and she loved it when her baby girl was teething. It seems like a perfect shower gift, too, and is much more stylish than the teething rings I remember my sisters using.

  4. my little guy is working on his first teeth, and he is grabbing at anything and everything, so I think that we would both LOVE this! Thanks so much!

  5. My daughter has become SO grabby lately, I really need to buy one of these! My mom just bought her one of those plastic water filled teethers. I'm actually surprised that it has lasted as long as it has (about 2 weeks) with the other kids playing/chewing on it!

  6. My sister in law has a teething baby so this would be awesome for her!

    I've heard a lot of great things about amber teething jewelry.

  7. wow these woman are smart i have heard of this jewlery before but never bought it. my baby is teething now driving me nuts

  8. I've seen teething jewelry before but these are really cute. I love the variety of colors. The Silver and Peridot are some of my favorites. My sister is going to need some of these very soon.

  9. I want it!! This will be nice to have as I do not wear any jewelry besides earrings. My babe has 4 teeth already and would love to have one of these blings to teethe on.

  10. I can't wait to try this with our little girl (But please don't enter me because the gal sent me a few, one to keep and to giveaway). I just thought I'd let you know that it sounds like a great concept! : )

  11. This sure would have been nice to have at the dinner party 2 weeks ago with the baby who fussed for 2 solid hours, until her parentsgave up and left. My kids gnawed on my fingers, not to be recommended! We need more products like this.

  12. This is an awesome idea. Of course most likely created and designed by a mommy. I would love an entry into this contest.

  13. I don't yet, and haven't yet had, a teething baby, but I think these designs are darling and a brilliant invention.

  14. I bought one of the Smart Mom keychains when my youngest son was teething and, at 2 years old, he STILL loves chewing on it. Sure beats the dirty old shopping cart handle!

  15. I need this! I succumb to letting my little guy suck on whatever necklace I have on but this would alleviate the constant fear that he's going to break my jewelry!

  16. Wow, what an ingeniuos idea! I love it. People at work have started commenting that I am now wearing my hair back a lot - yep, that's right, because baby son has really started pulling :) He also puts everything in his mouth, so I also take of my necklace after work... but a teether necklace, how cool!

  17. I have one of these and I NEVER remember to wear it! In fact, I don't know if I'm completely sure of where it is... I tried using it with my little one too early and sort of tossed it away but I think I really need to give it another shot. I'd love to give this as a gift to a good friend though, I know she'd appreciate it.

  18. Kaiaya loves playing with my necklaces and this looks like something that she would really enjoy as she is starting to teethe. I have this vibrating toy that she likes to chews on as well as dipping a washcloth in applejuice and freezing it helps. She like the taste and chews away and the washcloth catches the drool...Ick! :)

  19. My daughter is 10-months-old any her top 2 teeth just broke through. She likes chilled teethers and wet/cool washcloths.

  20. that is amazing!!!! ingenious!!!! i am VERY impressed by this product!!! wow!!
    i hate wearing jewelry for the very reason that my 9 month old teeths on it.
    i am totally in love with the peridot and sugar plum colors.
    i tend to give my daughter frozen blueberries, wet baby clothes that i've thrown in the freezer for a couple of minutes, refrigerated teethers, a closed freezie to gum, spatulas etc. anything i can get my hands on.

  21. What works the best is something hard to chew on. A baby toothbrush is good, teething rings, hard(and safe!) baby toys to mouth, and if all else fails-baby Advil!


  22. I have no teething secrets, I'm right smack dab in the middle of teething so I wish I knew some secrets. The Highland teething tablets seems to help. I've had a few recommendations to freeze a wash cloth that's slightly wet, that didn't work out so well for me but I let it freeze overnight so maybe that was the problem.

    I have been dying for one of these teething necklaces, they are so pretty and functional.

  23. Sophie the Giraffe and Amber Teething Necklaces are absolutely life savers in our house during teething times. Oh, and Hyland's Teething Tablets!

  24. Why is it that babies are so attracted to jewelry. This seems to be a perfect blend of that desire for mom's to wear a little bling, but not worry about the baby grabbing at it.

  25. teething jewelry...ingenious! What a great idea for your baby who is constantly pulling on your necklace! Now why didn't I think of that?!?

  26. My baby Evangline is barely four months and also putting EVERYTHING in her mouth. I've seen that pendant before at baby stores and am mulling over the purchase. I will say that teething does have at least one good benefit for keep my fingers and nails extremely clean and well kept! If I get my finger within six inches of her mouth, she grabs and brings it straight onto those (as of yet) toothless gums. It's gotta be painful cutting all those teeth but she's relatively uncomplaining about the whole thing. Thanks for posting about this!

  27. I feel for you...Natasha is teething like crazy too! I use Hylands Teething tables, and sometimes a frozen water wash cloth for her to chew on. She also loves to chew on a tooth brush. I can't remember the brand but my friend has bought a toothbrush just for teething. No brissels but little bumps and really soft on the end. She said her baby loves it because she can hold onto it and think she is a big girl. I need to go find one.

    I think that the necklace is brilliant! Babies are always grabbing my jewelry!! Smart idea!!Thanks!

  28. I think I'm going to have to break down and buy one of those for a shower gift. They look so handy and moms won't forget it when they leave the house!!

  29. I almost got one of these for myself this last time around. I think it's a fabulous idea. I usually just used little teether toys. Both girls have had their favorites. Right now Alexa is working on more teeth and likes to chew on her toothbrush. I've also used the teething tablets to help with the pain.

  30. What a neat idea, a teething necklace! I used the Hyland's Teething tablets with my son and they really seemed to work and he also loved his pacifier. I know a lot of Mom's aren't too fond of the pacifier, but at least if they have one in their mouth, nothing else goes in it, usually that is!
    I am having a c-section in 3 days and will be experiencing all of these great milestones again and I can't wait for all of it. I want to enjoy every moment of it. He will be my last baby. What a blessing they are!!!!

  31. My daughter cut her bottom two teeth before she was four months old so we are so right there with ya. The latest discovery has been toes!

    What a novel idea -- I mean she already uses my necklaces as a teether so why not make it safe?

  32. This thing is SO cool! I have a 23 month old and with her I used teething tablets and washcloths. My almost 5 month old son uses his fist. I can't get him to chew on anything else right now and his poor little hands are getting raw!!!!
    I will be sure to tell my friend with triplets about this as well.
    Good luck with the teething... I know it's rough!

  33. What a wonderful idea. I remember the few times i wore jewelry when my infant was growing up and they have such a fascination for grabbing and wanting to put it in their mouths. This solves that issue.

  34. I have seen these ALL over (my addiction... lol)... and I have been interested in them... but now, with a 6 month old... I am DYING to have one! lol. With Natalia, I use Hylands teething tablets, teething rings, washcloths with ice in it, my fingers, thumbs, AND knuckles... and her long time favorite addiction... my gold three heart, three gold necklace that I received for graduation from high school a few years back. I wear it EVERYwhere... and it means SO much to me! Im scared she will break it soon. If I had something else that she could readily grab on too... that would be ok for her to CHEW on... I would be SO happy! This necklace would be a LIFESAVER! ***and if I dont win... I will buy... lol*** But it would be GREAT to actually win something!!! =) My husband is a Marine... so between work, deployments, training, and Call of Duty (his fave video game) she is ALWAYS on my hip. Making dinner, vacuuming, showering, shopping, EVERYTHING! haha... so, a distraction would be nice every once in awhile =)

  35. This is perfect. I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but the little bit that I do is always completely goobered up by the end of the day.

    My babies in general deal well with their teething. All but my last one. We are going on week two of waiting for the dumb tooth to come in that I can see just below the surface. In the meantime we use cold carrots, teething tablets and Tylenol.

  36. As a general rule I don't wear jewelry - so feel free to pass this giveaway on to someone else if you happen to draw my name. But, about teething...

    With Sugar I found that for the pain/irritation of teething the organic teething drops were the best thing ever. She also liked the "teething rings" that are full of fluid - but I found that she liked them better if they were just refrigerated instead of frozen. She also chewed on blankets and soft toys a lot so the washcloth idea Joy mentioned might have worked really well for her!

  37. I have heard of teething jewelry. It's brilliant! My kiddo puts everything in his mouth, too (and has 6 teeth, so it's no wonder!). I have given up on necklaces and earrings, so it would be nice to reintroduce some functional fashion into my life.

  38. Wish I had some advice....but being a new mom to a 3 month old I'm still in the learning phase about teething. My daughter is however already putting everything in her mouth and I miss wearing jewelry so this would be great to win!

  39. I saw this a year or so ago and thought it was kind of cool, but I also have my reservations about it. While it's a great sounding idea, and I'm sure it works well, but does it teach kids that it's okay to eat jewelry? I'm not trying to argue a point, I'm actually asking. Because most of my jewelry is not chew-safe, I'm afraid that if I let my baby chew on this necklace, she might think it's okay to chew on all of them. Have you found that she can tell the difference?

  40. My baby is in the same boat as yours. I can't believe how strong she is! When she wants something, she clenches on very tightly and jams it intor her mouth. If she can't get it in, she cries out of frustration (like if it is too big to fit in). A teething neclace sounds like a great mama tool to have around your neck.

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