hike to bridal wreath falls

3 miles there. 3 miles back. 6 miles total. We see deer (three of them!), rabbits, squirrels, multicolored lizards, spiderwebs, and a bird's nest.

When we get to the falls, there isn't any water (but there IS plenty of shade). We munch on trail mix, Clif Bars, fruit roll-ups, and yogurt-covered raisins.

Then, Tim asks, "Should we pray together?" "YES!" our 3-year-old says. "What should we talk to God about?" he asks. "Thank him for all this beautiful stuff?!?" she answers enthusiastically, gesturing to the waving trees and the life around us. So we do.

As we descend the mountain, we all agree that this was an ideal way to spend a Saturday. Out in nature. Together.

On the drive home, our 3-year-old says, "That was the best ever!" Yes. Indeed.

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Curious about the logistics of how we hike with our 1-year-old and 3-year-old? Read: 4 Tips for hiking with baby.

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19 comments on “hike to bridal wreath falls”

  1. We just got back from a week-long camping trip to Colorado (Durango and Ouray.) We love the area, especially the Ampitheater Campground just outside Ouray. Lots of hiking, rock climbing, biking, and stream-splashing!

  2. hey there fellow southern arizonan... our favorite is Incinerator Ridge on Mt Lemmon. Not too long but such a gorgeous view at the end- and such a nice escape from the heat right now! Try it!

  3. We have been swimming, biking, dancing around the house when it's too hot to be outside and playing a really fun cooking game on the Wii. We are getting ready to go camping this weekend, which is usually inexpensive and super fun!

    Gary and I went to Barnes and Noble the other day and bought a book that highlights all of the hiking spots in Arizona. It also tells you the degree of difficulty. We are actually starting to plan a "mini" backpacking trip with our kids. We love being outside as a family and especially escaping the HOT weather!

    1. How was your camping trip, Ashley? I hope you guys had a memorable, marvelous time. :)

      P.S. Let's plan to go hiking or camping TOGETHER soon.

  4. We spend lots of time at the playground and walking and visiting the library during the summer - I love free/cheap stuff to do that gets us out of the house for a little while without having to go too far!

    The best place to pray is outside somewhere - at least it always has been for me.


  5. That sounds fun! I don't know that our kids could hack it without us carrying them...and I don't want to carry them...but it sounds like a blast, and I'd love to do a mini-version of it. :) As far as free and cheap stuff goes, one of the local bowling alleys is doing free games for kids daily, so we're going to take the kids a couple times, and we're going to the Bodies Exhibition tomorrow because I got a free teacher pass and Tiny is free so I only have to pay for Sierra. We also take walks, play in the play area in the mall, bake (when the oven's working), play at home, do free and really cheap crafts, etc. It's been a fun summer so far!

      1. Some of them have to do with nature; painting rocks, tracing leaves, etc. Others are free because we use stuff we already have and get creative with it; we recently made a rainstick with a used paper towel roll, toothpicks, and beads (and tape and stuff to hold the stuff inside). I also frequent the dollar bin or the cheapo kid aisle at Michael's to find crafts that cost a dollar or so. I just picked up a fun little castle 3-D puzzle and two craft foam visors there (each one dollar) for days when we have nothing planned. I have some kid stamps and stuff the girls can use to decorate their own visors, and another day they can color the wooden pieces of the castle puzzle. After we put it together they can use it to play with their Polly Pockets and stuff if they want to. :)

  6. Add geo caching to your list. Someone already mentioned it, but we LOVE it. There are TONS of great caches around our area to find, some tough and long hikes and some just off the beating path. We also love off roading - yea it requires a jeep, but so worth it. We get to go off and find those GREAT places in Southern AZ too. We love heading up to Chimney Rock out by Redington; going south on 83 and roaming around the Gardner Canyon and Kentucky Camp area; again south on 83 up to Gunsight Pass and Lopez Canyon area... So many fun trails out here! As for hiking, there is a great hiking trail out Gardner Canyon - can't remember the name of it though. We haven't hiked it as we are wheelers, but know of a few who have and loved that trail. Plus - they are CLOSE - only about 30 minutes away. Last weekend we went to a little pull out spot in the Gunsight area. We took our 4 wheeler so went for rides on that, had a great picnic with the BBQ, ran races on the flat area, played catch, played frisbee, played Uno on the trailer, had TONS of fun! And, yep, we prayed and thanked God for the beauty we enjoyed out there too! So much easier than camping - no cleaning a filthy tent (the downer of camping), but we had all the fun we would have had we stayed out there. Good stuff! Happy hiking!

  7. Good for you guys! What a fun day!

    We're not much of a hiking family but we do walk down to the Mississippi River quite frequently. The river path is just a few blocks from our house and it winds and twists and rollercoasters for miles. There are plenty of places to sit and picnic or just look out over the steep, steep river's edge and make a mama's heart race!

    Unfortunately it's been raining here for quite some time so we've been spending a lot of days at the library. Not excersize for the body but good exercise for little brains. :)

  8. Looks like you all had a good time! I would love to take my kids hiking, I just don't know how long I could go without having to pee. Haha, hopefully next summer! One great thing about Utah is all of our National Parks! The sad thing is I have only Been to Zions! Here's to changing that next summer!

    One thing my community does that your might too is the Free Summer Lunch Program for children 0-18. Some of the local schools here offer free lunch and breakfast. Parents if they want to eat need to bring 2.80 and are not allowed to eat of of there children's plate. I have yet to have done it, but maybe we will go at least once this summer!

    The library would probably have some activities, with movies and popcorn.

    Geo caching is fun and free, maybe there are some along those hiking trails you and your family are exploring!

  9. I love that you use any opportunity to praise and than God for His goodness. It's the moments where my children speak about God during random moments of the day that make me the happiest.


  10. During a recent trip to TJ Maxx, I found a tiny little wading pool (blow up) that looks like it is perfect for kids 2 and under (with supervision, of course!). It was $5, which made it a cheap thrill for me. We are going to blow it up this afternoon and put it out on our covered porch. I'm hoping that it will provide some fun entertainment for my little one (she LOVES bath time, so I think she'll love pool time, too!).

  11. I love that you prayed together as a family after reaching the falls. I think that's where I feel closest to God -- outside, in the midst of nature.

    Free/fun activities? Hmmmmm...well, we do a lot of hiking, also. I'll take my son for mini-hikes mid-week, and we try to go on a linger hike together as a family over the weekend. Trips to the beach, whether the ocean or a local lake. Playgrounds. Visiting local farms to see the animals. Wading pool in the backyard. Messy art outside. Bubble blowing. "Gardening" together (my son has a corner of our garden where he's free to dig and play w/ little construction trucks).

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