Homeschool Room Tour {2017-2018}

homeschool room

Our homeschool room is off of our main living room. It consists of a dining table + chairs, one desk, a bookshelf, and a highly organized craft shelving unit with labeled bins.

We didn't have a designated homeschool room until our oldest daughter was in 2nd grade so I'm super grateful for the space now.

Come along and take a peek at some of our most-used furniture and decor items for homeschooling.


homeschool room easel posters

For the past five years or so, we've had a small four-seater IKEA table in the room. Now that we have three children in grammar school, we've swapped it out for a larger table (not pictured).

You'll notice that we have four sturdy seat pockets for the chairs (available from Really Good Stuff - see the link below) that have come in handy. Instead of cluttering up the table surface with textbooks and clipboards, each child can put their items away until they are needed.

BUY | Store More Deep Pocket Chair Pockets | IKEA Easel


blue clipboard really good stuff

Speaking of clipboards, they are one of our most-used homeschool accessories. We use them constantly for worksheets, tests, papers, and sketching.

BUY | Really Good Clipboards (sold in a pack of 6 from Really Good Stuff)


homeschool room with posters

alphabet wall chart

Our girls are in grades K, 3, and 5 this year so we have a number of colorful posters on the walls. These are not for decoration purposes, but for practical purposes. I regularly refer to or point to the posters to reinforce concepts or as we sing songs - especially our posters for Numbers 0-100, Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Modern Manuscript Alphabet, and Geometric Shapes. Our geography posters are also used on a weekly basis.

You can also see our Raskog Utility Cart in the above picture. It's only $24.99 from IKEA and we wheel it around the room regularly. The turquoise color is no longer available for purchase, but you can find it in black, beige, or a rustic red-brown.

BUY | Numbers (1-100), Alphabet (Modern Manuscript), Days of the Week, Months of the Year, and Plane Geometric Shapes


preparing for kindergarten

writing the alphabet

I've had our craft shelf for almost a decade now. Each bin is clearly labeled so that craft supplies can be easily found (and put away): Pencils, Ribbon & String, Math Manipulatives, Glue, Stickers, etc.

We use Dixon-Ticonderoga pencils daily (the familiar yellow wood pencils with pink erasers). I buy them in packs of 96 from Costco or Amazon and I would guess that we probably use close to 200 pencils in any given school year.

Other well-used items in our craft bins:


Epson ET-3700 Printer no ink cartridges

Our Epson ET-3700 EcoTank All-in-One Supertank Printer is the best printer we've ever had and we keep telling people about it. What makes the printer so different than past printers is that it doesn't use ink cartridges. Really! No need to constantly head to Walmart or Costco to buy tiny cartridges at big prices. Instead, the printer operates with easy-to-fill, supersized ink tanks. Even more good news - the printer COMES WITH up to 2 years of ink in the box, which is equivalent to about 30 ink cartridges! That alone is a huge timesaver for a homeschool family (or any family/business). The initial price tag is higher, but both my husband and I would say that the overall time and money being saved makes it worthwhile. We've been pleased with the paper capacity, printing quality, and ease-of-use. The square-shaped boxy design is great because it doesn't take up a huge amount of surface space.

BUY | Epson Expression ET-3700 EcoTank All-in-One Supertank Printer


I'd love to hear about your homeschool room! What are your favorite furniture pieces and accessories? How do you set up your space for maximum efficiency? Feel free to leave a comment or chat with me on twitter.

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