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KangaRoom Storage logoKangaRoom Storage launched in 2006 with a mission to provide "functional, fashion-forward, unique storage solutions." You'll find bins, baskets, bookshelves, totes, chests, and trays in bright colors and one-of-a-kind designs on Kangaroom's website. The items are cheery and fun and well-suited for family and/or kids' rooms.

We were sent the Corky Wall Organizer ($29.99) in lime green to review. It's modern and funky and is now hanging in our 2-year-old's room at her eye level. The pockets are specifically designed to hold photos, notes, keys, glasses, and more.

corky wall organizer kangaroom storage

I also love the Hanging Five-Shelf Kids Clothes Organizer ($30). Labeled with the days of the week (M-F), this organizer is sure to keep your schoolage child or tween/teen prepared for the week ahead. It seems like an excellent way to avoid "I-have-nothing-to-wear" meltdowns on school days.

kids-hanging-5-shelf-clothes-organizer kangaroom storage

And I'm enamored by the new Recycle Bags. What a great way to be "reminded" to recycle throughout the week. And they're only $12.99.

recycle-bags kangaroom storage

YOUR TURN: What is your favorite item from KangaRoom Storage?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Corky Wall Organizer ($29.99) from KangaRoom Storage. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, April 6 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #24 Anne at Catholic Mommy Brain. Congratulations!

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121 comments on “Hop Your Way to Super Storage Solutions”

  1. I just love organizing, especially when I have a whole store to help me out. I have been looking for some cute recycling containers, 'cuz the city ones are uuuuuugly. Green and orange together does not decor make!

  2. It is so hard for me to stay organized. Anything will help. I like having a specific place to put things it really does help.

  3. I like the Bamboo 3 Pod Charging Station, it will keep everything organized & I don't have to spend time searching for stuff every morning.

  4. Well the Wall Organizer would come in handy in this house, we have so much stuff no joke, thanks. rangrace(at)hotmail.com

  5. The Wally Wall Organizer would fit into our house very well! I am trying my best to become more orderly and organized!

  6. I like the Kangaroom collapsible toy storage bins, I can't believe how much stuff my son has already. The large bin looks like it could hold a lot!

  7. I need all of the organizational help that I can get. This would be cool to keep near the back door so that we can grab keys, sunglasses, etc on our way out of the house. :)

  8. I'm jealous. Look at that picture of that little baby girl! Anyway, I am redoing my oldest daughter's room and she would like this! I need storage that is cool and functional.

  9. These products would definitely help my organize my home, which then would help organize my life. I hope that I win!

  10. These are adorable! I can think of all kinds of cute ways to use these to get (and stay) organized in my new house! Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Oh, the wall organizer would be great in this house! I would probably want to take it all for myself and use it in my office, but I would have a hard time not putting it in the kitchen where it could be VERY helpful.

  12. with a new baby coming, the Joey & Jane Baby Hanging Nursery Organizer would be so great to have! andmy girls would love the Corky Wall Organizer! what a great ideas they have :)

  13. I started my spring cleaning this weekend and this would certainly help me get more organized! thanks for the chance!

  14. I LOVE so many of the products. I currently moved and am in the process of organizing every room. I am especially interested in the products to organize my children's room.

  15. We could use the cord control set & closet system. Derick has for the most part organized the clutter on his floor. This organizer would help organize the walls too! Great giveaway! Thanks!

  16. I like the Towel Rod & Bottle Organizer and the Recycle bags. I'm always looking for better ways to organize my house!

  17. Are you kidding?? I have 4 kids! Any help with organization would be GREAT!!! My kids range in age from 16 months to 9 years, 2 girls and 2 boys, I haven't been organized in about 8 years. LOL

  18. I like the Jewelry Travelling Case! Anything that organizes ANYTHING is useful to me, since so much seems to get accumulated (and one wonders where it all came from)!

  19. I think I need to get my daughter one of those 5 shelf clothing organizers. That way she can just pull out an outfit. She's 3 now and loves to dress herself, but she still doesn't understand how to match her clothes. That would be way useful!

  20. oh i love everything - i am an organizational freak. I particularly love the corkboards and the closet system.

  21. I could really use the green recycle bags. I am using a huge tote but these would be better. I like that they are washable and I like the color.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  22. The Corky Wall Organizer is great! All of those lovely, labeled little pockets! I have found that the old adage "A place for everything, and everything in its place" makes life so, so much easier!

  23. I want the Complete Closet System. Now. My closets are in desperate need of an update/attention. I live in a teeny house (which I don't mind at all!) but the closets are mini-a-ture. I only can dream about a walk-in closet. But since I've never had one I guess I really don't know what I'm missing. I'm most impressed by the affordability of the closet system. Very nice.

  24. I think the Kangaroom Cupcake Storage Bags are so cute!! Those would be darling in a kids room or a dorm room!

  25. Looove the recycle bags. Right now, we have one bin that gets filled by the end of the day so I resort to cardboard boxes to put our stuff in!

  26. I know that you reviewed them, but I really do like the recycle bags. They are an attractive way to keep your recycling handy.

  27. I am such a sucker for anything with the word "organize" in it! I have all kinds of boxes, baskets and "holders" -- and I DO use them!

  28. First of all, anything from a store called KangaRoom has to be good...love that name! The Corky Wall Organizer is my favorite. There's never a neat way to organize stuff like that. Great giveaway!

  29. I fell in love with the complete closet system. We are currently living in an apt. (three of us) with a 17 month old who has lots of toys we need to recyle in & out of her closet for lack of space in our actual "living areas". This would be PERFECT to free up some more closet space & store her clothes/shoes in! What an amazingly creative idea. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  30. This looks great, I am always looking for something to help keep me organized! I would love this for my computer area! Thanks!!

  31. Ooh... I like the wally wall organizer. We currently use the back of our steel door to be our message-center type area, and it isn't working as well as I would like.

  32. I love the shelving. It would be so easy after doing laundry to be able to put a different outfit under each day so you can just grab it and go, and once my child is old enough to dress herself, this would come in handy for her. She'd know which outfit to wear.

  33. I do need help organizing and this product sounds great!
    I am a recycle person so I love the recycle bags!

  34. Goodness. I don't know what to choose as my favorite. I really like the Cupcake Storage for kids. Cute and functional. I also like the hamper for kids that shows what goes in which side, although I think it might be just as helpful with my husband as my girls! For the kitchen I think the towel rod and bottle organizer is pretty nifty and I really like those recycle bags too! I actually really do want a good organizational board type thing for our kitchen.

  35. this would help me so much... I forget more than I remember and my kids are ALWAYS moving my little reminder notes on my desk...
    (I'm a rss subscriber)

  36. I'm thinking that I really like the kid's clothes organizer... My oldest will be in kindergarten in Sept. Right now I lay his clothes out the night before he goes to school, but he's in preschool and only goes two days a week. Deciding a week's worth of clothes ahead of time would definitley help keep our morning on track!

  37. What an ingenious idea! Organization on the wall! I need to become more organized or throw a bunch of stuff out!! This is a really neat way to help anyone get organized.

  38. Maybe this would finally help me achieve a new year's resolution to be more organized! Thanks for the chance to win.

  39. Boo is in dyre need of organization in her room! Stuff is everywhere and I have a bit of a panic attack when I walk by. Any little step would help her I think.

  40. That kids clothing organizer rocks! I'm going to have to make something like that for my daughter, who at 4 years old is already the master of "but I want to wear a different shirt today... can I wear my...."

  41. This would be so wonderful to win! It seems my daughter has the most trouble with clothes in the morning and to have something to organize all her clothes to wear would be wonderful
    Thank you!
    [email protected]

  42. great organizers in that store, but more importantly I was away and hadn't seen your blog in so long, so I missed the baby!!! omg she is so beautiful!!! congrats a million times!

  43. This looks like a nifty organizational tool! We have a huge whiteboard and a huge bulletin board hanging on one of our kitchen walls to help organize our family. This might do the trick with less space!

  44. I am definitely ordering the Kangaroom Cupcake Storage Bags for my daughters toys! I LOVE Them! Thanks for introducing us!

  45. I love fun & functional organization products. This company looks like they have lots of fun stuff. Family Fun magazine this month also had a great article on cute do-it-yourself ideas for organizing kids' things.

  46. i desperately need some organizational help in the play room/crafting room! my fabric scraps are taking over my daughter's toys! this would go a long way in alleviating some of the mess!

  47. What I love about all of these products, is that they are all so colorful and modern. I am going to purchase the "days of the week" organizer, for my daughter that is, lets say, a little picky about her clothes at 6:30am. The cork wall organizer would be a great tool to organize our keys that always seem to come up missing!

  48. This looks like a great item to keep me organized. I am desperate need for some kind of organization. Thanks.

  49. I need one of those "days of the week" organizers for my daughter. She needs some help with making sure her clothes are laid out each day. It would definitely help with the morning before school meltdowns of "I have nothing to wear!"

  50. I like the jewelry travel case. Of course I had to go to the travel section first LOL I like the office items too though. Great stuff! Thanks for the chance to enter.

  51. If what-to-wear is going to one day be a daily battle the way mealtime can be these days (at 19 months), I bet the weekly clothes organizer would come in really handy.

  52. I totally need to be more organized. Ever since I had my third baby 6 weeks ago, my house has been a mess. I feel if we were more organized it would stay clean.

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