Housekeeper Husband Reviews: BISSELL PROdry Carpet Cleaner

This is a picture of the great room in our very first house.

Housekeeper Husband Reviews: BISSELL PROdry Carpet Cleaner 1

Notice the carpet. It's incredible - no spots, no stains, no dirty streaks. Just pure cream-colored softness.

Fast-forward to today. We have tile in our whole house, except the bedrooms. And the carpet definitely doesn't look like that. I won't post a photo, but I can assure you that it has been "well-loved" and "well-worn." It has been brave, but it has endured hours of pacing in the wee hours of night with a newborn. It has tried to fight the good fight, but it has been inundated with spit-up and Crayola crayons, little muddy footprints and sticky fingers. 

And I will admit. We don't get our carpets professionally cleaned every 6 months as the experts recommend. That's a costly endeavor and not one that we can afford.

Housekeeper Husband Reviews: BISSELL PROdry Carpet Cleaner 2Fortunately, we recently had the opportunity to review the BISSELL PROdry Fast Drying Carpet Cleaner ($199). It's one of the newest BISSELL products and it allows the user to clean carpets without the equipment of a professional...and the formula dries in 30 minutes! 

When I say "we," I really mean that my husband used this product. He's my "secret weapon" when it comes to the deep cleaning around our house. He assembled it and put it to use. Overall, he said that it's convenient, easy-to-use, and great for families because it dries so quickly. It's not quite as powerful as the machines that carpet cleaners use and you will have to use the attached hose to get rid of pesky spots and stains - but it definitely is cheaper than calling in the carpet guys (or gals) every few months.

Housekeeper Husband Reviews: BISSELL PROdry Carpet Cleaner 3So, there you have it. From my Housekeeper Husband. Maybe I should start a special column where my husband reviews new housecleaning products every week/month. Actually, that was *his* idea. Yeah, I know I'm a lucky girl... 

YOUR TURN: What tips do you have for keeping your carpets clean? Do you have your carpets professionally cleaned every 6 months?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a BISSELL PROdry Fast Drying Carpet Cleaner ($199). To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Monday, November 17 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #514 Chastidy Vernengo. Congratulations!

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  1. Has anyone else actually tried this machine. I ordered one on QVC and I'm not happy with it at all. The water doesn't seem very dirty afterwards and the spots are still there. I haven't had my carpet cleaned in at least 3 years so the water should be really nasty. They say to use a second type of cleaner on heavy traffic areas. I'm not sure if I want to try that or return it.

  2. I can't necessarily recommend this... BUT! My grandma used to put a clear plastic runner through the house, to protect the carpet in all the high traffic areas. Little weird, but effective

  3. I am a new mom (4 weeks old), but I have a house full of animals (dog, cat, bird and I sometimes sit for 2 other dogs) so my carpets are often a mess. I can't wait to see what my new bundle does to the carpet. To keep my carpets as fresh as I can, I use full strength white vinegar. I know what your thinking, it smells horrible. And your right it does smell when you first pour it on, but the smell goes away. Just saturate the stain with vinegar, let it sit for about ten minutes, soak it up with a white cloth, and rinse with cold water. This has worked on everything for me. Good luck to all.

  4. My daughters and I clean the carpets on a routine basis. We spot clean, esp. with a new puppy. I have had the whole house professionally cleaned and the best that they could say was get rid of the carpets. Unfortunately it isn't my house.

  5. Nope, we don't have our carpets cleaned every 6 months, although with 5 boys, 2 dogs and a cat we should!

    I vacuum daily and for those everyday accidents that occur I usually clean up the area with club soda.

    This is a great blog, I was able to read through and get some great ideas. Thanks!

  6. Wow, what a great contest! I try to vacuum carpets often, and we spot clean the worst areas as needed. We got a Spot Bot when we had our old dog who was having health issues. Wedo not clean our carpets professionally every 6 months -- but I wish we could! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!


  7. With two little ones I vacuum a lot and spot clean often. We have the carpets professionally done about once a year. Soon we will be moving into our first house and this would be an awesome prize to win.

  8. I vacuum and spot clean all the time. I spend so much time on my knees I joke that one of these day's I'm going to drag out my old rollerblading knee pads! I really wish I could talk my DH into ripping out all the carpet and replacing it with wood, or tile, or anything that's not carpet, but so far it's been a no go. That means, I vacuum at least once a day and pull out the resolve or my little bissel spot cleaner to take out of the carpet what the dog, cat, kids, and kids friends put it.

  9. ALL shoes off at the door and vaccum often. I don't have somone else clean my carpets. I do it myself with my worn out cleaner, which is why it would be nice to win.

  10. Sometimes I feel like vacuuming is my part time job. My husband never wipes his feet, our daughter is in a wheel chair that tracks everything in and we have a very hyperactive pooch that runs circles around the furniture. Our carpet has never been professionally cleaned, but I shampoo it at least once a year. Actually we are hoping for new flooring next year so this would be a fantastic prize to have to keep it really clean from the start.

  11. We try to clean our carpets every 3 or four months. I keep a bottle of Resolve Stain Remover (LOVE that stuff) to spray on spills and dirty spots and try to keep it up that way.

  12. I'm reading mixed reviews about this cleaner. Wish it was a little cheaper to try it myself. I have 2 kids 2 cats (one that eats until she throws up all over the carpet) and a dog. I try to deep clean my carpet every couple months and I have to spot clean daily with resolve(works great).

  13. Oh my gosh, I REALLY need this. My kids have absolutely trashed the carpet in their playroom.

    Tips for clean carpets? If you want clean carpets do not have children or pets. If you MUST have children don't allow them to eat or drink or have crayons or markers or go outside and get dirt on their shoes.......

  14. I try to vacuum as much as possible, and spot clean the worst areas. I don't have my carpet professionally cleaned, but I do rent a cleaner once in a while.


  15. This looks like an awesome cleaner. Bissell makes very good products. My rugs would be in great shape if I win this wonderful cleaning machine.

  16. No, I don't have our carpets professionally cleaned - usually tackle that myself...the BISSELL PROdry Fast Drying Carpet Cleaner looks like it was made for me!! My tip for helping keep carpets clean is to vacuum OFTEN, usually the living room/dining room everyday as we have a hairy dog. Thanks for the cool giveaway!!

  17. My kids and my dog get my carpets quite dirty, so I don't have any tips. I try to get it professionally cleaned at least once a year.

  18. I wish I could afford to have my carpets cleaned at all! As for a tip to keep carpet clean keep dogs outside and kids in the kitchen LOL.

  19. I try to clean my carpets myself. In an attempt to keep them clean year round, I try not to track dirt in the house and keep my dogs clean from dragging in trash from the yard.

  20. I don't have the heart to ask, but have your guest remove their shoes when they enter. I don't and end up having to have my carpet cleaned more often than I'd like. Great contest!

  21. This would be a wounderfull to win. we have 4 rescue cats and a dog, there is always a need for a cleanup on the carpeting to keep it clean and fresh.

  22. I have never had my carpets professionally cleaned. I have two dogs, a cat, a husband (lol) and two toddlers...The only way I cn keep up with their stains is by using OxyClean, hot water, and a lot of elbow grease! =)

  23. We don't wear shoes in the house. That keeps the dirt down. I don't have carpets cleaned every 6 months-it's too expensive.

  24. Keep the food off the carpet. It helps, that and having older kids. We haven't had our carpets professional cleaned yet. They were new a couple of years ago. I will clean them soon with at rental unit.

  25. I vacuum as much as possible..(unfortunately not everyday!) and use a mixture of vinegar and water to get out stubborn stains.

  26. I wish I knew the secret to clean carpets! I am lucky, my husband enjoys getting the carpet cleaner out and cleans them about 3 times a year!!

  27. i vacuum everyday and when i see dirt i get on my hands and knees and scrub it so it doesn't get worn in.

    we cant afford professional carpet cleaning so winning this would be great

  28. I have 4 cats, 2 dogs and 1 boy who are inside outside. That is to say when they are inside they want to be outside and when outside they want to be inside this makes my carpets need extra cleaning and the Bissell looks like it would help keep my carpets clean.

  29. With 3 young children and 2 dogs and carpeting throughout most of the house, I have become the spot and stain remover master! Our carpeting is off white, light beige and it is a royal pain to keep looking clean and beautiful. It is a constantly daily struggle and even with a "no shoes allowed" policy inside the house, spots and stains occur on a weekly basis. My secret weapon or key to keep them looking great is Resolve. I buy 3-4 cans at a time and am constantly doing area spot removing and you will see towels on the carpet to cover where I have spot removed for that particular day. You have no idea what a life saver, and elbow grease saver this BISSELL PROdry Fast Drying Carpet Cleaner would be for me! I have had many a back aches as a result of my carpet scrubbing activities. Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter!

  30. Frequent vacuuming helps keep dirt from getting trapped too deeply into the carpet fibers. I don't clean the carpets every six months, more like once a year.

  31. I just moved into my first apartment and the carpets are really disgusting! I try to run a sweeper every week or so but even that doesnt make them look all that much better! I dont have them cleaned every 6 months.

  32. No shoes on the carpet, and wipe the dogs' feet off with a towel when they come in from outside. We do not have our carpets professionally cleaned every 6 months.

  33. The best advice I have is welcome mats at every outside door, spot cleaning and regular vacuuming.

    Professional cleaning??? What's that.... I borrow or rent a carpet cleaner a couple of times a year.

  34. I haev no tips, I am hoping to learn some from the other comments. I have kids, dogs, lots of traffic, it seems impossible to keep them clean. I do try to get them cleaned professionally but only once a year, if I have the extra funds.

  35. We spot treat our carpet as messes are made (daily!), steam clean it when it gets too messy and get it professionally cleaned 2-3 times a year.

  36. The best tip I can give is leaving shoes at the door. But that's very hard to do with my husband and son. We also have two dogs. There would be NO way I could have CREAM Colored CARPET. I would be INSANE. LOL.

    No, I do not have my carpets professionally cleaned.

  37. My best tip is shoes off at the door-- but that doesn't work if you have uncooperative household members. Or cats. I definitely don't have my carpets professionally cleaned every six months. Way too expensive.

  38. My best tip is to not allow shoes on the carpet. It also helps to reduce snags, etc from heels. I don't have mine cleaned avery six months either, but I did buy a steam cleaner that I use every now and then. But not every six months.

  39. no pets and kids is the best tip, but i do have both, it's pricey to have themprofessionally cleaned--i mean the carpets,not the kids and pets, anyway I try to vacuum up the mess as often as possible so it doesn't get too overwhelming

  40. To keep the carpets clean, the whole family takes their shoes off at the door. We also wipe down the dog's feet if he comes in with muddy feet. We don't get our carpets professionally cleaned.

  41. I don't get our carpets professionally cleaned every 6 months. To prevent messes, I allow messy items like food and paint only on the hardwood floors. Cleaning a mess of the hardwood is much easier than trying to stain treat the carpet.

  42. We could definitely use this in our house! With four boys, it's impossible to keep the carpets clean! We have them remove their shoes, but it's usually food that is the culprit. We have a little one crawling around right now, so I'm even more conscious of our dirty carpets! We try to get them professionally cleaned occasionally, but it's not at the top of our priority list most of the time!

  43. Everyone takes off their shoes when they come into the house. When there are spots, I use Resolve carpet cleaner. It works great! Who can afford to have their carpets cleaned every 6 months? Not us. We are lucky if we get it done every ten years!!

  44. I don't get my carpet try to get up spots as the spills are water and white vinegar usually does the trick!!

  45. I don't get my carpets professionally cleaned but o/ne tip is use baby wipes as soon as you spill. It gets most liquids up with little stains.

  46. My tip is to keep shoes off the carpet. My kids and Husband know that as soon as they come through the door they take off their shoes. Even my kids friends know to take off their shoes at the door. No, I don't get it cleaned every 6 months.

  47. We have our carpet cleaned once a year and, although it helps, it's definitely not enough. To help keep dirt to a minimum, we keep an old rug at the entryway for wiping feet and muddy paws, and we keep lots of spray carpet cleaner on hand for spots and stains and try to treat them as soon as they occur (like doggy flu spots and flying bright-red tomato sauce splatters!) Still, our carpet gets dingy pretty quick.

    One great tip to help keep your carpet clean if you have a sick dog is to keep a pack of disposable "potty" pads (available in the pet department in most stores) on hand for those times when they come down with tummy troubles or intestinal virus and just can't make it outside in time. Just confine your pet to a small area while sick (preferably with tile or hard flooring, not carpet) and use clean pads as needed. We always keep a pack on hand and have found them quite helpful.

  48. no, we don't have our carpet professionaly cleaned. I make everyone take their shoes off when they come in my home. I feel like it's a pain in the butt asking people to do but I figure they do it in Japan. LOL

  49. I am a dog breeder and rescue.All of my animals live in my home,I currently have 9 dogs and 2 parrot's. The best tip for animals with carpeting is always wiping paws!I have a towel around my neck all the time!I do not have my carpets professionally cleaned. I have an old Bissell that after 10 good years is starting to die.

  50. I don't have our carpets cleaned every 6 months - more like once a year. In the mean time, I nag my family about taking their shoes off at the door. Nobody listens though.

  51. I use vinegar and Baking Soda on stains right away! Other than not allowing children on a rug, there is not much you can do!

  52. I try to keep area rugs at every entrance and make people remove their shoes if it is wet outside. I cannot afford to have my carpets cleaned by a professional every six months. I wish I could!

  53. I wish that I could budget carpet cleaning every six months, but I can't. I clean every couple years professionally. I use resolve in between.

  54. Our home has 1 black lab, 1 miniature dachsund and 1 6 month old crawler. We haven't had our carpets cleaned in the last 6 months professionally and with all of the above they definately need it! We got on the floor to play with the baby and it smelled like our dogs odor, that is no place for a baby to play. Only way to keep from staining is to clean it if you can as it happens. no shoes, no food, no problems!

  55. With an active toddler in the house I often lose the carpet cleaning battle. However, my one secret weapon is baking soda. Work it into the stain and then when it has dried vacuum it up. It does the trick most of the time.

  56. Keeping them clean? Keep food and drinks out of the rooms with carpet and always take your shoes off at the door. I do not get our carpets cleaned every six months. I sure could use this carpet cleaner!!

  57. my hubby is the carpet cleaner in our home too...wish our little carpet cleaner hadn't kicked the bucket a few months ago. Espcially now that we have a new puppy, lol. Our tip: take your shoes off at the door.

  58. I have cats and a dog and grand-children. To keep my carpets looking good it takes a miracle. Quick cleanups are probably the most beneficial.

  59. I have to keep doors in the house closed to avoid my pets going in.
    I clean the carpets myself.
    One thing I cheat. If the pets vomit isn't too bad I'll do a quick pick up. Then after it dries brush it with a stiff brush and vacuum. Most often the spot isn't even visible after that.

  60. My 'secret weapon' to keep my carpets clean is make sure the kids don't get on it..barring that I just gave up...

    And I get my carpets professionally cleaned about once every 9 months or so..

  61. I do spot cleaning often and also use an old, leaking carpet cleaning machine every few months for heavy traffic areas;-(. Do not have them professionally cleaned, cheaper to do it yourself.

  62. Carpeting is a camouflage for dust, dirt, etc. so clean on a regular basis. Some available products will actually do as well if not better than certain "professional" cleanings :)

  63. I use spot cleaners to get out stains, but they never seem to get all of it out, you know what I mean? I would like to get my carpet cleaned every six months, but it usually ends up being once a year (around the holidays in a desperate attempt to make my house presentable for Christmas parties).

  64. I have never had my carpets professionally cleaned. I just use a little spot lifter to get the spots out. I could sure use one of these! Thanks for the giveaway.

  65. I have my carpets cleaned every six months...I want to win this so I can start doing it myself...actually i've been looking at this model carpet cleaner because it doesn't get your rugs sopping wet like the company I hire to do my rugs. Thanks for the great giveaway and I hope I win!

  66. My son's reflux has me constantly using Resolve on the carpet, this would be wonderful to use too, because after nine months even Resplve is not working so well. Then maybe I can work on hubby actually using it...

  67. the only tip that i have for keeping the arpet clean is to put down some newspaper when doing messy activities.

    We always just borrow my brothers carpet cleaner, but we haven't done that in a while

  68. My best tip for keeping carpets clean is to pour a little bit of club soda over spills. The club soda really seems to get stains out. I do not get my carpets professionally cleaned every six months however. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win especially since I could really use a new vacuum cleaner. Thanks for the opportunity.

  69. I have light blue carpet (came with the condo) and it looks really pretty, but is SO hard to keep clean. To keep in as clean as possible, I try not to wear shoes often in the house. That helps, but I have a yellow lab also, and you can never totally keep up with the dog hair. Thanks for the giveaway!

  70. No, I don't have my carpets professionally cleaned...wish I could afford to do that, but I can't.
    What I do though is to rent a machine every couple of months. No one is allowed to come in with shoes on, and eating is only allowed in the kitchen where there is a hard wood floor.
    Not that I'm phobic about it, but there is nothing worse than a dirty, stinky, smelly, uncleaned carpet.

  71. No shoes in the house!
    scrub up spills immediately.
    No, we haven't been able to clean the carpets every six months like we should :(

  72. Unfortunately we can't afford to have our carpets cleaned every 6 months. We have to borrow my in-laws carpet cleaner when we need to clean them, so this would be great! I try to keep the carpets clean by just not letting the kids eat or drink in the living room or bedrooms.

  73. Taking off shoes before walking on carpeting is a big help! I do not have my carpets professionally cleaned every 6 months.

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  74. I use oxy10 on the spots, and then follow with a steam vac. Would love to have my carpets professionally cleaned every 6 months. Had a Bissell steam cleaner year ago, and would love to own my own carpet cleaner that would also clean tile also

  75. Keep extra peices of carpet over the high traffic areas, especially if you have pets. Never eat in carpeted areas, if you can help it. No, I don't have my carpets cleaned every 60 days.

  76. The only way I can keep my carpets clean are to clean them at least once a month. I bought a cheap carpet cleaner so I wouldn't have to rent one anymore. I does a fair job.

  77. My wife and I operate a day care it is a daily chore to wipe up messes, clean muddy shoes, and make sure that when the kids leave for the day that the carpet survives to walk on another day. Having a unit such as this would help immensely.

  78. If you use oxy stain remover (for clothes) as soon as the stain is made on the carpet, it will usually helptake it away. I have a toddler and a six year old so yeah we have the carpets cleaned every six months. My husband and I are neat freaks so we do it for our sanity! Thanks for the contest.

  79. My best tip is don't wear your shoes inside and clean all spill from the carpet immediately. I have never had my carpets professionally cleaned but I do borrow a friends cleaner a few times a year and do all the carpet.

  80. I try to keep rugs in extra traffic areas to minimize damage and dirt, and I use Murphy's Oil Soap to get out ugly stains (it works and isn't so harsh on the carpet!)... as for professional cleaning, no, we do it every few years if we're lucky !

  81. A little club soda, used quickly, can help avert some stains. I didn't believe it until I happened to have some club soda at a time I spilled some juice. I really don't try to keep the carpets clean anymore; we have eight cats and we're kind of used to the hairball-and-vomit pattern they've created. We have replaced carpet with tile and hardwood in several rooms, but the dining room, living room, and hall could really use a good cleaning with the Bissell PROdry.

  82. We rarely have our carpet professionally cleaned. Keeping shoes off in the house helps to keep it cleaner. Frequent vacuuming helps some, too.

  83. Baby wipes work wonders on spills!!
    I wish we had a carpet cleaned every 6 months.

  84. Vacuum regularly to keep dirt from building up. no, I don't clean them professionally every 6 months, I hardly ever do so.

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  85. No, I don't have them professionally cleaned every six months....and they are never really clean because there are grandkids, and pets, and husband....small price to pay for happy.....

  86. We don't clean our carpet every 6 months. Probably every 1-2 years or when it needs it. Our beautiful young dog was treated for cancer for about a year and a that was a time when it was cleaned all the time. Now, we have no pets (unfortunately) and we have it cleaned less. My big rule shoes. I believe that helps a lot!

  87. I cant even tell you how much I would love this, I have 2 puppys and they still have accidents, I clean them on my hands and knees and dry the carpet with my blow dryer....I would love to when this, maybe then I wouldnt have to try to explain the rug burns on my knees :)
    Thanks for the contest

  88. The best advice would be to not let the children with drinks or food where carpets are. I do not have our carpets professionaly cleaned often at all

  89. I don't professionally clean my rug every six months. The best tip for keeping the carpet clean is to take off your shoes when you come in the house.

  90. We don't wear shoes in the house and I use area rugs. Large area rugs. Everywhere I can possibly get away with it. And still the kids manage to dirty up the carpet in record time!

  91. The best way I've found to keep the carpets clean is to take our shoes off at the door, and don't eat in the living room. I don't get my carpets professionally cleaned, but they could use it! :-)

  92. My carpets always need to be cleaned because of my two boys who are 2 and 13 months. We just try to vacuum often and we use a spot stain remover for those unavoidable stains. A carpet cleaner would be nice to have!

  93. With 3 cats and a dog it's hard to keep the carpets clean, but I try to do so by taking care of stains or spills immediately and vacuuming regularly. I don't get my carpets professionally cleaned - it's rough on the budget!

  94. I just try to keep on top of the carpets by running the vacuum about every day. I also stay seated over a table when I eat so there aren't as many crumbs around. I don't get my rugs cleaned professionally though. I am on a tight budget

  95. In the good 'old days the living room was known as a parlour and people didn't tromp through it daily. Personally I think carpets are best in the bedroom and not heavy traffic areas - hence the need to clean every 6 months.

  96. We can't afford to get the carpets professionally cleaned. Our main cleaning tip is really more of an avoidance tip - no food in the living room. :)

  97. I don't have my carpets professionally cleaned, but I'm looking for an option other than spot cleaning right now and would love to win this cleaner!

  98. I am actually having trouble finding the right cleaner for my carpet. I usually rent the carpet cleaner from Lowe's to clean my carpet.

  99. Keeping tidy every day helps with not having to have one big cleaning day! :) I don't have my carpets professionally cleaned.

  100. My only tip is taking your shoes off before walking on the carpet. We use vehicle carpet cleaner for spots because the budget is tight but this would be a dream come true--not to have to leave my shoes at the front door!!

  101. No, I don't have my carpets professionally cleaned, well, ever. I have a Roomba for vacuuming. We've rented cleaners, but they are a pain to use and the drying time is forever. I toy with the idea of new carpeting, but that is a whole other ball of wax.

  102. I keep my carpets clean by vacuuming daily and borrowing a carpet cleaner once a year. My kids are not allowed food or drinks outside of the kitchen. I have never had my carpets professionally cleaned. Maybe if I had my own carpet cleaner, I could clean them more often.

  103. I don't know how to keep my carpets's never happened! I don't have the carpets cleaned every 6 months either. Thanks!

  104. My tips to keep the carpet clean is not feasible- don't have kids or pets! ;) Honestly, though, just keep up with the vacuuming and get to spills as soon as you notice them.
    We can't get our carpets cleaned every 6 months either, but I sure would love to win- especially if I could get my hubby to use it. :P

  105. The tips I have for keeping my carpet clean are to not wear shoes in the house. No I don’t have my carpet professionally cleaned every 6 months.

  106. I had my own cleaner but it recently broke down for good from overuse. I really need to teach my kids not to eat and drink all over the house. I always say that after shampooing the carpets and then always give in after a few days!

  107. Professionally cleaned?? Who can afford that?? Actually I tried that several years ago, and found that even the professionals didn't do any better a job than a really good machine. So it's a pain in the you know what, but regular cleaning really will help the overall appearance and condition. My old machine is on its last legs now, so it would be GREAT to win this!!

  108. This sounds pretty amazing. I just make sure to vacuum it once ina while and spot shot it when I spill something. I don't have them professionally cleaned. My mom needs to, our dogs are beginning to get a bit....territorial...maybe if I win I will give this to her for christmas :)

  109. I still haven't found an easy way to keep carpets clean. I try not to walk barefoot on the carpet so my ski's natural oils don't get on the carpet.
    This would make a great Christmas present for myself.
    Thank you for the nice and clean giveaway.

  110. One of my biggest tips is no food or drink in rooms with carpeting. I can't afford to have my carpets professionally cleaned. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  111. The carpets in this house are older than dirt, so we vacuum the carpets more than weekly, and shampoo about every six mos.

  112. I have a rug just indside my front door to wipe feet on plus everyone takes their shoes off when they come in the house.

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  113. Unfortunately, when you enter my home, it is directly from the front porch to the carpet. I keep a small throw rug inside the door and a bin that shoes are thrown in to. We do not have our carpets professionally cleaned...who can afford to these day? We usually spot clean and then rent a cleaner twice a year or so. Thanks for the great contest...enter me please!

  114. What with two very furry kitties and a hopelessly sloppy husband, carpet "maintenance" is like a full-time job! I wish I had some magical secrets to share, but basically I do what everyone else* does: shoes off, clean up spills etc. ASAP... (*BUT I think I WILL hold on to the hubby and the pussy cats!!!)

    I'm afraid that professional carpet cleaning just isn't in our budget...

  115. We were cleaning our carpets a few times a year, trying in vain to keep it looking good. We'd just dirty them up quickly all over again in no time flat.

    The best way we now keep our carpets clean is by removing our shoes before we enter our home. We also vacuum regularly. It works. Doing that and regular shampoos keeps our carpet looking practically brand-new.

    This is a great prize that we would utilize to the fullest.

  116. No I don’t have my carpet professionally cleaned every 6 months. My best advice, shoes off at the door and don't have kids or pets, well maybe a goldfish would be OK.

  117. Ideally, I wish I could get carpet cleaning twice a year. Due to financial constraints, that only happens once a year.

    There are enough coupon books in my area to make having a service more affordable than the grocery store rentals, though.

    What a Godsend this prize would be for my active household.

  118. I have to spot clean all messes each and everytime they happen. I have beige carpets and 4 little ones and they make quite a mess. Just this weekend we are dealing with quite a mess from a bad tummy virus and my 3 year old has had some puking problems on the carpet. I used alot of Arm & hammer baking soda to eliminate the odors and clean up the mess. I don't get my rugs professional cleaned every 6 months, I can't afford that on our budget.

  119. I use rubbing alcohol to clean up spots but I can't afford a 6 month cleaning and I have cream colored carpets. Need I say more?

  120. For my home, I basically mix up a strong solution of oxyclean and spray it on the stain as soon as it happens. It usually works but I do have a professional come in once a year. My neighborhood schedules someone at the same time to bring down the cost a little!

  121. well with a dog and a cat as well as two adults in the house, we have a real need for this. especially because our current one just died this week. we are now cleaning our carpet mistakes with a rechargable small cleaner which is so old that we only get 5 minutes and it needs another charge. please enter me.

  122. My tip is pretty basic. Clean up the mess ASAP to minimize the staining. I have a Little Green Machine (small portable cleaner) that I use for most messes. With a new puppy and two toddlers our carpet can take a beating. I have never had the carpet professionally cleaned. When things become really bad I will borrow my parents Bissell carpet cleaner.

  123. no tip, I'd be the farthest one you'd want to come to for a tip on how to keep carpets clean. My middle name is "drippy". We usually borrow a close friends steam cleaner, it sure would be nice to have our own to pull out on a whim...

  124. I LOVE this product!!! Well, my best advice for keeping carpets clean would be to take off your shoes inside. I used to own a steam cleaner for the carpets, but it was so hard to use. So needless to say, even then I didn't do the carpets every 6 months! This ProDry Carpet Cleaner would be great! We're moving into a new house and the carpets need a lot of work!

  125. My best tip for keeping the carpets cleaner is to take off your shoes when you come through the door. No, I don't get my carpets cleaned every 6 months, so this prize would be a blessing!

  126. I have to say I've NEVER had my carpets professionally cleaned. If I did, it would have to be more often than 6 My old carpet cleaner is worn out and I could really use this one!

  127. Steam clean every six months. Most supermarkets and home improvement centers will allow you to rent steam cleaners. By steaming your carpet every six months or so, you’ll be ensuring it always looks its best.

  128. I can't pay someone to clean the floors. I keep a rug where the most traffic comes through, and alot of the time just use hot water in my cleaning machine, it works pretty good. I was lucky enough to get a nice machine a couple years ago, however, I let my sister borrow it, and there is a bag where you put the clean water in, well she put boiling hot water in it, it shrunk the bag. I can only do a little bit at a time now. It really stinks doing it that way, but I can't buy a new cleaning machine!

  129. unfortunately with two toddlers around the house, we don't have really good carpet.and no, we don't have professionally cleaned every 6 months. I am sure this vacumm will come in handy.

  130. I use rugs, runners in the high traffic areas to cut down on dirt tracked in. No, don't have carpet professionally cleaned but do it myself

  131. No, we don't get our carpets cleaned often enough even though a good friend has a carpet cleaning service! I just use spot cleaner and we had carpet put in that hides the dirt well.

  132. Hmm...that's a good question...

    We actually just put in new carpet so I think what we'll do is probably rent a machine to clean it regularly (as long as the chemicals are "green")
    I don't think we'll do it professionally though. We try not to eat upstairs (where the carpet is) and we don't wear our shoes upstairs which helps.

  133. We always clean our own carpets and have only had them cleaned professionally once when we first moved in our home.
    As for a tip; if you have light colored or white carpeting Clorox Clean-up spray works great on hard to clean stains. Just spray and blot. It even worked Perfectly on removing red lipstick from white carpet when my daughter tried to experiment !
    Thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway.
    i would LOVE to win !!

  134. The biggest rules in our house are: no eating or drinking any place but the kitchen, shoes off at the door. Oxy Magic works great to clean spots. We don't have ours cleaned either.

  135. The best tip to getting stains out: Get them right away before they dry. I can't afford to have anyone come clean my carpets so this has worked out for me. I'd love to one day get my own carpet cleaner. Great contest!

  136. Keep a bottle of windex handy for them spills. This will clean them up. No. I clean them myself with a rental carpet cleaning machine.

  137. I do not have my carpets professionally cleaned. I clean up spills right away with Spot Shot cleaner and blot with a washcloth until clean.

  138. I would love to have them professionally cleaned more often. I usually have it done yearly and then home clean it the other time. Great contest.

  139. We can't afford to have our carpets professionally cleaned....we can't even afford a steam cleaner, so we borrow our neighbors a couple of times a year. This would be great so that we wouldn't have to ask anymore. Thanks for the great contest.

  140. We only have our carpets cleaned about once a year because it can get expensive and a pain to move the furniture. But my tip for keeping moderately clean...vacuum every single day and keep a bottle of spot shot handy...but don't use it on dark carpets, I learned that lesson already.
    3kidsnus at gmail dot com

  141. We have never had our carpets cleaned professionally, never could afford it. Our neighbor does it every six months. The last time, the van actually blew up, it was crazy! It fried our siding & there is a huge burn mark in his driveway.

    Anyways, try to keep shoes off in the house. Treat stains right away, to prevent them from becoming permanent.

  142. I don't have my carpets professionally cleaned ever, I always do it myself and as far as getting the man of the house to help with the chores, my tip would be to... not be married to my husband!
    I love him deeply but he's no help around the house.

  143. I usually spot the stain after its been set, and wind up throwing ice cubes on it. I don't clean my carpets every 6 months,but if I had a carpet cleaner I would clean them 3-4 times per year.

  144. I have had my carpet steam cleaned several times however I have coffee stains that keep returning after the carpet is dry. One day I used a spray carpet cleaner and scrubbed the stained area the stain seemed to be lighter. I think that the steam cleaning is pulling the coffee out of the pad and re-staining the carpet where as the scrubbing cleans the surface. My wife and I have been looking for a brush style carpet cleaning machine. Maybe this is the one.

  145. I'm glad you reviewed this; consumer reports hasn't even reviewed carpet cleaners yet. The only tip I use religiously is to get to the stain as soon as possible. It makes such a huge difference in removing the stain if you wait overnight.

  146. We do not get the carpets cleaned every 6 months, and boy do they needs it! My only tip is that no red or purple drinks are allowed in the living room anymore. :)

  147. My only tip is dont get dogs!!!! I have three large ones and my carpet is never clean!! I have it professinlay done every three months!!

  148. We keep the carpet clean by not wearing shoes in the house and not eating over the rug. We don't have the cash for professional cleanings Im afraid

  149. Oops I forgot my tip... We keep food off the rugs and just regularly vacuum so it doesnt build up...especially the pet hair

  150. I can not afford to have my rugs professionally cleaned. But we do remove our shoes at the door and do not eat in the living room which both help

  151. I rent a rug doctor probably three times a year but it's not enough. not with three kids, a dog and 5 cats. I would LOVE to win this, it's on my holiday wish list.

  152. Area rugs help, but with pets and a baby I haven't learned too many tips to help with our carpet yet. No, we don't have them cleaned professionally every 6 months.

  153. Our carpet always need cleaning between the children and the grandchildren - we have spills and drops and dumps - UGH! Thank you for this great contest and prize!

  154. I need this so bad I have an older cat that is having litter box issues. Please save me from buying new carpet. Would be a Christmas present and a half to win this.

  155. vacuuming twice or even three times a week - scrubbing out spills and other stuff - rug shampoo in the spring and late fall - whats a house if it doesn't look lived in right?

  156. Keeping my carpet clean is very hard. I also have cream colored carpet,a dog, and kids . So I am always vacuuming. Then I get my Resolve carper cleaner and go spot by spot. I had my carpet cleaned professional one time. They looked wonderful ! The Bissel ProDry Carpet Cleaner is the #1 item on my Christmas list! Thanks!

  157. It's hard to give a tip, without basically repeating what has already been said. I try to clean up any spills, stains, etc as they happen, and we vacuum every other day. But even so, our carpet is pretty sad. I use Simple Solution for any pet accidents - it does a good job of cleaning stains & eliminates any odor to boot.

    I *WISH* we could have the carpet professionally cleaned just once couple years, much less every 6 months!! LOL! Between multiple fur-babies (ferrets), and the "tracks" that my husband's wheelchair leaves (he's a paraplegic, 100% wheelchair-bound), it can be tough to try to keep the carpet looking decent. A good carpet cleaner would be a big help to us.

  158. I'd love to have clean carpets..we can't afford to have them professionally cleaned. And we have two cats so all we do is vacuum and hope they don't make cat pukies on it!

  159. Wish I had a tip for keeping carpets clean---we're getting new carpet installed this next week. Quite an investment and one I'd like to know I'll take good care of!

  160. I have used this in my old Bissell carpet cleaner and it works like a charm. I put it in with the carpet shampoo.

    The peroxide helps to get rid of the stains but i am sure that depends on what the stain is.

    8 oz peroxide, 2 tblsp. baking soda, 2 tsp. liquid dish soap
    mix in a plastic container, and SPRAY AWAY!
    It takes a while to spray, but it's worth it.
    You have to use all of it because the mix could become unstable because of the peroxide. Rinse the container afterwards.
    Try it!

  161. My best tip is to make sure to clean up any spot or stain on the carpet immediately after it occurs. I also have a professional come in and clean all the carpets in our home yearly.

  162. I pick a day of the week (Monday) to sweep my floors and try to stick to it. I also have cats inside so my floors are professionally cleaned at least twice a year or things can get a little hairy.

  163. Oh, this would be a godsend. I too rely on my husband for the deep cleaning, including our fully carpeted house. We can't afford to hire someone and lugging those awful machines from the grocery store is just terrible. We go through a lot of Resolve in our house.

  164. Our entire house is carpet except for kitchen and bathrooms. We don't wear shoes in the house and that helps a lot but our carpets still get dirty. We don't do the professional cleaning like we should, like you said, it's just too costly. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great carpet cleaner. If I am the lucky winner it will get plenty of use. Good luck everyone!

  165. i had accidentally knocked over an ashtry an vaccuuming dosent seem to keep everthing up plus from wearing shoes on carpet i just need a bissel steam cleaner

  166. Well, we park our shoes at the door when coming in. Have them cleaned once a year by the professionals. Vacuum twice a week.

  167. My tip for keeping carpets clean:

    For hard stains, such as makeup (I somehow always get my crumbled eye shadow or liquid foundation on the floor!), dilute a little bit of laundry detergent with water. Pour a little of the mixture over the stain and scrub with a cloth. It works! I spilled beige liquid foundation all over the carpet at the apartment I was renting. My sister told me the detergent tip, and it saved me from having them kep my security deposit!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  168. OMG, I have no tips. My carpet looks horrible, wish I could replace it with wooden floors, but that will have to wait. Hopefully, I will win this so that I can make the best of what I have.

    deidre_durance at hotmail dot com

  169. It's tough to keep the carpets clean with a dog, cat and elderly parent. I don't know which one is the worst!
    We use Get Serious for spills and accidents. It's great for little spots.
    No shoes in the house, and we vacuum frequently. That helps quite a bit.

  170. I try to keep area rugs or other coverings by door openings that seem to get the worst of the dirt. I try to never have my rugs professionally cleaned. I tend to rent a carpet machine and go at it myself.

  171. It is beyond impossible to keep my carpets clean - so I make sure they leave shoes at the door and nothing that can spill goes in the living room. Well, I try anyway! Great giveaway!!!

  172. It isn't too difficult for me to keep my carpets clean: I don't have too many parties; my pets stay outside; and my kids are grown and on their own.

    For me prevention is the best medicine.

  173. My tip for keeping my carpet clean is to have large doormats and entryway rugs. I wish we had the carpets cleaned every 6 months, but we don't.

  174. I would absolutely LOVE to have one of this. I have three kids, a dog, and a cat so anybody could only guess what is tracked through the carpet on any given day!

    Thanks for a great giveaway :)

  175. I clean my own carpets, but I have trained my dogs to sit on the rug to dry their feet when they come in. Once their feet are dry, they get a treat.

    Thanks for hosting a great giveaway.

  176. I can't afford to buy one but the tan carpet in my living room and especially in all of the bedrooms really need a major major makeover! I'd love to win this so I can clean the carpet and start the Holidays. Thanks.

  177. I know what you're supposed to do - not let folks in with their street shoes, not have children or pets, not eat any where close to the carpet, etc.
    I do not do any of those things. However, I try to get at spots as soon as possible and to use a home carpet cleaner when it becomes too dirty to handle.
    I do not have them professionally cleaned every 6 months.

  178. I wear socks around the house and when we do go outside I have a brush cleaner at the door to brush off our shoes before we come in .

  179. Clean as you go! (CAYG) Get to spots immediatley,I always keep spot remover on hand. With my 3 guys (DH,DS and 11 yr old pomapoo) its a necessity!!!And I clean my own carpets every 3 months!

  180. I do not have my carpets professionally cleaned, but maybe I need to do that. My carpets are a mess. I tried two other vacuum cleaners supposed to clean up stains but they did not work well. I am wary of buying any vacuum cleaner for stain removals now. Hope I win. Looks like this one could help me out. Thanks.

  181. i don't have my carpets professionally cleaned. my biggest tip is to use washable rugs on the floor in high traffic areas.

  182. I have several area rugs in high-traffic areas.
    Every 6-8 months I borrow my sister's steam cleaner, but it is on its last leg. :(

  183. We do not walk around with shoes on in the house and I clean up spills as soon as possible but professional cleaning every 6 months, I wish.

  184. I wish we could afford to have our carpets cleaned every six months but we just do them when they get pretty bad. I use the Woolite Heavy Traffic carpet cleaner when there is a spot in the carpet we need to get out. It works fast - I always make sure we have some on hand!

  185. I have never had my carpets professionally cleaned, I really prefer to do it myself. I advise everyone to take their shoes off at the door so as not to track dirt and mud through the house. If anyone does spill anything on the carpet, I get out my carpet spray and brush and get the stains out right away, This looks and sounds like a great carpet cleaner and with two active girls would be perfect for around the house, who wants to wait forever for the carpets to dry? Thanks so much for such a fantastic giveaway!


  186. My girls have been instructed to only eat on the "hard floors." Good theory. So why do those annoying black spots multiply and return like the living dead?! I do not have any recommendations. I have yet to figure out how to simultaneously 1) clear the floor of all items 2) stack furniture without any ER visits and 3) wait for the 24-hour drying time to get the carpets cleaned once a year. Frequent vacuuming?! I laugh and sadly shake my head. As long as the Polly Pockets, Legos, and puzzles are cleared and no one's sleeping or trying to get my attention.... And spot-cleaning must be done after everyone is in bed. Oh, wait. Sleep or clean carpet? No contest.

  187. I wish I could have my carpets professionally cleaned every 6 months! I have lived in our current house for over 7 years and we have never had them professionally cleaned. I try to spot clean as I can but with 2 giant dogs that love to be out in the rain, I think it is a loosing battle. I need a cleaner BAD!

  188. I have never had my carpets profesionaly cleaned before. It would be nice though. I'm not sure I am the best person for giving tips on clean carpets since I am staring a giant stain on mine right now, so I suppose my tip will have to be don't leave a full cup of grape juice on the desk where the cat can knock it over.
    [email protected]

  189. I don't get our carpets professionally cleaned. But I think frequent vacuuming with a good vacuum cleaner helps extend the life of your carpet.

  190. I clean my carpet about every 6 weeks with my Bissell Powersteamer. It works great but with a pack of Boxers running around, I really could use something a little more heavy duty.

  191. Use CampDry in spill-zones (around dining room table, kids areas, that spot where you always spill your drink.) It pretty much waterproofs your carpet for a few months. It comes in a spray can, so you just spray it on, and scrub it in a little bit. I've never had my carpets professionally done, but until recently we had a Bissell carpet cleaner. It broke, and Bissell didn't have the part to fix it.

  192. I don't have any tips. I have five dogs and two grandsons and my carpets look awful most of the time . I really need to win this. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I can't afford to have then cleaned because I am on disibility and I can't spare the money to do it.

  193. Like so many others, I could never afford to have my carpets cleaned professionally every six months, or even every year! My tip is to rent a carpet cleaner-steamer BEFORE it starts to look bad and do all the "professional" cleaning myself!

  194. I vacuum as much as a can, but with 2 dogs, a cat and 2 kids, it is a losing battle. I try to clean the rugs myself a couple of times a year, but the stains that look like they went away always come back.

  195. I try to vacuum weekly, clean annually and use scotchguard after they are cleaned. I have never had my carpets professionally cleaned

  196. My tip is to put down throw rugs either outside your doors or inside when you walk in. Make a habit of wiping your feet when you come in,or taking your shoes off on the rug. For spills, I get them up immediately and spray caret spot cleaner on the area and clean it immediately. The generic works just as good as the name brand stuff. I never have my carpets cleaned professionally. I usually borrow my mom's shampooer.

  197. I only have carpet in one room but I also have my flowerstand in that room. I have a shower curtain under it to catch any spilled water, dirt, or leaves.

    I don't have my carpet professionaly cleaned.

  198. I spot clean often, normally using a mild soapy solution. I do know the carpets need a good deep cleaning more often than that but I haven't taken the time to go rent a shampooer!

  199. My grandaughter has very bad allergies. I have to rent carpet cleaners all the time to keep carpets clean. I could really put this to use. We could really benefit from this cleaner.

  200. We do not wear shoes inside the house. That helps a lot in keeping the carpet clean and with keeping the professional carpet-cleaning fees low. But I do have 2 young children, so my carpet has juice and milk stains. Those are inevitable when you have small kids.

  201. My tip for keeping carpets clean is vacuum frequently. It's good exercise to boot.

    A good spot spray that works great on mud and grime is Resolve Pet Stain Remover. I use this frequently.

    Also head the dirt off before it arrives in the house with good exterior front door mats and rugs and especially have some at the interior entry doors.

  202. My dh is the only one who cleans our carpets too. We usually just rent the Rug Doctor instead of getting them cleaned professionally. To keep thecarpets clean we all take our shoes off at the front door.

  203. We keep our carpets clean by taking our shoes off right at the door and by attacking any spots as soon as they are noticed! We usually have our carpets professionally cleaned once a year, but I am sure we would do a better job with this carpet cleaner if we were to win it!
    [email protected]

  204. We have a mix of hardwood and carpets. We don't allow our pets on the carpet. A child's gate works great!!! I wish I could afford to have my carpets cleaned every 6 months!!!!

  205. I pretty much never have my carpets professionally cleaned. My tip for keeping carpets clean would be to simply take off your shoes when you come in the house.

    Thanx for the contest

  206. We are having a baby in a week or two, we could really use this to keep the floors clean for him/her to lay around on. New carpet cleaner...YAY!!!

  207. We have 2 cats and 3 kids and we vacuum a lot. We have our carpets cleaned professionally every few years. I prefer the "green" cleaners. No harsh chemicals.

  208. We recently bought a new house and the carpets are badly stained. We had them cleaned right before we moved in, but already the stains have reappeared. We cannot afford to get new carpet, so I'd love to have one of these to at least keep our carpets looking as decent as they can until we can afford new carpet!

    Great giveaway - thanks for offering!

  209. I don't let anyone in the livingroom with shoes.No one eats there either.No I don't shampoo the carpet every 6 months.

  210. My best tip is to use some liquid Tide diluted in water on spots and get them up as soon as possible.
    I don't get my carpets cleaned every 6 months but wish I could!

  211. The most important thing is to vacuum often and to sponge up spills immediately.
    No, I only get my carpet cleaned professionally if something really extreme occurs.

  212. We have a Great Dane with great big feet, and we just wipe her feet when it is rainy and muddy. Otherwise, our carpet is not real clean. Had heard that when you clean your carpet that it breaks down the fibers too much, and it makes it harder to keep clean. So we do not clean every six months.

  213. I am not sure about tips, but I try to keep food and drinks off the living room carpet. I doesn't always work. I don't have my carpets cleaned every 6 months.

  214. The only tip I have is get to the stain as soon as it happens. And have some good scuff your feet carpets outside your doors to keep some stuff from getting in. I can't afford to have carpets cleaned every 6 months either so I would love to win this and clean them myself every couple months. Thank you for the chance!

  215. With a two-year-old and an 85 pound Golden Retriever, I'm sorry to say clean carpets are a distant memory! I do vacuum regularly...

  216. the secret I have used over and over is Oxy Clean in the carpet cleaner... And I could only wish to have them cleaned every 6 months.

  217. Baking soda is GREAT for pet odors. Just dab some on the carpet, wait for a few minutes and then vacuum. Also, for stains, I try not to eat anywhere but in the dining room. And if there's a stain - clean it RIGHT AWAY.

    I live in an apartment, so I don't have my carpets professionally cleaned. But, since we just moved in, the carpet is already showing some "well-worn love!"

  218. We have the ultimate carpet challenge. My sweetie and I both use wheelchairs- so we tend to destroy carpets in every apartment(we have already "bought" the carpet in our last two places) It's like riding two bikes through your house-all the time. We use an plant based cleaner for food spills, but nothing works on the grease so far.

  219. I wish! No, we can't afford to have our carpets cleaned professionally that often... Not to mention it's really inconvenient because we can't schedule during the work day due to the fact that our puppies are at home. This would be a blessing!

  220. I often just use a wet paper towel with a little bit of dish soap to get up the spots where our senior citizen cats spit up hair balls

  221. I used to have them cleaned when they were new now 22 years later its no use I scrub them by hand and do the best that I can and some day hopefully we'll have the money to replace them

    Bonnie in FL
    [email protected]

  222. I have 4 kids that are 6,4, 2 and almost 3. So, yes I do get my carpets cleaned AT LEAST every 6 months. My advice on keeping your carpets clean? Don't have kids lol.

  223. My biggest problem is smells from pets. I use vinegar and odo ban to spray on spots as they happen. I wish I could have mine professionally cleaned every 6 mths but that's not feasable.

  224. My carpets are gray to start with which is great when you have a dog door and your dog can come and go as he pleases while you are at work. I have long runner rugs down in the major walking part of the traffic flow, which I wash frequently. And any spill I immediatly clean up with glory and oxyclean.

  225. I used to but haven't been able to afford it the past few years so I've been using carpet fresh and the like. My younger son, a Marine, moved in when he came back from Iraq and my other son, his expecting wife, grandson and their 2 dogs are moving in with me in January. I need to clean these carpets before the "zoo" gets here!

  226. We practice like the Japanese by taking off our shoes at the door. We only eat in dining room. I get my carpet cleaned once a year.

  227. No, I have not had professional carpet cleaners in. For one thing, I don't like having strangers in the house unless really necessary. Too often you hear of someone being robbed after someone has been in your house. I clean them myself with a rental, but that is such a rush job. It would be great to OWN your own machine and do a room one day at a time.

  228. simply put i use a welcome mat to help keep my carpet clean. it's like so easy all i do it put it by the door and when guests come over well they do a quick swipe. my hubby and I also have a spot in our dinning room where we put/ take off our shoes. i don't have my carpet professionally clean. wish i could be like everyone says it's costly. to get stains before the stain i run and get a dish towel with good ol' dish soap and scrub scrub scrub!! lol thank you stephanie for the chance!

  229. I think the best way to keep your carpets clean is to vacuum your carpets every day, but who wants or does that! No, I don't get my carpets cleaned every 6 months.

  230. To keep the carpets clean, take a long vacation. Go away for a couple of months and you don't have to vacuum for a couple of months...

  231. my only tip is keep kids and pets away. Its impossible to keep carpet clean and nope, we don't have ours cleaned every 6 months.

  232. My tip is unusual and must be tried with EXTREME caution!! I use to clean houses and one house had WHITE carpets with 5 kids. When we had to clean their carpets we picked up a product called Scrub Free with a green label. We would add a cap full to the solution bucket and the results were beautiful.

  233. How I keep my carpets clean is I bought a old model of shampooer and shampoo the carpet every 3 to 4 months since I have cats and the grand baby over all the time. Also if any things gets spilled I blot as best I can then pretreat.

  234. Don't walk on your carpets barefoot. When you do, you leave oil from your skin on the carpet which attracts dirt.

  235. I have a 3 year old boy a 6 year old boy and a 37 year old boy ;) I need as much help as possible!Thank you for the chance to win! My tip.. I make them take their shoes off before they get into the house.. and I cant afford to get my carpets cleaned prof :( Thanks for giving us a chance to win :)

  236. When we bought this house, the owners had the carpets "professionally cleaned" the day before we closed on the house. Unfortunately, the "professionals" used so much water that all the carpets were so wet that it took a week for them to dry. Then we had to rip them out because they were extremely sticky. I will NEVER have them cleaned professionally. So my tip would be to buy a machine and do it yourself.

  237. I own a Spotbot spot cleaner and use it on spots as soon as I see them. I would like to have my carpets professionally cleaned every 6 months, but it's just not in the budget, if I'm lucky
    it's once a year or every other year, would like to own my own rug cleaner and do it more often, but never seem to find room in the budget for it.


  239. I always keep a bottle of pellegrino in the fridge to clean out any stains right when they occur (ideally) but I end up with some weird marks anyway. I don't have my carpet cleaned, because then I would have to get organized for someone else to come inside my house.

  240. I wish I could afford my carpets to be cleaned every six months but I do not so right now I have a can of resolve ready for anything that may happen

  241. Tips:, take shoes off before going on to "company" carpets and rugs, clean any messes as SOON as they happen, and vacuum with regularity.

  242. Would love a chance to win, now if only I could win the guy that wants to clean carpets to go with it.

    That and a babysitter for my pets to keep them out of the way until the carpet drys.

  243. in our house, everyone except hubby removes their shoes at the door, and it makes a huge difference. right now i'm staring at the dirtiest spot in the living room, and it is smack in front of my husband's chair. regular (some would say obsessive) vacuuming helps, too. this prevents stuff from getting ground in. i've also noticed that our carpets seem much easier to keep clean without pets. (not suggesting anyone kick fido to the curb; just sayin'.) since moving to a bigger house with four times as much carpet, i'm thrilled to have a good financial argument for buying a steam cleaner. i can't wait.

  244. Don't let teenagers, their friends or their pets on your carpet...ever. I WISH I caould have my carpet professionally cleaned every 6 months, but it's too pricey..especially if you have stairs in the house!

  245. I wish we could have our carpet professionally cleaned every six months, but alas, no we don't. Looks like most of my tips have already been shared, but I do recommend buying your own steam cleaner. No, it's not as thorough as a professional job, but it really helps keep the carpets *almost* stain-free. Ours is about 7 years old, so I'd love to win a new one. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  246. I use long runner rugs for hallways, big rugs for high-traffic areas, and I clean stains immediately with cold water and dish soap! Thank you for the contest!


  248. I take off my shoes at the door and wipe the dogs feet as she comes in and out. Still have dirty carpets way too often though. The most often I get the carpets cleans is closer to nine months than six.

  249. I clean my carpets myself- rented machine. I make sure I don't leave any detergent on them and use alot of throw rugs in high traffic areas.

  250. I tackle spills and stains as soon as possible. If its a pet stain, vinegar works pretty well with the smell and the stain. I use the Bissell stain remover product for tougher stains. Quickness is the key. The longer they lay, the longer they stay!
    I have never used a professional carpet service. I used to rent than I bought a carpet shampooer. Unfortunately my current shampooer is a little $69.00 model and it shows. You get what you pay for.
    I would love another Bissell as that was the first one I owned many,many years ago. The 30 minute dry time sounds awesome. The wet carpet is always a big consideration when deciding if I am going to shampoo the rugs. There never seems to be enough time for them to dry and we have to walk on the carpets wet.

  251. The only tip I have is to not walk on. I honestly have yet to figure out how to keep carpet clean with kids and pets.

  252. Take shoes off at the door, and keep the food at the table!! I rent a carpet cleaner from the store and do my own carpets!

  253. I'm the shampoo man in our house and we do our rugs 1-2 times a year and our machine is being held together with tape.

  254. My husband shampoos our carpets and rugs about twice a year but it takes quite a while till its dry and you can walk on it. This sounds great.

  255. My best tip would be to take shoes off at the door. I keep my slippers there to quickly slip out of one and into the other.

  256. My hubby cleans, too! Professional carpet cleaning takes place every 2 years at our home. My advice-if you drop something red (like jello) that will stain your carpet and you don't have any cleaners available, put a damp white rag over the stain. Don't let the stain dry out before you are able to purchase the appropriate carpet cleaning chemicals.

  257. I can't afford to have our carpets professionally cleaned, so no - I don't have them cleaned every 6 months! My best tip for keeping our carpets clean is constant upkeep: you really can't wait until they get dirty. We vacuum at least once a week and spot clean as needed. I'd love to win a real carper cleaner like the Bissell up for grabs here though!

  258. No we don't have our carpets professionally cleaned every 6 months, but we should. We live in the country, lots of red dirt, and our carpet is off white. We try to tackle stains as quick as possible and we take our shoes off before walking on the carpet. Thanks for the chance to win!

  259. I don't get mine professionally cleaned but man that's a good idea! It's such a mess. I usually ask my husband to clean it when I want it cleaned. I take advantage of his OCD I'm afraid.. Once he starts cleaning something he can't stop until it's perfect!

  260. I agree, with pets and kids it is almost impossible to keep carpets clean. We try to spot clean as we go and have the carpets professionally cleaned when we can afford it and the carpets are beyond disgusting. Would love to win this, what a difference it could make in our lives.

  261. I try to enforce taking shoes off at the door. However, with a husband and two little boys it doesn't happen. A mud room would be great! We've been spot cleaning till we put new carpet in.

  262. I have my carpets cleaned once and sometimes twice a year. To keep my carpets clean I would have to get rid of my husband and two dogs. Love them all so this is not an option. Would love to win this. Love clean carpets.

  263. I have the carpets professionaly cleaned once a year. I have a no shoes allowed policy to keep the carpets as clean as possible. I would love to win this, it would make like so much easier.

  264. Oh girl, you have NO IDEA how blessed you are to have a hubby who will help out!!! My hubby has not even done his chores recently, so I am going to tackle some more of those today. Of course he is not liking my attempt at his chores, as I broke our back gate when I could not get it to close and I MANHANDLED it. LOL! I'm stronger than I realized.

    TIP #1: Do not let your 3 year old get a hold of your nail polish while sitting on the new carpeting in one of the bedrooms! If you avoid this mistake, you can avoid a HORRIBLE stain! ;-)

    I wish we could clean our carpets more often with all of our children, but it just is not in the budget. Thus, I am crossing my fingers! I did buy some nice slippers for everybody to change into at the front door instead of wearing their shoes on the wood floors or carpets.

  265. I vacuum at least three times a week and always take off my shoes before coming in the house. I never have my carpet professionally cleaned.

  266. I don't get my carpets cleaned evry 6 months- but would love to.

    We take off our shoes at the door to TRY to keep the carpet clean.

  267. we have a spotbot that we clean up spots with but now my carpet looks polka dotted. would love this bissel to clean the entire carpet. we really don't have the funds to get them professionally cleaned every 6 months, so no, to that question

    thank you

  268. My biggest tip is that no one is allowed to wear their shoes in the house. Also if it's wet outside the dogs get their feet rinsed off in the sink when they come in from outside.

  269. I don't have my carpets professionally cleaned, especially not every six months, though I wish that I could. I just vacuum often and spot clean.

  270. I wish I could afford to get my carpets professionally cleaned every 6 months but since I can't we don't wear our shoes in the house and take care of stains as they happen.

    I could really use this so I hope I win....thanks!!!!!

  271. I keep my carpets clean by enforcing the "no outside shoes in the house" rule and by letting the Roomba run free every day or two. I don't have my carpets professionally cleaned every six months. Thanks for the chance to win the Bissell ProDry.

  272. we have our carpets cleaned professionally for a good, deep clean; the bissell would be great for the in-between touch ups

  273. The tips I have for keeping my carpet clean are to spot clean as you go. No I don’t have my carpet professionally cleaned every 6 months.

  274. No I don’t have my carpet professionally cleaned every 6 months.We don't allow the kids to have drinks and food in the living room.

  275. My mother's rule is what I off at the door! No bare feet, only socks. I try to have them cleaned every year; every 6 months gets expensive.

  276. My tip is to keep all the eating in the dining room.
    And I do clean my carpets myself every 6 months even though we have hardwood floors and only use area rugs. My shampooer is old and I definately need a new one.
    Thanx for the contest.

  277. Let's just say I had never even HEARD that you were supposed to have your carpets cleaned every 6 months. Eek! We only have carpets in the bedrooms but the carpet in my youngest's room could really use a cleaning. Thanks for the contest!

  278. With 7 (youngest being 17), 5 dogs, 2 cats, 8 ferrets, and 7 pet rats all living in one large house on a gravel country road on almost 6 acres, keeping the cream colored carpets clean is really difficult at the best. My advise is to take care of spills and stains as soon as they happen, and to take care of the carpets as they should be with frequent vacuuming.
    We have our carpets professionally cleaned once every 18 months to 2 years.

  279. Our carpet is about 5 years old. Even tho every year I tell myself I'am going to have the carpet cleaned, I've never had the carpet professionally cleaned as of yet. I do clean it myself with a home brand cleaner, which of course doesn't do near the job that if it was done professionally.
    We have 2 dogs that come in and out as they please from a doggie door. I keep alot and I mean alot of throw rugs down and even blankets in the nasty rain and mud season. Its alot of work to keep our carpet looking decent. Thank you

  280. I have a small hand carpet cleaner and go after spots right away. Also, getting all of the cleaning solution out of carpet is a must. It attracts dirt. I have carpets professionally cleaned once a year.

  281. Well, we for sure do not get ours cleaned every 6 months. A dog and a teenager takes its toll. Best recommendation I can provide has been stated several times. find a good spot cleaner, we use a pet spot remover cause it seems to work with everything. scrub hard. When you think it is good, go another minute of scrubbing...we are considering this cleaner so hopefully i can get the rest of the family to help out on the spots :)

  282. I heard that if you have at least 4 feet of door mat or something of that natural outside your door that it will clean shoes before entering.

  283. i have a small cleaner and a dog. i immediately take care of all spots large or small. it makes my carpet smell and look good.

  284. we try to take off our shoes when we come in, but with four animals it's hard to keep the carpets clean, that's why we need this carpet cleaner. We don't have the carpets cleaned every six months. I worry about the chemicals involved.

  285. Like you, most of my house is now non-carpeted. Still have it in a couple of bedrooms, but am seriously considering at least on of the for laminate. Anyway, no I don't have them professionally cleaned every 6 months. And they show it, despite being out of the main traffic pathway!

  286. The tips I have for keeping my carpet clean are to not have pets and don’t have kids! It's impossible with my 3 children. So we always take our shoes off at the door and ALWAYS eat in the kitchen, even snack. No I don’t have my carpet professionally cleaned every 6 months.

  287. Hi metropolitanmama, where did you get your husband? I want one like yours, my husband doesn't know the difference from a broom or a mop. I wish we could have our rugs cleaned every 6 months but like you that is one service not in the budget so once I year I go to the local grocery store and rent one of those big machines, what a pain. It does a great job but it's heavy bulky and your exhaused after your done.

  288. We do not have our carpets professionally cleaned. We rent a carpet scrubber occasionally and also have a small rug cleaner. The main tip I have is don't rub a spill - blot first.

  289. I wish I really had a tip that I used, but then if I did, I wouldn't need this product ;)

    I know friends who take their shoes off at the door. I am sure that helps to save their carpets.

  290. I have a smaller cheaper (other brand) carpet cleaner. It will only clean a small area without refilling. The BISSEL PROdry Carpet Cleaner can do the job better and faster. With 2 dogs this will save time and keep my rugs (3 bedrooms and living room) looking great.

  291. It's helpful not to drink pretty frozen drinks in the living may wake up and find the pink happy trail on your beige carpet! IT'S NO YELLOW BRICK ROAD, and eternal....Stanley Steamer's got nothing for me. No, I do not have my carpets cleaned every 6 months, in this economy I'm happy to have enough dough to vacuum every 6 days!

  292. I don't have my carpets professionally cleaned every 6 months, but we'd sure invite you or your hubby to demonstrate that thing over here at our place. The best way to keep your carpets looking good is to tackle the spill as soon as it happens. That set-in, ground-in stuff is hard to bust up!!! That looks like a fabulous vacuum by the way! =)

  293. we were just talking about saving our change for something like this. we can't really afford to have our carpets cleaned every six months, and we need a better vacuum too. it is just never ending! we try and keep them clean by vacuuming well. I take my shoes off my the mister insists that he puts his shoes on in the morning and wears them all day. even though he works from home. I think that is just silly. he just beats dirt in the carpet all day. He does that on the weekends too! We have two dogs and I wipe their paws when they come in if it is damp out, but you guessed it, the mister doesn't it. notice a trend here? thanks for the chance Metro mama!

  294. We have are carpets professionally cleaned once a year. The trick to keeping them clean otherwise to handle messes right away and don't leave them sit.

  295. I don't get them professionaly cleaned very often. I vacuum regularly and if there is any stain or spot I get it up quickly so it doesn't set in. Thanks!

  296. I seldom get around to having my carpet professionally cleaned, but I do vacuum daily with spot pick ups when needed.

  297. Carpet is supposed to be clean??? WOW! Well, with 5 kids and 2 dogs it's almost impossible around here. And, no, I don't get the carpets cleaned every 6 months. It's more like every 6 years.....

  298. My tip for a spill such as juice is to put a wet white cloth (use white as colors my bleed) over the stain with something heavy on it. It should absorb most of the stain. I rent a rug cleaner once a year or so.I have never had my carpets professionally cleaned. A carpet shampooer is the number one item on my Christmas list this year!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  299. I do try to shampoo my carpets as often as I can. I usually rent a rug doctor every few months. Also, we try to remember to take our shoes off before we come inside.

  300. My tip for keeping my carpet clean is no food or drinks anywhere there is carpet. No, I don't have my carpet cleaned.

  301. I have cats who always manage to "uck" on the carpet rather than the kitchen tile. Most of the time, I wait until the uck dries before trying to remove it. I have to have the carpets cleaned every year. I should do it more frequently, but I just don't think of it.

  302. When cleaning up a spill dap the area instead of rubbing. This helps absorb the mess instead of spreading it around and clean it up right away. I don't have my carpets professionally cleaned. I rent a carpet shampooer.

  303. We don't have pets and I spray a cleaner on spills and shoe marks and scrub them up as quickly as I can. We do not have the carpets cleaned professionally cleaned.

  304. Oh this would be really nice. Most carpet cleaners don't dry fast. I would love this as keeping your carpets clean helps with allergies.

  305. My best tip is get a large welcome mat outside, and a runner for inside the house. I rent a machine, once or twice a year, so nope I don't have a pro cleaning.

  306. We have a Roomba and I LOVE it! We run it every single day and I've noticed such a difference. I have to admit, I don't have the carpets cleaned every 6 months.

  307. never Pro cleaned;father-in-law owns a pro cleaner and we all share;use your vaccum often and i use a spray spot cleaner from QVC,works great

  308. I vacuum like crazy. If I don't the carpets look dull and dingy so quickly. Plus, we take our shoes off in the house. We rent a machine periodically. My cat has been leaving little presents for me lately. I use the Spot Bot but a full sized cleaner would be awesome!

  309. boy would i ever so ever love to win this it would be realy grate i can realy use one and when it comes down to it bissell is one of the bets you can get to clean your rugs . thanks this realy is a grate giveaway

  310. We try to take our shoes off as soon as we come in the house, either in the garage or in our tiled-in foyer area (we store them under a small table). It saves our carpets and we always know where our 4-year-old son's shoes are!

  311. I am the husband at this house and we need a new vacuum/carpet cleaner. I usually try to do the carpets and am ready to have one at my disposal anytime.

  312. We always rent a carpet cleaner and clean our own carpet. I ask the kids not to eat and drink in the living room and bedrooms. It helps but our living room really should be cleaned every few months.

  313. This just screams a fun night at home! Just kidding...but I really could use this since carpets get dingy so fast.

  314. we rent a cleaner from the store to cxlean our carpets. we tell our kids no shoes in the house and no food outside the kitchen!

  315. I vacuum at least twice a week and I think that helps. With a 16 month old and a dog I have to vacuum often. And yes, we do have our carpets cleaned every 6 months. This giveaway would be very helpful with that.

  316. wow this is great...I really try to stay on top of the least once a's hard with the all the dog hair...this is great!

  317. My biggest tip is a "no shoes on in the house rule". The other is that no food or drinks are allowed outside of the kitchen. Other than that, we rent a steam cleaner every 6 months or so and clean them ourselves. I'd really love to win this. Thanks for this great giveaway.

  318. I have a toddler and baby, and now that my baby is almost ready to start crawling, I have been researching steam cleaners. I can't stand dirty floors and would love to clean them more than every 6 months if I could--that's the reason for wanting my own cleaner. I am not willing to pay for professional cleaning that often.

  319. We take our shoes off most of the time.
    I spot clean spills, and my son cleans the carpets with his cleaner once in awhile. One of our own would be great - the hallway needs it now!

  320. I can't afford to have a pro come out every 6 months but I do rent the rug doctor and do it myself. It is a pain, and the machine is heavy as all get-out but it does a pretty good job.
    Other than that I basically yell at people to wipe their feet before they come in-lol.


  321. I keep our dog Buttercup in areas of our home that are carpet free. Never have had professional carpet cleaning but have rented a carpet cleaner and it was so much hassle lugging that bulky machine home & back that I don't bother anymore. Darker colored carpet has worked best! lol

  322. We can't afford to get the carpets cleaned every six months but try to take shoes off when we come in and to tackle spots as they come.

  323. to keep my carpet and rugs looking new, i vacuum every other day. if something is spilled, i immediately get the stain remover that came with the carpet and treat the spot. approximately every 6 months i call stanely steamer and have them professionally clean the carpet. i wish i could win one of these, then i wouldn't have to spend the money for stanley to come out and clean the carpet, i could do it myself and save some money.

  324. No,I dont do professional cleanings,I could definitly use this.Baking soda is helpful for spot cleaning.Thanks for the chance.

  325. Wear socks and not shoes. I don't do professional, but I spot clean and use a small carpet cleaner. I really need a big one. Thanks for the chance!

  326. my carpet looks so bad it really needs cleaned , my carpet cleaner broke 6 months ago this would come in great before the holidays

  327. I have my carpets professionally cleaned because I have two dogs. I keep the carpets looking cleaner by cleaning up any stains right away.

  328. I do a lot of "spot cleaning" with 2 kids, 2 cats, and a dog. We professionally cleaned a couple years ago, and I'm pretty sure it could use it again. Thanks for a great contest!

  329. Keep the grandkids in the kitchen when they are eating or drinking something. I clean them myself but your carpet cleaner sounds like it would do a much better job than mine.

  330. no i don't have them cleaned at often, My tip is take off your shows and where slippers in the house less dirt form the outside the better

  331. My tip is to use oxiclean on stains mixed with a little water and rub in. It works pretty good. I have some it will not get out but I am not replacing the carpet until the kids are 16. I do not get carpets cleaned ever let alone every 6 mos.

  332. WEll, I have some pets and a baby so at this point my carpets just aren't as sparkling clean as I wish they could be.. because I really do enjoy a clean floor. I try to always have spot/carpet cleaner on hand to treat spills/stains as they happen.. and like maybe once or twice a year I rent a steam cleaner from the grocery store and do it myself.

  333. There are two fool-proof methods of keeping carpets clean: first, cover it in plastic; second method is not to allow anyone to walk on the carpet....ever! Actually, I have not discovered a reliable method to avoid dirty carpets. I do clean them myself annually.

    Thank you for this fantastic giveaway! :-)

  334. I have a teenager and 2 dogs (1 still in training). My tip is to clean a stain right away! I have light, beige carpet and have helped my cause by strategically placing area rugs in high traffic areas BUT when that doesn't have to get on your knees and scrub right way. I spray the pet formula oxi-clean carpet cleaner and then wipe with a baby wipe sprayed with bleach cleaner. So far its worked and the bleach cleaner has not caused any damage to the carpet.

    Rosa Drake-Tate
    3828 Hanover Dr
    Mason, OH 45040

  335. I have two toddlers so it is almost impossible to keep carpets clean in our house. The only thing that works at the moment is to put down cheap rugs to cover our carpet. When the rugs get ugly we clean them or throw them out. I usually rent a machine to clean the carpets once a year.

  336. I don't have a tip to keep carpets clean. I have dogs and it is hopeless. I don't have my carpets cleaned every 6 months.

  337. With 5 dogs going in and out of the doggie door all day I could really use this! Door mats and I use oxyclean on spills and stains. No, I try to rent a machine yearly.

  338. We don't wear shoes in the house, it reall helps in not tracking in dirt. I only have our carpet proffessionaly cleaned once a year.

  339. I get our carpet cleaned every six months. To help keep our carpets clean I wipe the dogs paws when they come in on days it is raining or snowing.

  340. Going on 3 years in this house and haven't seen a professional cleaner cross the threshold yet. At first, I stressed about the tiniest of stains and would scrub away with some storebought spray. As life continued to happen, I decided that I don't live in a designer home... I live in a happily lived-in haven with a hubby and toddler. I try to avoid stains happening... but, if they do, they now get to hang around waiting for that carpet-cleaning van to show up! I would love to try this do-it-yourself carpet cleaner.

  341. Once a year we have our carpets professionally cleaned (thanks to renewing our apartment lease), but next year we are moving out & purchasing our first home, so this machine would be awesome to own.

    We keep our carpets clean by vacuuming once a week. We leave our shoes near the front door (which is tiled). It helps prevent stains.

  342. I wish we could have our carpet professionally done every six months...but we can't.
    my advice??? dont' let stains hang out...get rid of them ASAP!
    oh, and always watch your husband and puppy!!! they are stain makers. hehe

  343. there is no way possible to keep my carpets clean and i wish i could afford to have them professionally cleaned!

  344. I made sure to keep up with the mess by vacuuming every week. I also clean up liquid spills right when they happen and with a environmentally safe products.

  345. I clean my rugs every year. I rent the rug doctor though. It is heavy and cumbersome. I would love to win my own. Thank you

  346. I am a Single Mom with 3 children and an older Shih-Tzu. I am sooo tired of using my free time to shampoo six year old carpets...with an older Bissell. I could really use a New Bissell PROdry!!
    My best tip: everyone takes their shoes off at the front door.
    Good Luck to Everyone!

  347. It's hard to keep carpets clean with 2 toddlers in the house, but definitely take care of spills as soon as they happen. It helps. We use the Little Green machine for spot work. Also, not a bad idea to get carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year.

  348. With two kitty cats, our carpet takes a lot of abuse. I spot clean whenever I can, but only a full cleaning will really spruce things up. This cleaner would be a dream come true.

  349. We take our shoes off whenever we're in the house and the kids do not eat in the carpeted rooms. With 3 kids, a dog, 2 cats and a few birds I have resigned myself to the fact that my carpets will never be spotless, but I vacuum regularly and am on those spots before they even touch the floor. I've never had our carpets professionally cleaned.

  350. We have our carpet cleaned about once every couple of years. My husband bought me a Kirby in 2006 and it does an OK job, but not as good as I'd like.

    To help keep our carpet clean I have strategically placed rugs and runners throughout our heavy traffic areas and at each entrance.

  351. I have never had my carpets professionally cleaned. My parents have a cleaner I have "borrowed" a few times. Mother of 3 lil kids suggests: noshoes on the carpet, food and drinks at the table, and oh yeah and vaccum often! I don't have pets...but if I did I'd have all wood flooring..haha.

  352. I use Bissel's spray bottle spot clean when necessary and have never had to have my carpet's professionally cleaned

  353. i use bissell shampoo i have dropped out of contest for a while never won but im trying again to win would love to win this i have 2 dogs 1husband 2kids and my carpet is really hard to clean between food and shoes and rainy days and its hours on hours room after room and hall way all carpet thanks sheil keep the contest going

  354. I place small area rugs at outside doors -- they catch most of the dirt/grass/water from outdoor traffic. They are easily washed and help protect the carpet that would otherwise be dirty or wet.

  355. I've had my carpet for over 10 years, and have had it professionally cleaned ONCE! To keep your carpets clean, keep the people OUT! People are MESSY!

  356. We never wear shoes on the carpet and nver eat in a room with carpet. We spot clean about every two weeks and only clean about once a year with a rented shampooer.

  357. I used to have my carpets professionally cleaned. Here is a tip: if you have carpets like stainmaster that have the protective sealant on them just use plain water instead of the commercial soaps. If you need a little cleaner use a drop of dish liquid. The other cleaners strip off the protective sealant on your carpets. Check into that people!

  358. No I don't get my carpets professionally cleaned, Not unless you cout me when I do it myself, lol
    My best tips for keeping carpest clean is to get up messes ........Fast... before they sat in, I also(don't laugh it works) use shaving cream on the tough stains.

  359. NO, i dont have my carpets done professionally. Make everyone take their shoes off before they come in the house. That helps alot with keeping the carpets clean.

  360. Keeping carpets clean is a tall order! We are currently training a puppy so I'm on my hands and knees with spot/odor remover several times a day! Does that count? I vaccuum a lot, but only have our rather old carpet cleaned professionally before a really big entertaining event....which means only every other year! Sad but true.

  361. as soon as a atin occurs get cleaner and get it out. i tried the shoe thing but when you have a baby diaper bag, purse and 20 other things in your arms you can't take your shoes off first. please i need this my carpet went from white to smoky

  362. We don't wear our shoes in the least while I'm home! =) However, with our indoor/outdoor cats, the carpets don't stay very clean. We don't get the carpets cleaned professionally be we do it every few months or so.

  363. We don't allow shoes in our house, so the carpets don't get nearly as dirty. They've never been professionally cleaned.

  364. I think it helps a lot that we don't wear our shoes in the house. The carpet is 5 years old and still looks great. As for cleaning every 6 months, well, hahahaha.......not here.

  365. My carpet is at least 10 years old and has been thru young kids and now teens, also I am now babysitting a 2 yr old and 8 yr old and they are MESSY!!! I do try to clean up messes as fast as possible with a baby wipe or a bowl of hot soapy water and scrubbing! Blot all the water up, it takes a while to dry! That is why I want to win this cleaner for the drying time it takes! Plus my carpet is absolutely filthy!

  366. I would love to win this. With 4 cats, 1 teenager, and a messy husband, you can only imagine what my carpets look like.

  367. We too are not able to do the 6 months of professional carpet cleaning. And it definitely is hard with little ones! I think my biggest tip would be the pre-emptive attempt at keeping it clean, making sure everyone takes off shoes before coming in (especially when it gets snowy, slushy, or muddy like it can here) Another thing is to simply get to it right away! My last tip, which you'd surely want to patch test on your own carpet before using it, but even on Carpet, oxiclean works wonders! Thank you so much for the chance to win. This would absolutely be put to good use!

  368. We take our shoes off at the door, and prohibit eating on the carpeted areas in the house. We rent a steam cleaner once a year and do it ourselves.

  369. I see someone mentioned my best tip already - baby wipes. They are wonderful for cleaning up almost any kind of spill or mess.

  370. Boy! Do I need this!! Too much carpet. Too little money for carpet cleaning. My carpet needs cleaning every WEEK! No toddler here...just a 94 year old mom with mild dementia. I'm a WAHD (that's Work At Home Daughter) so I'm able to care for mom. It seems like I get one spill cleaned up and another one happens. Our roles have been reversed. Now I'm the mama and she's my baby. She is a real sweetie and I love her so much but I could really use this carpet cleaner to make BOTH of us feel better. Please, please???

  371. We have six kids, two dogs and a cat, we rent the carpet cleaning machine from the grocery store at least a couple times a year to clean our carpets. But in between, we take our shoes off at the door, have a big basket for them to go in. We also try to vacuum very regular and to spot clean as needed.

  372. I have 3 dogs, a cat and 2 step daughters, along with a clumsy husband. (he tracked oil on the carpet about a month ago, spilled paint on the carpet about 3 months ago) I thinks he's worse then a pets and kids put together!! My only trick is to get at the stains right away with hot water, mild soap and if you can pull up the carpet and clean underneath.

  373. The biggest thing for us to keep the carpet clean is that my three kids never wear their shoes in the house. I also have them sit at the kitchen table to eat or drink.

  374. I have a husky, a cat and a 15 year old boy.enough said about why I need it.
    My tip is to use any of the oxy products on stains.They seem to work pretty good.No I don't have the carpet cleaned every six months.who can afford too?

  375. I am a lucky girl too, our downstairs (DR, Kitchen, and LR) are all tile my hubby once a months scrubs it on his hands and knees as I can't do it. We have carpet in our family room. Baby wipes are great for small stains and spills. My 8 year old is now able to use our cone vac to clean up his own spills. I did shampoo the carpets about twice a year with a rental from the store but they went out of business and there is no where w/in 30 miles to rent a carpet cleaner. This is a great contest. Thanks so much.

  376. We have pale gray carpets that require daily vacuuming because of a black dog and black cat residents. We can't affor professional cleaning but I attack spots or stains as soon as I see them. After 3 years the carpets still look pretty darn good.

  377. I wish I had my carpet professionally cleaned every 6 months but no I don't. We have 4 cats so about every 6 months I spray the carpet with a heavy duty cleaner and vacuum it up. Then I wait a week and us a carpet cleaner on it. I don't know what the spray does first but it really helps get the grime up. I learned that trick by accident when I spilled pop on the carpet and used the cleaner to clean the spot then shampooed a couple of weeks later. That particular spot came up cleaner than any other part of my carpet.

  378. I vacuum my carpet almost every day. Between the two dogs, three cats and kids and hubby, the vacuuming is a necessity. But in doing so, it keeps the carpets fresh and clean looking. I do have them cleaned but only about once per year. Also, taking off your shoes helps tremendously

  379. Don't allow children to eat or drink in a room with carpet.Clean up spills immediately.We don't use a professional carpet cleaner.

  380. keep tthe carpet rolled up and it will stay clean for a long time haha..

    really we figure its a part of live and try to take off shoes when entering..try to clean it up as quick as possible with a cotton towel

  381. Get to the stain right away with cold water and dab it up. If possible keep kids, pets and food out of areas with rugs. If not possible, no shoes, no pets on rugs. I use 409 if the stain is really bad. Do not pour a lot on it just a small amount and gently rub the spot. Can always call a carpet cleaner.

  382. We clean the carpet so much, that we bought a personal carpet cleaner last year (we have a rambunctious dog who likes to spill drinks, bring mud in from outside, etc.). Our poor carpet cleaner is already on the fritz, and we are trying (in this lackluster economy) to budget for a new one in the next few months.

  383. My secret for keeping my carpets clean? Good old scrubbing by hand. I spray Greased Lightening on a dirty area, let it sit for a couple of minute, then use a scrub brush on the area. I then go over it with a wet cloth and it usually gets the job done. Now, having a Bissell Prodry sure would be alot easier.

  384. Clean any spills when they happen and keep doormats at the door so dirt isn't tracked into the house. I clean my carpets every 2-3 months because of having dogs and accidents do happen. Like to keep the carpets fresh and clean smelling.

  385. The best tip I have is to never eat in a carpeted room, do all your eating at the table or in a room with tile/hardwood, to avoid any stains in the first place. I do not clean my carpets every 6 months, I only have one! lucky you with that hardworking hubby by the way!

  386. With my furry friends around, I'd need to have my carpets cleaned every 6 days. If I'm lucky, I get them cleaned every 3 years. The rest of the time, I do as best I can. The Bissell ProDry would surely help.

  387. I swear by the oxyclean oxy pod. It's great at getting out those little stains. We also don't wear shoes in the house, so that helps a bit.
    I don't get my carpets cleaned twice a year, but I should!

  388. We invested in a Dyson and try to vacuum everyday - with an indoor/outdoor lab and a 15 month old, the carpet gets pretty abused. I wish we could afford to have it professionally cleaned every six months but that hasn't happened yet!

  389. We don't get our carpet professionally cleaned. We do clean it once in a while ourselves. You need to clean up after spills.

  390. Tips for keeping carpet clean: Vacuum often, use area rugs and don't allow eating in the room with the carpet. For stains, use Tuff Stuff car cleaner.

  391. I really can't afford to have my carpets cleaned evey 6 mo & the only hint I have is to not have pets! We have a dog & 2 cats & my little green machine is constant use! I need a big carpet cleaner badly!!!

  392. We could really use this. The rental fees for a rug doctor are outrageous and we'll never save enough to purchase our own. This looks like a great solution.

  393. Um, every 6 months? Yikes. We've never had our carpets professionally cleaned - just can't afford it. And they definitely need it - whoever decided to put brand-new white carpeting in this house before we bought it was absolutely crazy. White carpeting + kids + pets = we're badly in need of a carpet cleaner. :)

  394. Our carpets have never been professionally cleaned and they look pretty shabby. I like to hide that with large area rugs. We've been tossing around the idea of renting a rug doctor but then I figure we'd need it for at least 2 or 3 days to do the entire house (our house is by no means large, we're just very slow, plus if I'm going to clean the carpets I want to clean everywhere so I don't have an area that looks "off" if we decide to rearrange the room.

    Gosh I'd love a carpet cleaner. We're thinking about buying one at the end of the year as sort of a Christmas present to ourselves!

  395. Um, I wish I could say I have all these neat tricks for keeping our carpet clean. Unfortunately our carpet doesn't even get vacuumed as often as it should. I'm going to have to read back through the comments to see if I can find one with good advice that will help me with all the little spots on our area run in the living room.

  396. We have our carpets professionally cleaned once per year, just before our son's Memorial Day weekend birthday party. We've traded off parts of the house, and left a room or two out each year to help with the expense. So, I guess we really only do high-traffic areas, and other rooms get their chance every other year.

    The best trick I've learned is to use a disposable diaper to clean up spills! They absorb liquid spills quickly when stepped on over a recent spill. I keep any "broken tab" diapers handy for just that purpose - it's saved our carpet more than once!

  397. I'm gonna ditto what Summer said up above...

    "Have carpets professionally cleaned every 6 months?!?


    Yeah, not so much. My tip for clean carpets: Don't get them dirty in the first place. :)

  398. Hardwood floors and leaving our shoes at the door. . . that's our secret. Our first home had white carpet. . . ugh. My trick was carbonated LaCroix water for spot cleaning. When we bought this house we just started replacing carpet with flooring and using area rugs. A top-notch vacuum helps. I did resort to renting a cleaner once-in-awhile but now steer away from all of that due to the horrible chemical solutions/odors. Really. . . hard wood floors are healthier and when you vacuum or dust them - they're really clean. No worries about that nasty dust and dirt that lurks in carpeting and carpet pads. Area rugs for hardwood flooring can be made by selecting carpet at a carpet center and having them professionally bound. You have a rug-to-size and it can just be discarded when it becomes to far gone with stubborn stains.

  399. Oh how we could have used this last week with our plumbing mess. We had to call out a professional team and it ended up costing 150.00 for that one time. If we would have had this machine we could have used it then and any time in the future.

  400. Wow, what a contest! We've never had our carpets professionaly cleaned. But we do have a fabulous favorite stain remover - "Woolite Foam Carpet Cleaner". It smells awful & chemically, though...and I always feel like I'm losing brain cells when I use it. Maybe that's my excuse for only cleaning the carpets every 6 months or so...

  401. We don't have our carpets cleaned professionally anymore. We use to all the time, but then decieded to cut back on expenses when deciding to stay at home. So now I rent the ones at like TrueValue, or Walmart and use them around holidays, and spring cleaning.

    Recently my hubby asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I said you know... my own carpet cleaner would be nice! He laughed and said I was becoming an old lady...

  402. I've been researching to buy one of these! We have a two year old (and close friends with many little ones that are prone to spills) and a new baby due at the end of the month. Our carpet is very light with hundreds of those pesky little dark spots scattered everywhere, so spot cleaning just doesn't help at all. So with a toddler and a new baby on the way, quick-drying, beautifully clean carpets would be amazing! Thanks for the chance to win

  403. We bought our first house back in June and the carpets are already seeing spots and stains. A Bissell would be great to help keep it from getting too bad. Thanks for the chance to win.

  404. I was just thinking about having my carpets cleaned. Mind you, I was thinking, not planning! We had the carpets cleaned when we bought the house - 2 years ago - and haven't done it since. Our *lovely* grey carpet is definitely in need of a good cleaning, because baby wipes just aren't cutting it.
    BTW - I too have a hubby who is good at doing a lot of the deep clean stuff. I know I could persuade him to clean them if I gave him the tools!

  405. A about five years ago I asked my husband for a deep cleaning vac for Christmas and he came home with a Bissell. Not the most romantic gift ever but one that was truly appreciated. I love that this new vac is fast drying. I never liked walking on wet carpeting while waiting for the formula to dry. It felt like it took forever, especially on humid days.

  406. I have light colored carpets and although we take off our shoes when entering we still have dirt and grime in the high traffic areas. With a toddler running around it would be great to have a quick drying carpet cleaner.

  407. With two dogs and a toddler we could stand to have our carpets professionally cleaned every 6 months!! Unfortunately, it is way too expensive to do that. So every few months we rent a rug doctor and give the carpets a good clean. It would be so nice to actually have a cleaning machine in our house and not have to pay to rent one!! Thanks for the contest!


  408. A great tip to keep the carpet clean is to take your shoes off when entering the home! And no- I WISH I could have them cleaned every 6 months, but I don't!

  409. see above post....designhermomma needs this for Christmas and I would really like to give it to her (no joke)! What a great giveaway!

  410. I would love to win this. With 2 kids, 2 cats, 1 dog, and a messy husband, you can only imagine what my carpets look like.

    I don't just want this....mama needs it!


  411. I've always rented carpet cleaners from the grocery store when I think the carpet needs a bit of a clean. It's always a big hassle and my carpet doesn't get cleaned that often, certainly not every 6 months. I don't have many tips for keeping carpets clean except for not wearing shoes in the house

  412. Good hubby you have there. My hubs shampoos the carpet too. We actually need a new carpet cleaner since ours is over 10 yrs. old. So needless to say we don't have them professionally done although I would consider hubby a pro so it's all good. The best tip I have is to keep on top of stains as they happen. I have a mini spot carpet cleaner for those times.

  413. We bought a Bissell steam cleaner a couple of years ago and it has been great for keeping our carpets clean. We get it out two or three times a year to clean the "high-traffic" areas in our house.

  414. Are you kidding, every six months? That'd be great wouldn't it. No, we don't unfortunately. Our upstairs is completely carpeted along with one room downstairs. The rest is hard wood but we have huge area rugs. This would be amazing to actually get things clean and often. I do need to professionally get the upstairs cleaned though as it's time to get the dust out of here. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  415. Wow! We could sure use this! Only our upstairs (bedrooms) has carpet, but in only 2 years, it's well-worn too. J's room especially has seen better days. Since she learned to unhook her feeding pump, we've experienced multiple catastrophic messes in the crib and on the carpet. Oy. Since she has serious lung problems, we really need to keep it professionally cleaned to cut down on dust and molds. This would save us money and be so handy! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  416. My fingers are so crossed. We just moved into our house 6 months ago, and already the carpet is showing what you call, "love". For spot cleans I use baking soda or borax. When I clean all over with my in-laws carpet cleaner I use a mixture of 7th generation laundry soap and vinegar. It worked, but after a week, the "love" was back!

  417. Have carpets professionally cleaned every 6 months?!?


    I just rented a Rug doctor to clean mine a few weeks ago, after 4 years of doing nothing to it. It was in bad shape. Actually still is. Apt. carpet. We can't replace it and the rental office won't until we've moved. The next place we move to is going to have all hardwood floors I say....

  418. We have 2 cats, 2 dogs, and a toddler...we know all about stains! That's for sure. One way I clean up spots is by spraying on a bit of Dreft (the baby stain remover) and then scrubbing it with a scrub brush. Works [almost] every time!

  419. We're lucky to have a connection to a Kerby vaccuum carpet cleaner so we borrow that once a year and clean the carpets. Actually my husband does it as well at our house. We would love to clean more often but not in the budget right now.

  420. This would be wonderful! We are currently living in a rental, and you know how "used" carpet can look over time. What a great, cost saving product! We just have a small spot cleaner the Little green which works pretty good for the immediate spills to soak up water/liquid, etc. but this would be so much more convenient for the larger areas.

  421. We don't have our carpet professionally cleaned, but my best tip is to tackle spills as soon as they occur. Drop everything you're doing and take the time to wipe up spills before they become stains. And baby wipees are fantastic for getting out carpet spots, from blood to kool-aid to chocolate, and more! :)

  422. This isn't carpet related, but another way to get the man of the house to help a little with the cleaning is buy an "all-surface" cleaner. At least it worked here...he can use the same bottle for glass, tile, counters, wood, whatever. I forget the brand I bought though.

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