Housekeeper Husband Reviews: Monster EZ1 Steam Mop

housekeeper-husband-reviews-2We have a lot of tile in our house and, as a result, my husband sometimes uses the Swiffer to mop up our house (especially when he wants to do it quickly). It does a decent job, I suppose...but the smell is intoxicating and heady - in a bad way. I feel like I have to open all of the windows just to be able to breathe.

That has worried me for a while now - especially since I have a baby and a preschooler who spend a lot of time on or near the ground.

I'm happy to announce that I can officially say sayonara to the Swiffer because we now have something MUCH BETTER, thanks to Euroflex.

monster ez1 steam mop by euroflexEuroflex sent me the Monster EZ1 Steam Mop and Floor Cleaner (~$89.99) to review and my "housekeeper husband" (he does all the mopping around here) gives it two thumbs up. It's lightweight, easy to use, and it gets results. All you have to do is fill up the boiler with distilled water, wait 3 minutes until the light comes on, and start mopping. No chemicals are involved at all! The heat does all the work...and it does it well! Best of all, you can clean pretty speedily (and the floor dries quickly slippery surfaces!). After you're done, just toss the microfibre pad in the washing machine and you're done. It's so easy, in fact, that I might do it myself. But then my husband would have to hold the baby AND play with our 2-year-old. He prefers to mop and I prefer to hold the baby and do arts & crafts with our it's an excellent arrangement.

The Monster EZ1 also comes with a "carpet sledge" so that you can clean your carpets with it as well. My husband tried that and he said it works for "the basics," but not for stains (but it's not really designed to do deep cleaning).

Overall, the Monster EZ1 is an excellent product - it will "scare away" all your dirt and debris and you can rest easy knowing that your floors will be clean AND chemical-free.

You can buy the Monster EZ1 on for $89.99 (and get 2 bonus microfibre pads).

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Monster EZ1 Steam Mop and Floor cleaner by Euroflex ($89.99). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Wednesday, August 5th at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #5 erica. Congratulations!

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410 comments on “Housekeeper Husband Reviews: Monster EZ1 Steam Mop”

  1. I have been looking to buy a steam cleaner and have researched all the brands. The Euroflex seems to rate consistantly high. I am in need of a machine that doesn't take a lot of scrubbing since I'm dealing with a fused disk in the bottom of my back, and I can't stand for long periods of time. Here is hoping I can be a winner!

  2. I have a baby who will soon be learning how to walk. With him crawling on the floor, I'd feel so much better if my floors are super clean.

  3. this would be so great Our back door area is like a tunnel and all the leaves and dirt collect out side Our door and then We open door and it gets tracked thru the whole home Plus Husband in construction Need I say

  4. We have allergies and I have asthma so this would be a perfect way to eliminate strong cleaning product smells when mopping:)
    Thank you for the awesome review, giveaway, and 4 the entry:)

  5. We have eight cats and a variety of surfaces, including carpet, tile, and hardwood. This would be great to clean up after the hairballs and butt scoots!

  6. The best part for me is that you just wash and reuse the pad. No disposables and extra expenses! I love it!

  7. This looks so easy to use. I hate house cleaning but since the economic climate doesn't allow for me to sub my chores out anymore (lol) always looking ofr ways to simplify it. Thanks for the chance!

  8. wow that looks like a great machine. we put in a tile and grout floor in our kitchen a few years back and i just cant seem to get it as clean as i want with a mop,i bet this would work wonders :)

  9. Between my sheltie, and my 8 month old learning how to crawl on the floor, this would be perfect for cleaning my floors. Right now I use a swiffer in the kitchen, and vaccum on the carpet. But that's just getting the dirt. Not all the bacteria and the dirt that is ground in.

  10. First of all, you are lucky to have a husband that helps with cleaning. Secondly, I really like how this can be used for carpets. I understand that it is not for stains, but it could be useful for preventative maintenance.

  11. What a versatile machine. We also have a lot of tile, and it is so hard to keep it looking clean. The fact that it also does a light carpet cleaning is fantastic.

  12. Wow! I would love this. I have three dogs and one toddler. This steam mop would be a blessing!!

  13. I have two VERY furry kitties and one hopelessly sloppy hubby - the Monster EZ1 Steam Mop would be a real godsend.

  14. I hate using traditional mops, but I think if I had one of these they would make moping a hole lot more fun and less of a job.

  15. We're expecting our first baby, and our house only has thick, uneven, spanish-style tile. I've been obsessed with figuring out how to clean it before he or she arrives - I can't seem to make any type of traditional mop or swiffer work with the uneven edges. I've been eyeing steam mops for a while...and this looks like a good one!

  16. Oh wow! This is great! With my full house of kids, SIL, and grandbaby, need I say more?! And right now my pregnant daughter is sick so I am watching baby and the house is going to ruin!

  17. I use a Swiffer as well or a traditional mop after having a lot of people over but this looks like great mop to use anytime!

  18. I've been surfing the net and researching steam mops for a few weeks now, so I'm glad to see your review and giveaway here! There's so many different brands it's hard to decide - but I desperately want one! Hope I win! :)

  19. My bathroom floors are so bad the dirt is embedded in the grooves of my tiles, I have tried to scrub them with all of the products out there and think this steam mop will break down the dirt better than anything!!

  20. Unlike you I don't mind the smell of the Swiffer wet jet but it just doesn't seem to get the job done as well as I'd like. And if you accidetnally squirt too much solution it leaves the floor sticky. I think a steam mop is the perfect solution!

  21. I desperately need something like this. It's impossible to keep our kitchen floors sanitary and you can clean carpets w/it too?? That sounds too good to be true! I NEED to try this.

  22. i like these steam mops. good to know that your DH likes it. My hubby wouldn't pick up a mop unless it dispensed beer

  23. This would be perfect for me as we just removed all the carpeting downstairs, and we're in the processing of redoing the old, oak hardwood floors. This would definitely make my life easier.

  24. Wow! I have been looking for something like this. Sounds likes it does a great job and is very affordable.

  25. Nice to get an unbiased opinion of an item before you buy it. I don't mind the swiffer, but this looks like it would do a better job, especially since it uses steam. Hope I can win it before having to go out and buy it!

  26. I agree that the smell that the Swiffer puts off is totally not cool lol! I also have a baby and a preschooler, and I would love one of these! Now only if I could get my husband to mop!

  27. It all started with an infomercial and I have been researching them since...thanks for the awesome review! I would like this because I have fibromyalgia, so mopping the floor some days is a HUGE chore that I pay for later. This would not only make it easier, but also very thorough...and sanitizing.
    pattidv at gmail dot com

  28. Living in an apartment in manhattan, all we have is hard wood floors, no carpet - so this is just what we need!

  29. I hate to mop! Part of why is the clean floor is so temporary (I have 3 preschoolers). The other reason is the icky mops. I never have found one I could love, or even like much. This contraption looks wonderful. It could be worth the closet space.

  30. I try to have the kids do the mopping, but they don't do a very good job. They think a swipe or two with the swiffer is good enough. If we had something that actually WORKED, I would feel much better about their "cleaning style".

  31. I have to clean my floors almost everyday. Five boys create a mess. My biggest problem is I have smooth ceramic flooring and it says wet for a long time. My toddlers have had several spills walking on the wet floor.

    I like the idea that the floor dries quickly.

  32. If you could see the mess that builds up on our kitchen floor in just a day you'd probably hand this over to me with no question! :)

  33. I would love to have this. We have linoleum in the kitchen and bath, and I do it the old fashioned way with a bucket of water and elbow grease

  34. I love that it cleans without chemicals. I've been trying to go greener and this would be an easy way to clean without leaving chemical residue.

  35. I'd really love to try this on our tile cause there really isn't any way to clean it properly! Mopping just doesn't do a good enough job and I have too many pets so you can see this might really make my job easier! PS awesome that your husband does that, wish I could have one of those lol!

  36. I’m always looking at a good way to clean our floors, I injured my arm and mopping is hard for me to do

  37. This would be great for my house, we have hardwood floors throughout the entire house and we are also blessed with a very hyper dog and 3 messy cats. I would love to have this to clean up after their messes =)

  38. We have a lot of tile and vinyl in our house and this would be great for that. It seems like I'm always cleaning the floors, especially the kitchen floor.

  39. The swiffer smell makes me sneeze! It would be such a relief to have something that cleans the floors without the smell and without the chemicals. So much better for me and the environment!

  40. This would be so useful in my house! I have 3 small grandkids and keeping the floors clean is a big challenge

  41. I think this would be nice I am a neat freak and my kitchen and bathroom floors drive me crazy im always cleaning them and yes i agree the swiffer smell is bad thanks for the chance to win [email protected]

  42. I really love that there are no chemicals used and that it dries fast because wet tile ad toddlers don't mix!

  43. I have lots of wood floors in my home. Would this work for those as well? I am interested in the ease of this product.

  44. I can see my kitchen floor looking great after using the Monster EZ1 Steam Mop and Floor Cleaner. I'm just dreaming how clean it would be. Thanks.

  45. What a wonderful little cleaning machine, I would love to own this, it would place my mind a ease. Thanks!

  46. Using the Monster EZ1 Steam Mop and Floor Cleaner, would really ease my mind!! I always have kids..whether mine or neighbor kids or my niece or nephew, crawling around on my floors! The fact that I would have a non chemical clean floor would be fantastic!!!

  47. If receiving this means, that i might be able to get my hubby to mop our floors than by all means i'm game lol. Just kidding, i really would love to try the Monster EZ1 Steam Mop!

  48. I have our first baby on the way due in Nov and we have pets. This would go a long way in keeping our house clean for the baby.

  49. I have replaced carpet in one bedroom and in the Living Room....the rest of the house has the original 30+ year carpet and Lots of Linoleum......I need this!

  50. I would love to have a mop like this. I have one of those old fashion ones. You know the kind you have to wring out with your hands. I have 3 dogs in the house and this would be perfect to get up anything they might track in.

  51. With 4 dogs we need to clean the floors quite often and hate lugging out the mop and bucket every few days so this will make cleaning the floors so much easier.

  52. I am still trying to figure out your trick in getting your husband to do house work. I would love to win the steam mop to see if maybe fancy cleaners are the trick. Oh what the heck I would love to win so its easier on ME to clean the floors lol. Great giveaways

  53. I've looked around for steamers and they really vary in price and features. I swear, some of them have everything but an on-board radio and coffee pot. I like that you can reuse the cleaning pad. Thanks for a great review.

  54. I would love to win this for my daughter. They just moved to a place with a big kitchen and dining room. This would make cleaning so much easier for her.

  55. I always think our floor is still dirty after washing on my hands and knees even! This looks like it would get every particle of dirt with the steam action. I like that it has no chemicals involved and just the heat. It would be more green not using chemical based cleaners. Thanks for entering me!

  56. With three kids and 2 pets my floors are always needing mopped this would be so great to have


    P.S. I love how fast your site pulls in for me. On other sites it can take a good 5-10 minutes

  57. I have 3 children and am due this winter. My oldest daughter has Asthma and between needing to keep our home allergen free for her and sanitary for the new baby this would be a blessing to own!
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  58. I would love to clean my floors with this.I hate using chemicals around my 4 kids and all of our fur babies.Thanks!

  59. I have 2 boys, a husband and a dog. I could really use this. My husband and I "fight" over who has to clean the kitchen floor because even after 1 meal it is always sticky and disgusting. I think I would now volunteer to clean the floors and he could do the toilets :)

  60. With two little grandsons under 4 in my house everyday, I have more spills and dirt than I can keep up with. This would be a huge blessing to have. Thanks for the giveaway.

  61. I've been wanting one of these for a while now; how great to sanitize without all the chemicals. Would love this - thank you!

  62. My floors are in desperate need of cleaning. I keep putting it off and they just get worse. This could be a big help. Thanks for the chance


  63. This is very much needed in our household.
    With four pets, mopping once every couple of days is a must, and our Swiffer just doesn't cut it.

  64. I love the idea of this steam mop! I hate using chemicals when I don't have to and so cleaning with steam is a lot better option for my home. With everyone running around and playing with the dogs on the floor I don't like the idea of chemicals on the tiles. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  65. oooh this looks so awesome! I have three kids as you know, but we also have a 12 yr old dog (and puppy on the way) and 3 indoor cats. I'd LOVE this.

  66. What a wonderful prize which will help me clean up my kitchen tiled floors nicer and make my hectic life easier. Thanks

  67. I would absolutely LOVE to win this! Ive seen similar items all over the place and have heard rave reviews 0n similar steamers and have been meaning to look into purchasing one, but winning one would be even better. I feel that traditional mops just pick up surface grime and push around bacteria and germs, this steam cleaner would fix that problem and I love a chance to see it in action!

  68. Thank you for this great giveaway. I have been seeing something similar to this on a commercial and I love the idea of it using steam to clean and not chemicals. I've been wanting one of these for so long but I can't afford it. I have tile in my kitchen and hallway that is impossible to clean and I think this would do the trick.

  69. I have tile floors that are impossible to keep clean. I love the idea of just cleaning with steam rather than cleaning with chemicals. I have bad allergies so I try to keep the chemicals down.

  70. Thanks so much for this chance, I have been wanting one of these for a long time but money is tight! I bet they work great tho! Has to be better then the crappy mop I have now! hehe

  71. This looks like fun! I hate to clean- and i might actually use this.. no one likes to use the old mop and bucket! ugh!

  72. It would be great to have something that makes floor cleaning fun again. I have swiffer products also (wetjet and the sweeper). When I first got them i used them a lot, but they really didn't work as well as I'd hoped so I soon went back to my old fashioned mop and bucket. Would love to try the MONSTER!!

  73. This seems like a really good product to have. I like the fact that it cleans with only steam and not chemicals. With our dogs running around and licking everything off of the floors it makes sense to clean without chemicals on the floor.

  74. We have some hardwood floors and this would do a lot better job than what we are using now. Sometimes we use vinegar and water. My kids drop so much food on the floor, I would be the one to be using this regularly. Thanks for introducing me to this brand.

  75. I try to keep up with sweeping and washing our floors (the dog hair piling up is disgusting when my little one crawls around in it) but it's difficult to do. Having something like this would sure make life easier... although then I would have much less of an excuse to procrastinate.

  76. This looks awesome! We have a lot of tile too, and I'm not a big fan of the Swiffer either. I tried going back to the old hands-and-knees-and-a-rag-and-pinesol method that we used growing up, but the pinesol smell is just as bad, if not worse. I would love to try a steam cleaner, it would make my toes feel much better not to have to deal with cleaning product residue on the tiles!

  77. This is a great tool, after looking at their website it looks like it can be used on all types of floors, which is perfect for me as I have hardwood, vinyl, carpet, etc. It provides great peace of mind, because we lay on our floors and this product cleans and sanitizes as well. Thanks for the chance to win.

  78. We are an allergy family and I think that this might make me feel better about the cleanliness of our house.

  79. I have hardwood, laminate flooring and tile throughout most of my home so this would really be a great product to own.

  80. I have always been amazed at the commercials that show steam cleaners and how well they clean. My mom bought a steam cleaner a while back and it really does work well. I want one of these for my own place now! Thanks for the giveaway!

  81. Do you think your husband will come with the steam cleaner and do the floors for me? Aw just kiddin'. We have a dog as well as a one year old. I think this would give me more piece of mind when she drops everything on the floor we all run around on and put it in her mouth!

  82. I guess in my house, you could call me the 'housefrau' cause I do the floors. We have two bathroom floors, a kitchen/dinette floor and two large rooms with hardwood floors. All of these would benefit from using a steam mop. As of now I use a standard squeegee stick with a microfiber cloth thrown over it and some standard cleaning agent in the water. I would love to try the steam (no soap) method. Nice contest.

  83. I like the idea of not using soap, only water. Like you, my husband does the floors and I think he'd be a great tester. It really sounds like an excellent product.

  84. I would love to have some help with my floors. They always end up at the bottom of the list. Thanks for the giveaway.

  85. I bet this would work great on my sealed hardwoods. With a regular mop (even the Wonder Mop) I feel like I am just pushing the dirt around.

  86. i have 2 Cats a Mobile Home and nothing to scrub the Rugs with this would be perfect for my small space and get the job done and not have to go rent one drag it home hurry up to get done drag it back - thanks so much for hosting this giveaway GLA

  87. Oooh, I really hope I win! We have hardwood floors in our kitchen and living room, and I would LOVE to have this to use for cleaning. The floors are one place that I am still using chemicals to clean, but with my little one crawling in a few months, I am really going to have to reconsider how I clean the floors. Thank you!

  88. I admit... we're swiffer people. But would love to try this. We have hardwoods that, inbetween the vinegar/water clean, need a bit of light cleaning.

  89. I hate cleaning my kitchen floor. It's tile and is nearly impossible to clean up the many many juice and milk spills that happen in our kitchen! I like the idea of steam getting really good and deep clean.

  90. I'm moving into an apartment with all laminate wood floors and I was just trying to figure out how I was going to get them clean without spending HOURS on them - this would be perfect!

  91. With kids, pets and country living Steam Mop would be the cleaning product of choice. I like the fact that it steam cleans!

  92. I think a Steam Mop would benefit me with a pet and family running all around all the time. I'm the kind that doesn't like germs and is always on my mind so this would be something I could use and need. Would also like to try it on my furniture and drapes.

  93. This would be nice to have for my kitchen floor, especially. I dyed my hair in there a few days ago and got bleach on the floor. Maybe this can clean it up!

  94. I really love that you can use this on so many surfaces and doesn't take any chemicals, it would definitely give me peace of mind with two toddlers running around!

  95. This would be the perfect thing to clean the kitchen and bathroom! It's so hard to find something which cleans them properly, hubby often has to mop twice to get it looking right!

    Thanks for the steamy giveaway :)

  96. This sounds amazing! I have to say that the Swiffer we currently have does NOTHING to remove built up stains on our bathroom floor. We have an apartment and the tile is very old, and you can tell. I also hate the noxious fumes after I use the Swiffer. This would be so amazing to own, thank you so much *fingers crossed*!

  97. I really want a steam cleaner for floors because most of my house is ceramic tile or sealed hardwood both of which need careful cleaning to look right and SMELL right. I think steam is the answer and the EZ1 looks like the best choice I have seen so far.

  98. Yeah, along with alot of other people on here, I was thinking this mop wouldn't be good for our hardwoods, but it looks like it actually would be! So hard to find a great product like that.

  99. This seems like a terrific product for quick clean-ups, especially for homes with a variety of flooring surfaces like mine - would love to try this out on our home's tile, hardwood, and carpets. Thanks so much for another amazing giveaway!

  100. My children come often with their children and
    dogs (and I love it). However, need I say how
    much use I'd have for this Monster EZI Steam mop
    on all my tile floors. WOW

  101. My children come often with their children and
    dogs (and I love it). However, need I say how
    much use I'd have for this Monster EZI Steam mop
    on all my tile floors. WOW

  102. With two cats and lots of traffic, our floors need all the help they can get. I would love to have a go at them with the Monster EZ1 Steam Mop. Thank you for the chance to win.

  103. I can't even begin to imagine the kind of stuff I could clean up with two kids, a dog and two cats in the house on my hardwood floors.

  104. I have hardwood floors which I love but I also have two sons a husband and two dogs, so this would be wonderful!

  105. I feel this would help my family with their allergy's plus I have a daughter who is a germaphobic this would make her feel at ease knowing that it is being cleaned with steam which she thinks is the cleanest and germ killing.

    Thank you so very very much


  106. We just moved into a place with hard wood floors between kids and pets I do not think they have really been clean since before we moved in. Great giveaway

  107. We're doing a home remodel and having wood flooring installed. I could really put this cleaner to good use on those. Thanks.

  108. This would be perfect for the kitchen and bathroom floors! Seems a lot better than the swifter I've been using. I like the idea of cleaning without chemicals.

  109. I have two incredibly messy cats. In fact, I just mopped up a huge spill of sticky mouthwash mixed with cat hair because my Dunbar decided the bathroom counter was his new perch. My floor is minty fresh!

  110. This would be fabulous for my house since its mostly tile floors. They're so hard to clean thoroughly and with 3 dogs in the house they definitely need a good cleaning.

  111. This would be an answer to my prayers. I have had a most difficult time finding something that wasn't overwhelmingly fragrant or left things a bit sticky.

  112. We have a combination of carpet, wood, and vinyl floors in this house. Sounds like this steamer would cleal all of them. Thanks.

  113. I've had a lot of back surgery and I can tell you that cleaning floors is the hardest task for me to do. This would make my life so much easier!

  114. I have actually considered purchasing this cleaner. Waiting because with the economy like it is we need to pinch pennies. I would love to win this prize.

  115. This would be great for the kitchen, laundry/dog room, and bathrooms. Looking at a house with wood floors throughout. If I buy it, this would be perfect there too.

  116. With a lot of tile in the house it would be great to have something that works really well and is easy to use. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  117. Like the others, with babies, pets and everything else that goes with it, my floors are never as clean as I would like. This sounds like a perfect solution. And if your husband would like to throw in some how-to mopping lessons for MY husband, I'll take that too!

  118. We're always learning new and better ways to clean a floor. But nothing beats steam. Hot water, no chemicals, no residue, clean. Natural is the best way to go.


  119. this would be great to clean with, i really need one of these badly, i cant mop and this would help. thanks

  120. We have ceramic tile and I just don't feel like it gets clean enough. I'd love to see what this thing would do. I especially would love to see what it can do to my grout.

  121. We've recently moved and I've had to give up my ceramic tile for (sob...)linoleum. We'll eventually do the upgrade, but for now it just looks so dingy. I think a good steam clean would make a world of difference.

  122. I have a super cheapy steam mop that I like because of the steam cleaning, but I dislike because it is so flimsy.

    My FAV feature of the 'Monster Floor Steam Mop' is that Ergonomic Handle! It looks much easier to maneuver. Plus, they include more microfiber pads than the cheapy mop and the DOUBLE steam jets make more sense because they give you more cleaning area!

    This is really an awesome giveaway! The 'Monster Floor Steam Mop' has great features that other steam mops are lacking and they paid attention to those small details in quality that really make a big difference when you are using an appliance/device!

  123. We have a lot of tile at our house too...and I don't really like it. It is so hard to clean, because of the grout lines. This looks like it would be really helpful.

  124. We could use something like this in our kitchen; the standard mop and bucket just isn't cutting it with a toddler in the house who can get around gates.

  125. Wouldn't it be nice if we never had to mop at all!? But alas...we must, especially with little ones practically 'living' on the floor at this stage. I am glad you like this one, especially in a house that is mostly tile!

  126. I have a crawling baby and tile floors! I know this would be awesome for us...the Swiffer just isn't cutting it now that precious baby hands are all over the floor! Thanks for the chance to win!

  127. I would like to give this a try. I had a Bissell Steam Mop and was happy with it until it died so now I'm gun shy of purchasing a steam mop and having it just stop working after a few months or a year. I hate to waste money. I did love the fact that there are no chemicals involved and I felt that my floor was "steamed" clean when I was done. I really did feel that I was walking on a clean floor and my feet didn't stick like some other cleaners which involves mopping a second time with water. Plus there are no smelly solutions.

  128. I'd love to win this. I have ceramic tile floors and I hate mopping them, I use one of those clorox mops and it just doesn't do the job! The ceramic almost absorbs the liquid and the dirty water just goes into the grout. I desperately need to pick one of these up!

  129. When using a mop, I never think I really get my floors clean, but after reading the reviews on this mop, I think I could. Love that it cleans without chemicals. great giveaway

  130. This sounds like it would cut my work in half!!. I am forever scrubbing the floors with 4 dogs and mud for a driveway! Thanks so much for the giveaway and I havea pretty helpful hubby too...we are blessed!!

  131. i could really use this as we have alot of hard surfaces in our house.. wood, vinyl, ceramic tile... the ceramic tile is a pain to clean, i would love something to make that easier

  132. I, too, am looking to replace my current method (Swiffer) because of the massive amount of tile and laminate. Would love to go chemical free and have no streaking.

  133. I've been dying to get a steam mop! I have a lot of hardwood and tile floors and they never seem clean to me. This would be great. Thanks so much!

  134. I have gone through so many mops trying to find one that I really beleive in. I have a hard time trusting that a sponge mop picks up everything. I would love love to try this out on my floors and feel confident that my girls are crawling around on a clean surface. : )

  135. My floors see a lot of traffic people and pets the it seems I am always mopping. The Euroflex would be awesome to have and I just love the fact it cleans with no chemicals!

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  136. My hubby is the same way. He does all the "floor" work and I have no complaints. I'd love something like this that would make his job easier.

  137. I'd love to try this, I'm always looking for easy ways to clean my carpet. And my vinyl floors need some love too!

  138. I love things that clean without using chemicals. Right now I have a lot of carpet and just a few rooms with hard surface floors but we're looking for a new house and one of the things we'll have in our new house will be less carpet and more hard surface floors!

  139. I TOTALLY agree with you about that overpowering Swiffer smell! I live in a house of allergy-sufferers and that aroma is not acceptable. This steam mop would make a big difference in our lives! Thanks.

  140. I've had some kind of steam cleaner on my wish list for quite a while. It's good to know that it doesn't handle carpet stains well. I guess I'll have to keep using Oxyclean (did they discontinue the fragrance-free version?) and rinse really well before steam cleaning to kill germs and help with odors. Thanks for the really cool offer!

  141. This would be so great for us. We have two big dogs, so I'm always cleaning the floors, but I hate to use harsh chemicals. So this would solve a problem for us. Thanks.

  142. We also have a lot of tile ~ and 2 new pups that love to keep me busy cleaning those lovely tiles. I should have sought a house with dark flooring to match my pups dark fur LOL. It's quite the chore to mop up after them ~ we live in an area where the ground is red clay, not dirt...

  143. I have a toddler (major mess maker) and a baby who has just learned to crawl. Ack! I would love this for my kitchen. I have ceramic tile and the grout lines are so depressed (meaning not flush with the tiles- they're not sad). It's difficult to keep these clean with a Swiffer or even a traditional mop. I end up on my hands and knees scrubbing the floors after I do a general mop. So time consuming and back breaking.

    We also have a rug in the living room that I would love to try this bad boy on.

    And I really value the fact that there are no chemicals involved. Makes me feel better with my kids.

  144. I just finished installing tile in my living room, kitchen, family room, dining area, and master bedroom...I'm thrilled with the results. However, cleaning 1500 SF of tile is quite an undertaking. The Euroflex Monster EZ1 steam mop would be an amazing time saver.

    Thank you. :-)

  145. We have a steam cleaner and I love it, but it doesn't have a floor attachment, so this would be great to win. We have mostly hardwood floors, with some ceramic tile, and it feels like I mop all the time. We already have cut out most commercial cleaners and are using vinegar and EOs to clean now, since we have two little ones, too. But, I would love to try the cleaning power of this!

  146. With a lab (that should be enough right there,) 2 cats, and a 1 yr old, our floors are DIRTY! This would be well loved in our home. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  147. I so want to try onw of these for my bathroom foor. It gets so ticky from hairspray and I have to get down on my hands and knees with a brush and scrub. I belive this would work great and save my knees!

  148. I've been looking into one of these....I have the worst tile in the world in my kitchen and the floor always looks dirty. 10 minutes after my husband mops (it's his job too!) it looks dirty. I'm glad to hear that it works well, and I'd love to win.

  149. how cool- Im always looking for something to simpligy the process. I use amonia- BLECH- I hear ya on the smell

  150. I'm trying to do away with chemicals -- not only do I have allergies, but so do all four of my dogs. I have hardwood floors, so a steam cleaner would be wonderful!

    Both your girls are gorgeous!

  151. Since my Swiffer just busted in two last week, I have been hesitant to go out and buy a new one because like you, I am not impressed by the results. I have a large kitchen with hardwood floors that gets very messy from my two young boys and the rest of my house is tiled floor, so this product would seemingly work much better on those surfaces than the swiffer has done in the past. Love that it is chemical-free since I have an avid crawler and older boy who loves to play on the floors and drag the pillows all around the house - arg!

  152. First I must say that I am impressed that your husband is in charge of the mopping. Oh I would love that around here. Secondly, I like that it is lightweight and that it dries quickly. Thanks so much, Linda

  153. Chemical-free is for me! My kids and I have asthma and strong scents exacerbate it. I would love something to clean all my floors without scents.

  154. I have read the reviews on this and it is exactly what I'm looking for! I have the hardwood floors and it would awesome to have this to clean them with. Every time I clean these floors within an hours time they are dirty again. Thanks for the chance! :)

  155. I also have a lot of tile in my house and have not been happy with a traditional mop or a sweeper. We live in the country and dirt gets tracked in constantly. I feel like I'm sweeping and mopping all the time!.. I would love to give the EZ1 steam mop a try-thanks for the chance!

  156. Wow, I wish my husband would mop. I get to play with the kids and do the cleaning. I SO want one of these steam mops, I would kick my old mop to the curb.

  157. Wow! This steam mop sounds wonderful! We have tile floors thoughout our house due to allergies, and this floor cleaner would really be welcomed!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  158. With kids you can imagine what gets thrown to the floor. Sometimes without me realizing it, which means it gets dried on there to find later. With the Steam mop it would be soo much easier for me to clean my floors. Instead of having to get down on my hands and knees to scrub every little splatter off the tile. I would love to own one of these, because I can imagine as my kids get older what kind of messes they will make on my floor.

  159. The mop I have now I think just spreads the jerms around. Looks super easy to use and NO harsh chemicals (great for the babies)

  160. I like that there is no harsh chemicals. I cant handle the smell either of harsh chemicals. And the cleaner looks really easy to use. I need that!

  161. I would love to win this! I have several conditions that make it hard for me to do simple things like get down and really clean my floors. With this I could do it easily and not have the guilt of my husband now having to do everything. I also can't tolerate many of the chemicals used to clean floors so this would definately help there. Though my grandchildren are not toddlers they love to play on the floor still, Thank you so much for the opportunity to win one

  162. This would be so much cleaner than using a regular mop and bucket. I would love to win and try this. Thanks.

  163. I love that the Monster cleans AND sanitizes, unlike my regular, stringy, cotton mop.

    thinkingbrain135 at gmail dot com

  164. I'm for any products that will make cleaning easier and more efficient, and I'm thankful that I have a husband that helps clean.

  165. I've been looking for a non-chemical alternative to the swiffer too - so I may buy this if I don't win it!

  166. I saw something like this in an add on t.v. but it was expensive - 3 "easy" payments of $39.99. Anyway, I am addicted to cleaning supplies. Use the Swifter every weekend on our wood floors. I would love to see how this does!

  167. I have been dying to try this! I have nothing but hardwood floors and this would make our lives so much easier!

  168. Steam is the best cleaner to insure a germ free environment without toxic chemicals. Thanks for the chance!

  169. I don't mind the smell of Swiffer so much, but I do think it leaves the floor rather sticky -- making it easier for the dirt to come right back. The EZ1 Steam Mop looks like the perfect solution to keep my floors clean and sanitary.

  170. Well, now I do not know what to do! I was looking at the Shark, and am wondering if this might be better!?! We are starting to need one pretty desperately, I do not have the best napper and the mopping time is being sacrificed!

  171. We have the kitchen floor from hell. My husband, like yours, does all the mopping (bless them both!) and short of getting down on his hands and knees with hot water and a brush, cannot keep this attracts-gunk-like-glue floor looking much beyond dingy, which is very frustrating considering he mops every week (and we don't have dogs or kids, so there's not much indoor-outdoor traffic). This machine truly looks like it could make a big difference in the results of his weekly mopping chores!

  172. I would love to have this, since my daughter just started crawling...and she's everywhere within a blink of eye!

  173. If I win here's my promise:
    I promise to do the floors for my wife. I love stuff like this and it'd be one less chore on her shoulders.

  174. I have a ton of tile because I think it is easier to keep clean with my two dogs--especially if there is an accident. I have a big mop and bucket--industrial size--but I have been thinking about a steam mop--be great to win one.

  175. It's about time somebody came up with this fantastic gadget!! No more sloppy buckets of hot water! Thank you for the contest!

  176. I'm very interested in steam mopping, I'd love to be able to eliminate chemical cleaning and switch to plant-based or other natural cleaners, but I worry that the floor just won't be clean enough for crawling babies.

  177. because of tough economy, even though my house needs really good cleaning, I am unable to buy new item. It will help my house.

  178. My house only has one room with carpet in it. I could really use this. I also like the way you show a male using it. it gives me ideas about who should use this if i win. I'll have to show the picture to my husband so he gets the message.

  179. I really want a steam mop! As a matter of fact, I have one saved on Amazon. My floors need some deep cleaning.

  180. This is the perfect product for my kitchen floors. I worry about germs and the baby getting dirty now that she has started crawling.

  181. I'd LOVE to try the Monster! I also use the Swiffer steamer and agree that it does an "OK" job. Thanks for the offer!

  182. I would love this for my floors! I would feel like they were really getting a good cleaning/sanitizing with this! m04taes(at)verizon(dot)net

  183. we are in the process of buying a house with wood floors and just had a new baby so those combined make this a priority for me

  184. I have wanted a monster steam mop.. I see them on tv and I have 3 kids this could really help me with.

  185. our floors are constantly dirty with 3 kids under the age of 4 dripping, spilling, and bringing in surprises from outside... this could be helpful!

  186. What a great cleaner.... I would love to see if it really keeps me from crawling around with a wet papertowel to get the inevitable spots that "mopping" misses!

  187. This looks like a great product. It seems no matter what I use my floors do not look clean enough. Also, that it works on carpets is a great bonus. My carpets can use some care.

  188. I can't stand the smell of any 'regular' cleaning products. They make me cough. I went to baking soda and vinegar a long time ago. To solve the problem of Swiffer, I cut up some old flannel receiving blankets. I attach the flannel to the Swiffer and use a spray bottle with my own cleaning solution to dampen the floor as I go. It works well, but I have to say, I am drooling over this steam cleaner! I've been wanting one for a very long time!


  190. I use Swiffers too and no I dont really like the smell either. I would love to have one of this. But then I would have to put up with my family and friends saying...Can I borrow it? LoL...would be worth it though.

  191. Oh my goodness! This would be a perfect thing to have! Having a boy in the house, as well as all his friends, I know that boys can spill/spray just about anything....the floor especially! And not having to worry about mixing the chemicals just right so that they aren't over powering by smell would be WONDERFUL! Thanks for sharing this!

  192. This is exactly what I've been looking for, I seem to be bothered more and more by harsh chemicals and will be uncomfortable for days after using them, with two dogs - who also seem to react to harsh cleaners, I would love to have something like this Thank you so much for the chance.

  193. I think this would be great for us, because our dog is in and out 100 times a day, and drags in all kinds of dirt and germs.

  194. This looks so interesting. We just got a baby chihuahua and I am so scared of the chemicals in the cleaning products I use to mop the floor. THis would be so much safer!

  195. We have a house cat and a mostly house Lab. They manage to spill their water bowl on a regular basis and spread their half eaten food on all the floors. I get sick with strong smells, but have tolerated them in order to be clean-this product sounds like the perfect answer to my problem. Thanks for once again finding a great new product.

  196. I really need a powerful but easy to use cleaner. We have cats and a big house. So we can use all the help we can get. I'd love something that works on the marble and tile.

  197. This would be perfect for all my tile floors. It is so hard to get them clean because of the patterns. I have to get on my knees and scrub. I also like the fact that it is light weight.

  198. Floors...I can not stnad to clean them. They never seem to look clean enough. I have talked to my dh about purchasing a steam type cleaner. This would be such a huge blessing.

  199. I have so wanted one of these. With several cats I want to keep my bathroom and hall and kitchen floor clean and sanitized.

  200. would love this- hate looking at the neverending dirty kitchen floor- pawprints and everything else- mopping did not actually clean so I gave up

  201. This would be so great to win because I babysit 5 children and I need something that cleans my floors well. I'm crossing my fingers!

  202. Been wanting one of these!! 2 teens and a messy hubby..this would be great.Heard good reviews as well.

  203. ok so my boyfriend has a couple shedding dogs so we NEED one of these. I'm so sick of seeing dog hair on the floor!!

  204. It's funny, because my husband does the mopping at our house too. He likes to use plain old ammonia with water to clean the floors. I don't like the fumes and frankly just the use of such a harsh chemical bothers me. I love the idea of being able to steam my floors. Thanks for the product review!

  205. This steam mop would be great for my tile floors. They get a lot of traffice and a quality steamer like this one would be so fine! thank you

  206. rugs AND floors? now THIS is ideal! and i like that you can adjust the steam level. and it isn't huge and clunky. (that's the first requirement in all my appliances)

  207. This sounds like a fabulous product! My kitchen and bathroom floors get SO dirty and they are a pain to clean. This sounds like a great and non-chemical way to clean them, thanks.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  208. I'd love to have this item as it would be easier to clean the floors than having to get down on my knees.

  209. Well, if it works on hardwood floors as well then I need one! We have a Great Dane puppy (plus two girls and all there friends) and I am constantly cleaning the floors. This would be wonderful!

  210. The preschool I work at just had our floors re-done to finished cement. I would love to have this to clean up after 30+ kids.

  211. Say sayonara to the Swiffer? Count me in! I really despise that whole Swiffer process, and would love to win. I end up Swiffering twice, usually, and between the cat, dog, kids, grandchild, husband, and friends, I'd reall use this.....every day!

  212. I have three kids and two dogs in the house and would love this to help with the clean up! Would love to win!

  213. We have wood and tile floors in our house, this sounds like it would make a chore, more pleasant, and using only distilled water=no chemicals. Excellent idea!

  214. Look at that. You have a house cleaner on staff! How'd you score that? ;)

    My husband does actually help, but the one thing he will never do is the floors. Maybe this would actually get him to help me in that area.


  215. From everything I've heard about steam mops, they can be used on hardwood. We just installed bamboo floors last year and I've been swiffering them. This looks like it would do a better job- hope I win!

  216. I love my Shark, but I am looking for something a little more heavy duty. This sounds like just the product!

  217. wow i like the sounds of this thing. do you think it would work well on laminate flooring? we use a manual microfibre swiffer type thing. but you still have to get on your hands and knees sometimes to get those extra dirty spots.

  218. This would be perfect especially because you can just throw the pad in the washer and use it over and over. That would cut down costs on the Swiffer wet pads that is for sure. Glad to hear hubby likes it!

  219. Your right the swiffer is so intoxicating, and a traditional mop and water bucket just isnt that appealing either. A steam mop sounds much more sanitary.

  220. We have a *huge* expanse of wood floor in our house that is never clean because it's such a pain to clean. With this, I just might have a clean floor again!

  221. We just bought a new house, and I'm on the run...searching for something that will clean my wood floors, that are all over the house, except the bathroom and kitchen...It takes all I have to do it on my hands and knees with a wash rag.

  222. I love that you have a pic of your husband looking cool and cleaning the floor. I am going to show my sweetie this pic so he will clean the floor for me!

    I really like that the Monster is a green machine. Being able to throw the cleaning pads in the washing machine is fantastic!

  223. I don't like the Swiffer mop smell either and this looks like it would work great. I also don't like chemical use with the kids and dog about.

  224. Thanks for the review on a steam mop. I have been very curious as to how well these perform compared to a traditional mop. I would love to try one in my home, and see how it would stand up to my crazy kids and the mess that they make ;)

  225. This looks like a great product. I need this to clean my kitchen floor. It always looks like a mess, maybe this would be the answer to keeping my kitchen floor cleaner!!

  226. Like I told you before, I love my roomba, but really need a steamer to get those sticky stuff and stains off of the tiles. This would be lovely to win.

    also you should definitely try the home-made salsa recepie on my blog. it seriously is soo yummy. u gotta make it and try it to believe me.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  227. I have the SHARK steam mop for our house (now rental) in St. George, Utah & loved it. Although I didn't buy another because there were a few things that bugged me in the end. You had to hand wash the pads which I know is lazy of me but it bugged me after mopping 1600 sq feet of wood floors!

    I would love to try out the MONSTER - it is even less expensive!

  228. Can this be used on hardwood floors, too? What a fantastic tool. I think I would totally enjoy cleaning the floors with this! Throw the baby in the Ergo and clean away!!! :)

  229. I completely agree with you about the Swiffer, I detest the smell! It does an okay job, but I really like my floors to be clean. I really do not enjoy mopping, and I don't have much to do! We live in the high desert and the dust is awful! My boys seem to track so much dirt and mud in! This would make my whole house feel completely clean, I mean really don't you feel better when EVERYTHING is clean! Love it, would love to use it!

  230. WOW! This sounds like a dream machine! I would love one of these. It is a little bit spend for me, but it would beat what I did today. I got down and hand washed the floor in the kitchen. Then my husband brought home Popsicles because it is 106 today and the kids dripped all over it! O'Well! I just had to spot clean it, this time! This "Monster" would be really awesome!

  231. I have three levels of laminate flooring. It's a huge job every time I clean them. I was just looking into buying the Shark, I didn't know the Monster was out there. I would love, love, love to win it! Yay!

  232. I'm glad you have finally found something that works so well for you guys. I'm wondering if it's safe to use on wood floors. There are a couple of photos on the website that look like wood, but they could have been laminate.

  233. Our hardwood floors definitely need a little more lovin'. They get swiffered every once in a while and mopped every once in a greater while. Maybe I'd be more inspired to clean with this!!

  234. With all the little kiddos running around my house, my tile turns to a mess quickly. I try to stay on top of it, but it's not always easy to clear the room. This looks like a wonderful solution to get the tile cleaned quickly and effectively. I can honestly say I REALLY want to win this!!! I would use it all the time and I would feel much better letting my soon to be crawling baby and he soon to be crawling friend that I'm watching crawl across my tiled floors. Wish me luck!! =)

  235. It's great to know that it cleans so well with just steam! Yay for not having to worry about cleaners with my 8 month old just starting to crawl! :)

  236. My husband thinks we should buy stock in the swiffer company with the amount of cloths we use. I really think the scent is overpowering and it has gotten stronger over the years, but it works! Anything without chemicals would be most welcome here though...

  237. I'm always looking at a good way to clean our floors. Mostly I just use the OMop from Target that I bought awhile ago with my Shaklee Basic H (noticed another Shaklee user above too!) but I'm never quite sure if it's doing a good enough job. It is easy though. I KNOW this would be better for our kitchen though since I really don't like scrubbing that.

  238. I think my husband needs to see this post so he can see how to clean a floor. He's so old fashioned some times! What a cool cleaning toy! I could use this for sure. Bathrooms, kitcher, landing, laundry room! I can see the sparkling floors now!

  239. Our kitchen has tile and it really needs a good deep cleaning but I cannot find the time (nor do I really want to) to get down on my hands and knees and scrub the kitchen floor. I would much rather mop and be done. This looks excellent since I do the mopping - I can't funtion unless my house has been cleaned on Saturday (I know I need to relax about this but it is so hard!)

  240. My mom just got a rival steam mop, but I don't think it has washable pads or works on carpet, so this sounds much better. With a 5 week old baby this is something I need to invest in soon.

    1. I bought a Rival Steam mop - the cord is too short, there is no control for heavier cleaning.
      Before that I had the H2O and after ten years of use it kind of blew itself up.
      this one looks like it is much easier on my back (I'm 76 years old) my house is 89% tile, and I need all the help from a steam mop I can get.

  241. We too have lots of tile and I've been looking into something like this for our house! I have the Swiffer Wet Jet right now which I don't mind but it gets pricey to keep on buying the refill stuff.

  242. We move into the new house on Saturday! It is all wood on the 1st floor. Seven kids, two adults and a dog... we need a fast and simple way to clean these floors without getting the toddlers sick!

    I'd love this!

  243. You guys are trying all kinds of things to keep your floors clean, aren't you? This is one I haven't heard from before...looks interesting from the photos! The idea of being chemical free is nice, especially for the many times we have to clean our floors due to little ones dropping things. This might even be fun to use!

  244. Wow! I would love one of those. I feel like my kitchen floor is never clean unless I get on my hands and knees with Comet and a scouring pad. Chemicals are not good for the dog. This would be a much better alternative.

  245. Wow! I like the idea of this a lot. We also have a ton of tile in the house, and this looks like a great way to clean them. And extra bonus that it involves no cleaning solution!!

  246. That is awesome that it cleans with no chemicals. So, he thinks that it is better then the Hoover floormate one?

  247. I'm always looking for anything I can get to make the mopping easier and less smelly...then I might do it instead of waiting until my husband does! :)

  248. Does this also work on wood floors as well? I am in a constant battle with dirt in our house because I spend a lot of time on the floor stretching, doing yoga, and just plain sitting on our floors and despite my efforts we have failed miserably in the no shoes in the house policy. My hubby finds it annoying to take off his gardening shoes on the weekends before coming into the house to get a quick drink of water. So, I am constantly fighting dirt, chemicals, etc. We are strictly a Shaklee household, but have to use Murphy's Oil on the floors. This could potentially be a great compromise to keeping our floors clean inspite of gardening dirt. Thanks for the tip!

  249. At first I wasn't sure I wanted to enter this contest because all the floors in our new house are hardwood and I fear this type of cleaning might ruin them. But I just read some reviews that this product was designed specifically to clean hardwoods so I'm in! What a great product! And excellenet news about no chemicals since baby Lucy will no doubt be crawling sooner than I can blink my eyes!

  250. We have two children who run in and out constantly and two dogs in our home! The floors are usually pretty dirty on a daily basis. I really don't want to use too many cleaning products. Just yesterday, I had a man come and check our upstairs air conditioning unit and he said we needed a new coil!
    The reason the coils get pits and leak freon are from cleaning products used in homes, hair spray,
    perfumes, etc.!!!!! Scary.....Please enter me in your steam cleaner drawing. Thanks very much!

  251. This would really give me some peace of mind about our little guy crawling around on our wood/tile floors. It is so hard to keep them clean with a toddler and two dogs!

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