How to Become A Chocolatier

I never forget to R.S.V.P. for "sales parties."

The reason I don't forget is because I automatically say "no."

No offense to Mary Kay, Arbonne, Premier Jewelry, and Gold Canyon - I just don't like to go to a party where I know with 100% certainty that I'm not going to buy anything. Yes, I realize buying something isn't obligatory, but it always feels a bit awkward to walk away from those parties empty-handed. Besides, I don't like going to an informal "get-together" with friends, only to realize that I have to listen to a sales pitch about why this foundation is revolutionary for my skin or these candles will last for eight hours.

Note to friends:

  • I rarely wear make-up and, when I do, I buy my "favorite" drug store brands - you know, like Revlon lipsticks and Maybelline mascara. The $7 variety.
  • I rarely wear jewelry and the pieces that I do have are handmade, personalized, and/or simply silver. My ears aren't pierced and I don't wear rings (other than my wedding ring). Bracelets are beautiful (but a nuisance when you have a toddler). So I usually stick to simple necklaces with special meanings.
  • I don't buy candles. Especially ones that retail for over $10. Even if they smell wonderful and will burn until pigs fly.

I love YOU, but not the products. capiche?

Oh, and I totally don't mind being invited (thank you for thinking of me). Just know that I'll say "no" about...oh...98% of the time.

I might change my mind, however, if you were selling something else, like homemade soap or locally grown produce or...chocolate (which brings me to the reason for this post).

If you're the kind of person who would enjoy working in a direct sales capacity, here's an idea:

dove chocolate discoveries logoDOVE Chocolate Discoveries offers you a way to "Eat Chocolate. Make friends. Make $$$." Essentially, you host a DOVE Chocolate Discoveries™ Tasting party and invite your friends to try...chocolate. Serve chocolate martinis, 5-minute chocolate mousse, chocolate-covered graham crackers, truffle fudge brownies, or fondue.

DOVE Chocolate Discoveries is the first direct-selling company just for chocolate (and it's a new "start-up" company, which is why you may not have heard of it until now). The base commission is 25%, but there is potential for earning up to 40% with additional bonus opportunities as well.

If you are interested in becoming a Chocolatier, you may want to watch the "Chocolate Advantage" video for more information. From there, you can get up and running by purchasing a $149 Business Kit. The kit gives you everything you need to hold your first four to six Tasting Parties.

chocolate-ice-cream-sandwic tuxedo-strawberries white-cheesecake

As with any direct selling company, the amount of money you make (or if you make any money at all...) depends on how often you want to host parties (and how much people buy, of course). I, myself, am not really a direct-selling kind of gal, but this opportunity sounds like it has potential for fun for the right kind of person.

Note: If you invite me to a chocolate tasting party, I probably won't R.S.V.P. quite as fast as I would for other direct selling parties...because I'll be checking my calendar. Will you do me a favor though? Hold the sales pitch. Chocolate pretty much speaks for itself.

I'm pleased to offer one of you an opportunity to become a Chocolatier!

dove chocolate discoveries business kit

WIN IT! One winner will receive a $149 DOVE Chocolate Discoveries Business Kit (pictured above, valued at $300). To enter, leave a comment stating why you would like to be a Chocolatier and/or why you would make a good Chocolatier on this post prior to Monday, June 22 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

NOTE: Unlike most of my contests here at Metropolitan Mama, the winner of the DOVE Chocolate Discoveries Business Kit will not be chosen randomly. I will carefully select a winner based on the quality and creativity of your entry. My goal will be to select a commenter who clearly demonstrates her potential to be a Chocolatier. Convince me!

*UPDATE* THANK YOU to everyone who entered to become a Chocolatier! There were so many fantastic entries - it was hard to choose! But the winner is...#116 Marina. Marina, you gave a compelling case about why you would make an outstanding Chocolatier and I wish you much success with your new business endeavor! Best wishes!

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126 comments on “How to Become A Chocolatier”

  1. są pojętne wystąpić całość wykonaj weselnych, powszechnie spośród intymnymi, gdyby wierzą że mianowanie się na nie przyniesie
    im realną pomyślność. Stanowią cholernie chytre i gdyby faktycznie owo umiem uchwycić - bezwzględne.
    W 4 epizodach na 5 rubasznie uważne uratowaniem informuj do nazbieranego dobrobycie.

  2. Just wanted to give you a heads up that the kits are on sale this month and I think next, all the way down to 79 for the mini kit!!! If you know anybody else who is interested, it's a great time to start.

  3. I may not be the first to admit that I am a choco-holic-
    my favorite are the chinese pocky's- aka chocolate on a stick-
    I can eat it anytime, anyplace and in any form-
    Frozen, melted, heck even LUKEWARM!
    On pretzels, peanuts, and raisins most DEFINATELY!
    Id be so successful, even without a bachelor's degree.
    Id sell the most chocolate in all the region,
    and prove that loving chocolate isn't a sin.
    Pick me to become the next CHOCOLATIER-
    and let my passion become my career!


  5. I am already a Chocolatier, this will just make it official. My girlfriend and I have made our own hot fudge out of various chocolates, trying to get the perfect dark chocolate hot fudge. We could use this package in our fudge!

  6. I would make a good Chocolatier because I absolutely LOVE chocolate and I believe that to be really successful, you need to love what you sell. I have long considered trying my hand at direct sales, but never found a product I could fully get behind. Dove Chocolate on the other hand is right up my alley!

  7. Ever since I read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, being a chocolatier has been a dream! I never thought it could possibly be something that could happen.

  8. I wanted to be in chocolate business ever since I saw the "Chocolat" movie. To be surrounded by chocolate all day long seemed like a dream come true. Every time I am in Cologne, I make sure to go to the Stollwerk chocolate factory to watch the amazing process of chocolate making and breath in the sweet smell of melting chocolate.

    I would like to be a Chocolatier because
    1. I love the idea of selling something people love. They won’t ponder at the questions like “Am I ever going to use this?” or “Do I really need it?”. Also, you can only get so many mascaras or cooking pots. But you need to restock on chocolate at least every week!
    2. I have a lot of mom friends. And they can come to my parties with children, who will be no less interested in chocolate than their moms
    3. There is finally the product in the market to fill the niche of gourmet chocolate at affordable prices. And I can be in business!

    I would make a good Chocolatier because
    1. I love to bake and I am a good at it. I prefer to bake from scratch. I would love to try more recipes involving chocolate. I could do demos for a few deserts. If my guests see how to make them, they will want to try themselves (hence, they will need chocolate)…
    2. I would try to make not just deserts, but main entries as well. I love Sanrda Lee’s (from Food Network) main dishes with chocolate
    3. I have created a few websites, I would put a website together with the list of products, schedule of upcoming parties, pictures of deserts and dishes from previous parties
    4. I would try to make the parties exciting by introducing a raffle with a chocolate gift
    5. I could do theme parties based on the cuisine from different countries. German chocolate cake and French Napoleons are my favorites
    6. I am on multiple email groups for local moms, which I can use to spread the word about my parties
    7. My parties will not be just the traditional Ladies parties. It will be Mom and Kids, Couples, or Family parties.
    8. All in all I am totally excited and ready to start chocolate partying!

  9. I have been tossing around ideas for a business,and I must admit that this seems perfect!!
    I love all kinds of chocolate&think Iwould be good at this!


  10. oh how yummy! this would be the perfect career for me... i love to cook, bake and candy make. and it's all excellant when i'm done. to have this kit, would make me the juliet binoche of Chocolat.... i could deal with that. maybe with it, i would find my johnny depp. oh well, sometimes dreams do come true.

  11. I don't think I could ever do this alone. Although I can meet and talk to any number of people, standing in front of a group and demonstrating something that I want them to buy sounds intimidating (at least for me). However I think my daughter and I could do it together. She is much more outgoing than I am and we both love chocolate. We have both been Girl Scout leaders and have hosted our own Tupperware and Home Interiors parties as well as Mary Kay cosmetics so we do have a little experience.
    I would love to do this to add just a little extra to the bank balance. I think it would be great fun for the two of us.

  12. Wow! What an intriguing idea. I am a stay-at-home mom but have always had money-making ventures going. Don't most moms? Lately, I have been searching for something new to do. As with many people these days, money is tight. A lot of luxuries (and maybe even a few neccessities) are being put back on the shelves. The great thing about chocolate (and Dove chocolate in particular) is that it is an affordable indulgence - something that everyone of us needs a little of these days. I think that I would make a great Dove choclatier because I sincerely love the product. I ask for a little bit of Dove chocolate on holidays and anniversaries. And I know that lots of my friends need a little chocolate in their lives right now, too.

  13. I stay at home with the kids (4 of them!) and hubby works...he used to anyway. He's laid off work again (auto industry in MI), and if things don't pick up we are going to have to move to NC near my mom but I don't wanna go! My daughter is best friends with a handicapped girl and to move would devastate them! I'd love to try to contribute during these hard times, then I wouldn't feel so hopeless!

  14. This would be a great opportunity because I live in a small town and we don't have anything like this. Everyone loves chocolate!It would be something fun and different.

  15. This would be wonderful for me. I used to make candy for all of the kids, and now that I work at home I would have the time to do it again, and make some money. My work from home has not been lucrative the past few months. Thanks

  16. Well Chocolate is my Middle name and I Love it with a capital 'L" so this would be an groovy fun thing for me to do plus I love people and I have the ability, well sometimes to attract them and I'm not afraid to speak publicly or speak my mind so this is a plus I would think in being a successful and good Chocolatier representative. We were thinking of selling the house since my husband had to take a forced early retirement(Company basically lied to all the older men)- long story and He would be here to help me, I think a joint venture would be best.

  17. I would make a not only good but great Chocolatier. I first LOVE chocolate, secondly I have the gift of gab (can talk anyone into anything) and lastly anything I do I do it well. I put my body, mind and spirit into it.

  18. I love chocolate i would make a very good chocolatier. I think this would be something great for my daughter and I to do together.

  19. At the current time, I am a 37 year old college student, pursuing a nursing degree. If you can imagine the stress of raising a family of two young kids, going to school full-time and maintaining a 4.0 and struggling other life obligations, you might get close to how it feels returning to college at my age. It's been the best of times and the worst of times...and I will prevail. If someone were to ask "How did you do it", I would have to admit that if it weren't for chocolate, I might not have kept my sanity this long!! I have been known to bring chocolate for the whole class to enjoy, and it always does two things: First, it creates an instant smile and second, it brings a feeling of peace throughout the room. It's magical-delicious!! If I am to have any sort of job throughout my college years, this would be something that would be right up my alley. It is flexible to fit around my hectic schedule; the product is one that is loved by most...young/old, male/female; and it is a product I am very familiar! What else could a person ask for!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  20. I would not be a good jewelry saleslady, because I rarely wear jewelry. I would not be a good Pampered Chef saleslady, because I rarely cook. I would be a terrible Mary Kay saleslady, because I would have a really hard time selling something that I think is a big waste of time and money (no offense to anyone out there, but makeup is just not my thing--it takes too much time to put on and the minute I step out of the house it runs down my face and drips onto my shoes. Did I mention I live in Georgia?) But chocolate--I KNOW chocolate. I LOVE chocolate. My husband has Godiva's 800 number on speed-dial for holidays. I could sell chocolate. And my friends, well, it would be easy for them to walk away from a candle party or a Tupperware party empty handed, but a CHOCOLATE party? They are ALL going to want to buy in bulk! And I'm moving into a bigger house at the end on this month and planning on having a "Welcome to My New House" party for my friends and family. That would be the perfect time to sell some chocolate! I hope I win.

  21. I already posted my entry but have some general comments to add. OMG. I was just checking out more of the details on the website. This is truly an awesome idea. I am going to be incorporating chocolate parties into my other parties based on the recipes and ideas that I've seen. Even if I don't win the contest, I'm so going to be a chocolatier. It may take a year or so for me to be able to make that investment if I don't win. But wow.

    FYI, for others who already are or are planning to join this regardless of winning the contest . . . this would be a perfect combo business. I will be pairing it up with my Southern Living at Home. It would also go great with Pampered Chef. I think the important thing with home parties is to find other ways to handle your parties rather than making them selling parties. I don't even use the standard Southern Living invitations for my parties. And I DESPISE the parties where the consultant focuses on the company itself and tries to get people to sell.

    Also note ... these chocolate tasting parties are endorsing liquor!!!!!!!!! Liquored up women and the opportunity to buy chocolate?!!! Even a single yummy drink has me wanting to order a dessert to go with it at a restaurant. And on top of that, when people go to parties like this, they know that making a purchase "pays the hostess" for having the party and being able to enjoy the food. What guest wouldn't want to put in at least a small order for getting to eat wonderful chocolate and have some free drinks?

  22. I would make a good chocolatier because I am a chocolate specialist! Describing chocolate is my specialty.

  23. I'm not sure if I could be a chocolatier business person, but I think I have the charisma to sell. A set like this could get me going!

  24. K, I am not going to sugar coat (no pun intended, well maybe a 'lil bit there..) on why "I" should get this wonderful chance to indulge me and my Mama friends in the chance to win this... I have no real story on why I am the better Mama, cuz I think we are all pretty well deserving of this! So good luck to everyone that entered (and Poo on the comments that were not even thought through!) Thanks for the chance! Me and chocolate go waayyy back :)

  25. I'm a huge chocolate lover. Dove is actually my favorite chocolate. I would be good at this because it's not your usual 9-5 job.

  26. I know I would excel at this. I have a strong background in the food and beverage industry, with a string emphasis in pastries and desserts. Additionally, I am an excellent salesperson and even more so, an excellent candidate for success in party plans. I am a single mom who loves to work from home and loves the flexibility of working outside of the home on my own schedule. I have worked a party plan in the past and was one of the top performers in the state within only one month. In my first party, I sold $2,700 worth of merchandise (average sales were $1,200) and booked 6 additional parties from that first party. My second month consisted of parties every other day. I unfortunately had a pretty bad accident that left me in a wheelchair for almost a year, and therefore had to stop. I am now needing to get back into the party plan business. I love it, enjoy it, and know I would be successful at it.

  27. I would really like to do this I have previously done candle parties and did quite well even though it was sometimes a bit pricey for some of there candles. I can right now thing of two different parties I could have and at least 25 people total to invite. I know I could make it a success. I have no problem with hard work or direct sales. I would love to try this and could for sure use the extra income right now. I have no problem with putting in the time and effort it would require thanks so much for the chance

  28. I would make a good Chocolatier because I love chocolate and hosting parties. :)

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  29. My abosolute favorite chocolate is Hatchez 88% Dark Bar (look for it! Wegman's carries it, don't know about other regions of the country)... & I like Green & Black quite a lot too. Around the holidays I make homemade chocolate dipped nuts & during the summer, chocolate dipped strawberries - dried apricots too, if I find great ones.

    I love this idea & have the perfect spot to host a party in- A family member has a small jewelry shop in an area of town we're trying to help revitalize. For decades it was a floral shop so has a full kitchen & sink in the middle, not to worry.

    So far we've had beading & stringing classes, we have a homemade green cleaning party scheduled & our second art gallery opening.

    Realistically, I would quickly run out of friends & family to enjoy these parties with- but since I would be able to host a chocolate party we could advertise it & add it to our business Facebook listing, which has about 450 mostly local members. So the potential for fresh groups of people, word of mouth & making it habit forming is there! We could also invite business groups or local arts groups- I love the informal & fun reason to get together.

    Additionally, my job associated with the business is photographer, so I would put together an art of chocolate photo exhibit. :D We may even be able to entice a local vintner to pair the chocolate with a wine tasting- Now, that would be super fun.

    So if the kit manages to pay for itself before it needs to be replenished, we would be very interested in making it a recurring event.

    I think the big plus too is how it could go viral out from us (and anyone else, of course) - we are surrounded by high unemployment & a lot of struggles right now- certainly we have our own struggles as entrepreneurs. But that's what is so appealing about this is the price point for the guests is very attractive- and - exploring chocolate is the reason to get together? Oh yeah, baby. :D

    Whoever wins, enjoy, and I hope you'll work with Metropolitan Mama to update us after you use the kit- would love to hear a report!

  30. I'd love to win this, I'm taking cake decorating classes and I hope to be a pastry chef someday..need ot learn some chocolate skills too!

  31. My wife and I have been 'amateur' chocolatiers for some time. I would love to win this kit so that we could take the next step in our adventures with chocolate!

  32. I am the lady at the office with the bowl of chocolate on her desk.;) My bowl ran out of chocolate last week and you would think it was the end of the world.
    Everyone knows a little bit of chocolate is best way to get on my good side and I think my back side is proof of that! LOL
    As a mom, I am always looking for a way to make a little extra money to treat the family or myself to something that isn't our budget. This sounds like a great way to do that! I already know my co-workers are chocolate lovers so that would be an easy sell! And what girlfriend would pass up an invite to a chocolate party!=)

  33. What an awesome opportunity Stephanie!
    As an Independant Dove Chocolatier myself, I can't say enough about the company and the business itself! Chocolate is one of the three products actually growing in this economy! From 16 to 17 billion in sales in the last year! I encourage every one of you that want to win this to really look into the opportunity, even if you don't win! Right now till the end of July, if you have a party, you can use your hostess credit towards your kit! Everyone wins with chocolate! If you have any questions at all, you are welcome to email me at [email protected] or check out my website at and send me an information request through there.
    Wishing you the sweet life!
    xoxo CocoColleen

  34. Pass me the apron and call me 'Tracy Wonka'. I can sell ice to an Eskimo when I truly enjoy what I'm selling, and by the looks of me (see my pic on my blog) I've had a love affair with chocolate for YEARS now! My combination of Event Planning and Sales Expertise make me an ideal Dove Chocolatier(ette!). I could see this going over really well with churches, Dove should keep that in mind! Church Fundraisers and Dove Chocolatier(ing) go hand in hand! Now is there a fail safe so I don't eat all that chocolate before the night of the party!!!! LOL, just kidding, no jenny craig or weight watchers emails please! :-)

  35. My daughter's school has many fundraising programs, and I can't afford to donate a lot. With this, I could always have a booth and donate all the proceeds to the school.

  36. What a wonderful idea! I have not been to any parties in years. My friends and I had made a friend of a Pampered Chef sales lady and she just loved us! We took turns having Pampered Chef parties so we could get those items we really wanted. I LOVE to cook so loved pampered chef.
    Now with all the great friends I have, most of them love chocolate. This would be a wonderful opportunity to sell them what they love. What woman doesn't love chocolate? And her family can prosper from her love with these parties. Dove is an excellent chocolate company and I can not see anyone not wanting to purchase some of the products, especially after taste testing them.
    It's like going to Sam's club on sample day and purchasing the items that you really liked, only it's in a more personal environment, your own home, your family member or friends home, how wonderful!
    I am a stay at home mom but my husbands income is barely getting us by these days. I could really use a job that I could work my own hours, hours that he is home with the children and we do not require childcare. A job that I'd really enjoy (did I mention I LOVE chocolate??) and think I could be really GREAT at. What fun!

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway and fantastic opportunity!

  37. Quite honestly, I don't think I'd be a good chocolatier because I'd eat all the chocolate and then I'd be broke and fat. I suppose that my passion for chocolate might help me sell some though!

  38. OMG! Sell chocolate at parties? That would be a job made in heaven. I think I could really get into that.

  39. I would probably be a great chocolatier because I have a genuine love for chocolate! And why not share the love???

  40. Whether or not I win the prize to be an official chocolatier for Dove, I'm totally going to start doing chocolate parties! This is such a great idea. I'm all over the place already. I have my own candle business where I make and sell candles and incense and fragrance oils and hand painted incense bottles. (Oh my!) I'm also a Southern Living at Home consultant. But, like you, I don't go for the sales pitch thing. I'm a couponer and I do seminars on couponing and money saving. I serve snacks that I get for low prices from my couponing on the wonderful Southern Living at Home pieces. Any good product sells itself if it's presented correctly. The chocolate would be so wonderful on the Southern Living serving dishes. I just love that it's Dove and not a pricey high end chocolate. It would be just beautiful to cook up some fabulous chocolate recipes that everyone loves and serve them up in a super stylish way, then say, "Guess what? It's Dove!"

    Oh, and my hubby is a salesman and has taught me all the tricks of the trade. Let's see. My favorite of his slogans is "shameless self promotion." Basically, it doesn't hurt anything to throw yourself out there and tell people about the product. The worst they can do is say no. So take absolutely every opportunity you can find to talk about what you sell.

  41. ooh this looks like some fun. I would love to spread the love with all my family.. there are so many neat things in this kit. Thanks girl!

  42. you sound just like me, I rarely buy anything at home parties. I rarely wear makeup, my rings (wedding and 10 anniv.) and a special necklace are my only jewelry and besides bday candles or power outages I don't use candles. I adore chocolate, dove is a favorite and would love to beable to work a little on side since I will have some free time(next fall I will have kidless time for the first time, my girls will be in 1st grade and pre-K, 3 days a week in the morning) and earn some money! Plus I have a bunch of friends who do home parties (avon, mary kay, taste of home and southern living) and we could trade parties. I host one of theirs and they return the favor!!

  43. I would love to be a Chocolatier for Dove - chocolate practically sells itself because everyone loves chocolate, and the quality of the products would be excellent. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity.

  44. Being a Chocolatier would give me the opportunity to eat chocolate even more often...and share some too! :-) I actually think it sounds fun too! This is something that I can imagine any woman would come to if she could, so I'm sure it would be a big hit!

  45. I would make a great chocolatier because I am outgoing and talkative (a Gemini!) and Chocolate practically runs through my veins I eat so much of it.

  46. I'm thinking about taking the plunge from career woman to stay-at-home mom. It would be nice to supplement our income on a schedule that works for me, working with a product that I love...and I LOOOOOOVE Dove Chocolate!

  47. I would love to be a Chocolatier because I used to kinda hate chocolate. And to this day I still pretty much dislike chocolate sponge cake. However, once upon a time my grandmama gave me some dark chocolates and I fell in love! The richness of the flavor, the darkness that reminds me of espresso. And I successfully made the chocolate cake I just blogged about the other day for the first time my last year of college....and me and 2 other chocolate cake hating friends devoured it. The secret is the denseness and the richness from melting chocolate, butter and sugar into a enticing concoction.
    So that is why I would make an excellent chocolatier. I'm learning to make all sorts of things (my mess up turned fantastic lower fat chocolate mousse is to die for and my husband and I love a little red pepper kick in our homemade hot cocoa). And I love introducing people to the way chocolate can taste if you just allow yourself to imagine the possibilities.

  48. I would love to be a Chocolatier because I love chocolate and know many people who do. I know that I wouldn't have any problems getting rid of all of this chocolate as I have many friends who would be happy to help. I have a few friends whom I know would be good Chocolatier's as well.

    [email protected]

  49. Well first of all i love chocolate and I also think I have a good business mindset too! I am sure that I would enjoy this and do well.

  50. I had just been checking out this information a few weeks ago. I have been looking for a good home based business for some extra income and there just are not many things that I use and know well enough to sell. I know children's books and I know chocolate and those were the kits I was looking at. I know I could do this and do it well because have had a life long love affair with GOOD chocolate and I know many Mom's who love it too (and would buy a stash for themselves as a sanity keeper LOL)

  51. I would love to win the products to become a worker.I have been wanting to join the company but do not have the money to buy the starter kit.I know I would be a great addiction to the company ,for doing parties are my favorites...
    hope to win :)

  52. I didn't know they had CHOCOLATE parties. That's one I would totally attend.

    I couldn't see it though, because I'd just eat my profits LOL

  53. Chocolate is probably one of my favorite things. I am actually entering for my husband. He is wonderful at making fudge and candies. We have actually been trying to start a chocolate company. We just don't have the money to get it going. He comes from a long line of Chocolatiers. His chocolates are to die for. Something like this looks really cool and something that he could really use. I am happy that I married him, because I love chocolate!!!!

  54. I Love this Company,I love being a Dove Chocolatier,I Love the Products. Thanks Mama For your Support.Gosh,I love you all to join my team,just tell them you want to sign up with Sharon # 6248.
    "Its My Sweet Life"

  55. I must admit that I never even thought about the choco-biz subject. I've been thinking about picking up a side biz since the economy tanked and frankly, no one I know has anything like this. Chocolate is a top fave of many people and yet won't break the budget to indulge. I'd like a shot at this. Thanks.

  56. I'd be the best Chocolatier ever. I love to throw parties and get togethers and am always looking for something new and exciting that everyone would love. Who doesn't love chocolate. I'm ready- Let's get this party started!

  57. I was recently laid off after leaving a 3 year job for a new company that promised so many things and delivered...for about 10 months. I've never been without a job before and I'm basically going stir crazy. Luckily, it's summer and my daughters are not in school at the moment so I am able to do many activities with them. But, your house can only be so clean, and I can only watch Jonas Brother and Taylor Swift videos so many times before I want to pull my hair out. I love the idea of staying home, but unfortunately, my expenses don't allow that. This opportunity is one I have been considering because there are no Chocolatiers within less than an hour's drive from me and being from Louisiana, well, basically all we do is eat and drink. So, what better way to make money than to do things that I already do? Money is so tight right now and my unemployment hasn't kicked in yet, so I've been scouting for ways to make some money from home and this seems to be the perfect opportunity. I will most likely become a Chocolatier regardless of whether I win or not, but it would help me start out a lot faster since money is an issue right now. I have already been brainstorming on how to make this a successful business venture and frankly, I'm very excited about it!

  58. **********CHOCOLATE*********
    Who doesn't like CHOCOLATE!!!
    This business has got to be a win / win business.
    Money to bring in, my husband has been out of work a little over a year now and we have three children. I love being around people, love to show off in front of people and I'm upbeat and perky - but in all honesty...**********WHO DOESN'T LIKE CHOCOLATE**********I have a friend that sells Dove and she is making ton of extra spending money and she is always telling me about the parties - I want to contribute to the family money since my husband is home - of course, I love chocolate too!

  59. chocolate, who doesn't like chocolate and even with the ecomnomy down this is something people will still buy, no hard selling

  60. I have been looking for a new opportunity and this one sounds fantastic. I would make a great chocolatier because I love chocolate and I believe you have to believe in what you sell.

  61. I love a product that sells it's self....and what better than Chocolate. Who wouldn't want to learn more about Chocolate? This I could do. My calendar would be filled with Chocolate dates. I bought some chocolate bath oil because I had a massage and my skin smelled like chocolate and I wanted to recreate that. I could just wear the chocolate it would save the pounds. Chocolate dipped strawberries I am sure Dove is great on fruit.

  62. I'd like to be a Chocolatier becuase it would be awesome!

    How many people can say that they have that title?

    I work as a Banker, and I know A LOT of people who like chocholate...this would be great at a party

  63. What a great opportunity! I am also a Chocolatier. I joined in December and I am loving "Discovering" the products and potential with this business. Best of luck to all that have entered the contest! But honestly, everyone who decides to try out the business are the true winners! Have a sweet day!

    Jill Dugar
    Dove Chocolate Discoveries

  64. I would like to be a Chocolatier because of two of my greatest loves: people & chocolate. Would I be good at it? I think so. After
    35 years as a public school teacher I think I can relate well to others, especially at a party. And my fondness for chocolate would probably be contagious. Thank you for the contest.

  65. What a FUN new thing to sell! My friends and I are always going to each other's parties and we have a blast...I would be SO LOVED if my next party was selling chocolate! I have sold Pampered Chef before so I know how to make the ladies drool...always make dessert! I know how to work some chocolate magic so I know I'd be great at this! I'm a well-known choc-o-holic amongst my friends...I mean, who doesn't love chocolate! Very unique and fun idea!

  66. We are known for how much we love chocolate so this is the perfect opportunity for my hubby and I to do together.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  67. This would be a great way to make some extra cash for a vacation or the holidays. Who doesn't love chocolate?

  68. Could you
    The merchandise
    I can't imagine
    Earnings not
    Reaching top $$

    This company has come up with the perfect get together for women. Who wouldn't love a fun party centered around chocolate?? And I have the drive, motivation, and creativity to be a great Chocolatier hope you'll give me the opportunity to put it to good use!~

  69. I am learning to create my own chocolate candy line. I recently had the opportunity to work with an award winning Chef on the fine art of tempering chocolate and making designs with the chocolate. We made Chocolate lava cakes and used our tempered chocolate swirls to decorate the cakes. I found out the same ganache used to make the centers of the cakes is the base for chocolate truffles. I already have many flavors in mind for my truffle line. I am a true chocolate lover and even have a blog devoted to chocolate that I am hoping to expand.
    Dove chocolate is my favorite eating chocolate and this sounds like a great opportunity to share good chocolate with others. I never met a chocolate I did not like!

  70. Interesting giveaway/opportunity. I avoid Tupperware and Pampered Chef parties like the plague. I mean, what's fun about plastic containers??! This chocolate, however, is a whole different animal.

    I think I could incorporate this side business selling chocolate into my life very nicely, as I can schedule parties and direct selling into my already humming schedule at my convenience. I also think it would be super easy to go to EVERY gathering I attend and soft sell the chocolate. I need chocolate every day, so I imagine other women do too! There's a huge market just waiting, and we don't want plastic containers, we want fun and chocolate.

  71. I would love to be a chocolatier because I could share my indulgence with family and friends. Plus, Chocolat has been my favorite movie for ages and I would looove to be just like her!

  72. I would make a good chocolatier because I have a lot of patience and a steady hand. In addition, I LOVE chocolate!!!!

  73. I really think it is simply a good way to impress not only loved ones, but also business peers. It's surprising how little things, such as a chocolate gift can make an a impression on someone and make them remember you. I think i would make a good chocolatier because I am very big on small gift giving. (pictures, cards, etc...) so i believe tool will enhance that ability. Good luck to everyone!

  74. I am not sure what is expected in entry. But the reason I would love to win this, we have recently moved into a new neighborhood. Girls are not going to start school till September and they are so looking to make friends. Only if I can hold a party and invite neighborhood friends /families, I will make my impression and life will be so much easier after that. Hope that I win. Otherwise, congrats to the lucky one!

  75. Hey!

    Like the Chocolate Lady, I am also a Chocolatier with Dove Chocolate Discoveries! I absolutely LOVE this is so much fun and the products are amazing! I joined in November and have already been promoted to Team Leader! This is a perfect time to join while the company is in it's toddler stage.

    I average 4-6 parties/month with 10 or more guests at each party! It's very easy to get friends/family to attend a Chocolate Tasting Party...and you can also earn up to $200 in free products just for hosting.

    Erica Christenson
    Team Leader
    Dove Chocolate Discoveries

  76. I would like to be a chocolatier because this sounds like a business I could really grow. I believe you have to be passionate about the product to be successful in direct sales. I am definitely passionate about chocolate, although that probably doesn't make me stand out from anyone else reading your blog! I would make a good chocolatier because I love to cook and bake. I make all my kids birthday cakes and holiday candies from scratch. I used to work as a food demonstrator, so I already have those necessary skills as well. I hope you won't disqualify me if I mention that I have a degree in nutrition. LOL. Especially if I promise that I won't tell anyone at the parties how many calories they are eating!

    Thanks for hosting such a wonderful giveaway. I bet this is a direct sales company that grows quickly.

  77. First, I have to comment on the adorable children you have! I'm a stay at home mom of 2 girls (ages 5 and 1). After having my second daughter, I've been trying to find something to do to occupy my time that is just for ME. Something I would feel like I have purpose in my life (other than just being a mom-changing diapers, cleaning, etc.).

    I've never been very fond of selling ANYTHING-and definitely not pressuring my friends into buying anything. I've been to the Partylite, Premier Jewelry, Mary Kay, CutCo, etc. parties. I feel bad if I don't go, but I also feel bad going and not buying anything. So, I usually buy the most inexpensive thing on the list (which is still over $10) and end up never using or wearing what I've bought.

    I'm in a local mom's group which holds regular MNI's (Mom's Nights In). Most times our theme is "desserts". I can't really think of any of my friends who don't enjoy chocolate-the very least TASTING it! I'd love to be able to make yummy Dove chocolate desserts to share with my friends! I wouldn't feel I had to "sell" anything. I love Dove chocolate, and for me, it usually sells itself by hearing the name! It's so wonderfully creamy and smooth!

    Please help me start sharing Dove chocolate with my friends! I'd be so excited!

  78. This is fantastic! I've been a chocolatier for a month or so and really am very happy with the business. I would definitely reconsider giving away the kit -- doing the parties is so much fun that I don't CARE if I make any money off of it... though the sales from my first two parties already paid for the kit plus more.

  79. Hey, Im a Dove Chocolatier and LOVE this business. I feel like I have my own Food Network show, demonstrating these yummy products with great entertaining ideas.

    Trust me, it doesnt feel like selling...people want to have these parties, they want to attend these parties, and you dont have to push...they will buy when they taste these incredible samples.

    Smoothies, mousse, martinis, fondue....YUM!

    And let's not forget, GROUND FLOOR BABY!

  80. Years ago I had a candle making business and did candle parties, I really enloyed it and it was something I could do while the kids were young, this sounds like a good idea everyone loves chocolate and it is much more pratical than lingerie parties (at least I think so)

  81. been to a ton of pitch parties to- this one might be something to look over- everyone loves chocolate- ok if you don't you are not human

  82. Not entering just wanted to say that is brilliant! I am not a fan of candles, make up, sex toys, tupperware, and all of the other parties people have. I feel obligated to buy and find them awkward. But chocolate?!? Yum! It is different and something everyone loves.

  83. I want to win this for one party. Not a job, because frankly, I would be terrible at that. I'm the person who doesn't mind hosting one party for the main seller person, but I'd be horrible at a sales job because I don't like to push or make people feel uncomfortable. I'm too apologetic for that.

    That's completely not your purpose, however. So if someone wins who lives nearby, tell them to invite me to the party! :)

  84. Isn't this the coolest thing ever? I would be in a world of hurt if this was my job, though. LOL


  85. I took a class a while back on how to make chocolates and I loved it. I make chocolates occasionally for birthdays, etc. and I have a blast with it. I'd like to really get into it now that I no longer have a job. I could possibly turn it into a chance to make a little money. Thanks for the chance.

  86. Wow, a chocolate business! I really have to admit, I'd probably end up going to one of those parties and eating way more than I should! I think it's a great idea and I personally would love to try it. It's a unique way to get women together to have fun and make a little extra profit as well. (I'm a stay at home mom) And besides, what better way to entice women to get together than chocolate tasting! I think its an awesome idea and would love to try it out and see what could become of the business. Maybe I could meet other moms in the process!

  87. I was in direct sales for many years and did pretty well with gourmet food. I personally would not chose the Chocolate business because it just doesn't fit with my goals of healthy weight loss and fitness LOL BUT this does sound like a great business backed by a good company so hopefully those who enter will take it seriously since you CAN make great money at it and it's a consumable product too.

    I'm no longer in the direct sales industry because I prefer to work at home via the Internet. Most reps will tell you that you can do the business from home like that but believe me you will make much more by doing it the way it was intended, home parties, fundraisers, vendor shows, etc.

    Best wishes to all who enter.

  88. It's always nice to know I'm not the only one in the world who says "no" at least "98%" of the time to those party invitations. I have fallen prey to the Tupperware parties, but that is when I knew I wanted something specifically Tupperware and it was a family member who knew that I was only helping them out so they didn't hound me to do more!

    The chocolatier thing sounds neat, but since these parties aren't my thing... I don't think I qualify as a good winner of this prize package! Now if all you needed to do was be able to eat all that chocolate, I could do it! I'd regret it, but I could do it :)

  89. That sounds interesting! I've been to several parties, but never by anything. The chocolate one I probably would. Not to mention, it would be fun! I'd be good at it because I've just joined this moms group local to Seattle and it's just the thing they'd love!

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