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How We Keep House :: PUR water pitcher 1Water is my favorite drink. I choose it over other drinks about 95% of the time.

The other 5% of the time I choose fresh-squeezed juice or a half-glass of wine. Occasionally, I enjoy a root beer.

I almost never drink coffee, tea, soda, artificial juices, beer, or cocoa. I might be persuaded, but...the main reason I don't is because I just really like water (Also - it's free!).

Prior to RV living, we had a filter and ice dispenser built into our fridge. Now we don't have either so we rely on our PUR water pitcher ($14.99-$19.99). It's super easy to use. We just fill it up, wait a minute for it to filter, and it's ready to pour.

As far as ice goes, we just don't use it anymore. I thought I'd miss it, but - oddly - I don't. Mostly, I think about how grateful I am that we have access to clean water because much of the world doesn't.

What is your favorite drink? How do you filter your water?

How We Keep House :: PUR water pitcher 2WIN IT! One winner will receive a PUR water pitcher or faucet mount {winner's choice}! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, March 15th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* PUR sent me samples for review purposes and is also providing 1 product for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #32 jes [a mountain bride]. Congratulations!

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84 comments on “How We Keep House :: PUR water pitcher”

  1. I currently use a Brita pitcher and would like a PUR for my faucet.
    I also like to drink water above all else, but will sometimes have a ginger ale or tea
    Thanks for the contest.

  2. My favorite drink is Coke (I know, terrible). But my second favorite is water. We go through bottled water so quickly in our house, and my children tend to waste a lot. I have really been contemplating buying a filter pitcher to cut down on the waste. lisacarr7 ataol dot com

  3. Thanks for the giveaway...our tap water quality has taken a hit recently with nearby road construction i.e. a bit cloudy with strong chlorine odor, so a PUR filter would be a nice addition to set things straight !

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  4. I love nice cold water, hot coffee, fresh juice and just about any drink other than sodas. Every time I step into the kitchen I always have a drink of water.

  5. Water is by far my favorite beverage. When I go out to dinner with my best friend, he laughs because I always ask for water flavored water to drink with food. Would love to try the PUR purifier! Thanks for the opportunity!


  6. I have used the Pur Pitcher for a number of years and I think it's great. The coffee and Iced Tea is so much better when it has been filtered through the pitcher and it really helps the enviroment and money versus all those plastic bottles I don't have to have.

  7. I have always been concerned about the tap water in our house. It is city water but I don't trust its purity at all. I have read too many reports about other places having problems. WOuld love to try this out.
    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  8. Our water here gets pretty yucky in the summertime and in times of high usage. We use a filter pitcher, but this one is definitely better.

  9. I live in paradise but the water here is not so good. This would help us cut down on using all that bottled water.

  10. After trying different filtering products, we love our PUR faucet mount . We drink a lot of water, we love it. I would love a PUR water pitcher too. Thanks!

  11. Oh, I want one of these so much! I am a huge water drinker like you. However, recently we received a Keurig coffee maker so I can make just one cup at a time of coffee or tea and the machine calls for filtered water. This would allow me to use tap water instead of bottled water I have been using PLUS think of the savings at my not drinking bottled water because I could just filter my tap water to drink for myself. I drink easily 6 20oz glasses per day so I REALLY would love this..thanks for the chance at it!

    kdhaney at gmail dot com

  12. I love the water pitcher. We went from using water bottles to a water filter on on of our sinks and it's great. Saves money and so much better for the environment. Thanks!

  13. I'm not really a water drinker because i hate the way it tastes, but this would help me drink more
    Shaunda.Eppes at gmail dot com

  14. We have a faucet filter (a different brand right now). My favorite drink ... well, one of my vices is a soft drink that will go unnamed for now but besides that, I love half-and-half - that's half apple juice and half sparkling water for me. :)

  15. There was an article in the local newspaper a few weeks ago about the trace carcinogens in our city's water supply. I had thought about buying a water filter in the past to improve the taste, but now it seems it would also improve our health. Thank you for the chance to win.

  16. My favorite drink is sweet tea. im not allowed ot have it in the house because i will drink the entire container. ::: blushes :: As for filtering... we dont and it tastes terrible. socal water is nasty. Always have to add flavoring to it. :(

  17. We buy bottled water WAY too much. This would be a good solution for us to reduce our environmental impact. Our tap water isn't the greatest.

  18. My favorite drink is...Starbucks Passion Tea with Lemonade, but since it is expensive I don't get it much. I do have to drink water and I am trying to determine which water pitcher to get since I have been drinking plain old tap water.

  19. Our water has started tasting badly lately, and I've been considering trying some type of filtration system. Despite having fairly good well water, we also have a water softener because of the rust. It bothers me deeply to know that we're adding that much salt to our drinking water. We used to use the filter on the fridge, but it has recently stopped working. Gonna have to start looking for one of these :)

  20. My favorite drink is water or hot cocoa, depending on the weather. I don't filter my walter, but have been looking into getting a filtered water pitcher, just haven't bought one yet.

  21. I would say that my favorite drink is water too, hot chocolate is a close second.

    After having our well pump changed and having water that was dirty and not consumable for a while, I truely realized how much water we use and was thinking about so many people that don't have access to clean water.

    We don't filter our water, other than a filter that is attached at the point our water enters the house from our well. I have been thinking of getting a filter pitcher.


  23. I boil my water and let cool for drinking. Same with ice cubs. Money is tight and I can't afford the Pur or any other filter. I drink alot a water and this would save me alot of time.

  24. I love water too! It is always my drink of choice, at home and out and about. I enjoy a glass of wine too, but can't drink wine like I drink water...that would be trouble :) We use a PUR water filter on our faucet and love it. We have hard water where we live so the filter is essential! I definitely don't care for water with bubbles though! My european husband prefers fizzy water and no ice - the opposite of me!

  25. We have a Brita pitcher that I've had since college. The water in college town was HORRID. Our city water wasn't so bad, but I just liked having cold water to drink and now that we've moved our water out here is really really hard and tastes strong. It kills a filter in a month that is supposed to last 2 months! But I think I'm getting used to it because I'll just drink the tap water too, and at least in the winter it's colder than the refrigerated stuff!
    I drink mostly water due to health reasons although I like juice too. And definitely tea although usually herbal. :)

  26. my fave drink is water too, a close second is greshly squeezed OJ but not tropicana (tastes too difft from the real thing!). we use brita but I've heard great things about PUR and would love to try it!

  27. We love water in our family also! I'd love to filter our water and if I win this pitcher it'd be really wonderful. Thank you for the chance

  28. I'm not a big water drinker. I'm always drinking caffeine-free, diet soda. However, I also like to make drinks from the tap water; but I will not make it with regular tap water. So, I always need to have the water filters. So, PUR solves that problem.

  29. I admit, my favorite drink is a diet Coke, but I KNOW that's bad! My husband and son love water. We have also been giving our son a mix of water and juice when he asks for juice. I would really love the faucet mount!

  30. Water is my favorite drink too, though I occasionally sneak in a Snapple. We have a water filter in the fridge, but it is enormous and I hate how much room it takes up!

  31. I used to hate water, but as I've aged and studied more on the benefits on water, I am loving water more and more. Since I already have a water pitcher that we use, if I win this, I'd love to pass this on to a family in need!

  32. Does is gross anyone out that we don't use a filter? They are too pricey for us. When we got married we thought about putting one on our registry - and in hindsight we should have - but there were other things we felt we needed dishes and towels and bedsheets and such.

    I drink alot of CrystalLight when I'm home. Prior to being pregnant I was a HUGE GIGANTIC fan of diet coke. And expensive habit. I wish I drank water more. Perhaps if I had some PUR water to enjoy, I would choose water more. :-)

  33. We've been buying water from a filter dispenser at the grocery store for 39 cents a gallon, but it'd be nice to not have to remember those gallon jugs every time I run to the store.

  34. i also pretty much only drink water. i like the taste (although I only drink it COLD), it's free/cheap, and it is so much more healthy than any other drink

  35. I love water too, but my favorite drinks are usually coffee related.
    We have a Brita pitcher, so I'm not entering this for myself, rather I'd like to win this for my friend. Her family has a water cooler, which I don't think is that great of an investment considering how much water they drink. Having one of these items would be great for her and her family.

  36. I am like you - I like water! I do drink milk with my breakfast each day, but otherwise I drink water. Our water at work is not good, so I have to bring my water from home each day. If I won this pitcher I could use the water at work after filtering it.

  37. I am a coffee drinker - but decaf b/c too much caffeine is so bad for you! :) Plus I'm still nursing so...
    But after coffee, definitely WATER is my beverage of choice. And I actually don't love ice in my drinks unless it is a SUPER HOT day, because I have heard that drinking ice water is actually hard on your system. I just drink from the tap (filtered) or bottled from the fridge. :)

  38. We NEED one of these. Our water has gotten so yucky tasting lately. When you make it up to PA you should look for the Appalachian Brewing Company. They have the yummiest root beer in the world, or at least I think so. They have locations in Harrisburg and Gettysburg. They also happen to sell the root beer in our local grocery store, so if you guys come near us we would love to have you over, and I'll make sure to have some of their root beer for you! Bonus is that it is made with sugar not HFCS!

  39. We also have a Brita pitcher, but the counter for the months on the top is broken, so we are constantly guessing if it's time to change the filter.

  40. we use a brita- however our water is high in radon so we buy bottled water for the baby.

  41. I have been using the pitcher for years now. I love the way the water tastes. For that reason I would love to try the faucet mount. It would be convenient to get clean filtered water straight from the tap!

  42. I am a water drinker, too. We have a PUR filter on our faucet, but I would love to have the pitcher to keep in the fridge for a quick, cold drink.

  43. We buy our water from a local company, Water Street Station. I love it and also choose water most of the time.

  44. Water is my favorite drink too. Although, I do love coffee as well. I always start my day with coffee and sometimes and will enjoy coffee with friends, but any other time during the day I always reach for water. We have the filter in our fridge water. But a lot of times during the day I will fill a pitcher with water and put it in the fridge cold and ready to drink. Also to make sure that I get as much water as I am supposed to throughout the day. This pitcher would make it so much easier. Filling a pitcher full from our fridge water seems to take forever sometimes.

  45. I drink a lot of soda. When I do drink water, it's through the water dispenser in the refrigerator.

  46. I was just going to ask you what you do about having clean water since you buying bottled water every now and then might not be the best option. Glad to see you using PUR. I had one, and my daughter broke it, so I would love to win one.

  47. The refrigerator has a built in filter if I use water from the door, the problem is I don't use it when I cook. This would be great to win so I could put it on my fauct. Thank you for the chance to win.

  48. water or sparkling water is my preference...we dont filter our water we we live because we don't have a filtration system...I keep meaning to buy one but haven't!

  49. I really enjoy water too! I find it funny when I've gone out to dinner with a family member who's treating and they say get anything you want. When I order water they say "you don't have to just get water, get something good!" That's happened on more than one occasion and I always respond with thank you but this really is what I want!

    RIght now we buy jugged water for our house but we go through it very quickly and have been talking about trying a filtered water pitcher!

  50. We have a Brita pitcher - my husband hates our tap water. I have a refillable 32oz water bottle that I cart around with me throughout the day full of WATER.

    I too enjoy a small glass of wine occasionally, but for the most part water is it. I do drink milk too with breakfast or choice desserts like brownies.

    I really dislike coffee and hate carbonated anything so no sodas for me.

  51. Water filters are great and this has a very good reputation. My children don't even like to drink water from the faucet anymore.

  52. We don't filter our water, but should. And I think it would make coffee taste better (one of my favorite beverages) -- can you speak to that, Tim???

  53. we love our brita water pitcher but its getting kind of old! I love that you can actually SEE some of the junk you are filtering out of your water!

  54. I'm a diet soda addict, not gonna lie. But I also drink a LOT of water. I always have my camelbak bottle with me (Noel calls it my 'sippy cup'), but I don't love water. I just make myself alternate 1 soda 2 water 1 soda, etc, because otherwise I'd only drink soda. :P

  55. I just purchased a Pur water filter last month and really like it. I also have a filter on the refrigerator, but my Keurig was starting to clog with our hard water. Using their filters didn't help, but I haven't had a single fault notice sine using the Pur. I just fill it up, use the water to fill the coffee maker reservoir, and repeat. Since I have to fill a pitcher anyway, this solves 2 problems!

  56. I agree about access to clean water is just a great blessing within itself! We love water too at our home and have it ready and accessible for our little one all the time. Plus we are trying to be more environmentally friendly and use reusable cups and bottles instead of disposable cups and water bottles. Our favorite filter is PUR and have always had great tasting water with it.

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