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How We Travel :: Lightscoop 1Hi, I'm Stephanie and I have a Nikon D90. I love it and am hoping to someday be able to purchase a few respectable lenses for it. For now, I just have a prime 35mm lens.

I also have a really cool new piece of gear called Lightscoop. Essentially, it's a reflector piece that bounces light off the ceiling to help mitigate the harshness of the flash in low-light environments (evening or indoors - or both).

My photography "style" is very casual. I like candid outdoor shots that tell stories, preferably with lots of colors and light. I almost never use the flash...especially on people because it tends to be unflattering.

Now that I have the Lightscoop, I actually enjoy taking pictures at night because they turn out beautifully. They have an antique glow about them, soft and hushed.


Exhibit A - Road Trip Snacks (LEFT: without Lightscoop; right with Lightscoop).

How We Travel :: Lightscoop 2 How We Travel :: Lightscoop 3

Exhibit B - Tim's Beer (LEFT: without lightscoop; RIGHT: with lightscoop)

How We Travel :: Lightscoop 4 How We Travel :: Lightscoop 5

Exhibit C: Our 4-year-old (LEFT: without lightscoop; RIGHT: with lightscoop)

How We Travel :: Lightscoop 6 How We Travel :: Lightscoop 7

Pretty cool, right? Best of all, Lightscoop is only $29.95. It's an affordable way to "say goodbye to ugly flash photos" once and for all.

Here's how to find Lightscoop on Facebook and Twitter.

What kind of camera do you have? Have you ever tried mango licorice? (It's good!)

How We Travel :: Lightscoop 8WIN IT! One winner will receive a Lightscoop ($29.95)! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, March 15th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Lightscoop sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 1 product for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #53 Noreen. Congratulations!

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57 comments on “How We Travel :: Lightscoop”

  1. **I know the giveaway is closed, I just wanted to say good luck to the winner, Lightscoop is a great product and certainly worth picking up!**

    I gave one of these to my brother in law for Christmas this past year and he absolutely loves the diffused light effect...because, let's be honest...sometimes there is just not enough natural light to capture what you want and we can't all live with studio lights in our homes :)

  2. Wow. You really can see the difference between the sets of photos. I try not to take pictures with a flash because the rarely look good.

  3. I have a flash for my camera as well and I RARELY use it. This would be nice to try out and feel more comfortable using my flash when the setting is just too dark otherwise.

  4. I love how the lightscoop makes the photos look! I got a Nikon D3000 for Christmas and am still slowly learning how to use it. I've never had or even heard of mango licorice though. It sounds interesting.

  5. I recently someone else reviewing this also. I have a Canon Rebel XS and would love to take more professional pictures, you know, since I'm not a professional.

  6. I recently purchased the Canon Rebel EOS XSi. Just getting to know my camera and am very interested in the Lightscoop. Going to do a little more research on it tomorrow. Thank you for sharing...
    And, I love mango everything so would probably like mango licorice. Now I am going to be on the search for mango licorice.

  7. Hi! I must be living under a rock...I have not heard about the travel Lightscoop. I don't even know what
    kind of camera we currently own because my husband enjoys taking most of the photos in our home!
    The difference between your pictures with and without the Lightscoop are fabulous. This would be
    fabulous to win and surprise my husband with.
    No, I have never tried Mango Licorice, but I really like Mangos.
    Now, I have to go the "Sweeties" and see if they carry it!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  8. I recently picked up a Nikon D3000 and have since attempted to "self teach" myself things. This little gadget would be a perfect addition to my new found hobby! I have 6 grandchildren and if and when they allow me I find myself holding "photoshoot" sessions using them as models. I would love this item!!

  9. I used an OLD canon 10D. I used to take photos at gigs and local events for a website as a volunteer. I was given an adjustable flash and would point it towards the ceiling and just tie a white business card to the back with a rubber band. It had a similar effect on the photos as the lightscoop. I couldn't afford to buy anything so that was my solution and it worked well!

  10. I just got a Canon Rebel because I was so tired of my pns camera ruining my picts. I'm right there with you and much prefer the non-flash look. I'm by no means a good photographer...but hope to improve my skill and document my sons childhood with some great pictures that don't cost me a fortune.

  11. Mango licorice? I'm intrigued!!
    We just have a little point-and-shoot camera. I like it because it's small enough to ride in my purse so it's always handy when a photo-op presents itself.

  12. We have a Canon Rebel XTi. I try to never take pictures with the flash. I cannot stand the way they come out. It does make for a tricky situation...unless I can stand perfectly still, it is hard to get a good shot in the dark. I have been learning to change my settings and almost always use the manual settings now rather than the auto, set the apeture, etc.

    My favorite licorice is raspberry licorice from New Zealand. They sell something similar from Australia at Cost Plus. Mmmmmm!

  13. My 17 year old son (soon to be 18..his birthday is the 13th) is really interested in photography. He has the same camera that you do! It was his Christmas and Birthday present this year. He loves taking pictures of everything, especially unusual things he sees. He loves taking pictures of the sky. He would love this!

  14. I haven't heard of this before ~ neat! We were lucky to receive a Sony as a gift and it really makes a difference taking pictures of little one with a camera that can actually keep up with him! I can see how this can make a big difference too (and its affordable as well). And I haven't tried mango licorice.

  15. I have a canon rebel xsi and a photographer I am not. I do, however, much prefer my pictures with the flash off and have the same problems inside, at night. What a great idea and product. I would love to give it a shot (pun intended).
    Oh and mango licorice... waaat?! Never heard of such a thing!

  16. I have not tried mango licorice but will have to.

    I am a Nikon girl who is anxiously awaiting the announcement of the d700 replacement this summer. :) Now to convince my husband that I really do "need" it.

  17. I have a Nikon D80. I have an external flash, but sometimes it's just too much to carry. I've had my eye on the lightscoop for some time now. I should just buy one, but have been shooting in manual most of the time and don't use the flash much anymore. It would be great for those really low light situations though. I don't think I've ever seen mango licorice...... sounds interesting!

  18. haha... so I am now nervous about saying "that looks so cool" since you have strict instructions not to ;) But getting beyond the generic... I have never heard of this before and it looks like it would be super fun to try out!

    {I found you on 5Minutes4Mom where you commented on a guest post I did}

  19. I have a Canon camera. Nope never tried mango licorice. I like mangoes though, so I will have to try it since you recommend it.

  20. I have a Nikon D5000 and I love using it and not missing all those fleeting moments that kids have. I just really need to take a photography class like you've mentioned several times. Nope, never tried mango licorice.

  21. I really need a new camera. Maybe if I win this it will give me the little push I need to purchase one :) your daughter is so adorable!!

  22. I've heard of these. I hadn't realized how inexpensive they are. I'd love a chance to play around with one. I'm just getting started with my DSLR after dragging my heels with a film SLR for years and I'm loving all the gadgets that come along with it. Great contest idea!

  23. I know exactly what you mean about the flash photography and will do ANYTHING possible to avoid having to use flash. Bouncing the flash, turning on EVERY light source around, upping the ISO on my Canon EOS digital camara, attempting silly long shutter speeds. But sometimes, can't make it work. And you're right, straight on flash flatters nobody. This gadget looks like a cool solution - had never heard of it.

  24. I have a canon rebel and this little gadget looks AWESOME! We always have trouble getting good pics with the poor lighting in Seattle!! I love natural light but we don't get a ton. I LOVE Aussie licorice. I could eat it until I am ill, sadly.

  25. I have not tried mango licorice. But I have tried CHOCOLATE licorice. I didn't like it. I bet I would like Mango better! :)
    This light scoop sounds really cool. I wish I had a good camera (lament, lament, lament!) :)

  26. I have a canon rebel xti and I have no clue how to even use it! ah! i'm horrible. Maybe this will help me out!

  27. We've got the Nikon D60. And, we don't know how to take photos in low light w/o out the flash, but we rarely get a good picture with the flash. This may be our answer! Very neat. I've never heard of this before.

  28. I have a SLR Minolta STSi with an extra 100 -300 mm lens, which I painstakingly picked out 10 years ago. I really love it and it takes BEE-U-tiful pictures BUT it isn't digital. So while I am hoping to get an amazing DSLR one day {soonish}, I am using my husband's, Konica Minolta Dimage Z5, which I am learning to do stuff with.

    I really like this Lightscoop. I have never heard of it before. I love the photo effects at night or indoors with odd lighting.

  29. One of my best friends is a professional photographer, and her first bit of advice on photography is to not use the flash. But it's a hard habit to kick. I think this little gadget would make me feel so much better about ignoring her advice.

    We have a Canon Rebel XT.

  30. I love, love, love my Nikon. It's an older version but it is awesome. I've recently started shooting in manual and no flash (because I hate it). The only thing I am trying to still figure out is how to do that at night. I like this lightscoop thing. What a great idea!

  31. We have a Nikon day it would be great to upgrade to something like a D90, but for now I'm thrilled with how wonderful this camera is! This lightscoop is totally affordable - thanks for telling us about it, I'll be adding it to my wishlist.

    Also, I've never tried that flavor of licorice, but it does sound yummy!

  32. The Lightscoop seems to have amazing results, that's really cool. I'm currently in camera transition...hopefully I will own a DSLR soon...

    And does the mango licorice still taste licorice-y? I hate licorice so much that I would never have thought to buy different flavors. But "regular" licorice is what, strawberry or cherry, and I think it's gross, so I'd imagine I wouldn't like mango licorice either. :)

  33. We have nice Nikon that we got when we got married 15 years ago, but my parents loaned us there digital version until we can afford the digital body. I am so grateful that they did this and they love having great pictures of there grandchildren.

  34. We bought a Nikon D90 right before Christmas and we're having a blast learning it's capabilities. We have so far to go but...we are in love with it! ;D

  35. i have this desire to be a photographer... just working on gainging the knowledge, equipment and the time!! would love to have the lightscoop to get me farther down the road. my kids are still little- i think when they hit school i'm going to have to really be serious about heading out into the photography world.

  36. I have really been wanting a decent camera for a while! I have a fujifilm finepix Z and it works just fine..but I know with a better camera I'll be able to capture our lives more beautifully! The lightscoop does seem to work wonders! I always love your pictures!

  37. My husband and I saw one of these while on vacation and we've been trying to figure out what it was ever since! I would LOVE one...and I had no idea it was so affordable! My husband will flip!

  38. I have a Nikon D80 and just yesterday got a new 50mm lens... previously I only had an 18-135. I too hate to use the flash. I almost always just shoot outside. Photography is a great hobby... especially when you have adorable children!

  39. I have a nikon D70 and I too hope to one-day have some nice lenses for it! I love seeing the side-by-side pictures to really highlight the difference!

  40. Wow the lightscoop sounds awesome - lighting is one of my biggest frustrations with taking pictures - because of how harsh a flash is and how often I need it to get non-blurry pictures of my kids in my house - day or night!

    I have to agree - my favorite shots are those taken outside in natural light!

  41. I've got a Canon Rebel EOS XSi and a little Canon point and shoot. My house is super shaded, so taking indoor pictures is almost always like taking pictures at night. This would make indoor photos so much nicer.
    And, no on the mango licorice. Does it taste like licorice?

  42. I have a Nikon d40 - and totally agree with you - I HATE using the flash for pics of people, but I love how yours come out with the LightScoop. They are so much softer.

  43. I have a Canon Rebel XT EOS and am in love with it. I have the reg. 35mm lens and then a much larger one....I would love to get a micro lens..but at $ will have to wait! I was just trying to get a decent picture of the progress in my kitchen, and since it's night, it's awful! Lightscoop sounds perfect!

  44. i just want to say your 4 year old is absolutely adorable with or without Lightscoop:) her inner joy shines through her outward beauty!

  45. I've been looking for some new flash toys for my D5000. Super interested in this deal and have actually never heard of these guys! Thanks for the opportunity to check it out!

  46. I have a D50 and I'm jealous of your camera! ;) You've got a good lens too, don't be too hard on yourself! I went the other way and have the 18-200 zoom, but now I'm really wanting a prime lens!
    I just took a photography class this weekend and learned soooo much! If you get a chance check out Rocky Mountain School of Photography. You won't regret it!

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