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How We Travel :: MOO cards 1Over a month ago, we waved good-bye to our family, our friends, and our home...heading out into unchartered territory. We sold almost everything we owned, packed the rest into a 5th wheel, and are now traveling the country to give to others.

It's been scary, exhausting, wonderful, terrifying...good. At this very minute, I'm sitting at a small table inside our RV in Mobile, Alabama. Tim is out exploring the area with the girls, undoubtedly looking for alligators.

When we meet people on the road, we often hand out these little cards by MOO. They're an online printing company and the quality of their cards is bar-none. The paper is ultra-glossy and smooth to the touch...and the printing is exceptional. The best part is that they're miniature, which makes them stand out from the crowd (and also - they're less formal that way).

How We Travel :: MOO cards 2WIN IT! One winner will receive 100 MiniCards and 20 Postcards by MOO! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, March 15th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* MOO sent me samples for review purposes and is also providing codes for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #4 Joy. Congratulations!

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40 comments on “How We Travel :: MOO cards”

  1. I love the postcards for sweepstaking but also they would be amazing for the new business We are trying to get started after Husband has been unemployed

  2. I would give these to my dad -he's trying to start a small business, and I think these would make him stand out to all his new contacts

  3. how incredibly awesome that you are traveling like this. I have always wanted to buy a camper and travel around the US blogging and taking pictures as I go. I am headed out now to read your blog. I can't imagine traveling like this with a family.

  4. I love, love, LOVE the mini cards! They would be perfect for our Undy 5000 - Dallas team! An easy way to help get the word out to raise awareness and money for a cure for colon cancer in Daddy's honor and memory!

  5. Ever since Blissdom, I have realized the power of a business card! Now I keep them in my purse and i'm surprised by how frequently i'm reaching for one! And I happen to be running low.... :-)

  6. Those are adorable!
    I've have been thinking lately that I would love to have a "mom card" or a "I like your company and I will probably write a post about" card. Something unique like those would be really fun.
    Don't really have a logo though...

  7. I was just looking at Moo business cards a couple of days ago. I love how they can print a picture of your product right on your card!

  8. I work with women and children who are in abusive situations and come to live at the
    Phoenix House to be safe and sound. These mini cards and postcards would be fun
    to share with them.....
    Many thanks, Cindi

  9. I love moo cards but haven't gotten any myself! Some of the scrappers at my crop do it for their artist trading cards and I've wanted to, but just haven't. Love the pen idea too in the first comment. :)

  10. I think these are a great idea to get your message across. I am finding your journey quite interesting!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  11. I LOVE Moo cards! My favorite thing about them is the little messages they stick in your order :)

    I have about 3 cards left, and need to order some more with my new blog design on them - Perfect timing for a great giveaway! Thanks, Stephanie!

  12. Since I to am a Mom and also trying to inspire people to give more in their lives every day. I thought I better comment. Congratulations on your mission. You are changing the world every day with what you are doing. Just reading your blog makes me feel like I could do more every day. My blog 365give is doing exactly what you are in Canada with my son. Giving every day and blogging about it. I believe we can and do inspire people and if I can support you on your journey please let me know. We can swap ideas and inspiration each other along the way. I am happy to pass your cards out any where I go and chat about both our journeys. If we all do it, every day, give more in our lives and teach our children - the world will change. Thanks for sharing your story you have a big cheerleader and fan jumping up and down for you in Canada.

    1. I'm glad that you found us, Jacqueline! Let's definitely swap ideas and encouragement. Where are you in Canada? We *may* stop in Vancouver this fall.

  13. is absolutely the BEST! the have the best product and the best customer service of any company i have ever dealt with. love them! your cards look fantastic!

  14. I've never heard of these either! I really like how they appear to be smaller than a business card, and it looks like they are high quality. Perfect to keep in your wallet! I even think these would be great to put an encouraging scripture on it and leave them with a tip or to send off with a handwritten note to a friend. You never know how much someone might need the encouragement.

  15. Never heard of this company before! Those are some sharp looking cards. I think these would be cute for all sorts of reasons - like playdate cards, or something! :)

  16. I lOVE MOO cards!! I use them as my contact cards for my childbirth education and doula work. It's so fun to slip someone a card with fun pregnancy belly picts on one side :)

  17. I have some really old MOO cards. They are super cute. My problem with getting little cards has always been deciding which pictures I want to put on them!

  18. I am in need of business cards and I've had my eye on the MOO cards for a long time. They're kinda pricey though, so winning some would be awesome!

  19. I would totally use these for J's new business endeavor. We need something classy, but also hip and catchy. I love your design of GiveEveryDay, by the way! It's really nice.

  20. Really cute cards. Love how yours turned out. I am always drawn to bright colors :) plus they are nice and simple which catches the eye too.

  21. I've really been wanting to make "mom cards" to hand out at parks, etc. to give to other moms we meet. I like your card!

  22. Those are super cute! I have heard lots about Moo, but never had a chance to try them or even seen one in real life. So I guess you'll have to come visit and leave me one! ;)

  23. I love how yours turned out. I would have a hard time choosing a design ha ha I have seen them before and think they are a great conversation piece.

  24. Those are sooo cuuuuuute =)
    (yeah I know I wasn't suppose to say that, but they are!!!!)
    I have been following you for a while now and I could not imagine leaving everything behind.
    I know you guys are excited to go everywhere you go.
    I could definitely put those cards to good use. I help people with coupons, and finding deals and stuff to save money =)

  25. Those are great looking cards. I always thought of having pens made up to leave with cashiers (since they never seem to have one) with some simple saying on them.

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