I decided to dye it

A few nights ago I dreamt that all of my hair was turning gray. I couldn't decide if I should dye it...or leave it all silver and sparkling.

I think I dreamt about that because I've been pondering getting older (and also because I subconsciously totally want to do something new to my hair).

Did you know that I've only been to a REAL salon once in my life? I won a makeover contest in 2007 and got flown out to Santa Monica where I got my hair cut and styled & my wardrobe re-dazzled.

I decided to dye it 1 I decided to dye it 2 I decided to dye it 3 I decided to dye it 4 I decided to dye it 5 I decided to dye it 6

I LOVED my hair like that - really loved it. But guess how long it took for Mr. Beverly Hills to get it like that? About 2 hours. TWO. Um - yeah - that's not happening in real life.

All this to say, I'm feeling kind of blah about my hair right now. It's too...something. Too long? Maybe. Too brown? Maybe. Too frizzy? For definitely sure.

I decided to dye it 7I need a little guidance. Cut it? Highlight it? Not care about it? It looks like this now [see left].

(I really can't believe I just wrote an entire post about my hair. Some people don't even have hair. Geesh.).

Back to my dream: I decided to dye it. And I was happy about it.

(But that was in my dreams).

How often do you get your hair cut or colored? Where do you get it done and how much does it cost?

Also - If you have curly hair, what products/techniques/cuts do you recommend?

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65 comments on “I decided to dye it”

  1. I get mine cut about twice a year (although four times this year!) Sometimes "cut" is my husband with scissors (in Africa) I do not recommend this. As soon as we hit France I found the first fabulously gay hairdresser I could lay my hands on and let him work his magic. THAT I recommend.

    This summer, for fun, I got it razor cut, short, and the tips dyed FIRE ENGINE RED. I would never dye my hair to cover the grey... or to try to look like I'm a natural color that I'm not... if I'm going to dye it, it's going to be FUNKY.

    I actually LOVE the red tips. I'm hoping to get them redone when I'm in NH for a week in Jan. helping my friend hatch. Red tips are TOTALLY out of the norm here in Guatemala!!

  2. I always had long hair that was fairly curly, but it changed on me after college and just started to look funky. So I got it cut short and then it was super curly and fun! Having babies changed that again and my hubby wanted longer hair... so I appeased him for a time, but when I just couldn't stand it I cut it again. I have to get it trimmed every 2 months and it takes an hour just for that (no washing, styling or anything) with my super thick hair. It's more money than I'm used to spending because I used to have my dad just trim it straight across the back when it was long! It does take more styling time when it's short so keep that in mind. But I do it because otherwise I can't stand to look at myself in pictures and knowing I look that way would make me sad.
    I do have a few silver hairs here and there and while it kind of makes me sad I don't intend on coloring my hair. I've never had a perm or used permanent color and I have really healthy hair. My mom's is so fried from decades of perms that I don't want to go that way. Maybe I'll change my mind eventually and do a box color, but I think salt and pepper hair looks more natural on older people than solid dark hair you know is colored!
    My 3 cents!

  3. I'd say no to dyes. They just require to much maintenance But, what I would do is keep your eyes open for gals with a similar hair type whose cuts you love. Ask them who does their hair. Then go in for a new do. Speaking of new dos, my hair is in need of one.

  4. I'm pretty low key when it comes to my hair. I had it trimmed in October - and am currently in the process of growing it out. A few years ago I donated to locks of love, which was huge for me because until then my hair had been around chin/shoulder length for five years.

    This time I think that I may leave it long for a while. One of my sisters has curly hair just like yours - I think that it's beautiful - in fact mine has always been as straight at a board and we would spend hours trying to curl it while we were growing up, but it never would last for very long.

  5. So THAT'S where the gorgeous photo in your header came from!!!

    I didn't start dying my hair till it started to gray. And at the same time, it started to get really thin and dry and dull. I still don't know what's wrong with my hair, even with all my diet changes, it's still pretty bad. *sigh*

    All that to say, I didn't want the expense/maintenance, but when it started to get gray and dull, I knew it was time. I go to the salon because, as I said, it looks bad enough. I'm not ABOUT to risk making it worse with home color kits.

    I think your hair is awesome (anyone who has hair looks awesome to me! LOL) but it would also look great if you cut a few inches and put some long layers in. My best friend has hair a lot like yours and she keeps hers a few inches below her shoulders with long layers.

  6. I color my hair myself every month. Otherwise all the gray shows. Honestly if I had your hair I would be in heaven. :) I got my first gray hair at 17 and have been dying my hair since I was 30...21 years ago! Now it is a burgundy/cherry color because I love having fun with it and my husband likes it, too.

    My daughter has really wavy hair and spends an hour straitghtening it every day. I hate seeing her have to do that..or feel like she has to...

  7. My hair is long and thick and I've got a whole swath of whitish gray on the side, its sometimes noticable through my dark brown hair. I go back and forth about dyeing it. I don't want to deal with the upkeep or the expense.

  8. I get my hair cut every 6-8 weeks and highlighted every other time I get it cut. BUT, I get a ridiculous discount. One of my good friends works at a posh salon here in the Twin Cities and charges me only what she pays for the coloring products. In addition I pay her $15 per cut. Here's the way I see it: I would have no problem dropping $15 for a cute shirt every couple months and I wear my hair EVERYDAY so, that's how I justify it. Plus, getting my hair done really does boost my overall mood. Especially when I wake up in the morning.

    Do you personally know someone who styles hair? Perhaps you could trade services (meal cooking, childcare, etc.) to keep the cost down.

    1. Your hair is so pretty, Jenny! I can definitely tell that you maintain your cut and style regularly.

      Also - your financial reasoning makes perfect sense to me.

      One of my little sisters actually has her cosmetology license. I think I'm going to ask her to give me "long layers" (a few people here have recommended that style).

  9. Your hair looks gorgeous in that makeover picture. But I'm with you; two hours is ri-donk-ulous! If I'm being honest, though, your hair is so pretty even when it's not recently made over. I used to pay big bucks for ringlets just like the ones that come naturally to you!

  10. Your hair color is fabulous! People pay a lot of money to have rich brown hair that shimmers! BUT...I understand the desire for change, especially with curly hair! You have lots of great advice here, however I will throw my two cents in too. I have curly hair...it is quite curly, but not the kind of curls that start right at the scalp. I do not brush my hair (unless I straighten it...which I haven't done for at least two years). I use my hands to 'brush' it after getting out of the shower. I scrunch it lightly with a towel and put in styling creme (I really, really don't like crunchy curls) and I actually put twists in my hair. Some form on their own, but I wrap hair around my finger in order to make twists and it also helps hold back frizz and define my curls. I spend no more than five minutes on my hair on a typical day. As far as color goes, I color with a box...yes...the box. The times I have spent a fair amount of money to get it colored by a really great hairstylist, I have never been happy with the color. Most boxes now have different shades (cool, neutral, warm) which helps so much! I like to keep my hair close to it's natural dark brown, but I DON'T want orange/red highlights and the Cool colors make sure that doesn't happen!

    Blah, blah, blah...you are beautiful and I am excited to see what you decide. The great thing...is that it grows back!

  11. This is too too funny only b/c right now I am writing up a post on my hair as it's my one vanity (ha ha, I wish I only had one!). I just got the Brazilian Blowout done and I'm writing about that. It's not ready yet b/c I have to gather photos from previous years to show how transformed my hair has become over the years. But I LOVED hearing about your hair - it was fun!

    I get mine cut about every 2 months. Colored, maybe once a year around May to have some fun summer highlights. Otherwise, that's about it. :)

  12. I like JCPenny salon, usually pretty easy to go to on a whim, decently priced and I get to show all the way in and out. I don't do anything to my hair, sometimes it shows, but mostly my hair is just naturally nice

  13. Your hair looks beautiful. Hair, it is so difficult to decide. I have curly hair and have had great success with Ouidad, made for curly hair. I haven't used it for a few yrs, we moved and no salons carry it here, but you can buy it on line. However, I've been reading a lot about sodium laurel sulfate and I'm not sure if it's in this product. Lately, I've been using coconut oil and that moisturizes fantastically. I have my hair texturized (stylist's term) because it is very thick, tapered around my face and rounded in the back. I am way overdue.

  14. Stephanie,
    Hair color is very fun but a big commitment if you don't want to keep it up. Highlights need to be done every 2 to 3 months depending on how fast your hair grows. Semi-permanent every 4-6 weeks as well. Not to mention highlights are expensive. I usually do not recommend highlights to most moms right off the bat unless they are keeping their haircut (every 4-7 weeks) and style up regularly. Also two hours is really not long for a hair color, haircut and style. I would say that is fast or at least average for most salons and stylists. That being said, you are so very beautiful and i think if you want something new you should go for it!! Maybe you could try a semi-permanent color first to brighten and refresh your color. Semi-permanent color is less damaging to your hair (less frizz always a plus!) and it fades out a little bit which makes it easier to grow out. You could get a conditioning color gloss put in to add shine and a pretty tone I used Redken Shades EQ color gloss. Or you could get a cut with some layers or go a little shorter which adds some height and bounce and doesn't look as weighed down as longer hair tends to sometimes. Just some suggestions and if you get highlights that's cool too. You will look great. Just thought I'd tell you........

    1. Thank you, Kathryn! It's awesome having a cosmetologist for a sister. I'll respond to your FB message shortly. :)

  15. I love gray hair. I am 30 and have some grays, I kind of like them. Gray hair is so beautiful, there are a couple of younger ladies at my church who have long grayish hair and I love it. I tell them all the time how beautiful it is. I am trying to get my mother to stop dying hers too.

  16. I don't skimp when it comes to my hair. I feel like having a nice cut, color & style are total pick-me-ups for us busy moms. A new 'do can do wonders for your self-esteem and overall mood. I don't, however, pay salon prices because I have a great friend who is a fantastic hair dresser who has a salon in her home. Her prices are so much better since she has no overhead. I go every 6 weeks for a trim & touch up on my color and highlights.

  17. Oh, I get my hair cut at Hair Cuttery. It costs me $20 for shampoo, cut, blowdry, and tip. They are inexpensive, but I have been very happy with the quality over there. With color, I think I have spent around $60. Still very reasonable, and I do not live in a cheap area. My sister is also a stylist but lives 850 miles away. When I see her, she sometimes will do my hair (if we have time). Usually we get too busy doing other things though. :-)

  18. I get my hair cut two or three times a year. I am just not high maintenance and prefer my hair on the longer side. I did just get it cut shoulder length with choppy layers at the bottom, though. It was just too long for too long. I have colored my hair before. I prefer something close to my natural color (dark brown) but a little richer (chocolate, coffee), nothing drastic. I have also gotten highlights from time to time and have loved them. I am subtle with them as well, though, and that makes them easier to grow out when the time comes. I'm anxious to see what you decide to do with your hair, if anything. Mine is very straight, so I don't have any pointers for you about curly hair from personal experience. I do have friends with curly hair who have gone shoulder-length and chin-length and let their curls go a bit wild/unruly in the shorter style, and I think it looks really great on them. My one friend in particular always looks very stylish and fun when she goes a bit shorter with her curls. Your hair looks great as is, but as someone who just cut off inches I can understand the need for change once in awhile too. :-)

  19. My grays are beginning to come in. I don't plan on dying it because I think gray hair is beautiful if well cared for.

    I cut both my own hair and my husband's. Old army habits die hard... nothing like a mandatory weekly haircut to teach a girl how to cut a high and tight. I started cutting my bangs in Japan and trimming the rest soon followed.

    We both have straight easy to cut and manage hair, which makes the decision simple.

    Tim is a patient man to wait two hours outside while you got your fancy do! It looked lovely and I'm glad you enjoyed the special treat!

  20. Well, you look gorgeous, no matter the hair. I have rocked long, wavy hair for decades now but finally cut. it. all. off. just last month. And I'm surprised by how much I like it. It was a bit of trauma at first but now, it's much easier and I actually like it. I started to feel like I was ready for a change and that my hair was a bit high-schoolish since it was so stinkin' long and thick. I do colour my hair but that's because your dream is true for me - I am totally grey! So I've coloured my hair since my teens. You could always start with highlights and then if it grows out, it doesn't look so drastic. (Those photos are fantastic! You look so much like your youngest in them.)

  21. The big thing with dying your hair is that you have to keep up on it. I use to go to the salon all of the time to get my hair dyed but I eventually stopped. at one point I let the dye grow out a few inches and I went into the salon and said dye my hair to match my roots and then I never knew when it grew out. But since I love to dye my hair I have started again! But this time I just use the box from wal-mart. I did make a big change recently because I too need a change and I cut 12 inches off of my hair and went short. I don't love my short hair cut and I really want it to be long but then again I did donate my hair to locks of love.

  22. I have curly hair...and I recommend a good leave in condition, and some gel or something. There are a ton of ood curly hair products out there too. For a cut, I'd ask for long layers...long enough to pull the hair back but layered enough to avoid the "Christmas tree" effect where it's all flat and straight at the top and then poofy at the bottom. I stared hi-liting my hair a few years ago and I really love it. It's can be kinda pricey but I feel like it gives me just enough of a change and treat throughout the year.

    1. Long layers. That sounds like EXACTLY the kind of cut that I would like. I think my hair is definitely guilty of the "Christmas tree effect" sometimes. ;)

  23. I have "big" hair, I guess. It is not exactly curly. But, it is thick with volume & texture. So, it gets puffy & frizzy. If I don't straighten it, I put Hemp Organics texturing glaze in my hair, while it is damp. It is supposed to define & separate curls (so says the back of the bottle).
    I only wash my hair every 2 or 3 days. And, I usually don't get a chance to do that until evening. My hair looks pretty crazy the next morning. I usually straighten it & put Bed Head "After party" in it to smooth it down.
    Then I don't really have to do it for a few days until I wash it again.
    I get my hair cut in layers & have thickness cut out of it about twice a year. It costs me $60 plus tip.

  24. I love getting my hair cut and colored. It helps because my hair dresser is also a friend and her son is just 6 weeks older than mine. I spend $120 (includes tip) to get it done and I go 4-5 times per year. Yes, that is a lot of money, but I don't go crazy with buying clothes, etc. so we can swing it. It helps if you add thinner highlights and don't go too far from your natural hair color. That way when it grows in, it looks natural and you don't have to keep going back to the salon.

    I say, if you want to get your hair colored, go for it! You can always dye it back if you don't like it. I think your length is awesome and it really shows off those gorgeous curls of yours!

  25. I have been going back and forth for weeks about the same thing. My hair color is feeling pretty boring to me lately. I have had every color and cut under the sun...all self or best friend done, of course. But, it's been about 6 years since I've dyed it. I'm worried about the upkeep. I don't want to have to touch up my roots too often. The good thing is: if you dye it and hate it, you can dye it right back. I usually have my hair cut about once or twice a year. I let it grow out, then I hate it. Then, I get it cut short and I hate that. I'm always in-between styles because I can't make up my mind. I have curly hair, but I like it straight. The problem is, with kids, I don't have the time to straighten it like I used to. So, I use some Tresemme Curl Care mousse and scrunch it 98% of the time. Then, usually within an hour it's in a ponytail. Such is motherhood, I guess.:)

  26. I have super curly hair also and the book "Curly Girl" by Lorraine Massey has changed my life. Literally. I used to wear my hair pulled back a lot and battled frizz constantly and now I am so so happy with the way my hair looks and feels. Also... major pro: it is really simple and low maintenance. Basically she talks about different kinds of curly hair and how to manage them and the why behind her recommendations. I have used shampoo in almost a year, I dry with a t-shirt, etc.

    I had to relearn how to do a lot of things... like applying gel a very particular way, but now it's like second nature. So long story short: read this book!

    1. Hi there! I'm the publicist for the upcoming completely revised, updated, and expanded edition of CURLY GIRL by Lorraine Massey, which comes complete with a How To DVD, and I would be happy to share a review copy and put together a giveaway for Metropolitan Mama readers. The new book will be officially released nationwide on January 24, you can learn more here: http://bit.ly/aZdjAA. Let me know if you're interested!

    2. Thank you for the recommendation, Alissa!

      Questions for you:
      1) What is the length of your hair?
      2) What brand of gel do you use?
      3) Do you keep an old t-shirt in the bathroom for hair drying?

  27. I have curly hair and I hated it and straightened it for years. A few years ago someone gave me this book, http://store.devachansalon.com/-strse-5/Curly-Girl-Handbook/Detail.bok, and I started using their products and eventually going to the salon after I moved to New York (they cut your hair dry instead of wet so that each curl gets its own attention). It may sound ridiculous, but it totally changed my life and now I wear my hair curly everyday and get compliments all the time.

    1. I actually checked out that book from the library several years ago...very helpful. I may need to read it again.

      Also - that salon sounds fabulous! I'm always scared to go to a "regular" salon because most hair stylists don't "understand" curly hair at all.

  28. I sooo wish I had curly hair like yours!! But, mine is straight...and short...and full of grays trying to peak through. I've never dyed it, although I have recently considered using henna to dye it, because the thought of auburn hair that naturally fades out sounds nice. Because I have short hair, I get it cut about every 6-10 weeks....fortunately my mother-in-law owns a salon, so it's free! :)

  29. I used to get it cut and colored at the salon...and then i realized i have the easiest hair in the world...I can get it cut at super cuts for a 10th of the price and buy dye at the grocery store....(since I only colored it one single color...black). Now the natural dark brown has grown out and i'm to cheap to color it again...so I'm just waiting for my next $10 hair cut!

  30. I used to get my hair cut and colored much more often than I do now. Time and money are at much more of a premium. That said, I like to have a fresh cut and some nice color. I don't think there is anything wrong with that. I do make sure to stay close to my natural color and, if I highlight, I go with skinny highlights rather than chunky. These things help make it less obvious as they grow out.
    I do not have curly hair, so I have no idea. My daughter does, though, so I'd love to hear what you find out!

  31. I rarely get my hair cut...One every 6 months or so, and I go to my sweet friend who is willing to cut it for me at one of our houses (she works at a salon, but is willing to make it easy on me :) ) I occasionally will die my hair (because I do have tons of gray...so not fair, but I found the first one when I was almost 22!), but I use Natural Instincts (a semi permanent hair color) because it sure is cheaper than the salon!

  32. Do you follow Gabrielle on Design Mom? I don't have curly hair, but she does, and she recently wrote a post on tricks that have worked for her hair. The one I remember was drying her hair with a t-shirt instead of a towel to cut back on frizz.

  33. Well, you know what my hair looks like. I don't mind the gray so much but wonder if I had the money for upkeep, would I dye it? I bet it would make me look years younger but is that my goal? I'm not sure. I think it would feel really nice to have a full-blown makeover. IDK....rambling here.....I can say I do very much want my hair cut and styled. My ends are so dead and look horrible. It's really hard while money is tight to justify 40 bucks at the salon so I can feel better about myself, though.

    I guess for once..I'd probably like to see what I would look like with my hair dyed. But, watching those roots show up while it's growing out b/c I couldn't afford the upkeep would look pretty bad.

  34. I've never colored mine (long straight and naturally red.) I grew up with random ladies everywhere telling me they wished they could get my color in a bottle - even had a drunk man cross the street to come pat me on the head when I was 5 and vacationing at the beach. Anyhow, now at 24 I get mine cut every 9 months to a year ($15-25 depending on where I go) and it's normally just getting the ends trimmed up. I've never liked the short styles I've had so I keep it long - it's currently a few inches shy of my waist. And most days it's braided back or pulled up with clips to keep my 4 month old's fingers out of it.

    I like one of the previous poster's idea of getting long layers and I love your curls. I always wished mine would curl growing up - I needed LOTS of product to get mine to stay curled with a curling iron. I also second the humidity comment - as a Southeast Texan humidity can change many a hairstyle when you walk out the door.

  35. I think that getting your hair cut or colored is a nice way for a woman to pamper herself and feel pretty. When my hair was longer, I would only get it high lighted about every 3-4 months and would get it cut at the same time. The cost was anywhere between $150-180. Unfortunately, I was not able to keep that up, so now I just have it cut (hence the short hair) about every 2 months for $50. I did get partial high lights a couple months ago and probably will again before the baby is born. It's definitely a cost that we could go without, but I really believe it's important.

  36. I actually cut my hair once a year. My hair grows super fast, so I decided as an adult (at age 18) that I would donate my hair once a year to locks of love. It is coming up on my one year mark. I go to Fantastic Sams (and for $14.95 plus tax and tip) I get my hair cut at least 10 inches. I don't get a cute style. It just gets cut straight across my shoulders. This year for some reason my hair grew really fast and I have 15 inches to donate. I don't ever color or highlight my hair. I don't do perms or anything like that. My hair is naturally curly (not quite as curly as yours) and has natural blond highlights and red low lights. I've never been one to fuss about my hair, I choose not to care. Now at almost 26 I have a few (more like a few dozen) gray hairs. They're coming in all over the place I am thinking about coloring my hair dark brown. But who knows? I guess you only live once (right?) so I say go for whatever you think will make you happy. Plus it's just hair, we should be thankful we have hair to be thinking about. =o)

    1. Hi Jennifer, I think it's fabulous that you are donating your hair, but you should check into an organization other than Locks of Love. I used to donate my hair to them too (3 times), but recently learned that they are actually not very forthcoming in their work and make money on the side. They charge for the wigs based on a family's income and the hair usually goes to people who have alopecia (who do need wigs) not to those who have cancer like they usually trumpet. Read about them on wikipedia here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Locks_of_Love
      You might check out Wigs for Kids instead. :)

      1. Thanks for sharing that information, Krista. Many of my friends have donated to Locks of Love (and I've considered it in the past).

  37. I'm with you on the need for change once in a while. So I've changed mine a few times. Once I went super short - grandma style. I cried when I left the beauty shop. Two years later, I had my hair back. Then about two years ago, I died it blonde. It has taken me almost two years to grow it back out. And I still have blonde on the bottom. I... err.... my husband found my first gray when I was 25 - yeah CRAZY! Now I have lots, which is part of the reason I dyed it. While I loved the color, I hated maintaining it. My skin is very sensitive and it HURT!!! Those chemicals and my scalp are NOT friends. It burned for days. So my plan - after the blonde is far enough down my head to cut it all off, I will, and I'll stick to VERY subtle highlights. While the drastic changes are usually fun for a little while, I always find myself going back to my "normal" style eventually. As far as price - my MIL is a beautician, so I only get my hair cut/colored/etc. when I see her - about every 6 months or so. So I need a do that can make it that long. Good luck in your hair decisions, but I have always loved your beautiful brown long curly locks!

  38. I have naturally curly hair, too, and I have found that long is the easiest because I can pull it back if I'm having a bad hair day. Remember, you will be traveling to other parts of the country where there is more humidity, which can wreck havoc on naturally curly hair! :) Maybe some long layers for a different look?

  39. Hey Stephanie! I say no to highlights. Totally hypocritical because I have them but really, they are a PAIN and SUPER expensive ($150 here in CA)! I only do it because my hubs likes my hair a certain way and highlights are part of that. I do it for him ;) I say maybe find an all over color that gives you great sheen and cut it a bit. I have curly hair (like SUPER frizzy if I do not do it after a shower) and I love Bracato products. Check them out. I am a huge fan of their mousse. All in all, your beautiful, but I understand the need for change!

    1. $150. Yikes. No wonder I haven't highlighted my hair before! ;)

      I'm leaning against highlights for the reasons that you mentioned.

      Thanks for weighing in with your advice.

  40. I haven't had to deal with any grays yet, but I've never dyed my hair & don't plan to either. I'm low maintenance (I get my hair cut about twice a year) and wouldn't keep up with it, plus I figure dying & frying my hair would make it less healthy and more frizzy. I'm happy with the hair God gave me :)

    1. I actually really like my curly hair, but I've had the same cut/style since high school...so lately I've been thinking "I wonder what it would look like if..." ;)

      That said, I'm a low-maintenance girl too so it's doubtful that I'll do anything that requires significant $$$/time to keep up.

  41. Your hair is beautiful but life is short. If you feel like trying it, go for it! I haven't dyed mine yet but am getting way more grey so may try it soon :)

  42. P.S. Having met you on a damp night at Disneyland, after you'd been walking around the park all day and not spending a day at a fancy salon... can I just say that I thought your hair looked beautiful?! :)

  43. Oh good luck with your real decision (not just in your dreams). I have BLOND hair which is horrid to take care of. Unfortunately I tried to go brown to save time & cost but no one approved including myself. So I have my hair stylist sister-in-law who lives a state away do my hair when either of us visit which ends up being every 3-4 months. I pay her $60 with tip. I have naturally curly hair but I straighten it or curl it with a curling iron instead. I use a Chi straightener & Redken spray gloss to finish it. When I do it curly I don't use any product & just dry it to give it volume. Then I use a 1" curling iron & wrap my hair around it - not like you would normally do.

    I hate getting my hair done but until I find a hair color that works for me rather than blond I am stuck. 2 hours is fast by the way - I seem to be in the salon for 3.

  44. Our oldest daughter (6 months old at the time) and I had to wait outside the salon for the entire 2 hours too. No kids allowed! Only funny looking poodles and snooty women (Stephanie was the exception). :)

    1. I still can't believe the salon owners said "no kids allowed"...and then dogs were inside with their owners! Ridiculous. The highfaluting life is not for me.

      (It was kind of cool to be served champagne and cucumber water while getting my hair cut though). ;)

  45. Funny you should ask! I thought about adding blond (blonde?) highlights for years. Finally did it in July, but I went too far. And I just didn't FEEL like a blond. Plus it took a long time in the salon, the upkeep was frequent and it was $$$! Yikes. I'm just not high-maintenance. And my budget was pinched too much by the salon trips. Plus I missed the old me. So two weeks ago I had it dyed back to my own natural brown color. Color me happy.

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