I didn't get breakfast in bed

My day didn't begin with breakfast in bed (because Tim & I see it like this - Who wants to eat IN bed? With crumbs going everywhere? Holding a tray tipsy on your legs with no back support? No, thank you.).

I didn't get breakfast in bed 1

I awoke when my 4-year-old climbed out of bed and tumbled out into the main RV living area, whispering to Tim that it was time for the Mother's Day surprise. I smiled as I heard the dishes rattling and smelled the warm cinnamon bread floating through our small living space.

I didn't get breakfast in bed 2

About an hour later, my 2-year-old and I stretched awake. My 4-year-old tugged at my hand and led me to the dining room table. "Surprise!" she yelled, her eyes sparkling. The table was set. Honeydew melon in circles, homemade bread (still hot!), and real butter.

I didn't get breakfast in bed 3At 10, we walked down to the chapel here at the campground for a service. After the opening hymns, the pastor's wife called the children forward for a special treat. "The Children" she was referring to were our two girls. There were no other children in the building! She asked the girls to sing "Jesus Loves Me" and our 4-year-old totally did - with the microphone and all!

In the afternoon, we went hiking with another on-the-road family and then had Italian Ice in the North Carolina sunshine.

Afterward, Tim took the girls out by the lake to let me catch up with e-mails and I made excellent progress (only 200 e-mails left in there tonight!).

Do you like breakfast in bed? Yay or nay?

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25 comments on “I didn't get breakfast in bed”

  1. You are such a great mom! Your girls are beyond blessed to have you and of course Tim knows he hit the jackpot, in every way, when he married you! Hope your day was full of love, joy, appreciation and fun!

  2. I don't know about breakfast in bed - never tried it! But we did used to share a small snack and a cup of hot tea with my Grandfather in his bed whenever we were there. He was confined to his bed for 18-20 hours a day towards the end of his life and even before that he had severe leg problems and mornings were tough - he always had a cup of hot tea and a piece of toast in bed before getting up - so that is one of my favorite memories with grandfather, carrying the tea tray upstairs with an extra cup on it so that I could sit with him too.

  3. I am totally with you on the crumbs thing. And being just plain uncomfortable. No breakfast in bed around here, either! But we managed to have a great day, anyway! Glad you did, too!

  4. Breakfast in bed sounds nice, but impractical. Plus I have a scar from cutting myself as a teen attempting to make my mom breakfast in bed once, so I will probably always tell my kids not to cook without a grown-up awake and home (dad was still asleep too). Anyway, waking up to your daughter asking you for a butterfly bandage and crying because she ruined breakfast by getting it bloody? Probably not a great surprise!

  5. I'm with you on the nay to breakfast in bed. It can only mean more cleanup for me later. Besides, I'd have to get up to use the potty first anyway. I'd rather not get back in bed thanks. My babies sang to me in church too, and I teared up as I do every year - so precious. Happy Mother's Day!

  6. I have been known to appreciate coffee in bed, but breakfast? I'm a nay.

    It sounds like your family had a lovely day celebrating togetherness. What a wonderful way to spend mothers day.

  7. I like it as an occasional treat. I wasn't feeling well yesterday, so John got up to feed the dogs and brought me a bowl of warm scrambled eggs and toast. We talked while I ate and then he drew me a hot bubble bath. It was a very nice way to start a long, busy day.

  8. No breakfast in bed for me. I ate cereal b/c hubby was at the gym & I was too hungry to wait until he returned to cook for me.. hahaha.

  9. I have never had breakfast in bed. I would rather get up and enjoy my cup of coffee in the living room while reading a good book before everyone gets up - which is just what I did! After that we went to breakfast and then it was the final push to get everything ready for my daughter's birthday party which also a BBQ! I had a wonderful day and my oldest gave me a flower vase and flowers that she made in kindergarten. Perfect!

  10. how sweet. I never understood breakfast in bed idea, never had one either.

    plus, If I ever have breakfast in bed, that would be an invitation for my kids to come over with their waffles, syrup, bananas, strawberries, etc to bed too. That just just does not sound like a good idea to me :)

  11. No breakfast in bed for me either, for the same reason! The handmade gifts from my kids are the best thing on Mother's Day!!!

  12. LOL! I don't like breakfast in bed for the same reasons! I'd much rather eat at the table with my family! Happy Mother's Day (one day late!)

  13. I'd rather get up and eat at the table or settled back in a corner of the couch. I'm normally up with my 9 month old before my husband anyway. We had French toast (my request) and some Mommy and Son pictures taken by my husband (also my request) because I'm so often behind the camera.

  14. Sounds like a lovely Mother's Day. I don't think I've ever had breakfast in bed and I'm definitely ok keeping it that way. What recipe do you use for cinnamon bread? This might be the bread that converts me into a breadmaker. Ever since we got a breadmaker I have rarely used it and been quite disappointed by the results, but I'm pretty sure I just need the right recipe!

    1. It's actually just the recipe that came with the bread machine guide!
      * 2/3 c. water
      * 2 c. bread flour
      * 1 1/2 T. sugar
      * 1 1/2 T. dry milk
      * 1/2 t. salt
      * 1 T. butter
      * 1/2 t. cinnamon
      * 1 t. active dry yeast
      * 1/4 c. raisins

  15. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend mother's day!! As for breakfast in bed...no strong feelings. My husband and I enjoyed making it for each other once in a while before we had Ezra...but now we enjoy all eating together at the table....a 1-year old joining us for breakfast in bed would make for LOTS of crumbs. :)
    Happy Mother's Day!

  16. I like breakfast in bed... very occasionally! Like today. :) I could hear that waffles were being made and it meant I got to sleep in a bit longer. And then my sons came in to keep me company while I ate. And try not to wiggle too much so I wouldn't spill anything!

  17. I don't know. I have never had breakfast in bed. I think I might like to try it in theory. But in reality I am with you - no crumbs in the bed thank you! My husband often makes me a little breakfast and leaves it for me in the fridge before he leaves for work. It's very sweet... warm cinnamon bread sounds WONDERFUL! I can't wait until my children understand holidays and special secrets and making plans to surprise other people! :)
    Happy Mother's Day!

    1. This was my FAVORITE Mother's Day of all...because my 4-year-old actually understood it. So sweet.

  18. So funny. I don't know that I've ever really had one...but I've never really wanted one either. Breakfast falling everywhere sounds horrible. Kind of like an increase in laundry and good intentions. I'll eat at the breakfast table or stretched outside on a blanket any day. Happy Mother's Day Stephanie!

  19. Oh! Sounds like a lovely day, friend! Thanks for all of the comments today! I am glad/honored to be a part of your Mother's Day "catching up". Hoping to get "a glimpse" of you soon!

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