I have a Sofft spot in my closet for these shoes

I have shoes in my closet that are comfortable.

asics gel cumulus

I also have shoes in my closet that are stylish.

MICHAEL Michael Kors wedges

And then I have shoes in my closet that are comfortable AND stylish.

sofft tyla boot

The shoes in the third category are my very favorite. But they're not always easy to come by.

That's why I like Sofft - a brand that is "dedicated to offering women fine, handmade footwear that epitomizes feminine style and luxurious comfort." 

I own two different pairs of boots by Sofft - the Tyla (shown above) and the Flora. And they both are fashionable and cushiony. They're wonderful for office meetings, date nights, weddings, and more.

Every season, Sofft comes out with a new collection of shoes that is gorgeous...and great for moms. 

Check out a few of these fun European-inspired designs from the Spring 2009 collection:

sofft Selena

Pictured Above: Selena, Dk. Red Patent, $97.95

Sofft Verano

Pictured Above: Verano, Brown, $99.95

Retailing between $90-$190, Sofft shoes are available for purchase online and at a variety of department stores across the U.S. 

If you could have any pair from the Spring 2009 Collection, which pair would you choose?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of shoes from Sofft's Spring 2009 Collection in the size/style of her choice (up to $110). To enter, leave a topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, March 10 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #327 Terra Heck. Congratulations!

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429 comments on “I have a Sofft spot in my closet for these shoes”

  1. I just ordered the Corine. The shoe has the classic lines of a great pump but updated with a mary jane strap that help keep the shoe on and comfortable. The cushion soles means I will enjoy these for hours not just minutes.

  2. Their Spring Collection is amazing...so hard to pick just one pair. But I really need a practical pair of flats that I can wear in lieu of my cross trainers which seem to dominate my choices when I'm running errands. I would choose the Verano you posted above in the Brown, size 10M. I would hazard a guess that we will be seeing a lot of Sofft sandals out and about this Spring/Summer season.

  3. Wow. I absolutely love some of the shoes that are part of their spring collection. My favorite pair of shoes are the Vodera Black/Ivory. They are so nice and totally my style. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win especially since I could use some new shoes. Thanks for the opportunity.

  4. Ooh...Mama really NEEDS new shoes! All of these styles are really nice...would be a hard choice!

    Best Wishes with your new baby!

  5. I'd love to have the Belle in Black Patent. I absolutely love their shoes --- they are absolutely so comfortable.


  6. it's hard to say because something that looks good on My feet not and doesn't look good will be awesome and I am to practical on a tight budge but sorrento thanks

  7. I love Sofft shoes, and I've had my eye on the Petra's (Black Patent). Thanks for the great giveaway. I'd love to win and they I wouldn't have to sneak them in my house and hide the credit card statement!!

  8. I only recently discovered the comfort, style and durability of Sofft shoes. I'm hooked! Thanks for the chance to win a pair.

  9. I must admit that I'm a shoe junkie. I love the pretty Mora clogs.
    Thanks for introducing me to them and for the great giveaway.

  10. You know, I never, ever tried on wedges until someone forced me to. Now, I love 'em. I really love your stylish pair up there. Nice stripes! I'm diggin' the red Mariel on the Sofft site. Now, what kind of yoga pants go with those? lol

  11. For some reason in the past year or two I've neglected my shoe wardrobe. My husband may not agree but please don't ask him because it'll just start the wants and needs saga and we all know shoes are needs!!! It was a very hard choice to pick one but I love the Vera in the Dark Brown!

  12. Ohhh my - what a prize? I don't have any stylish shoes and this would be a treat. Love the Rina shoes in Osso White Patent, size 8. Thank you for this awesome opportunity.

  13. I am diabetic so need comfortable shoes and they are hard to find because they cover the bones that have deformed my feet. I would love to win the Remmy in black.

  14. I think the "Alicia" style is really cute in beige for the spring. And the best part is it comes in large sizes for my "BIG FEET"!!!

  15. I really like the Sorrento in dark brown patent leather. It's a timeless look that would still be in style thirty years from now.

  16. I just checked out their website and they have quite a few styles to choose from. They look they would be comfortable and they don't have outrageously high heels which I can't and won't wear.

  17. I have a lot of trouble finding comfortable shoes for everyday wear.
    I have enjoyed sorting through the Sofft list to see the different styles they offer and it is seriously hard to narrow down my favorite pair.
    I would have to untimately choose the Verano in black. They are cute and fashionable yet look comfortable and easy to wear. Since I'm on my feet for a good portion of the day, that is of premium importance to me.

  18. Are you kidding, pick just one. I'm having a hard time just picking one color on some of those beautiful sandals. However my absolute favorite is the Caden in tamarind. (I thought that was a tree, not a color)

  19. I could fall in love with almost any of these shoes, but my 1st choice would be the Renny in magenta size 8.5.

  20. Oh I adore the Vodera shoes in black. They look comfortable and classy so if I'd win I'd Chose those if available and thank you. skyxsky27(at)gmail.com

  21. OMG! They actually have wide width shoes! PLEASE enter me! I love shoes but can never find any I like in wide!!

  22. I would definitely choose the Felicity shoes... and if they fit like they say, I'd buy at least 2 other colors. They are too cute!


  23. I love the fresh new styles that appear on the Sofft’s Spring 2009 Collection website. There are so many I like, it's hard to pick a favorite!

  24. I've reached a point in my life where comfort is more important than cute, but I'm not ready to give up on cute either. These are some very nice shoes! I really like the Vera and the Cally.

  25. Vodera in carmel/blush in a 7 1/2. It's so hard to find stylish/ comfy shoes and I have a back injury so I have to be careful about what I wear. These look great!

  26. I love Nolla in black or the Mallie in Black. I love having pedicured feet and feeling good in comfy shoes, you are right its hard to find a good pair. Thanks for the giveaway.

  27. I love these shoes! It's been way to long since I've gotten a cute new pair of shoes so if I won I would choose the Meira shoes in Tamarind!! Thanks!
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  28. Sofft has some great looking shoes. I can't wait for spring. The Felicity sandals would be a great new look for me. Pink is my color. Thanks for the giveaway.

  29. Yes.. I love the Petra, Riley and Victa pairs of shoes (sorry, I couldn't just pick one style !!) They are each very gorgeous and stylish to me. Thanks for the entry!

  30. Oooh...I could so use a new pair of shoes. I have the rather unglamorous habit of...well, getting into a habit and wearing the same pair of shoes every day. Although I work at a cat sanctuary, there's no reason I can't look cute - just not as cute as the kitties!

  31. mmm, mmm, mmm. I could use some sass on my feet that also bring some comfort to my back. I love the Mariel, but I also love the Corina - it's so hard to choose. But I keep going back to the Mariels. Thanks for the contest!

  32. Sofft has some really cute shoes! i especially like the Verano and Vodera shoes. i could wear them everywhere!

  33. What great shoes! I really like the Veda and the Finny. I truly need a comfortable pair of shoes to chase around after my two little ones. Otherwise by the end of the day my feet are killing me!

  34. These are great shoes!! I'd never heard of them before, but now I'll be seeking around. I have awful feet and need really comfy shoes.

  35. I love them all and have changed my mind a dozen times so right now I'm going with Veronica in Black/Black. :D

  36. These actually look comfortable and stylish. I have so few comfy shoes. I tend to sacrifice comfort in favor of style. I love the Rori in Silver.

  37. I think either Felicity or Faye would be great for my son's wedding. Low enough that I won't tower over hubby, and perfect comfort for dancing the night away

  38. FaneBlack Patent Leather (1222411)!!!
    There really is something to be said for looking great AND being comfortable!

  39. I like the Veda style in black. It is a pain to find shoes that are cute AND comfortable. My feet will thank you if I win this!

  40. Hello,

    I wear a wide width and it is so hard to find stylish shoes in my size. I liked the Corine black patent leather Mary Janes. They even came in my size 7 1/2 W!


  41. The Verano in black are so adorable! I really need to replace my flats, and these would be so perfect. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  42. I love the style of the "Faye" in dark brown, size 9 1/2. I only wear comfortable shoes nowdays and this collections seems to fit the bill. Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. I used to work at Starbucks, and I had the HARDEST time finding a pair of shoes that wouldn't leave my feet feeling beaten and bruised at the end of the day and that also fit the dress code. I found a pair of Sofft shoes at an outlet and they truly changed my life! I wore them to death. They're the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn, and that was with being on my feet, constantly moving back and forth, for eight hours a day. I love Sofft!

  44. i would love to win this for my wife. these are awesome shoes and i have been shoppong with my wife enough to know she would love these. thanks for the chance

  45. What great styles of shoes, I love the Corine in red, I have so many outfits those would look great with!

  46. I love the Carlina shoes. I can only wear comfortable shoes and these look like they fit the bill.

  47. Beautiful, stylish shoes! I can't decide between the Riona Mocha Snake and the Rori (Brown) shoes. I like that they both have the strap around the ankle. I'd love to win either pair! Thanks for the great giveaway. Oh, and congratulations on your soon to be new arrival!

    [email protected]

  48. I just bought a pair of Sofft shoes from Macy's. I love the craftmanship of the brand. They look really nice and they are very comfortable. I would pick either the Selena or the Verano in black.

  49. I'd pick the Vodera in Caramel/Blush. These are shoes that look great and I could actually spend the day in them.

  50. I was just in the mall the other day looking at all the fabulous new shoes for Spring/Summer. So many that I want but I just can't justify the purchase to the husband, yet!

  51. Ahh, what a tough choice! If I just went with my same old same old kind of shoe, I'd pick the Verano in Black Patent. But it would be fun to be more daring and pick the Rori in Silver! Thanks so much!

  52. Do you know that I NEVER buy myself new shoes?? It's pathetic that I focus solely on my son's baby shoes. I need this man!

  53. These shoes are so cute and they look very comfortable. Running after my toddler, I like to look good by be comfy, these would work! I love the black Renny!


  54. I just had a baby in December 08, and with her being my first, my feet grew an entire size larger. I love the Reily black patents as they are universal and would go with a nice dinner gown or a pair of jeans.

  55. The new Sofft Spring collection is beautiful - I love the Riona sandal. Fashionable and Comfortable....you cannot beat that!

  56. I love the Corine style. Brown or Black would be more practical, but those Hot Red ones are cuuuuute! Thanks for the chance!

  57. I have gone back to COMFORT - and you can find style at the same time -- these are cute -- THANKS FOR THE GIVEAWAY !!!!!

  58. I love the Corine in black and brown, the Candra in black, charcoal/pewter and caramel/whiskey, the Mariel in osso white and the Franchesca in cream. I have always tended to go for colors that will go with just about any outfit so that I am not limited in what I can wear my shoes with.

  59. Right now I would pick the Faye style in ocean green but if I win, it will really be hard to narrow down my choices....there are so many

  60. i have never tried sofft shoes. they are really cute and look pretty comfortable. i especially like the Meira in black!

  61. Very Nice! I checked out Sofft’s Spring 2009 Collection of shoes and was quite "wow'd" today by their gorgeous shoe designs and I can clearly see that these shoes are crafted to be comfortable as well! I am so loving the Fane Shoe in their Spring Collection in Black Patent Leather. The style is beautiful and they look like they fit and feel so nicely on the feet! I would wear these all the time. Women should not have to give up comfort in order to wear stylish chic shoes, and it is so refreshing to find a company that is devoted to creating shoes that are both! Thank you so much for introducing this company to use and for the wonderful opportunity to enter.

  62. I admit that I will always sacrifice style in order to have comfort. My feet demand it. But I think with their Felicity sandals, I might get both.

  63. What a great collection of awesome looking shoes! Most really comfortable shoes don't have the best looking selection! Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  64. I LOVE shoes! I am obsessed with shoes! So thank you so much for this giveaway! Sascha Black Patent 7.5 is what I would choose.

  65. I LOVE THIS GIVEAWAY!!! I never knew about this brand before. But I am going to try and splurge and buy a pair. And the Vodera in Black and Ivory would be my Sofft spot! :-)

  66. Oh my, so many shoes so little moolah! It was difficult to pick 1 fav pair but I did it! My pick is Finny (Vanilla/Root Brown) Lots of cute shoes!

  67. Verano is my style, I work standing up all day on a hard floor, and my feet would say "thank you" for this great idea. They look good and comfortable too............remember Audrey Hepburn this is all she was wearing an always looked stylish!


  68. Ooh, I'd have to say the Fane in purple patent. So decadent! Sofft are the ONLY shoes I buy. I think I'm up to a dozen pair now! Just received the Vanna in brown croco today -- OH MY GOSH. They are incredible! I've got those same boots on the way, too, and some yellow sandals.

    I have a large and wide foot, and I love that Sofft gives me stylish options that are comfortable and sturdy. I value the arch support they provide.

    Plain and simple -- fabulous stuff. I've converted many friends (and wouldn't you know that their hubbies love me for it?). ;)

  69. I've been looking for the perfect pair of brown wedges. I need them by April, and I still haven't found the right pair for the right price. Hopefully, I'll win this and I'll be able to pick the pair that I want!

  70. The Verano's look SO comfy and very stylish! They would be great for my work!
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  71. WOW, i really like these shoes, and if their stylish and comfortable what more could you ask for in a shoe. i cant wear high heals but those flats you showed us really looked cute. thanks for the giveaway.

  72. I have a pair of Sofft wedge sandals that I bought a while back because they were so cute! (They are brown leather sandals, with a leather flower on the front strap) I didn't even realize until wearing them how comfortable they would be. The soles are cushioned so they really are extra comfortable to wear. The soles are soft - they live up to their name.

  73. Comfortable shoes are a must for walking around NYC. I've yet to try Sofft shoes but the spring 09 designs are so stylish! I'd go for the Riona in the mocha snake.

  74. I love their shoes. I may have to splurge on a pair or 2. I want to get my first pair of white shoes to match some new dresses I've purchased. I really like the white Abby style. It's nice to see shoes with no huge heels, as I am 5'11"

  75. I really like those shoes! I'm very drawn to the dark red ones for some reason. They look comfortable and so cute.

    My favorite shoes are my running shoes, but I love a good flip flop for the summer.

  76. I'm at the point where I only buy comfortable shoes. I own a pair of Sofft sandals and would love to own the Fiji sandals in the Spring collection---great colors!

  77. I really love all the shoes. I only have a couple pairs because my hubby says he doesn't want it to become a habit. I really love the Franchesca (Black). Aren't they just the cutest? Thanks for the chance.

  78. I love Sofft shoes. It would be so hard to only pick one, but if I had to it would be Franchesca in black. Corine & Vanna come in at a close second.

  79. I really need a new pair of boots. The boots shown above look great. After my last pregnancy my foot grew a little bit and my shoes no longer fit the same =(


  80. Sadly, I will never sacrifice looks over comfort; therefore, most of my shoes could definitely look better.

  81. Really tuf choice! I love the Corine (Black Patent) and the Sascha (Black Patent) Thanks for entering me for a cute pair of shoes!!

  82. These shoes are really stylish and look comfy too. I really like the corine in black. The little flower is adorable.

  83. these shoes look so comfy -- i love these boots in particular - Fara (black/chocolate)...the brand kind of reminds me of Born -- my ultimate comfy shoes (although these could become my new fav if i win!) =)

    autumn398 (at) yahoo.com

  84. I love the Finny style. I don't wear stylish shoes very much since having Brea it is difficult to keep up with a 1 year old and wear uncomfortable shoes too. I would love to have style and comfort all in one. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win such a fantastic pair of shoes!

  85. I have enjoyed the style and comfort of Sofft shoes. I will continue to shop for this brand. Of course, it's a prize I'd love to win.

  86. I have multiple sclerosis, and sometimes I walk really funny! I need good quality shoes that help me maintain my balance while I look good, too. Sofft brand is one of my favorites.

  87. Picking just one is going to be impossible!!
    I love the Veda in dark brown, the Cally in black/croco, and the Halton in black (to name a few). =)

  88. i love shoes, comfortable or uncomfortable. as long as they look great.
    comfort is definately a plus, and i really like the Cally in (Ocean Green)

  89. I went and looked at thier collection. Whoever wins is going to have a real tough time picking thier shoes out. All the styles are adorable and so are the colors they come in. I wanted them all!

  90. I love their Cally in beige and if they're as comfortable as you say, I'd be in heaven. Thank you so much!

  91. I have 2 pair of Sofft shoes and love them. They make lovely quality, truly wearable heels. The favorites in my closet are the Calypso.

    You are getting down to the wire with your pregnancy - hope you're feeling well!

  92. Sofft looks like they have fabulous shoes! It's great that they're comfortable because God knows us women deal with so much pain from trying to look fab! I love all the shoes they have! Especially the boots!

  93. The Vanna in Dark Brown Croco is fantastic! I have a pair of Sofft boots and they are my favorite, so, I am sure these beauties are terrific, too.

  94. ooohh, the fuji multi!

    love these! never heard of the them before so thanks for the intro! I will be back!

  95. Oooooh. You really really say these beautiful shoes are comfortable. I'm a klutz so the closer to the ground I can be the better. I choose the Verano in Oat. but then if I do win this, I might get adventurous and go for the heels.

  96. I love, love, love the Cally in Ocean Green. I love comfy heels, although you will rarely see me wear them as I just don't feel right in heels. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  97. "VODERA" in black with the ivory stitching is my favorite "comfortable shoe" I have always dreamed of (this is what we NEED).
    Remember Audrey Hepburn! stylish, cute and elegant like walking on clouds.


  98. Since I had Cheeks my feet have changed a little bit and I had to get rid of my dark brown shoes. I'd love to replace them with the Meira in tamarind from Sofft! Those look cute and would go with several of the outfits I'd wear dark brown heels with. Thanks!

  99. I absolutely love these shoes. I teach and it is so nice to be able to wear a fabulous shoe that looks gorgeous AND feels great, especially running around after 3 and 4 year olds. They are perfect for work and for play, both with adults and children:) There's nothing nicer than getting a complement from a 3 year old and their parents about my shoes!! Working in a preschool though, these shoes are few and far between to afford in my budget and I would love a pair to add to my small shoe collection :)

  100. Love the Petra Slides (pewter)! I know this company makes comfy shoes-I tried some on in a local department store last fall, and they were great! But, sadly not in the budget. Would love my own pair!

  101. Hey, I saw shoes that fit me. I'm a 10.5 W and they have some really nice 11 Ws. There was a nice pair of red Mary Janes in that size. I hope I win this.

  102. I think these shoes look very stylish and well made..yet I am so excited that they are affordable!! My favorite is the Nolla in either the off white, black, or patent red. size 9.5

  103. I have such a hard time finding comfortable shoes. Spending more to have well made shoes makes all the difference. I'm a fan of Sofft!

  104. I was just thinking about what I was gonna do for shoes this summer. I think I'd go with Felicity in either Bronze or white. Thanks!

    oinkmoobaa (at) yahoo (.) com

  105. Napoli because it's hard to find black pumps for work or Rina because I would never dare to buy them for myself.

  106. These are so not my usual and so impractical I'd probably end up changing my mind again, but I like the Riona Off White Python (1225403). They are just THE perfect summer sandal! I can already see them on with white jeans and a black tank top or even black jeans and a white tank top, and I'd have to find a matching bag to go with the sandals! OH NO!!! What have you started?! :-)

  107. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the Napoli in Black (although the camel color is so pretty too!)Thanks for the introduction I spent about 25 minutes there before I realized I better come back here and enter!

  108. I found several pairs I love in their spring collection.....the Felicity in Pink and the Fiji in Multicolor are both adorable sandals....plus there were some very cute clogs and several wedges that were also very nice. This is a new brand to me....one I really like......

  109. I've never heard of these, but after reading the comments and seeing the pictures, I sure would like to try them.

  110. The shoes are adorable. I love all of the colors especially the bright ones. Renny in black is my favorite for the spring.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  111. That's a gorgeous collection, very hard to choose.. fell in love with the Finny in Vanilla, looks like you could pair it up with just about any ensemble.

  112. I would choose the Alicia wedge sandals in beige (although I love the other two colors, cognac and black, too). So many beautiful shoes to choose from - I just spent so much time on the Sofft shoes site! Thanks!

  113. Great collection of shoes! I could pick 20 pairs, but my favorite is the Caden in Tamarind. Classy, sexy shoe!

  114. So many choices! I think I'd choose the Renny in white--I'd get more use out of a shoe without much of a heel. Thanks for the contest!

  115. I love the Carlina in Root brown and the Cally in beige!! They DO look like really comfortable shoe.. and are still so cute! Love em.

  116. There is nothing in the world like finding stylish shoes that are comfortable. I'm gonna have to check this website out.
    Thanx for the contest.

  117. It looks like the shoes have some traction on the soles, not just the slick soles that most women's shoes have. I like that!

  118. It's hard to pick a favorite with so many cute choices, but I would probably get the most wear out of the Halton style in black.

  119. These shoes are so cute, I can't believe they're comfortable also. I really like the Vera style, just what I'm looking for for this summer.

  120. I could use a pair of dressier shoes than I have in my closet right now. Since I retired, I haven't purchased anything more than casual shoes, and the only dress shoes I kept are definitely showing some wear. I didn't look at all the sizing, but if they have some in extra wide widths, will encourage my daughter to look at them--she has a miserable time finding comfortable shoes!

  121. Meira in brown are my favorite in the spring collection. I found this companies shoes a couple years ago. I own about 4 pairs of their clogs and one pair of their boots. I have been lucky enough to get a couple pairs on eBay for a great price. They are the most comfortable shoes that I have ever worn. The thing I really like is that you don't have to sacrifice style and looks for comfort. You can have it all!

  122. These shoes look great. I like the Varissa (White Patent) shoes. They look like they can be worn up with dressier clothes and down with jeans.

  123. I looked at the spring collection and it is devine! I especially like the felicity collection, and I would like the limon yellow in patent leather.

  124. The Alicia style is gorgeous. I am tired of wearing uncomfortable shoes for the sake of fashion. Sofft shoes are offered in a wide variety of styles and I like that you can sort by size, width, and color options.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  125. Are you kidding me??? If I win my wife will be sooo thrilled- I'd be her hero all over again! She'd have to choose though.

  126. I own two pair of Sofft shoes. They are fantastic. You can walk and walk and walk and still feel comfortable. The Vodera style is a wonderful addition to any wardrobe.

  127. I love the Laurel in brown or black. I like the open heel on any shoes feels better and my feet feel good in them. Thanks for a chance to win.

  128. All the shoes there are really cute. I think I would be happy with any of them but I really love the Selena in the dark red, classic, yet different enough to make a statement.

  129. Ohh comfortable highheels? I'm all over that! I especially like the canva/latter Gallis heels, they are sooo pretty.

  130. I'll take Faye in Black Patent in a 10M, please!!!

    (Sniff...I was all set to pick Belle, as it is SO-SO-SO Cute, but it only comes up to a size nine!!! girls with big feet like cute shoes, too!!!)

  131. I really like the Vera (black croco), they would be perfect for keeping my tootsies cool in the heat while looking good for work

  132. I am not one of those women who hoard shoes, but I love boots and both the Tyra and the Flora boots look like they could make ANY outfit I wear look FABULOUS. Am looking forward to showing them off.

  133. Really like the Nolla style but wish it was silver studs. So would probably go for Solis in black.

  134. Oh these shoes are so cute!! I could use a new pair of shoes for work. I'd like the Verano (black) pair for everyday wear.

  135. my daughter is a shoeaholic! I know she would dearly love a pair of these very cute shoes or boots!!

  136. I am always ogling shoes that are both cute and super-comfy . . . and these certainly look like they fit the bill--like their Mela boots.

  137. Good shoes are hard to find if comfort is a requirement. I really like the Caden in Tamarind, but since I'll be starting an internship this summer, Gallis in Bronze/Chocolate it is.

  138. Ok, you got me to spend an inordinate amount of time checking out these fabulous shoes! I absolutely love the "Nolla", they are stylish and look oh so comfy! Thank you. :-)

  139. I like the "Renny Black" They look casual enough to get a lot of wear. I tend not to wear more formal shoes, except for maybe 2-3 times a year.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  140. all the shoes look great and if they are comfortable than yeah even better! My favorites are the Corine and I'll take one in every color. But if I can only choose one I'll choose them in Black!!! Which I can wear with just about anything!! so they are pratical too!

  141. I have hard to fit feet & am constantly looking for comfortable shoes. I loved some of their styles & it would be great to give them a try.

  142. What gorgeous shoes! As I looked them all over, I fell in love with the Riley in black patent.

    I'm sure my feet would fall in love with them, too, if they'd feel these shoes. They look very comfortable! :-)

  143. I was at the site for a looong time! I loved a few styles but, my pick would be the "Nolla - Black Patent (1228411)". They would be the perfect every day slip on for Spring/Summer. Thanks....and best wishes on baby #2. My nephew and sister in law share a March 14th birthday! She gave birth on her own birthday.

  144. New shoes, but I never get anything! Thanks so much for the chance to win!
    Do I REALLY have to pick a pair today? Tomorrow I mighht like a different pair!

  145. I typically have a hard time finding shoes, because I wear an 11 Narrow and spend most of my shoe shopping time at stores like Nordstroms that will sell this size. Imagine my delight when I checked the Sofft website and saw that my shoe of choice is available in this size! Wow! You have no idea how excited I am about that find! I would choose the Abby if I won for its stylish design that I could wear all summer long! Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to all!

  146. My feet would be eternally grateful if I win this contest. The only shoes I own are tennies, a pair of winter boots and houseshoes.

  147. What beautiful shoes. Just the thought of "spring" shopping is a wonderful thought. I love the Vodera shoes in the Spring line. Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  148. The Felicity flats are my favorites. The colors I'd choose would be pink, black and white. I love sandals and flip flops and these would fit in perfectly with my collection of footware. I love how these can be worn either at the office, at home, out on the town or for a garden party or whatever the occasion. Their both dressy and casual at the same time. I love the flower that they have on there. Reminds me of Hawaii. My husband and I just got back from there and I wish we were back, not only for the great time we had but for the nice warm weather. We came back to freezing temperatures in Michigan. YUCK. Thanks for the awesome contest. Hope to win. Have a great day.

  149. I think that they have shoes for every style. I really like the Tyla boots. Every woman should have a great shoe collection with lots of variety. I also think that every woman should of at least one pair of black stelettos. ESSENTIAL! :D

  150. The shoes all look so stylish and comfy. I need a pair of dress shoes and that is one thing I never get for myself. I fell in love with the Selena, Sascha, and Corrine shoes. I can't decide which is my favorite.

  151. Love the Riley thongs! Right now I have on shoes that are stylish but not comfortable....not a good afternoon.

  152. They are all so gorgeous! My favorite shoes are the Franchesca. The brown or the black are really great.

  153. I love the Rina in Brown. These are just really beautiful shoes. I would be proud to own any of these shoes.

  154. I recently found the Sofft brand of shoes, and love them! They really are stylish AND comfy, which is hard to find sometimes. They also come in a variety of widths, which is helpful to me. Thanks for highlighting this unique brand!

  155. I really need a pair of shoes that is both functional/comfortable and stylish. I can't seem to find both qualities in a shoe. Then I saw your blog and I thought "There they are!". I'd love to win. Thanks

  156. Comfortable and stylish shoes are the best! Makes you feel like a million bucks when you look great AND your feet don't kill.

    ParkingGoddessFTW at gmail dot com

  157. Wow! I have just fallen in LOVE with the Mariel sandals (in RED of course). I am such a huge fan of Sofft! Not only are they gorgeous, comfortable and well-made shoes; they also come in a variety of sizes and widths. Their size 10 wide fits me perfectly. I look great and my feet are happy!

  158. I remember being in love with your boots from here. I wish I had bought some! For the summer, I would love the Halton(Limon Yellow), perfect bright summer shoes!

  159. Oh wow~ All of these shoes match my kind of style! I'm drawn towards the Meira since they're similar to a couple of my other sandals.

  160. Cute, cute shoes!! I personally love the Corine. The little flower on the side sealed it for me! I'm a shoe addict! I have so many pairs of shoes, and there is nothing wrong with adding to the collection!

    [email protected]

  161. Since having knee-replacement surgery I can no longer wear dressy high heeled shoes but today there are so many really great flat styles and Felicity on page two is a real charmer and such wonderful colors but Vodera on page 5 is a real beauty also in all three colors so I will have to choose two because I could not pick one of those as my favorite.

  162. There are toomany shoes to pick just one. I'm on my feet all day, and these look like they would fashionable and comfortable. Definitelt a plus to win any for my wardrobe.

  163. I've always been about comfort when it comes to shoes. Then, I was in the military where you didn't have a lot of options for your shoe closet (desert brown or solid black combat boots?). Now that I can wear whatever close-toed shoes I like, I tend to stick with basic black or brown because they match everything. But, after peering through Sofft's spring line, I think I could make some daring use of the sexy Vodera in firered/blush. Some bright red shoes to add some pizzaz to my otherwise plain office attire. I'm liking the sizzle.

  164. I like the Vodera style. I have been looking for a nice pair of "flat" shoes. Though there is a bit of a heel I don't want one that is too high because then I'd really be taller than my husband.
    I have plantar fasciitis and my feet hurt quite a bit. These look like they'd be so comfortable.

  165. I like the fact that there is different heel heights in the collection most of the spring shoes I have looked at lately are all 3 inch heels, I don't like to go over 2 inches because that puts me at 6ft

  166. I love the Cally for an open-toed heel. I don't have a pair right now that I really enjoy, and I love to get pedicures in the spring. Unfortunately, $100 shoes are out of the budget right now, but if I won a pair, that would be awesome!

  167. I love shoes but I have a REALLY hard time spending money on myself - maybe when we are not so tight on money. I have been looking for a cute pair of summer sandles to wear to work with a small heel. Here is my list from Sofft that I would love to have - Abby, Adara II, Fave, Fiji, Rina - I could keep going - they have wonderful shoes. If I won I would have a really hard time picking only one pair. Thanks for offering such wonderful giveaways.

  168. Ohhh...I want the Alicia in black. Or brown. Or maybe both!! I am very picky about my sandal selection. I don't like shoes that flip or flop, so they need to have a strap on the back. And a heel, but not a large heel. These shoes fit all my criteria perfectly!

  169. I love those Meira sandals, I would pick those. I tend to wear comfortable, laid back styles, and sadly do not update my shoe collection often, but boy do my girls have fabulous shoes, i need to treat myself more often.. Thanks for showing me a new line!!

  170. If I won I think I'd go for the Verano in red patent. Every girl needs a pair of red shoes in her closet and I need a new pair!

    I used to love shopping for fun shoes but now that I am a SAHM I have a hard time justifying the purchase. On most days in the winter you'll find me sporting my brown Uggs. Comfy and practical. But of course, a girl's gotten treat herself every once in a while!

  171. I've never had a pair of Sofft shoes but i'm all about comfortable yet cute shoes. I love the Verano or the Vodera in black.

  172. I'd choose Veda in black. They'd replace a similar (and too uncomfortable) pair that has seen better days.

  173. This is a gorgeous collection of shoes. Having just had my baby, none of my clothes fit right, and I'm feeling rather dumpy & frumpy - a great new pair of shoes would be just the pick me up I need! :) I would probably choose the Mariel shoe in an 8-1/2 - it would be a great stylish choice for this spring & summer.

  174. I love the Sascha in dark brown in size 8. Adorable! I love buying shoes but lately they seem to be on the bottom of the priority shopping list.

  175. I definitely need a pair of COMFORTABLE heels and I love Carlina. I've got the perfect outfit to go with them. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  176. I'm loving the Renny in Black - I had to throw away three pairs of black summery shoes last year so I definitely need a new pair and these look great!

  177. Hmm, so many cute shoes to choose from. I think I would pick the Cally, either in Beige or Magenta. I need a comfortable, yet dressy, sandal.

  178. Wow! They have great shoes! So many wonderful choices. I really like Firenze. Thanks for the giveaway!

  179. Oh my goodness, so many cute shoes! I have a lot of shoes and hubs laughs at me. He even lined up and took a picture of all the shoes I brought to Jamaica and still jokes about it today. But hey I wore all but one pair (he doesn't believe it though LOL) so it's all good.

    I'm having a hard time choosing. It's between the Laurel shoe, the Fiji and the Faye (in all colors ha ha).

  180. A woman can never have enough shoes, unlike most men who can get by with about 3 pairs(tennis shoes, dress shoes & flip flops).

  181. I really need shoes that are comfortable so i can keep up with my 3 year old and carry my 5 month old. I would love to have the ability to be comfortable, but also have style! I love these shoes!

  182. I would absolutely choose Adara II. They are gorgeous, sexy, and, best of all, they look comfortable!

  183. You are singing my song! I am so opposed to uncomfortable shoes, I hate wearing painful shoes. I am always on the lookout for good quality shoes that won't torture me throughout the day. Right now, I spent a fortune and bought a pair of Kumfs, which are imported and made to be extremely comfortable. I'd love to win, it's really a great giveaway, as usual Stephanie!

  184. When we were planning to go to France for 3 weeks, my husband bought me some shoes that were wonderful for walking. Those shoes are 3 years old now and are still the most comfortable shoes I have. I would love to find some new shoes that feel as great.

  185. Oh, you are so right about comfortable and stylish being the best! I *mostly* own one or the other, but my absolute favorite pair of heels is comfortable, too, which makes me so happy every time I put them on :)

    I absolutely love the "Caden" in black (8.5)! There are a few others that I adore, too, but black would be so easy to match.

  186. I'm loving the huge selection of sandals. I think the Halton style is my favorite. Cute, colorful and practical - I like that it only has a small heel.

  187. Wow, I'd never heard of this brand. Style and comfort together is what we all want, right? I'm glad to have seen this. :)

  188. Such cute shoes! I can't list ALL my favorites, so I'll just go with the top 3! :o) Fiji (multi), Riley (white patent) and Verano (black). These look so stylish, yet look comfortable to wear too!
    Great giveaway - thanks for offering it!

  189. Those shoes are CUTE! I am soon to get back into the real world from the military and have zero fashion sense, not to mention a very small wardrobe. I am happy to hear that there are cute shoes out there that are also comfortable.

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