I want my kids to be... :: wrap-up

I want my kids to be... :: wrap-up 1I meant to write more posts in this series.

Yes, I want my kids to be happy, entrepreneurial, healthy, well-traveled, and loving. But...I'd also like them to be...intelligent, excited about learning, good with people, strong communicators, etc, etc.

I think it goes without saying that I can't fully dive into such a mammoth topic in one tiny little weekend, but it's been fun nevertheless. Thank you to those of you who dreamt alongside me.

Other things we did over the weekend:

  • Went out a-walking around our neighborhood (gorgeous weather here in Arizona)
  • Braved the masses at Costco (bought a big batch of blueberries, among other things...mmmm)
  • Visited with friends who just had their second baby (he's super sweet)
  • Laundry (and lots of it)

YOUR TURN: How was your weekend? What did you do?

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9 comments on “I want my kids to be... :: wrap-up”

  1. Wedding stuff...of course! Mixed in with lots of munchkin cuddles and a little outdoor wandering.

    I've enjoyed this series. Since you didn't get to write all you wanted to maybe we'll get the pleasure of reading more later. :)

  2. this weekend my oldest had a gymnastics meet- her first one. she loved it. then we had a game night with a few friends- one of which is moving to AZ and we'll miss them. we ended the weekend with me teaching sunday school and everyone else stayed home sick with fevers and coughs.

  3. We went to Costco and got a huge box of blueberries too! And they are almost gone already! We also made letters for friends, had a dance party, helped friends move, and went puddle jumping!

  4. Honestly, not a whole lot. I had to get a pain shot for a migraine on Thursday so I was draggin butt for a couple of days after that. I did do a few things around the house on Sunday as well as cook some meals for the week.

  5. Costco on a weekend?! You are brave!
    I did some shopping and painting and cleaning and rearranging, and then some reading and tv watching, and lazing around. :)

  6. A couple of family walks here too!
    Also made muffins, which my daughter begged to take to school to share. Naturally, I was thrilled that she wanted to share with her classmates.
    And, daughter got to have a "special day" sleepover with my parents, which gave my son a "special day" with me. Win-Win!
    Great weekend all in all.

    I loved this themed weekend - really got my mind working and dreaming and planning... again, SO glad I stumbled onto your blog!

  7. we also went on a family walk on a walking path near our house - I too really love this AZ winter! Watched a few movies, made homemade pizza, sewed a little, and played some board games. Overall it was a relaxing weekend!

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