I'd give up a lot of baby gear before giving up...

My Baby Carriers!

Slings, Pouches, Wraps, Mai Tais, Front Carriers, Hip Carriers, Back Carriers. There are so many different names and styles, but all of them are designed with the same thing in mind: keeping baby nearby and close to mama's heart, while allowing mama to have her hands-free.

I wore my daughter all of the time up until about 11 months - she loved to be snuggled close and I loved the freedom and ease of having my hands-free, while still being able to pick up on her hunger cues and needs. We were inseparable that first year.

Of course, we also had one of those carry-along infant car seats, but those are over-rated in my opinion. They're bulky and heavy and "impersonal." Sure, it did come in handy, but more-often-than-not I opted to slide my Little Beauty into a carrier rather than bruise up my knees from the cumbersome seat. Besides, I think my daughter much preferred the warmth and closeness of the carrier. Babywearing made both of us happy.

I'd give up a lot of baby gear before giving up... 1A PR agency recently sent me the Jelly Bean Reversible Sling by Munchkin. Here's the description from the Munchkin website: "You can wear the sling in 5 different positions and there are no buckles or rings to attach. There are built-in pockets on both sides to hold your essentials. And the special sling design makes it easy and discreet to breastfeed baby."

I never tried the breastfeeding-in-carrier thing with my daughter (I think I was overwhelmed by being a first time mama), but I plan to give it a shot when we get pregnant with and have baby #2. It seems like a great option for discreet feeding in public. 

I tried on the Jelly Bean Reversible Sling when it arrived with my 20-pound toddler in it and it was comfortable (the sling is designed for newborns up to 35 lbs). The material was nice and had a decent amount of stretch. I also liked the ease factor - no rings, snaps, or buttons to contend with. Although I won't be using this sling with my daughter (even though she's well under the 35-pound limit, she's way past the sling stage. She's running and climbing and extremely independent), I do anticipate using it quite a bit when #2 eventually comes along. 

Retailing between $30 and $35, this sling is significantly more affordable than many others on-the-market and is definitely worth looking into. 


  1. Did you/do you/will you "wear" your baby?
  2. What baby carrier is/was your favorite?
  3. Did you ever "master" breastfeeding in your baby carrier and, if so, what tips do you have for other mamas and mamas-to-be?

I'd give up a lot of baby gear before giving up... 2WIN IT! One winner will receive a Jelly Bean Reversible Sling by Munchkin. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post prior to Sunday, May 11 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). The winner will be announced and contacted on Monday, May 12. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #4 Melinda. Congratulations!

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88 comments on “I'd give up a lot of baby gear before giving up...”

  1. I wore my first son constantly
    Without a sling, snugli, or pack
    Baby in one arm, laundry in the other
    What a strain on my arms and my back!

    I longed for the wraps that I saw in the store
    (my favorite, I think, was Mob-y)
    But I would have purchased any of them
    As long as I could snuggle hands-free!

    Because feeding wouldn't have been a hassle
    I wouldn't have had to look for a seat
    Instead of nursing him in a bathroom stall,
    I could've been up on my feet.

    Now I'm wiser than I was before,
    With the next one, I'll use something better
    Rather than holding sweet baby with my tired arms,
    I'll use a Jelly Bean Sling instead...er!

  2. Did you/do you/will you “wear” your baby?
    No.I will give it to my niece.

    What baby carrier is/was your favorite?
    Jelly Bean Reversible Sling

    Did you ever “master” breastfeeding in your baby carrier and, if so, what tips do you have for other mamas and mamas-to-be?

  3. Did you/do you/will you “wear” your baby?
    I will wear one when I have a baby someday.
    What baby carrier is/was your favorite? There are sooo many choices out there I don't know yet which will be my fav, never had one to try on. :)
    Did you ever “master” breastfeeding in your baby carrier and, if so, what tips do you have for other mamas and mamas-to-be?
    I would like to try this eventually! Will listen for any tips that're given.

  4. Did you/do you/will you “wear” your baby?
    No.I will give it to my granddaughter.

    What baby carrier is/was your favorite?
    Jelly Bean Reversible Sling

    Did you ever “master” breastfeeding in your baby carrier and, if so, what tips do you have for other mamas and mamas-to-be?

  5. 1. Did you/do you/will you “wear” your baby?
    I'd like to "wear" my babies after they are born.

    2. What baby carrier is/was your favorite?
    Bjorn active carrier.

    3. Did you ever “master” breastfeeding in your baby carrier and, if so, what tips do you have for other mamas and mamas-to-be?
    I've never tried in a baby carrier.

  6. *********************************************
    Did you/do you/will you “wear” your baby?
    No.I will give it to my niece.

    What baby carrier is/was your favorite?
    Jelly Bean Reversible Sling

    Did you ever “master” breastfeeding in your baby carrier and, if so, what tips do you have for other mamas and mamas-to-be?


  7. Did you/do you/will you “wear” your baby?
    Yes, I did wear my baby, we hand made a very cute holder sling.
    What baby carrier is/was your favorite?
    We handmade ours, but we also received for our shower a Bjorn which was great for outings.
    Did you ever “master” breastfeeding in your baby carrier and, if so, what tips do you have for other mamas and mamas-to-be?
    No, I was unable to breast feed unfortunately to do this.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  8. I used a peanut shell to hold my baby and loved it. I got so good at it that I could walk down the city streets and nurse my baby at the same time! Tips? Stuff a light little hat inside the sling so you can protect your baby's head

  9. I did use a couple of different slings with my two kids. Takes getting use to and I needed help for a while until I got the hang of it.

  10. I love the simplicity of this sling. I have a Moby (which I love) but there are times I wish I could just slip t on and go.

  11. I found my ring sling was the easier to nurse in. Both my girls were preemies so I loved being able to get out but keep them away from all the germs. My youngest spent a week at Disney World in a sling at 6 weeks old!

  12. I used a Snuggli carrier - I hope I spelled that right. I loved it. Yes, I did get to where I could breastfeed with it, but not that well, really. My friend uses more like a big shawl and I think that would be better - I had one but never could figure it out and was afraid I'd drop the baby! The Snuggli was very secure. I wore my baby all the time.

  13. Lily, my new granddaughter is only two days old. Unfortunately in my day, we did'nt have the options in babywearing you have today. The possibilities are endless. I have been researching. I found a Red Vera Wang Ring Sling that I thought was gorgeous, but I have heard from moms that they are'nt very practical. This one seems simpler. The Jelly Bean is lovely.

  14. I will wear my baby (we're expecting for the little one on 10/7). I think it is really beneficial for everyone involved. As far as which one is my favorite, I really have no clue! I mean, basic designs that I like have good padding for the baby and offer great support, but other than that, everything is really up in the air at the moment (and I'm sure this won't be the last time!)

  15. I haven't worn my baby since the first couple weeks, cuz I couldn't find one that I could figure out. I'm not breastfeeding. She's 5 months now and I might try to learn new positions in a carrier - before it was just the newborn stuff.

  16. I did wear connor (still do) but we started late... I didnt actually get started with slings or carriers until he was over six months old. I wish we would have started earlier.

    I will defently be wearing/breastfeeding with a carrier the second time around!!

    I blogged your contest on Prize-A-Tron.

  17. I used the Baby Bjorn with my son. I also plan on wearing my second baby. I never even thought of trying breastfeeding with the baby carrier, but will give it a try with the next baby!

  18. I would absolutely use a baby carrier. I haven't found one that makes me feel like the baby is supported enough and doesn't swing the baby from side to side across my chest. I did love a backpack I used when she was a little older. I am not coordinated enough to breastfeed and use a baby carrier. I didn't even think that was possible.

  19. So far I've liked the Bjorn, but I would like to be able to wear him somewhere other than on the front all the time! Thanks!

  20. We used a Baby Bjorn with both my kids. I loved how secure my kids felt in it. I could vacuum, talk on the phone, etc., and never feel worried about them :) It was great.

  21. I used to carry my baby girl in a sling but I bought the sling too small so I can no longer carry her in it. I need to get a bigger one as I swear by them, I love it when my baby girl is close to me. I never breastfed with my sling as it wasn't practical.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Love the carrier! Yes I wear my daughter daily. We use the Mei Tai right now that she's bigger (10 months) I used the MOby wrap before when she was lil and didn't have as much control. I didn't master the nursing in the moby, but I can with the Mei Tai. I wear a cami under my shirt and lift up my shirt and pull my boob up and let her nurse facing me. It works like a charm!

  23. I never could breastfeed in my baby carrier....but it would have been nice! I loved our Baby Bjorn carrier, but it eventually started to hurt my shoulders. This carrier looks nice and I would love to try it!

  24. Yes, I carried my baby everywhere in a sling my friend made for me...I never did master breastfeeding in the sling though

  25. I am pregnant with my first and i love the idea of wearing my baby. It keeps the baby close and my hannds free. I haven't used any carriers as of yet. I am looking out for good ones and doing research and getting recommendations from friends and family.

  26. I would love to have one of these. Brea is getting so heavy and carrying her definitely puts a strain on my back. This would really help. Thanks for the giveaway. I can't believe it works for up to 35 lbs I would have thought less.

  27. I have loved my pouch sling and Wrap with my second baby, but now that he is getting heavier, I'm thinking of trying a Mei Tai!

  28. 1) Yes, yes, YES!! I wear my youngest every day until they're around 3. (I have four kids, my youngest is six months)
    2) I use different carriers for different reasons but my most loved and highly recommended carrier is the ERGO. I LOVE it for back carries!
    3) I use a ring sling for nursing because the extra fabric can easily be used to cover up and nursing in a ring sling leaves my hands free to TYPE :-)

  29. We are going to try and wear our baby (first time parents.) Don't have a favorite yet, but I'm sure I will. I am hoping to try breastfeeding while in the sling, although we will see. Thanks!

  30. Yes I will wear my baby!
    I loved my Nojo Sling! I used it all the time.
    Nope, never could breastfeed while wearing my baby.

  31. I intend to wear our babies, but need to find a sling that's also man friendly so my husband can get in on the baby wearing! And I'm not sure which sling is my favorite... but I can already tell you that I'm not a fan of the ring slings. I don't understand all the extra fabric that just hangs down. I wish they would shorten that up, but they obviously dont need to, as they seem to be popular enough with others. It's nice to have a few sling design choices to choose from! There's something for everyone. :)

  32. I tried babywearing some, but neither of my kids has been a fan. Blondie hated it and Cheeks wasn't too sure. I think I'm gonna try again with Cheeks now that she's big enough to face out in the Bjorn, so we'll see. I did try breastfeeding in the sling, but I think it ended up more of an attempted murder-by-suffocation rather than a cozy bonding experience. We didn't try that one again...

  33. I used a maya wrap and a bjorn with my boys, never got the breastfeeding in the carrier down so I'd take them out of it. I wore my youngest until he was about 15 mos. He still loves to be carried and he'll be 5 in Oct.

  34. I "wore" my baby a lot the first few months because we were traveling over in Australia and it was so much easier just to wear him. I loved my baby bjorn, but this pregnancy I've been wanting to get a sling to try it out. You really can't breastfeed in the bjorn so I'd love to have a sling to try it out. I'm just such a novice when it comes to slings and stuff. I have no idea what kinds are better or what works so I'm very interested to read the comments.

  35. I used a New Native carrier sling when Calvin was a newborn, but I didn't like how it positioned his neck. He didn't find it very comfortable either. I felt that type of sling was better for when he was older and could support his head. I use that type of sling (I have 2 of them) all the time now since he's been 5 months. It was sized to me when I ordered it, however, the fit in certain carrying positions becomes tight when I'm wearing a sweatshirt. I think a ring sling would help accommodate me wearing more layers of clothes, but I don't like how some ring slings have so much extra fabric (more to catch baby spit-up...more to clean).

    I also used a Bjorn active carrier. I like the low back support, head support for baby, and the ability to position baby facing in or out. We still prefer to use that sling when going on walks as opposed to a stroller. And, I can use a bjorn cover to keep him warm during the bleak winter months or dry when it's drizzly outside. It's a little too much weight-bearing on the shoulders now that he's over 15 lbs. I don't mind it for a little while, but after an hour or so of wearing it....well, that's enough!

    I haven't nursed while wearing a sling, but I have used my sling as a nursing cover in a pinch...double-duty...gotta love it!

  36. I have a 2 month old son that is VERY demanding of my time (and my breast)!! I also have a 2 year old that is demanding of my time as well. I have not found a sling that is comfortable to wear AND comfortable to use to nurse Braxton. It is so hard to get things done around the house while I hold Braxton. This sling would be PERFECT!

  37. I didn't "wear" my first, but I plan on "wearing" my second! I don't have a sling and would love to win this!

  38. I sometimes carried my daughter in a front carrier (like the Bjorn), but I never owned a sling and wish I did. Now, with baby #2 coming at the end of July, I really want to try out a sling and try the "nursing in the sling" thing. (I nursed my daughter until she was 1 and plan to do the same with my son.) Like you, I think I was just too nervous being a new mom with my first. With this one, I've been very calm and open to new things so far in this pregnancy. :)

  39. YES! YES! YES! I loved my pouch and I was able to put my daughter in there, cover her, nurse and walk all at the same time! It just takes some patience!

  40. Yes I "wear" my baby. I almost gave up with the first few carriers fitting poorly.

    A ring sling a friend gave me, I was so nervious to use it, but it is so easy!

    My little one will bf anywhere.

  41. my husband used the baby carrier the most. We found the baby carrier in a camflouge material for my husband to wear.

  42. Not a mom yet but I am a big advocate of "wearing." It seems only natural to keep you child against your body warmth. I have heard that bjorns are nice but this one looks good too! I cant even imagine how to breastfeed comfortably in this

  43. I loved my carrier, I think a cousin made it. It was so comfy and versatile! Both of my kids are expecting their own children this year and I'll have to make sure they each have one.

  44. My first sling was a ring sling and I hated it! It was impossible to adjust and wear comfortably. It works pretty well now that my daughters a toddler, but I could never get her comfy in it as a baby. Now my son is 2 months old and I still hate it. I bought a Peanut Shell from Target and after realizing how simple the design is, went to JoAnns and bought some sturdy fabric and sewed my own. I used this site here and it works really well: http://www.mykarmababy.com/pages/BabySlingPattern.php . I doubt I'll ever master breastfeeding in any sling though... It just feels so aquard and difficult.

  45. I wore Devin all the time! He was a bit of a fussy baby, it helped to calm us both down and enoy the close snugles. At 11 months I still occasionally carry him with my ring sling, hip-carry style, but his daddy loves to use our more outdoorsy front carrier. So he usually speaks up first and ends up carrying him. My mom made me an awesome linen ring sling that was perfect for our toasty-hot summers. and as he got a little bigger and older she made us a very cool more narrow ring sling, which didn't dig into his little theighs so much. I've never tried any other styles, as the ring style worked great for us!

    I never did nurse with the sling. I'll definitely give it a shot with baby #2! Watching the video clips on how-to made it seem more feasable. ...I still wonder tho, if being petite might make it more challenging!

  46. I rarely wore my daughter (now, 2 years old). However, I think that is because I didn't have a soft, comfortable sling to hold her in. I only had the Baby Bjorn, which was fine, but more trouble than it was worth sometimes.
    No tips for nursing in the sling! I was also struggling with just getting boob in mouth...LOL!

  47. My cousin with big boobies
    More precious than rubies
    Has the most wonderful knack
    Of nursing babies strapped to her back!


  49. I'm due in October and I hope to WIN a sling so I can "wear" my baby around. I am sure hoping that he likes it because my mother-in-law will be watching my son after I go back to work and she cannot climb our stairs and carry a baby at the same time since she needs both arms to climb. So she HAS to use a sling/carrier in order to be hands free & get the baby upstairs. I'm crossing my fingers!
    Thanks for this giveaway !!

  50. I wear my nieces. I take care of them and carries are very helpful. They love it and I love it as well. I also plan to wear any other babies in the future as well.

    I like to use ring slings and mei tais for carrying them.

    I didn't know Munchkin made a pouch sling. How great that people can afford to buy these. Some are just way too expensive. Apparently, they sell these at the Walmart near me. I haven't seen them in the store but on the Munchkin site it said they are available it there. I will have to go look.

  51. I do like to wear my babies. I only have experience with a baby bjorn. I used it up to a year with my daughter, who was a little peanut. She didn't start walking until 15 months. I didn't use it as often when she was older, just once in awhile, but when she was a baby - we used it all the time. My husband liked it a lot too! With my son, I could only use it for about 6 months - he was just a big baby (when you start out at 11#8oz, he was the size of what my daughter was at 3 months) and then my back hurt to much to use it. I would definitely be interested in trying something else this time - something better for my back. This little guy, I'm assuming, will be bigger too and I'd like to "wear" him as long as possible. I also much prefer to use a carrier instead of lugging around the bulky infant carseat.

    I wasn't able to breastfeed in the bjorn. I'd try it in another carrier though. I'm not much of one to breastfeed in public - I tend to be a little more private, but if it can be done super discreetly I'd do it. I'd like to read other moms' suggestions.

    Thanks for a great giveaway. The jelly bean reversible sling looks like it would be simple to use and I like that it has the 2 pockets for me to tuck my keys in when we go out. :)

  52. I did indeed wear my babies. I had a padded ring sling, an unpadded ring sling, a wrap, and a mei tai. I loved the unpadded ring sling for wee babies, and I only ever nursed in them sitting. Otherwise they were in danger of smothering. My favorite over all was my babyhawk mei tai. We had skulls and crossbones on one side and a pattern on the other.

  53. I never mastered breastfeeding in my baby bjorn but I found that my baby bjorn with the built in back support was great for toting around my little one.

  54. I first tried a baby carrier which was much like the Baby Bjorn type but it didn't work for me. Then, I bought a sling type which was okay while carrying a newborn but I never got the hang of it when the baby got older. Now, I have an Ergo and I love it. It is very comfortable. My baby likes it too. As for nursing, I didn't get the hang of it either, but probably because I didn't want to draw more attention to myself while trying to get hooked up. Maybe practicing at home would have helped. If I win this sling, I'd love to give it to a friend having a baby. It sounds like a great product.

  55. I wore my baby when she was little and now I wear my newborn (well, almost 6 months now!). I love it mostly when we go for walks to the park which we do quite often. I have a Bjorn and an Ellaroo. My favorite was the Ellaroo just because it's so colorful and fun. My hubby loves the Bjorn. I've never really mastered breastfeeding in the ellaroo, so I don't really have a whole lot of advice in that area. (I use my nursing cover all the time). If I could test out all the other thousands of baby carriers out there, I'm sure I'd have a few other favorites as well!

  56. I still wear my daughter who just turned 1. We started off with a Bjorn and wore that until she was about 6 months. I didn't have any problems with it. It didn't hurt my back at all. The reason we stopped using it is because she outgrew it. Since then I have used the Ergo. I usually use that for longer trips and it is very comfy. For shorter trips, like to run into the store or go get the mail, I use the Puj Go sling. That has to be my favorite right now because it is very comfortable and something I can just throw in my bag. I recommend it to anyone who has a toddler. I think the weight limit goes to 30lbs.

  57. I am currently wearing my 2 month old baby girl. I have a Maya Wrap and a Hotsling. I tend to use my Maya wrap more than my Hotsling. I am also currently breastfeeding, but have not figured out how to breastfeed with my daughter in the sling. I am definitely going to watch this thread and read all the comments. I would love some tips on breastfeeding my baby in the sling. Thanks!

  58. I babywear until the baby is tired of looking at the Mommy face! :)

    I have yet to find a "favorite" sling/carrier. I am using a Rockin' Baby pouch which is ok, it's cool looking, I like that! I also use the Evenflo carrier, that's nice but, very warm.

    I never breastfed in the sling, I just never found the opportunity to.

  59. I want to use a carrier but have yet to find one that both my daughter and I like. I never tried breastfeeding while wearing one as the two I tried did not work for me (one is a wrap that wraps around alot and ties and the other was a ring sling. I would love to try one that works for us.

  60. How adorable. I didn't know Munchkin carried slings!

    Did you/do you/will you “wear” your baby? As much as possible! I prefer it to our stroller. He loves it...I am hands-free...it just works for us.
    What baby carrier is/was your favorite? The Ergo...hands-down. We've tried the Bjorn (my son didn't like it) and the Moby Wrap (I couldn't master it).
    Did you ever “master” breastfeeding in your baby carrier and, if so, what tips do you have for other mamas and mamas-to-be? Unfortunately the Ergo is not as user-friendly in that dept. because I am pretty short. The one thing we never tried was a sling so I really would like to try this if not with my son with baby number 2

  61. Hi,
    I wore Ryan all over the place! I used all kinds of baby slings. I used the Mei Tai baby carrier, I also used one sling style one from InStyleMoms which I loved. I also had the Baby Bjorn. I am a good user of baby carriers- sometimes, it was the only way to cook dinner. Also, since Ryan was SO BIG, he was in the carrier right away.

    Baby carriers can be used for a LONG time...my son is 2+ and still wants to be held a lot when we are out and about, so, winning a baby carrier would be very helpful.

  62. We did use a baby carrier with Logan - we have both a Baby Bjorn, and a "Mammas Milk" Sling. I loved them both, but Logan seemed to be much happier in the Bjorn than in the Sling. So, we used that one the most. (Maybe the next baby will like the sling more - which may make mastering the art of sling feeding much easier). :)

  63. I wore baby #1 a lot in a ring sling and loved it. It was the only way I found that really worked to get her to sleep at night. I also made a mai tai for her and a friend gave me a wrap but I didn't really use them very much with her. Now with #2 I've been using the wrap a lot more and the sling less. I'm also awaiting the arrival of an ergo carrier which I'm very excited about.

    I love the sling b/c it's easy to carry around and quick to get into but this time around it's been hurting my back more. I love the wrap b/c it evens out the weight but it's a little cumbersome to put on if you have a crying baby. I'm hoping the ergo helps with this since it will distribute the weight and be quick to put on.

    I never really could nurse in the sling and definitely can't in the wrap. I wish I could though!

  64. I tried the Bjorn with my first, but he got too big for it after about 5 months. I have the Ergo with my 2nd, but don't wear it as much as I should. (I'm worried he is going to fall out when I bend over or reach for things) As for nursing, I am not skilled enough to do it in a carrier!

    This sling looks like it would work better for me because I can wear it on my hip and there are no buckles or snaps.

  65. I loved my sling until Sabrina decided she hated it at 6 months old. I had a home made pouch type one from E-bay that worked well. After she decided she didn't like the sling we switched the Bjorn which she loved but I didn't because it killed my back. I'm hoping new baby likes slings so I can keep Sabrina in her single stroller while the baby is in the sling for awhile.

  66. My response is basically the same as Shannons! We LOVE our Ergo baby carrier. It is absolutely fantastic, and offers so much support, especially as a back carrier. It's nice that it can be a front, hip or back carrier and is comfortable in all of those positions.

    Before we got the ergo, we had a snugli front carrier that was hated, but used sometimes, a Moby that was GREAT for the first three months when the baby loves to be really curled up, and a Mei Tei that we love but isn't as comfortable as the Ergo!

    I also used the Moby to breastfeed, and it was great. I don't have any "hints" other than practice makes perfect! If you do it a couple times in front of a mirror at home, you'll get it pretty quickly and it is SO worth the effort!

  67. I wore both. Although not as much as I'll likely wear this third baby. I really like the mei tai for my toddlers. My oldest is four now and is far too big (although I do allow him in it from time to time) and my 16 month old just doesnt like to be worn much anymore. He likes to run around and be on his own. I look forward to snuggling a little baby in one again. I'd love to win the sling because I gave away many of mine and now I find out I'll be in need of them again! lol

  68. With my youngest being 6 and no new ones coming, I hate to say I never wore my babies. My sister-in-law is pregnant with her first and I know she would love baby wearing, so I know she'd appreciate a well-made, comfortable carrier/sling.

  69. I have used a pouch sling, a wrap and an Ergo, and I love all three! The wrap is by far the most comfortable with a newborn. So easy to tuck them all in and get some things done while they nap. The sling is less comfortable, but great for shorter periods of use. Plus, much easier to get on and off.. The Ergo is super comfortable with an older child, and I use it with my 2 yo, while using my other carriers with my baby. I love baby wearing and keeping my baby close to me. Never managed to nurse while using a carrier though.

  70. I never wore my first two, but I wore my third all the time. With two other kids to take care of, having the littlest close to me at all times was simply a necessity. I used the Baby Bjorn, but I really wish I had tried a sling style.

    I'm with you - even though Bridget is well under the 35-pound limit, I cannot imagine carrying her in the Jelly Bean Sling. She'd much prefer to hold my hand and walk, after all!

    (Getting excited about the thought of you and #2!! I have to live vicariously these days!)

  71. I still wear my also very mobile and independent 19 m/old! Our carrier du jour is the Ergo. Our other favorite is the classic Maya Wrap ring sling. To nurse in the Maya Wrap, I'd use a hip carry and loosen the sling slightly to scoot Baby a bit lower, then pull the fabric up to her ears & latch her on!

  72. I used my sister in laws carrier a few times with my neice and nephew and I wasnt impressed with the sling and carrier that she had. The sling only held up to fifteen pounds and the baby couldn't see anything when in it, so it was great when she was sleeping but not when she was awake. The bigger more backpack like carrier that she had was just really bulky and rough on my shoulders. I am going to try something different with my baby and hope that it works great. I hope that I can manage to nurse the baby in the carrier cause I would think it would be really descreet.

  73. I am a big fan of baby wearing! I had a big bulky carrier like the bjorn carrier with my son. I used it but it was very uncomfortable and aukward. When I was pregnant with my daughter someone bought me a sling, which was perfect for my daughter, well atleast for the first six months. Then she was too big for it and she wanted to be able see everything but she couldnt when lying down in the sling, so it hit the closet. I think the style of the jelly bean sling is a better deal. I did attempt breastfeeding in it once or twice but it seemed just easier to pull her out and feel her. My friend was a pro at feeding her son in his carrier and it was so descreet, I never figured out how she did it.

  74. A friend lent me her Bjorn when we brought my daughter home. We used it quite a bit for everything from morning walks through the neighborhood to around the house to hiking in a National Park. It seemed perfect for us until my daughter was twelve or thirteen pounds. Then it just became too much weight on my shoulders. I don't know if I'm a sling girl or not. I think with the next baby I'd really like to try a wrap or another type carrier allows the baby to be worn in multiple positions, such as side or back. I'm looking forward to recommendations from your readers.

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