If you guessed "boy," then you're...


Sorry. I had to tease. 

If you guessed "boy," then you're... 1I am happy to announce that our Little Beauty will be greeting a lovely little sister this March. Let the joys of sisterhood begin! Shared rooms and shared clothes and shared smiles...

The winner of the giveaway is #53 Casey H., who guessed the gender correctly. She'll have her choice of a jumbo pack of Pampers diapers or a family size tub of Nestle cookie dough. 

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30 comments on “If you guessed "boy," then you're...”

  1. Congratulations! My husband and I just had an in- depth conversation the other night about our lack of concern about #2's gender (no- not pregnant yet ;). A little boy might be nice for my father to experience and a change of pace for us- but oh we are having so much fun in girl-land!

  2. Congratulations!! Just think of all the things your little girls will be able to do together! I never had a brother, only sisters, and it was fun. :)

  3. Oh sisters! That's going to be so much fun. So the old wives tale of the sickness is holding true. I will start praying now that if you guys have a 3rd child it will be a boy. (as long as the old wives tale continues to hold true.)

  4. Congratulations! I'm also expecting a girl, although she's my third baby and due in early February. My oldest is a girl also, and I don't know if the age separation will make them have quite as much fun being sisters. Their separation is the same as it was from my oldest sister to youngest sister, and they just weren't close. Then again, we were all girls, so that could make a difference.

  5. My two girls love each other so much. It is so fun to see Lily get excited to see Mikayla. I saved all of Mikayla's clothes because we knew we wanted 2 kids. But we did not plan the seasons when we got pregnant again. I am having to buy some clothes for Lily because Mikayla's are the wrong season!

  6. I remember when I was pregnant with my second and found out I was having another girl, I'll admit I had the briefest flash of disappointment. But, I have 2 brothers yet no sisters. It immediately hit me that each of my girls will have a sister. What a treasure! There are times in my life I wish I had a sister. The bonds between sisters can be so great, and now, as the mom of 2 girls, I couldn't be happier. I can't imagine my life any differently. And I, and my husband, truly believe he was made to be the dad to 2 girls. He is so patient and understanding, especially as we are heading into puberty (ack!). I don't know if you plan to have any more, but your girls will be such a blessing to you. Congratulations!

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