If Your Child Has A Surplus of Stuffed Animals...

...you probably get tired of seeing them scattered and strewn all over your house. Yes, Minnie Mouse and Pooh and Teddy are cute, but sometimes it's nice to just be able to tidy everything up.

If Your Child Has A Surplus of Stuffed Animals... 1You could throw all of your child's furry friends into a plastic garbage bag (which is an ugly and not very functional option)...OR you could toss them into an Animal Bag by boon: "an oversized, plush bag that's covered with large, zippered windows made out of transparent, durable mesh." Essentially, the bag is a stuffed animal storage unit that doubles as a comfy seat.

If Your Child Has A Surplus of Stuffed Animals... 2We keep the Animal Bag in my daughter's room and it's quite handy. I love that we can stuff all of my daughter's plush toys in there and just zip it up...neat in seconds! And, in case you're wondering...this bag accommodates A LOT of stuffed animals. We actually don't own enough to make it a firm seat, but it is soft enough to lean back on (and I'm sure we'll eventually fill it up when a little brother or sister eventually enters the picture).

Boon Animal Bags retail for $59.99 and are sold online and at a variety of brick-and-mortar stores.

If Your Child Has A Surplus of Stuffed Animals... 3WIN IT! One winner will receive a boon Animal Bag (your choice of green or pink). To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Saturday, July 5 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address. 

*UPDATE* The winner is #84 J Ertl. Congratulations!

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369 comments on “If Your Child Has A Surplus of Stuffed Animals...”

  1. I used to use a hammock in a corner to keep stuffed animals at bay, but it would get so dusty after a while... this is such a great idea to keep 'em together.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I could really use this i have the hardest time giving there stuffed animals away there so sentimental this would be awesome right now there sitting in a corner in a pile

  3. My granddaughters would love to have this for their playroom. The stuffed animals they own could almost fill a toy store.

  4. Excellent idea. I would love the pink one. We pile up our animals, and if you enter the room too heavily, the pile can come crashing down!

  5. i love this idea. i'm not sure why they keep collecting these to leave them on the ground...says the mom with tons craft materials....

  6. These are such a great idea! My kids have TONS of stuffed animals, and I hate the thought of giving any of them away just yet. This would help out so much to keep them organized. And I know my girls would love cuddling up on them when reading or watching TV. Thanks for the chance to win one :D

  7. What a wonderful idea.. I've put them in the little shoe things you put on the doors and some in plain pillow cases but this is great. I love the idea and would love one to put my grandkids toys in

  8. Now, I wish I had thought of that. My daughter's room could really use a pink one. She has soooo many stuffed animals but refuses to get rid of any of them.

  9. I have a large family, with little ones, and we have many stuffed animals. This is a great idea!

  10. Great idea! My 10 year old daughter still has a ton of stuffed animals. It doesn't get better as they get older!!

  11. Wow! This is not only a practical solution to the stuffed animal storage problem, but also doubles as a place to sit and maybe even a mini trampoline if I know kids. I love multi-purpose storage ideas! I think the green would be the most versatile. Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  12. I would love one in either color. I have a boy and a girl with a fettish for stuffed animals.


  13. My two little girls would love the pink one. I love how you can see the animals through the little windows. I think they would be tickled with this. They would see it as another toy and not just storage.

  14. Ok, well my son and his fiance and my precious 10 month old grandson all live with me. They share 1 room and my grandson does not even have a crib because there is no where to put it. He sleeps in a pack-n-play. They can't afford an apt. and I can't afford to pay for one for them. I love having them live with me but I feel very bad for them and the small space that they have. Their room is strewn with toys and diapers and clothes. If I won this they could use it to clear some much-needed space. Thank you for the chance.

  15. OOh we'd love to win a green one, we have all the stuffies in a rubbermaid container at the moment, not half as cute as these!

  16. We learn care of the animals from the stuffed ones; how about the boon animal bag in pink; many thanks Happy 4th weekend to all

  17. This looks great! I love the green one most. I have to poke holes in plastic bags for my daughter's stuffed animals so they can breathe. She really stresses out about them. This would help so much!

  18. It's somewhat amazing how many stuffed animals two young children can amass. Do stuffed animals breed? Because I end up getting rid of bagfuls every so often, and yet the amount still seems uncontrollable! The Boon animal bag seems like an excellent solution to our overpopulation issue. It also seems much easier and more friendly than attempting to tell all our loving relatives not to bring these little gifts every time they see our kids!

  19. Love the duality of this concept...wish I had thought of it first. My choice is the bright tree frog green...it would go perfectly with my granddaughter's Safari themed set I bought for her at Overstock.com. There are critters galore in her kingdom and this will be a great place for this jungle princess to keep them at the end of the day.

  20. This is one of the best ideas I have seen in a long time. My daughter is only 1 1/2 and we are already overflowing with stuffed animals. With baby number two on the way I am sure more stuffed animals will be arriving soon. We would love to win a Boon Animal Bag in pink to help us get organized!

  21. Did you say stuffed animals,well my daughter is 30 years old and she still collect them but my granddaughter needs the green one because that is her favorite color and I hope I can win this for her.
    We needed this years ago for all those stuffed animals.
    What a great contest.

  22. someone must have read my mind. perfect solution to the stuffed animal overpopulation on my daughters bed.

  23. Its a great idea because I make the Sarah's bed and put all her animals on it,its time comsuming.I would love this bag,Sarah would get to pick one favorite to put on her bed while all the rest go into the bag besides her bed. Love it in pink!!

  24. my daughter loves animals although its cheasper to have fake ones than real i really could use a way to contain them its hard to get rid of them because she names them and can tell you who is who the pink one would be great

  25. This would be great for my daughter. Her stuff rabbit collection multiplies faster than the real ones!

  26. this is a brilliant idea, pink color would be great, and my little one would love her animals stored this way

  27. this would be sooo great to have! she only plays with like 3 suffed animals and has probably 20 something in all, but refuses to let me give them away, this would be sooo perfect for her!

  28. This thing looks great! Why can't I come up with these things? My kids have so many stuffed animals because their grandmother is in the business that we are bursting at the seems! What a great way to store some.

  29. What a fantastic idea!! We are up to our elbows in stuffed animals and most are still in storage. This is a lovely option for storage and it's functional. And it also keeps the animals from getting all dusty. I like the pink one. So, different from those ugly storage nets.

  30. What a great idea, functional storage!! I love it! If you pick my name, I'd love the green one, thanks!

  31. The green one would be perfect for son, he must have 50 stuffed animals. They're everywhere!!

  32. I've been wanting one of these!!! My kids have various stuffed animals, and I usually end up putting some out when the goodwill truck comes by, and then mykids get mad. This would solve that problem!!

  33. This is just such a great idea!! So cute to have lying around the den, but so very practical too!! I love the green one. Thanks for the contest!

  34. I love this idea! My boys have so many stuffed "friends" that they sometimes overtake the bedroom. This would be the perfect place to store them...and cool that it doubles as a place to sit.

  35. My home has an enviable (at least to his friends) pile of movie animals (kung fu panda, horton, etc) and boy can they get in the way. This would be a great alternative to tossing them, then he could rotate them on his bed!

  36. I have been google-eyed over this bag for some time now! Lucky you to review it! I would love to win the green one, and we have an overabundance of toys to fill it!

    Thanks for the chance to win and hosting a great contest!

  37. Who doesn't have too many stuffed animals. I like the green. I have many large bags and boxes of stuffed animals in my attic and try to only keep one or two million out at a time....
    Once in a while I will bring a big box down and they go thru it and find "babies" they haven't seen in a while and then I try to put "babies" that have been out, away for a while, but they are still my #1 toy clutter problem.

  38. Oh my goodness!!!! We definitely need some of these in my family. My son's stuffed animal collection now takes up the entire bottom bunk of his bed. He refuses to let any of them go. This might help contain the overflow.

  39. my special needs granddaughter needs this loves stuffed animals but cant get at them when put away this would be great and easy for her in pink

  40. I would love this for my grandson's (new) room. He and daughter are moving back in at the end of this month (ahhhh-need all the help I can get as he's 3!)

  41. My nephew spends one night a week at my house and with 11 cats & 4 dogs we need protection (and a hiding place) for his stuffed friends. Plus he could use it to sit at my living room table & color. Thanks.

  42. Wow, you have found yet another really brilliant product to write about, this is why I love your blog so much. I don't think I ever would have heard about this otherwise. Thanks for hosting this give-away!

  43. How great is that! I'm so excited about this idea. I have been wanting a bean bag chair for my daughter's room, and she certainly has an abundance of stuffed animals. This is the perfect solution. She will have a great time playing queen of the mountain on this.

  44. this would be very helpful since me and my wife are about to have our first child. We are gonna have a ton of toys to put away.

  45. i thought as my daughter got older she would not carry around her stuffed animals. however, at the age of ten she has four companions that she sleeps with and carries around the house. at least they no longer go places with us.

  46. Every single night we go through the same routine of moving about 30 animals so we can find a place for our son in his bed. This does not count the other 50 or so that is placed around his room. He LOVES his animals, each has a name and a personality he has given to them. This prize is so fantatic, it would give me back my sanity! LOL. Thank you for the chance and good luck to everyone that has entered. (Happy 4th of July!!!)

  47. We use a rubbermaid (with lid) to keep our stuffed toys in but this is MUCH cuter! I would have to choose pink!

  48. My great-nephew was just born, but already has quite a collection of stuffed animals, so he would love the green one!!!

  49. My husband was tired of tripping over all of the animals that he went behind my back and threw most of the animals away. We only have two or three left now. If I had this, we could start sneaking animals back into the house

  50. This would make a huge improvement in my kids room which always looks a mess because of all the stuffed animals on the floor. Please and thank you.

  51. I LOVE Boon products! My favorite right now is the bath tub faucet cover. My little one loves the waterfall effect! This would be great and I would love one in pink. Thanks for the chance!

  52. What a fantastic idea! Our 15 month old already has quite the collection, so this would be VERY helpful. Thanks!

  53. My daughter REALLY needs one of these. Her stuffed animals are taking up all of the shelves on her dresser! What a great idea!

  54. This is such a great product. My son has like many of the other kids mentioned has migrated his stuffed animals all over our house. I think I'm going to have to check the passports of his stuffed animals to determine if they actually have traveling visa's or not! Love your site, just found it tonight. I could really use this green bag to not only give him a place to sit in his room, but also a purpose for all those loved stuffed animals, I think he has 25 or 30 of them! YIKES :)

  55. OMG... what a truly amazing idea. It's one of those things that is simple and yet makes your life SOOO much simpler. I LOVE the pink one. Thanks for the contest! PS Did you know that you kind of look like Pam from The Office? I had to look twice at the top pic. Very cute!
    [email protected]

  56. Oh my...I just cleaned out my daughter's stuffed animals, and we SO need this!! What a wonderful idea. She'd definitely love the pink one. :)

  57. love love love this concept. If I won I would choose the pink. What I love most about this is both kids AND moms will be thrilled with this.

  58. that idea is fantastic, not only do you get the stuffed animals out of the way, you get a neat little place for your little one to sit one. I love it. Thanks for the contest.

  59. oh, i totally need this. i used to be a stuffed animal aholic. my kids have inherited mine and have acrued some of their own. help!!! pink please

  60. My granddaughter could sure use this! She now has a net holding some of her stuffed animals.

  61. Right now I'm using a ratty old overflowing laundry basket. This is functional, comfortable & you don't forget who is inside.

  62. I just love this bag. I have never seen anything like it and I know that my daughter would love it (along with mom). My daughter has sooo many stuffed animals and they are usually everywhere. This is a perfect fix. Thanks for the contest.

  63. Scientists say they’ve found a new link between depression and obesity. Not surprisingly it’s a sausage link.

  64. This is a great idea, maybe my daughter could actually fit on her bed with this, her animals take over most of her bed right now...lol. I'd love to have the pink one for her room.

  65. I could use this! I almost bought one on Amazon! But they wanted $200 plus and that was a bit pricey for me! I would love to win it!

  66. Holy cow! Sometimes my 5-year old daughter's room looks like a TRIBBLE explosion! Stuffed animals everywhere! This looks like a wonderful idea for keeping those poor, neglected (but much loved) toys tucked away. I love the pink one!

    Thanks so much for putting on this contest :)

  67. I would love to have one of these in green for my kiddos please!! Thank you for such a great opportunity!! I love Boon products and the animal bag is the greatest!!

  68. What a great idea and a wonderful way to organize the room and put those animals in their place

  69. What a clever idea! This is great way to let the kids keep their stuffed toys as well as keep them out of the way. Love it.

  70. We just had to weed out some stuffed animals. We didn't get rid of them. They are just in storage for a bit. Maybe we will rotate them. I think this idea is much better though.

  71. I've wanted one of these for my daughter's room for a long time - in pink! Such a brilliant idea.

  72. I so totally need this! My almost 3 year old daughter's room is chock-full of stuffies and now where to put them (she doesn't like sleeping with them on her bed). Help!

  73. I would love to win this, as I already have a lot of stuffed animals already for my unborn child.

  74. My nephew is a big one for brining all of his stuffed animals to bed. Perhaps keeping all the animals in one "bag" they can all be near him at bedtime. This is one of the neatest ideas I have seen in a long time.

  75. My 11 month old daughter turns 1 on July 10th and she has a pile of stuffed animals in the corner of her room. It is cute but still a pile. This is a great way to organize and still have a soft spot to land on!

  76. I wish they would have had this for my kids when they were younger. Boon has the best products! I think a green one would be so vibrant in my granddaughter's room.

  77. This is just a perfect idea. I have tried so many things with our stuffed animal problem. I have tried the netting (ugly) and using bins (to bulky), rotating the animals and storing some. (she always manages to find the rest of the "hidden" ones and we have an even bigger mess.)

    Wish I would have thought of this lol, I would love to try it.

  78. Would like to win the pink one for my granddaughter. She'll be able to store her play animals so that her real animals don't chew them up.

  79. What a great idea! I've been using the stackable bins, which are rather unsightly. I'd LOVE to win one of these bags!

  80. Ooh! I'd love to win this one! I just cleared out my junk room to make it into a sewing room for me, but I've got a big garbage bag full of stuffed animals that I can't quite give away yet, as they were/are important to my kids. It would be so much fun to have this product so that these stuffed animals would be functional instead of just taking up extra space! :)

  81. Wow what an incredible idea. I hate stuffed animals and we have about 50 too many if you ask me. This is something my kids and I can agree on. Thanks for the great contest!

  82. I love the pink one for my granddaughter. When I visit there are animals everywhere. This would be great!!

  83. What a great idea! You know you see all those toys lying around and what to do with them. This would also make a fun way for children to help with the clean up as well.

  84. My daughter's stuffed animals, the ones she is not sleeping with, are in a large plastic zipper bag. It formerly held a comforter. This is such a great idea! The green reminds me of a large, cute frog! :-)

  85. Yeah, we have lots. That's an understatement. My 12 yr old daughter loves loves her stuffed animals. She's got over 30 webkinz alone. : /

  86. These are FABULOUS!!! My husband has been trying to talk me into one of those nets to get the stuffed animals off the floor, but this is SOOO much better! If I don't win this I may have to buy one. Thanks for sharing this. Love your blog!

  87. Our house could sure use one of these. the stuffed animals in our house seem to multiply when Im not looking.I find them in the kitchen, the bathroom and any other place you can think of.I would be great to have such a cute place to put them. Thanks for the contest

  88. These are just outrageosly cute and a great idea. i love that it is bursting with animals straining to be the one to get to play!

  89. Okay honestly I can't stand stuffed animals all over the floors. SOmedays I seriously want to bag them all up and throw them away. Then I know the kids would cry so of course I don't. They are all just throw into a corner to look at. This looks so great and functionable. Please enter me to win. THank you.

  90. My 4 grandkids all have stuffed animals galore.So we would have to have 4 of these!But if we win one then we would only have to buy 3.lol Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. Every two months I go through all dd's stuffed animals and get rid of the ones she ignores. And yet, the pile grows and grows and grows! It's the exact opposite of the socks-in-the-dryer thing.

  92. wow, this would be so great for avery in pink, with 3 aunts,5 grandmothers and her parents, you can imagine the amount of toys she has.

  93. My baby is due in October, but I "inherited" my own toys from when I was younger - this thing would be full in no time!

    Thanks :D

  94. ya know , you say you will never need one of these but somehow you always do! lol lol i need the green one cuz i have both boys and girls and the pink wouldn't fly! ~smile~

  95. Thank you! This would be wonderful for my daughters room. Or my son or my oldest daughter lol. This is fantastic. Thank you

  96. Oh my goodness, we absolutely need this. If you could see my daughter's room right now you'd agree. Ack! Pink please! Thanks for the contest!

  97. This is so perfect - just today I was trying to figure out what to do with all of my daughter's stuffed animals.

  98. This would be great for my granddaughter and all of her "babies". I would love to win it for her. Thanks for the contest!

  99. I WISH they would have had something like this when my girls were that age. It is utterly adorable, and would be a great gift for my best friend's (since high school!)three year old daughter.

  100. What a cool product! We definately could use a couple of these. lol If we win, I would need a green one, as I am the only female in our household of 7.

  101. What a truly wonderful idea.
    Thank you so much for offering this woderful contest.
    I would LOVE to win !!

  102. This is such a great idea! My oldest daughter has a TON of stuffed animals, and they have taken over her closet! I know she'd LOVE the green one! Great giveaway! Thanks for offering this!

  103. This is CUTE! My son has been home for 3 months (he's adopted) And we already have SO many stuffed animals. His playroom is already needing some storage ideas. This would be perfect!

  104. Can not even say what a huge Boon fan I am! We have come to love many of their other products. These have been something I have eyed and think so ingenious! What a perfect solution to the animal craziness that can take over! Absolutely would be well used and no doubt loved in our home!

  105. Evening, What a terrific prize! I have been in love with these since I saw them on their site. I think having my son's stuffed animals in one of these would help with his allergies. Please enter me in your drawing. Thank you.....Cindi

  106. My daughter's godson has a collection of stuffed dogs given to him by his former babysitter who passed away. This would be great to keep them in.

  107. Since I'm obsessed with storage ideas, this would be perfect. I haven't seen these yet and it is such a great idea.

  108. my daughter has stuffed animals everywhere and no where to put them so this would be perfect for them I like the pink ;)

  109. I've been wanting one of these Animal bags for SO LONG! All of the Boon Products are great, but I think this one is particularly GENIUS!

  110. what a great idea! I knew we need something this am after seeing our dog carry around a favorite teddy in his teeth!

  111. Finally an answer to my huge problem. My son has so many stuffed animals, and people keep giving him more. Being a boy he prefers to play with cars and balls, so they sit in a pile on the floor. Every week I have to pick them all up, and put them on the bed to vacuum. Then at bed time we throw them all back on the floor. I don't dare get rid of any of them since the people who gave them to him visit all the time and would surely notice if any were missing.

  112. I'd love to win one of these!! We just put a bunch up into a hanging net on the ceiling but there are still so many more, this would be perfect! We'd love green!

  113. I would love the pink one. It seems as though the favorite gift for a little girl is a stuffed animal; hence the problem in my daughters room!!! It's literally a jungle in there! WOuld LOVE this bag and would put it to good use!

    THanks for the opportunity!

  114. I would love a pink one! These things look like they would work just as well as a bean bag which we still own one and my daughter loves it.

  115. I would love this for my new grandaugter. I know from past experience with 3 kids of my own that stuffed animals multiply and the next thing you know, they're 'living' all over the house!

  116. Now that is very clever. I have 2 boys and you wouldn't think they'd be very attached to their stuffed animals, but they won't get rid of a single one!! This is a perfect storage idea. They'd get such a kick out of it!

  117. Hi! I am trying to get my kids rooms in order because we're going to have another baby and she'll be sharing a room with my current daughter. It would be SO handy to have a place to keep the stuffies so that the room isn't a disaster!!

  118. That is the neatest thing I have ever seen...My daughter has more stuffed animals then regular toys, she loves them. right now all her stuffed animals are in two big plastic tubs, the storage kind..except with out the tops. this is a great way to store her animals. She would love this!

  119. That is an absolutely amazing idea. I know that I need one of those in my home. We have collected and have been given so many stuffed animals in our time, and the kids are now doing the same. Having a place to store a lot of them would be great.

    If I were the lucky winner, my choice would be the green bag!!!

  120. what a great idea for corralling all those animals that inhabit lily's room. the pink one would sure help my princess clean up her act

  121. Oh my goodness, do we need this! My daughter has a ton of stuffed animals. They are over flowing from her toy box!

  122. What a wonderful idea. My sons share a room and they have so many stuffed animals. This is such a great idea. Better than Mom having to pick up animals each morning. lol Seriously, I would love to have one of these. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  123. My little grandson has a ton of stuffed animals.

    This is a great idea to store them in and to make clean up easier.

  124. This bag would be a welcome addition to our household and would allow us to separate my son's stuffed animals from our dogs' stuffed animals!

  125. That is a awesome idea, The Boon bag would be great for my little Nephew, He will be 2yrs. old July

  126. This is a great product! I have been using the huge zip loc bags, and they look awful. We have been given so many great stuffed animals from family and friends that we cannot bear to part with, but have yet to find that perfect way to organize them. With baby #3 due soon, I am afraid if we don't do something we may lose the baby in the pie of animals!

  127. The Boon Bag In Green
    reminds me of a froggies
    lily pad scene.
    My frog would love to sit on it,
    after it's filled with many stuffed
    animals that grandparents like to
    give. Ribbit to all.

  128. This is a great idea. I have them in a rubbermaid tub now. But this would be much cuter and more practical.

  129. We have a pet net but those don't always work. The kids end up dumping them all out. I would love the green boon bag. And the kidscould put there on animals back up,

  130. I sure need this in my home! We have so many stuffed animals, and it would be nice to keep them in one place. We began collecting stuffed animals when my son was born. Thanks for a terrific giveaway!

  131. We're one of those with the garbage bags FULL of stuffed animals, it's like they multiply on their own or something, I really don't know where they all came from! This would be perfect for our home.


  132. I seriously think this is one of the best ideas/kid buys! A toy/chair that doubles as storage. I love it.

  133. Yes!! My daughter is the keeper of a small plush army. We could certainly use this.
    gkstratos@ yahoo.com

  134. We could definitely use one of these. My daughters have sooooo many stuffed pals they are overflowing every toybox in the house. To make matters worse, my 5 y/o broke one of the plastic totes we use for a toybox this week by trying to stand on it. Pink would definitely be the color of choice over here.

  135. I would love to win the green one for my son! It would be such a space saver AND it would look so cute in his room!

  136. We just moved and I have no idea what to do with the stuffed animals. They are all still in boxes. This would be great. I love the green one.

  137. I've always been impressed with the Boon animal bag. It's a really clever way of storing the stuffed animals that always add up quickly.

  138. we probably have enough stuffed animal for three boon bags, and my husband bought them a new stuffed animal at the fair last week (it was only beanie babies) They do play with all of them and give them names lol

  139. boon has such great products! We have a big net in the corner of my son's room to keep all of his stuffed animals, but it's overflowing. What a great idea for plushie storage!

  140. I would choose a green one. That way it can be handed down for years to come no matter boy or girl. These are fantastic and a very unique idea. I think this should be given an award as the best product of the year. Thank you so much for the wonderful contest!

  141. How funny that you're reviewing this...it looks fantastic! We actually got a toy box for my son and it's wonderful except that the toys still don't stay in the toy box....oh well...such is the life of a toddler....

  142. I'd choose a pink one for my little girl. She turned 3 today and she got so many new toys, I really need this now. lol. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  143. Wow, that is a really fantastic idea! We have a surplus of stuffed friends over here. It's mostly my fault as I just can't bear to part with my stuffed monkey/gorilla collection I've had since I was a teen. Now my kids are enjoying my monkeys too!

  144. I can't believe you're giving one of these away! I've been coveting one ever since I found them while exploring Boon products a while back. Aren't they a fantastic idea?! We have way too many stuffed toys and they're overflowing all over our apartment; one of these would be fabulous! My natural choice would have been the pink for my daughter, but the green looks so bright and fun, she'd probably prefer it:)

  145. My nephew would love this in GREEN! He has a heap of stuffed animals. This is a great storage solution . . . and . . . I can see him using it as a new wrestling mate or bouncy bag or jumping thing. GREAT!


  146. I was just dealing with the stuffed animal chaos today!!! I have them all on our spare bed...waiting until I can figure out what to do with them. We're not ready to part with them, but we have to make room for her upcoming birthday party and the new toys that will soon take over the house. The pink one would be perfect in Amelia's room!!!

  147. What a unique idea! I personally have too many stuffed animals to count from my childhood stuffed away in a trash bag in the closet. Add on top of that the multitude of animals my sons have, and we could use several of these! I only wish I had thought of it!

    tfisher83 AT myexcel DOT com

  148. We have Flo from Boon, I'm seriously considering the frog scoop for bath toys and we would love to have the Animal Bag. Its stuch an ingenious idea for the ever-present overflow of animals.

  149. I always thought a bean bag chair would be great for my kids' rooms - now it could double as storage for all the stuffed animals - cool!

  150. What a great idea! I've never seen this before. We could definitely use that. As the first youngin' in a long time in our family, he just keeps getting more and more and more stuffed animals! It doesn't even have to be a holiday and he will receive more!

  151. My stepfather plays that claw game and wins tons of stuffed animals! My grandaughter has so many (most of his winnings we save for Christmas charities)that there is no room for them, this would be so great for her.

  152. I would love the green boon animal bag for my son. I find his stuffed animals all over the living room everywhere. This is such a cute idea and would make the living room look a lot better. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  153. I have seen this before and fell in lust with them. What an incredible idea! My now eleven year old refuses to get rid of all his "baby toys" translated "beloved stuffed animals" so there is quite an inventory. He also insists upon hiding them each time a friend comes over so no one is the wiser.
    Is this perfect or what?
    Thanks Stephanie!

  154. Ever since people have started blogging about the Boon feeding line, I have notice the animals bags. I think they are SUCH a great idea, I'm glad your talking about them. We have our stuffed animals (well, some of them) in a hanging net thing fron ikea. It's kind of nice, but the top ones the kids can't get out, and I'm always afraid of them dangling from it because they are both such monkeys! I've been eyeing the Trio, but the single would be awesome as well!

  155. I love the idea of a cute way to keep together all my daughter’s stuffed animals. An excellent use of space too. Thanks

  156. I love this idea! I've seen the bag posted on other sites, and always thought it looks great. We're actually looking for a beanbag for our daughter, so combining organization with seating is a brilliant idea! We also don't have a lot of stuffed animals (and actually try to keep them to a minimum), BUT, I still have LOTS of cloth diapers left from the baby stage that we could "recycle" as additional stuffing for the bag! Sign me up please!


  157. In my plan for the "big girl" room I have a seating area with books. I've been contemplating what that seat should be. I love love this idea. Somewhere to sit and store and it's cute! Right now all our stuffed friends are in a brown cardboard box. Very eye catching and trendy I tell ya!

  158. Our house in drowning in "babies". I think about getting rid of them, but when the kids *do* play with them, they really love having a lot. But we don't have a lot of room to work with - 3 kids, 2br apartment...

    I've seen these before and really love the concept. We could also use some child-friendly seating in our house, so this would be a perfect solution for our family. Love it!

  159. We could really use one of those. Right now I am using a moses basket for some of the stuffed animals. The rest end up all over the house. They really don't fit into the toy bins very well. I love the idea of 'hiding' them in a bag that can be used as a seat.

  160. Between stuffed animals, blankets and extra cute pillows we could definitely fill this sucker up. Right now she plays with the animals, but I also think this is a great storage pillow thing because many kids get too old to play with the animals but aren't yet willing to part with them. This way the preteen who isn't playing with them anymore can keep his or her animals and have a cool chair at the same time.

  161. I just reviewed this on my blog. I agree, it's a handy bag! I love how soft it is, like it's a big stuffed animal itself! (I don't need to enter the contest as I already have one, I just wanted to leave a comment) :)

  162. I love the idea of a cute way to keep together all my daughter's stuffed animals. An excellent use of space too.

    Thanks for a great contest.

  163. This would be so wonderful for my 2 grandsons room,to help their mom an "ME" keep it picked up,Green would be devine,Gosh I wish we had this when my kids were small,thanks

  164. This animal bag looks amazing! I'm pretty sure we have enough animals to fill a few. Our stuffed animals are in a huge plastic tub in the toy room, which really just brings out the beauty of the room!

  165. I would love this to put my daughters stuffed animals in(I bet I could store all of her blankets in there too to bulk it up). Right now her animals are scattered all over the place. Some are crammed on her bookshelf and other in a basket that is overflowing. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  166. Great, great idea. I've seen these before and I've been tempted to get them. Right now I have three garbage bags of stuffed animals in the basement that the kid's can't part with but I have no idea what to do with them!

  167. I don't know who would love this Bag more, me or my daughter. I'd love to have a place for all her stuffed animals, and she loves pulling the couch pillows onto the floor and cuddling on them. She would have so much fun with this!

  168. The pink one would fit perfectly in my daughters room. We seem to own more stuffed animals than I knew possible and I've been trying to figure out where to put them all!

  169. My son has SO many "puppies" as he calls them (most of them are dogs, but not all!) and his favorite color is green! This would be wonderful!

  170. We have two plastic bins, one is for teddy bears the other is for toys. I NEVER let it get bigger than the bin. After six kids, I know better :)

    However, I would love this pink seat/bag. It would make the play room look less plastic (since it is also my computer room) and more trendy.

    Cute item!

  171. After finding 12 "friends" in my bed a few nights ago, I had been really thinking of buying one (my friend has one and I am so jealous) but it is not in my budget... please pick me so I can sleep well, without the kitties, peguin, tigger, 2 hedgehogs and on and on and on.....

  172. Okay, I am one of those moms that used a plastic garbage bag. But I just don't know what to do with them all. I even find them under MY bed last weekend. I would love to get rid of some of them but everytime I put them in a bag to get rid of, they end up right back in the house. I always lose that battle.

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