If You're Sick And You Know It...

sick in bed clip artSometimes a girl's just gotta tuck herself in bed and recuperate.

My sinus infection is still hanging on (although I think my antiobiotic might be kicking in a bit now).

To add to the "weekend fun" around here, our Little Beauty has been feverish and coughy and sick - for the first time in a year. 

We had doctors appointments back-to-back today - one for me, one for her.

Thank goodness for my hero of a husband. He has been administering medicine (to our super smart 2-year-old, who doesn't buy that the medicine tastes good - be it Grape or Bubble Gum) and cooking up chicken soup and letting me sleep all weekend long. 

I feel like a very lucky girl indeed.

P.S. The "Workin' Girl" themed weekend will debut this Friday, February 27 - with over $700 worth of giveaway prizes. See you soon!

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14 comments on “If You're Sick And You Know It...”

  1. Sorry to hear yall have been sick...Get to feeling better REAL soon! Sounds like your husband has been awesome...That's a huge help to you I know! Take Care!

  2. yikes. i don't know how you do it being pregnant and being sick. Praise God for good help in your loving husband.
    get well soon!

  3. O, so sorry to hear that nasty sinus stuff has been holding on for so long :( Glad you've been resting & letting your dh take care of you. You've got to be healthy & ready for that baby of yours to arrive very soon!

  4. Get to feeling better... you are luck, I don't know if my husband could figure out how to cook chicken noodle soup... I think he might try to do it on the grill and I don't know how that would turn out :)

  5. Oh my goodness girl, you are still sick. I was hoping to check in and find you feeling better. I hope you and your little girly are better very very soon.

    Oh, and $700 worth of prizes? I am so impressed!

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