I'm 30 now (thank you for remembering)

The girls sang "Happy Birthday" to me for four days straight.

Liv colored a dozen pictures and kept announcing, "It's a present - FOR YOU!"

Kayla insisted that I receive flowers - lime and purple and cherry red.

I'm 30 now (thank you for remembering) 1 I'm 30 now (thank you for remembering) 2 I'm 30 now (thank you for remembering) 3

Tim did the remarkable things he does every day. He did laundry. Loaded the dishwasher. Scratched the girls back in the middle of the night. Talked to me about dreams. Loved me with a crystal love that is rare among men.

My parents brought over a round chocolate cake and a card to their "curly-haired girl."

Kristen sent me a handwritten letter on beautiful bird-themed stationary. I could almost hear her voice through the cursive. (Miss you).

I'm 30 now (thank you for remembering) 4 I'm 30 now (thank you for remembering) 5

Three of my favorite friends - Darcie, Nicole, and Dayna - planned a quiet celebration (the best kind). Darcie hosted at her house and served a 4-course meal that easily beat any restaurant in town. (No, seriously).

I'm 30 now (thank you for remembering) 6

It's nice to be remembered, isn't it? 

(Thank you to my family + friends).

(I'm thirty and it feels just fine).

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25 comments on “I'm 30 now (thank you for remembering)”

  1. I can't believe I never commented on this. What was I thinking? I know I wished you a Happy Birthday though. Anyhow...30 looks fabulous on you! I have loved my 30's so far!! Perhaps sometime this decade I will finally get to take you out for a fun evening in Santa Cruz!

    1. Oh, I would LOVE it. You've always painted such a lovely picture of living in Santa Cruz. Maybe someday we'll become your neighbors!

  2. It was a lovely afternoon; I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Afternoons spent lunching with like-minded friends are definitely one of life's simple pleasures.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with your thirties, friend.

  3. Happy Birthday Beautiful Stephanie! I hope this year is full of blessings and peace. I'm so grateful you were born thirty years ago!

    1. You wouldn't be disappointed! She cooks most everything from scratch in her immaculate, spacious kitchen...and you should see her dining room decor!

  4. Being thirty is fine indeed. Well, technically I'm 31 now I suppose, but I like it just as well. I feel like a self confidence button got switched on sometime after turning thirty. I don't think that's a particular struggle of yours, but I think there's freedom in aging with people you love and that love you. I hope this year is your best one yet, Stephanie!

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