I'm A Grilling Girl

Exhibit A: Our AMAZING new grill - the Weber Genesis E-310 Espresso LP Gas Grill ($699) from Lowe's.


Exhibit B: Me in my apron before my first "grilling lesson" from my husband.

grilling-girl grilling-girl-2

Exhibit C: Mmmm (not bad for my first steak).

steak on weber genesis e 310

For the record, that grill is 100% awesome. It's shiny, it's slick, and it cooks everything to perfection. Oh, and is that color awesome or what? It's deep and rich and elegant (and it's a Lowe's exclusive). The grill features an exterior temperature gauge, a food tray on the left side, and a storage area underneath.

In the market for a grill? Here are 5 reasons you should check out the options at Lowe's:

1. Lowe's offer FREE in-store assembly when you purchase any full-size gas grill.

2. Lowe's offers a series of step-by-step, how-to grilling videos for your viewing pleasure (perfect for beginners!).

3. You can exchange your empty gas grill propane tank at your neighborhood Lowe's.

4. Lowe's is committed to helping the community - and the world.

5. Shipping is only $4.99 for orders over $99...or you can buy online and pick up your grill in-store.

***If you couldn't tell from the pictures - I had my first "grilling lesson" today and I think it will be my last too. Because it was SO EASY. Move over, husband. The Grill Girl has officially entered the building...or the backyard...or whatever. Actually - just kidding - here are the tongs - I'm going to go snuggle with the baby. {But it's nice to know I can do it}.

YOUR TURN: Do YOU grill...or does your husband?  How often do you use your grill?

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37 comments on “I'm A Grilling Girl”

  1. We love to grill! Year-round for us as well. My husband grills 90% of the time, because he likes to. I'll do it whenever he's busy or not home.

  2. We are huge fans of the grill! We use it year round, even sometimes when there is snow on the ground. My husband is the main griller, but I can grill if necessary.

  3. We love to grill...we grill at least two to three times a week...even in the winter! We grill everything from steak to portabella mushrooms to zucchini to whole chickens to peaches! Markus does most of the grilling, but I can hold my own on the grill too! There is nothing like grilled food! We prefer the Webber grill to the gas grill, but we use both!

  4. We both grill - but hubby prefers to smoke our meat so often if the cooking is done outside, he's doing it on the smoker! We use our grill/smoker pretty often, even in the winter when smoking meat takes longer because it's soooo cold outside that it takes more work to keep the smoker up to temperature.

  5. Our barbecue is all MINE!! I start having anxiety issues when he is using it. Just kidding! But, really, I am the one that does about 99% of the BBQing. I love it! I love being able to make a whole meal on the BBQ and not heating up my whole house for just one little thing!

  6. We don't own a grill... sniff.. sniff... But when we get one, I'd bet money that he's the only one who will be using it!

  7. I usually let my husband do the grilling because I do all of the other cooking but I can do it just as easily. (And actually I tend to get the steaks done just right where as he always over cooks them.) In the summer we grill 4 nights a week...off season that drops down to once a week but we use our grill year round.

  8. cute apron!
    my husband usually grills because he likes and wants to. when i want to grill its usually when i'm by myself with the kids and that just doesn't work so well.

  9. Kev grills around here but I can make a mean s'more using the side burner though ha ha

    We are in Chicago and grill all year round. Snow and rain don't stop us!

  10. I want to know why grilling is a "mans" job. I would love to know all the tricks to grilling a moist chicken breast or the perfect rack of ribs. :) the Oven does get a little boring!!

  11. Ha! That is the same grill we have, except we got it in green because it was on clearance! I love it! We had a charcoal for years but I hated all the time it took to get the coals warm. Did you get the side burner on yours? That was the kicker for me, being able to cook EVERYTHING outside and not running in and out trying to boil corn on the stove while grilling steaks! Good luck, can't wait to hear what other wonderful things you cook up on it!

  12. I love your apron. You did great for your first grilling. It's awesome that you were able to get the grill marks on there so nicely too.

    I let my sweetie do all of the grilling at our house and I make the sides - veggies, a salad or rice.

  13. my hubby is the grill guy in my house. he loves to bbq come summer time! but we have not yet invested in a big nice unit. we just make do with the small portable grills you get at any store. i got mine from rite aid..for $15 bucks! :) it was a steal! :)

    i love when hubby bbq's. it means i have the day off from the kitchen! :) (well..i still have to help him but its better than doing cooking and cleaning all by yourself!)

  14. My dad's the grill master around these parts. He can grill up some pretty incredible stuff. In the summer we generally fire up the grill every weekend...weather permitting.

  15. You are so cute! We just got a grill from a friend that was moving. I love it! My husband grills but I will have to in the next few weeks while he is away. Now my husband and I say," How did we ever live without one?!" We love to grill. Also, a big plus is there are not as many dishes to clean! :-)

  16. If we were allowed to grill, I know my husband would be outside grilling all. the. time. I would love every tasty morsel!

  17. wow stephanie! i am so jealous -- a $700 grill??!! i'd grill too if we had a nice one like that =) we actually don't grill much because we are in the process of moving & are in an apartment right now that doesn't allow grilling, but when we move next month - we'll be grilling away!

    autumn398 @ yahoo.com

  18. My hubby does all our grilling and that is fine with me. I have a fear of fire and a cute baby. I would rather play with the baby and let Hubby handle the flames.

  19. Yummy! Your steak looks great! My hubby is the griller in our family...he won't let me try it. I'm fine with that, as long as he does it when I need it done! :)

  20. We both do: he's the steak master, I'm the veggie girl. We both do chicken, though I think he's better at getting just the right amount of doneness!

  21. I just learned to grill over the past 10 months. I'm addicted. We use the grill once a week, I grill meat, veggies, and even dessert!

    We are buying a new grill (at Lowe's actually)....
    Dave is an okay griller... HORRIBLE at picking out meat!

  22. My husband is the griller in our house too. We have a charcoal grill because we prefer that type of flavor over a gas grill. I'm sad to say I don't even know how to start our grill! On nights when I plan grilling as part of our dinner I have to text him and ask him to try to come home early from work so he can start the grill. But it's good to know that he loves having this job and it gives me a break in the kitchen every so often.

  23. If hubby is home, he grills.....but I will do it if that's what I've planned and he is not home yet :). We grill several times a week all summer and occasionally throughout the year. Would LOVE a new grill like yours!!

  24. I wish my husband was a griller but alas, he's not. I am contemplating lobbying for a grill none the less and becoming the family griller myself. I mostly think this when wonderful smells waft over from my neighbor's deck!

  25. My hubby is the griller in our family, and he does such an excellent job I leave it all up to him :). He is a charcoal purist (and I have to say I agree) so we have a large charcoal grill, not quite as easy as gas, but I love the smoky flavor.

  26. My husband definitely does the grilling.... he loves it. And I love the results! He is a master at concocting his own marinades and whipping up delicious meals.

  27. I've never grilled anything; Chris does it all. I think I wanna watch one of those videos/watch Chris do it sometime, though, so that I'm not incapable if I need to/want to do it myself. :) Thanks!

  28. My hubby grills - I've never done it ever. We have a charcoal and that's it, waste of time in my opinion! We grill a couple of times a week. =)

  29. I love the apron and your accessory (lol).

    We grill occasionally. Usually it'll be hot dogs and chicken.

    Hardly ever do we do burgers or steaks.


  30. I actually do the grilling at our house since my husband really doesn't like to... I'm still learning. He gets the grill started for me and I take over. Maybe one day I'll master it or he'll decide he enjoys it!

  31. Ok, I have to jump in on this one. My husband is the master at the grill in our family. There are times when he has even grilled in the middle of a Wisconsin winter with windchills of -30 degrees. That said, his specialty is bacon-wrapped venison loins which are fabulous. He cuts the loins into small pieces and then attaches the bacon with toothpicks.

    On another note, we are having shishkabobs at the rehearsal dinner THIS FRIDAY NIGHT for my daughter's wedding. I have such mixed feelings. In some ways I can't wait for everything to be over. On the other hand I can't believe it is here already.

  32. my husband usually does the grilling, but i've been at it a bit too. i leave him to do the meat usually, and i'll do vegies.

    i recently tried grilling asparagus and they were amazing! so simple. paint with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. then put on the grill (opposite way of the grill lines, so they don't fall in) and turn when done on each side. delicious!

    i also tried corn still in the husks. SOOO easy and delicious. i trimmed the top of the husk (didn't want all the extra silk hanging off and catching on fire) and took a layer or two off from the outside. just put on the grill as is and char it on all sides. let it rest for a bit (it steams in the husk) and then peal it all off. really, just so tasty.

    i also do shishkabobs of just vegies- my favorite being peppers and mushrooms. just paint with olive oil, sprinkle salt, and put them on the grill.

    congratulations grill girl! keep on grilling!

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