I'm not sentimental about these kind of things...

dozen red rosesI always tell my husband NOT to buy me flowers on Valentine's Day. 

Similarly, I usually prefer that we don't go out to a fancy restaurant on the 14th.

Flowers are marked up ridiculously high and restaurants are ridiculously busy in honor of St. Valentine...so I prefer to have my flowers and chocolates and dinner dates on other days throughout the year.

As you know, I typically prefer eating in to eating out for most meals.

That said, my husband and I inevitably eat out for our dates and - when we do - we enjoy trying new restaurants. Some of our experiences are good, some are not-so-good...but it's fun to go somewhere we haven't gone before, regardless. Of course, it's especially nice when we end up at a place that is clean and has first-rate customer service, coupled with fine cuisine. The experience is even better if we are able to eat at an excellent establishment...for less.

restaurant.com logoIntroducing...Restaurant.com. A website that allows you to buy $25 restaurant gift certificates for $10, $50 gift certificates for $20, $75 gift certificates for $30, and $100 gift certificates for $40. Really!

Simply find a restaurant in your area (there are currently over 9,500 restaurants to choose from across the U.S.), purchase a gift certificate, print the gift certificate, and take it to your restaurant of choice. 

You're probably wondering what the "catch" is. There actually isn't one. It just requires that you plan ahead a bit (meaning before you're in the car and on your way...). There are also "special instructions" for most certificates (For example, the certificate might require you to spend a minimum of $35 or might automatically add on an 18% gratuity) so be sure to read all of the details. 

To sum it all up: Whether you frequent restaurants often or just like to get out and try something new from time-to-time, Restaurant.com is a great way to save money.

I'm giving away two Restaurant.com certificates (see details below). To enter, just leave a comment...or two.

FIRST ENTRY: What is your all-time favorite restaurant?

BONUS ENTRY: Log on to Restaurant.com, take a peek at the restaurants available in your area, and tell me which restaurant you would choose if you won.

WIN IT! There will be two winners. The first randomly selected winner will receive a $50 certificate to Restaurant.com. The second randomly selected winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to Restaurant.com. To enter, leave a comment on this post that answers the above question prior to Sunday, February 22 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.). For a second entry, answer the bonus question in a second comment.

*UPDATE* The winners are #271 Annie ($50 certificate) and #277 Ashley ($25 certificate). Congratulations!

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425 comments on “I'm not sentimental about these kind of things...”

  1. I would say my favorite is Casa Ole!
    We have some nice smaller non chains food places in town....but Casa Ole in Orange Texas is my very favorite.
    Next to that I love me some Joe's Crab Shack!

  2. The Grille sounds delish if I win! : )))

    101 Wilshire Blvd
    Santa Monica, CA 90401

    Thanks again. : )))


  3. I would use it for a much needed night out at
    Arturo's Fritz & Alfredo's in Toledo, OH. They serve a combination of Mexican & German fare -- pretty oginal and good! Thanks!!

  4. by the way, if I won, I would choose Brett's All-American -- which is actually my favorite in-town restaurant. the food's affordable, so tasty, and i never have to wait for a seat. plus, if my child makes noise, it doesn't matter because it's so kid-friendly. AND the owners always come over to say hello.

  5. my absolute favorite place to eat is a small german restaurant in my hometown, which makes all of their food from scratch. the atmosphere isn't much to look at -- just a hole-in-the-wall kind of place. but my word, their schnitzel is to die for!!! i don't get home too often, but when i do, i always skip lunch to save up room for dinner there. (after writing about this, i'm thinking i need to plan a trip home...)

  6. My favorite restaurant is Red Lobster. In fact that is the only place we go out to eat and we always stuff ourselves with shrimp.

  7. If I won, I would choose Aunt Sue's Country Corner. We've never been there but it sure does appear to be the place to go.

  8. Unfortunately, there are no restaurants in my local area that participate in the Rewards program. If I won, I would use the certificate in Bloomington, IN (where I visit AT LEAST once a year) at either the Uptown Cafe or Scholar's Inn.

  9. My all-time favorite restaurant was the Tao which was run by an ashram in Bloomington, IN in the 70's - best vegetarian food I've ever had - but unfortunately they left town in the early 80's. A more recent favorite was Sushi Gin in Overland Park, KS which has excellent sushi for only 1$/pc. all day long!

  10. My favorite restaurants are Bloomsbury Bistro and Jibarra in Raleigh. If I won I would probably go to Ted's Montana Grill (love the buffalo burgers).

  11. If I won I would go to my favorite place an that is The Steak Loft in Mystic,Ct. I love the food,drinks and the service. Thanks

  12. This is very hard! I'm going to break it down a little because I cannot choose just one--for a casual neighborhood restaurant, "Snappy Dragon" in Seattle. For an more upscale dining experience, "Wild Ginger", also in Seattle. Can you tell I love Asian food?

  13. My favrite restaurant of all time is this little Itailan place we ate at when we visited New Jersey, but I cant rememeber the name! My second fave is Olive Garden!!

  14. If i won I would like to try Abbott Bridge Bar and grill. Thanks for the giveaway

    sharr1226b (at) yahoo (dot) com

  15. I was happy to find one of my favorite local restaurants - Johnny Buccelli's in Columbus, OH - on Restaurants.com. If I'm lucky enough to win, I'd definitely use the GC for a meal there!

  16. My favorite restaurant of all time would have to be Emiril's "Tchoup Chop" in Orlando -- it has a really inventive menu that blends Asian and New Orleans cuisines, and I had the best meal of my life there a while back. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. First let me say your little girl is just gorgeous what a beautiful smile and eyes.
    Now my favoite place to eat would be
    Chili's I love their brocilli and chees soup.
    Also really like to eat at Olive Garden. Thanks for a chance to win I do love to eat out too.

  18. My favorite restaurant is a little Thai restaurant called Little Home. I moved so don't get to go there very often. Thank you!

  19. My all-time favorite restaurant is Max's Ally, which until recently participated in restaurant.com. It's fairly upscale, so restaurant.com allowed us to go there a little more often than we normally would. Very sad to see them drop out. If I won, i would probably get the Dilworth Neighborhood Grille GC instead. That's a distant 2nd or 3rd favorite and a good option for weekday lunches. Thanks for the contest!

  20. We're the retired grandparents of two little girls, so it would be a real treat to take them out with this prize...If I won! My oldest granddaughter, who is in kindergarten absolutely adores the Lobster Alfredo at Red Lobster!

  21. If I won I would definately get the one for Daquiri Deck in Madeira Beach FL that is our 2nd fave restaurant and 1st fave hang out.

  22. Lately my fav place to eat is Olive Garden, I always eat to much there, but the food is fab, the wine is great, I just love it!

    I would pick "woodys" as the restaurant of choice from the site.

    Thank you!

  23. My favorite restaurant is my cousin's cousin's village pizza place in Italty. My cousins have one in Italy too but it is in the city and not a rustic family sitdown place.

  24. weird but favorite ever is Red Lobster... and local I'd use Rest. com for The Green Street Tavern, literally could throw a rock and hit it!

  25. entry 1- My favorite restaurant is The Cheesecake Factory.

    entry 2- From restaurant.com I would like to try Victor's 1959 Cafe in Minneapolis.

  26. "What is your all-time favorite restaurant?"
    How about "What was your all-time favorite restaurant?"

    Mama Leone's in NYC (CHANGED)

    BONUS ENTRY: Log on to Restaurant.com, take a peek at the restaurants available in your area, and tell me which restaurant you would choose if you won.

    283 Wasabi Hibachi Steak House
    283 Main Street
    Farmingdale , NY 11735

  27. The Thai Gayang Cafe here has the most amazing pad thai- it's such a treat. However it really is hard, as I too love to try new restaurants. Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. My all-time favorite restaurant was the Maisonnette in Cincinnati, OH. If I won the gift certificate, I would use it at Cadillac Ranch.

  29. fav restuarant have several and eating out is a treat these days i would pick CHEESCAKE FACTORY. RESTUARANT.COM HAS GREAT DEALS

  30. Cono and Sons Italian Cuisine! It's a family owned restaurant near our house. I'd end up spending a good deal more than the GC, though. :)

  31. If I won, I'd try a place we haven't been, Walkers Charhouse. If it's not perfect, there's a Trader Joes across the street!

  32. My favorite restaurant was Tucci Benuch in Chicago. The food was always good when we went, but it is more for the memories. Now closed.

  33. I would go to the Mattapoisett Chowder House and Tavern, it's the next town from my work and I've heard good things about it

  34. I would have to say boston lobster feast for sit down dinning and red robin for my burgersand fries.
    Thank you


  35. If I would be so lucky to win, I would choose the Irish Pub right across from the College Football of Fame.

    Thanks again for the delish opp.

  36. LaSalle Grille in South Bend, Indiana, home of Notre Dame, if my all-time favorite restaurant. It has a lot of character and sensational food.

    Thanks for the opp.

  37. My all-time favorite restaurant is a little Thai restaurant about an hour away from my house - Thai Taste. They have the ABSOLUTE best food ever!

  38. If were to win I would choose to go to California Rollin' which is my favorite Sushi restaurant. It is located about 10 minutes from where we live and it is a wonderful place to go. You can watch your sushi being made to order, the portions are generous, and you can sip some Pearl Saki while you wait. It is a very hip and cool restaurant and you don't have to eat raw fish! They offer the sushi with cooked fish too!

  39. My favorite all time restaurant is Indochine in New York City. Everytime I go into the city it is where I want to go. It is a unique cuisine or fusion of Indonesian meets Chinese. The food is unique, so very savory, healthy and absolutely delicious! It is also very chic in decor and it is more of a neighborhood place so you don't see all the typical tourists when you go there. I saw Julianne Moore there once. It was very cool. No one even noticed her or bothered her. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  40. We love new places too! Especially if its super fresh, tasty, and not fat-and-salt-laden. hard to find, but ALWAYS worth it! :)

  41. My fav restuant is not very fancy, but has the best food...Red Robin. And if you sign-up online, you can get a free birthday burger!

  42. Whenever I get a chance to pick a special place, I always pick Macaroni Grill. I am currently hooked on the Chicken Toscana soup.

  43. I only had to look at the first entry - I heard that Amereno's Little Italy was closed for a while but just opened back up in central Tucson. I have heard amazing things about this restaurant and am dying to try it!! This is where I would go if I won the gift certificate!!

  44. My husband and I love to eat out, but it doesn't happen very often because of our tight finances. We would love to win this contest and take advantage of a night out at a nice restaurant!

  45. The New Rebozo is my favorite restaurant of all time. Although Mexican is not my favorite food, this Mexican restaurant is still the best! The chef makes different mole sauces that are just about better than sex!

  46. My favorite restaurants have to be either Olive Garden or Timberlodge. Depending on what kind of mood I'm in. If I had to pcik just one I would pick Timberlodge. I'm a steak and potato kind of girl :)

  47. i live in las vegas so there are many to choose from but i could use this at red lobster in the hotels for sure thanks guys

  48. Never tried the site, but have emailed it to my husband to try it out tomorrow with Alexandra's. It is listed on upromise as a vendor (restuarant.com) so my trust level has increased tenfold and along with your blog we feel comfortable giving it a whirl!



  50. My all time favorite restaurant would have to be the country club that I grew up going to. I will always remember the feeling I had walking in there and know I could get anything I was in the mood for!

  51. My favorite restaurant is Salernos in CT. They make the best pasta around. I cannot find another place that even comes close. I also love restaurant.com..... Thank you

  52. my favorite restaurant. Well that's hard to say because it depends upon what i feel like eating. I really love Mortons but we rarely go because it's way too pricey. If I get a chance to go though I never turn it down.

    I just love restaurant.com. we've used it many times before and we just love it. as a matter of fact you can get 70% off the cost of a coupon for the next couple of days.

  53. I have 2 favorite restaurants. My favorite expensive restaurant is Ocean Air, and my favorite every day place is Buffalo Wild Wings

  54. Sigh - I see most people here have more impressive taste than I do. I really, really love The Ground Round Restaurant. I was sad when they got rid of the free peanuts, sadder when they got rid of the free popcorn, and even sadder that they seem to have vanished.

  55. Ooh! Good question...tough question. I think I'd have to say that the restaurant I most enjoyed myself in would be a Brazilian BBQ in Vegas...I don't even remember the name of it, but it was in one of the "main" casinos. The food was good, but watching my husband enjoy umlimited, really well-prepared meat was just fabulous. :)

  56. The Willoughby Brewing Company is one restaurant with many faces....a cool and quick lunch -for -the-bunch place to chat, a cozy quiet dining experience for a dinner with friends, a good-time celcbration with live music on weekends!

    Too fun for words! But not for restaurant certificates!

    [email protected]

  57. My husband has to travel a lot for work so we don't eat out a lot because when he's home he wants me to cook. However, we do like to have a dinner out on occasion since it gives me a break from cooking. My favorite place to go is Cheesecake Factory.

  58. I think my favorite restaurant varies from time to time bec, for one thing, I like all kinds of foods, so it depends on what I am hungry for.

    One of the best places I ever ate was Bones, an awesome steak place in Atlanta. Talk about a perfect steak. Wow. But, of course, expensive.

    I love a really good pizza. There is a little hole in the wall here in downtown Cumming called Sal's. The guy's family is from Sicily. Awesome food. Don't pay your bill, they breaka your legs. just kidding.

    We actually used a restaurant.com certificate on V's Day. We paid $25 plus tip for our $55 meal. The certificate cost him $5, I think. If you buy them at the end of the month they are usually $3, I think. (He is the one that handles these things, bec he is the one that handles the "dates".) We don't go out to eat a lot, bec I like to cook, but it is always a nice treat.

    Thanks for having the giveaway!

  59. Smoke Blossom in WA.
    However, the best steak I have ever had was at the restaurant underneath the Pirates of Carribean at Disneyland.

  60. I would probably try Lava's in Tulsa, since there are limited possibilities in this area. Or I might give it to my daughter in Long Beach, I suspect she would have more possibilities!

  61. I can't say that I have a favorite restaurant, since it all depends on what I am in the mood for. I keep going back to Outback, Red Lobster, Carraba's, etc, but none of them really outshine the others.

  62. If I'm going to go out and celebrate something special, I like to go to Mango's or Bimini Boatyard in Ft. Lauderdale. They're both casual places, but they're just cool and my family has had good times in both places.

    I have been thinking about trying out Restaurant.com. It would be great to go to the tea room in the next town.

  63. My favorite restaurant a local place called Simply Sushi. If I win I'd choose a certificate for the Mayan Adventure. My kids love that place.

  64. Favorite restaurant is a hard question. I would say my current restaurant is a small Mexican place near us in the Big Apple called Elora's. Great margaritas, sizzling fajitas!

  65. We just love "Golden Corral". Of course, they're not available on Restaurant.com; but we usually get certificates for the restaurant a little down the street.

  66. My favorite restaurant of all time is Steak n Shake. I know it's a chain, but their cheese fries and shakes are amazing!!!!! I would use this prize at Skeeter Barnes though, because I've always wanted to try that place and don't get to experience new things often.

  67. My all time favorite restaurant is called Nicoles and they have this dish called Chicken Ortalano and I've never found it anywhere else....it is so yummy! Thanks for the great giveaway. We don't get to eat out much because of finances, and this would be super.

  68. My sister just got one for a Sushi restaurant near us call Suji-ya. It was nice, but I was kind of annoyed that they add gratuity on when you use these certificates-I know I'm not a cheap tipper, but I suppose some people are.

  69. My all-time favorite restaurant is called Panino's!! It is a family-run business and the parents used to live behind us when I still lived at home! They make these panino's that are out of this world! They are sort of like pizza's rolled up, but much better!! I always order the double meat'n cheese pepperoni panino! Thank you for the contest!

  70. My favorite ever is Tia Rosa's in Mesa AZ. I live in the east now, but I'd give anything for a couple of their fish tacos. Thanks.

  71. I've purchased these certificates before and I love Kings Gate in Port Charlotte, FL. where we go for the month of January to escape the Wisconsin winters. Please count me in!

  72. I have several favorite restaurants Zehnders in Frankenmuth, MI; Famous Dave's; Giulio & Sons in Dearborn, MI.

    My favorite restaurant.com restaurant is Pete's Place in Taylor, MI.

  73. And I checked the website - I'd pick 7 Monkeys in Omaha, NE because the name just sounds like so much fun =)

    autumn398 (at) yahoo.com

  74. Carlos O'Kellys is my favorite restaurant - my fiancee calls it the "TV dinner" place - he thinks their food looks/tastes like the dollar meals at Walmart - but I think they are delish!

    autumn398 (at) yahoo.com

  75. My all time favorite is a little local place called the Mediterranean Grocery. It's run by a couple from Lebanon, and they have some seriously yummy and healthy food.

  76. If I won, I'd probably go to El Morfi Grill for some genuine Argentine beef! I've been wanting to try that place! (And aren't we always a little less leery of trying a new restaurant when we know we aren't paying full price? LOL)

  77. I have used Restaurant.com and found it to be a great deal. The terms and conditions are perfectly reasonable and the discounts are real. And the restaurants themselves are terrific!
    My all-time favorite restaurant is Cavey's in Manchester, Connecticut (the downstairs French restaurant, although the upstairs Italian restaurant is fab, too). Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. Fins Grille & Raw Bar in Glenwood Springs
    would be my choice.
    Just a little drive up to visit the hot springs pool and then stop by the restaurant.
    Nice little weekend trip.

  79. My favorite restaurant is Arun's in Chicago. It's a really fancy thai place in the french style. oh my god... i wish i could go there!

  80. I absolutely agree with you about going out on Valentine's Day. It is so over rated! I would much prefer to go out when the place is not over crowded, over priced, and the service is much better.
    If I were to win then I would check out Mojito's for some delicious Cuban food!

  81. There is a little restaurant about 5 miles from us that we really like - looked on the restaurant.com website and lo and behold - they are listed. That will be a treat. The name of the restaurant is Reali's. Really cute and great food.

  82. I am the one that loves flowers on Valentine's Day. This year we went out to dinner on Friday instead of Saturday (easier to get a babysitter and reservations). My husband made a comment that we had not been out to dinner alone in over 2 years! (We have had a couple of dates but not many). It was wonderful, we tried a new restaurant and everything was perfect. (Even the cost of dinner was not too high.) The next day I told him to not buy me flowers since money is tight and dinner was wonderful.

  83. one of my favorite restaurants is red lobster as i love seafood....but if i won i would love to go to cafe gallery on high street in burlington ,n.j.i was last there about 25 years ago and loved it then and would love to go back...

  84. My favorite restaurant was Fortune Cookie, but they had a fire and although they rebuilt, it is now a Thai restaurant with no lunch specials :-(

    As for current favorite, it would either be Friendly's or The Acropolis Diner- they both have great specials. As I'm currently unemployed, I like to get the most for each dollar spent, so lower cost is important.

  85. I like Olive Garden. I always fill up on their salad and breadsticks before I get my meal, so always end up taking my lasagna home!

  86. Ok, it would be a hard choice if I win. I'd probably have to go with Baily's Chocolate Bar because it's just so darn good but I'd also like to try a new place so I might like to go for McLozzi Deli because my husband would probably like it and it's within walking distance of our house.

  87. Visited Restaurants.com & if i win i would go to Tassone's- It's about 10 minutes from home.. Great fun there too...

  88. I think my all time favorite restaurant is lobster house my family ate at once in Maine. My mother is from Maine so we were there often when I was a child. Ah, just remembered the name, Estes Lobster House. Maine lobster is my favorite food and this place has stuck in my memory for years.

  89. My favorite restaurant is Jeffrey's in Austin Tx. My favorite kid friendly restaurant in Austin is Hang Town. Mom and Dad can have salads with honey glazed walnuts and feta cheese. The kids small burgers and sweet potato fries. Swivel chairs, tv with football and tv with Nickolodan. Peace on earth!

    Looking at the Restaurant.com for Austin it would be Aquarelle (our fancy french place) or Wink, which has small perfect portions of everything. Ever have barbequed quail legs-Yum!

  90. My favorite restaurant right now Is Brio Italian Bistro - they have a chopped salad that I crave. If I won I would pick Pumi Japanese Restaurant because I can get Sushi and my hubby can get what he like which is definiely not raw fish! :-)

  91. There's none in my area. The closest restaurant is a two hour drive away. Good luck to the others that can use this.

  92. My all time fave is Hiroshi, an awesome sushi place. If I won,I'd go to Kenny & Zukes.
    kaytewatts AT aol DOT com

  93. My all time favorite? Oh gosh now that's tough. I have favorites depending on cuisines. I'll go with trendy. Persephone in boston. It's a restaurant inside a store. Shop for fashions and eat amazing food!

  94. My favorite restaurant is Perry's in Houston. Everything is wonderful and the service is fantastic. I eat there every time I'm in Houston.

  95. Greens in San Francisco is our favorite. Food is delicious and innovative every time and the views are world class--think that wonderful San Francisco Bay and Bridge.

    Thank you for the contest.

  96. We have a small italian resturant by us called Mimmo's, that has become our all time favorite. It's small and intimate and the food is wonderful.

  97. bonus question:
    I would use my GC at Xcaret, a Mexican restaurant in my town. we eat there often, I love it!

  98. My favorite all time restraunt is PF Changs. we don't have anywhere near me so it is a big deal to go.

  99. I had never heard for restaurant.com before. I'm *loving* the idea behind it! I checked it out for my area, and I wish there were more familar options for me. There were a couple grills nearby that I haven't tried yet, but I think the one that I would try, if I were to win a gift certificate, is the Ginza Japanese Steakhouse. I absolutely *love* Japanese steakhouse food!! My husband gets tired of them, because it's a frequent stop for business lunches or dinners, but I only get to go once every year or so, and it rivals for my favorite cuisine!

  100. Wow, it's so hard to pick a single all-time favorite restaurant. Soooo hard. Boy, you've got me thinking, now! I think I'm going to go with the Melting Pot. I wouldn't eat there *every* day, but it's got such a lovely atmosphere for special occasions, and the way you can spend hours eating and chatting and enjoying your company, all while eating absolutely delicious fondue food... and don't even get me started on dessert! You absolutely can't top a bunch of fruits, cakes, etc. dipped in melted chocolate. :)

  101. My all time favorite restaurant? Hm~ It's a tie between the Koreana (a Korean restaurant that makes awesome bulgogi), JuRin (a Japanese teppan grille), and Sushi Station (where you pay by the colored plate).

  102. They have a great selection of restaraunts in my area! I'd like to try out Brooklyn's Woodfire Grill in Spokane, I've read about it in local guides & it sounds like a great place.

  103. My all time favorite restaurant is one that unfortunately went out of business several yrs ago. It was called Rose Cottage and the food there was superb. One of the specialties was called lobster and shrimp parisienne and no other restaurant makes this (or anything even close to it).

  104. I LOVE George's Place in Kirkland WA. It's a small family-owned family-style Greek restaraunt & their spanikopita is to die for!

  105. If I won, I'd love to go to Friendly's. It's been so long we've been there. Would bring back great memories and delicious desserts. :)

  106. There are some great ones at Restaurant.com but I would pick Long Grove Cafe. Love the quaint town so this would be fun. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  107. Favorite restaurant is Goode Company BBQ in Houston. It will always remind me of growing up in texas. You can't visit there without trying it!

  108. All time favorite restaurant has changed many times over the years. It was Red Lobster, where we usually go for Valentine's but this year we went to Bahama Breeze. There is also another restaurant called the Keywester which I like a lot so I'll choose that at my favorite. Decisions decisions LOL

  109. I love Restaurant.com! We used one of their gift certificates on Friday night for a date at Bamboo Club. The food is great (crab wontons, macadamia nut crusted chicken) and the service has always been good when we've gone.

  110. My favorite place to eat it Outback Steakhouse. That just became our favorite place to eat since we took my husband's dad there for his birthday.

    As for if I won it would be Highwater Restaurant just because we have not been there and it looks like it would be nice. We have already been to the Toad's Place and listened to the music there. I am guessing they are run by the same people or just close.

  111. For my bonus entry-I would use the certificate at Belle's Mansion here in Stanhope-really enjoy the place-elegant and good food.

  112. My favorite was a restaurant in Captiva Florida that I visited while vacationing there several years ago-The Bubble Room.Not only was the food good especially the huge desserts, but the atmosphere was so fun! I love Restauant.com-I have used them several times.

  113. It was this beautiful place in Prescott, Arizona. Tired and hungry after winter camping at the Grand Canyon. They served incredible steaks and Jalapeno Mac and Cheese. Anybody know it?

  114. I'm not entering the contest, because there's nothing on the website in my area that I'm really interested in. However, I did want to tell you that we generally avoid restaurants on holidays like Valentine's Day, as well, because of the crowds. If we're going to have a romantic dinner, we'd like to do it at a time when everyone else isn't trying to have a romantic dinner, too. Plus, our babysitter is more available on off-dates.

    Besides, my husband has combat PTSD, so crowded restaurants with lots of noise (which inevitably happens, no matter how nice the restaurant) are a no-go for us. So we're celebrating next weekend. :)

  115. My favorite restaurant is called Ruth's Chris. It's a high-end steakhouse, we go ONCE a year, very pricey. The steaks are to die for.

  116. If my husband and I were going on a date when we lived in Austin and hadn't planned a restaurant ahead of time, we nearly always ended up at Chuy's. It's not fancy, it's not expensive. But it's got a fun ambiance and their Tex-Mex food is fantastic! If you're ever in the area, you've got to try the Chicken Chuychanga with Deluxe Tomatillo Sauce, or the Steak Burrito.

    Ahhh, I really miss Austin and that place.

  117. I will add though that you're totally right-- it requires planning ahead. Hubby and I went out on Friday night for V Day and we debated buying a gift card for a place we hadn't been to or spending the extra money to go to our fave place (not on the list). We ended up spending the extra money..... So the site def. requires some commitment! Or at least the ability to avoid a powerful craving for Crispy Szechuan Beef

  118. I am seriously just about to blog about this!! My sister forwarded me the site, and I already picked out a French restaurant that I want to try :)

  119. My favorite restaurant seems to change with my mood. I recently ate at Goodwood (a barbeque restaurant) and it was excellent! I can't wait to go back. I also really enjoy The Spaghetti Factory (not high end, but I like the casual atmosphere and the Spumoni ice cream!).

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