In case you're wondering...

If I'm going to post a recap of BlogHer...I might.

If "Tuesday Tours" is going to be up tonight...probably not (I am so sorry).

If I'm experiencing morning all day sickness...I am.

If I am feeling extraordinarily grateful and happy to have this little life inside of me...the answer is YES (a very emphatic yes).

***I'll be posting updates and giveaways and articles whenever I feel well enough.

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24 comments on “In case you're wondering...”

  1. Hang in there. With this pregnancy eating carbs helped with my morning sickness. Nothing helped with the boys though,

  2. Congrats on the little one. I have been wondering when you were going to get around to having another one. I know how much you enjoy being a mama.

  3. I really wanted to ask you about this weekend, especially when you said you weren't drinking. I can't remember what our conversation was all about, but when you said that I thought "hmmm...?" (then again, I wasn't drinking and I'm definitely not pregnant, so my logic makes no sense! LOL!)

    anyway, long story short---CONGRATULATIONS!! Rest up every chance you get! :)

  4. What wonderful news, congrats! Of course blogging can and will wait. I think you were going to go with a midwife this time, hope they have some suggestions for the morning sickness.

  5. Eeks!! Congratulations!!

    And yes . . . . I know exactly how you feel, considering I had hyperemesis twice. I do hope it passes quickly for you.

  6. I'm sure you are tired of "helpful hints" but I found that sucking on Starburst really helped with my "all day sickness" with my 2nd one - expecially the lemon ones :) Hope you feel better

  7. I'm so thrilled for you & your family Stephanie! But boy can I sympathize with the misery of all-day-sickness...I'm 8 weeks into pregnancy #3 myself, and am struggling with the same thing. My thoughts, prayers & excitement are with you!

  8. Six kids later, and I would love to do it again. You also have tons of cool stuff to share with the little one. Little man or little lady, you are a lucky mama!

    I've been thinking about you all night and how excited you and hubby must be. Get some rest and keep us posted!

  9. Yay....congrats on your news. Exciting times. Take it easy.

    You photo's from blogher were great.

  10. Being preggo for my second one was very tiring. It was not like being pregnant for our first one when I could nap when I needed to, lay down when my feet hurt...Nope, it is a challenge to run around after a 2 yr. old and be completely drained from pregnancy. If you need anything let me know!

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