infinitely blessed

On most nights, when the sun is starting to set and the glistening oranges, pinks, and purples begin dancing over the mountaintops...we go on a family walk.

We rarely bring a stroller. Our 3-year-old likes to run about in her pink sandals, pointing out things ("Look, mom! Yellow flowers!") and collecting rocks. And, I typically hold the baby - or put her in a carrier. I prefer to have my baby right in my arms (and, actually, I think she prefers it too). In fact, I'm almost tempted to say good-bye to all of our strollers (with the exception of our jogging stroller), but I hesitate, knowing that there will likely be other babies in our future.

My husband and I talk, and sometimes hold hands. He usually "runs" with our 3-year-old at her request. I watch the two of them racing ahead of us on the sidewalk...and I smile.

I am so infinitely blessed. This life - these moments - I wouldn't trade them for anything.

kokopax-carrier-1 kokopax-carrier-2 kokopax-carrier-3 kokopax-carrier-4

***I am wearing a kokopax carrier (garden fabric, $179.99). The engineering of this product is AMAZING. It has a frame like one of those outdoorsy baby backpacks, but it's more compact...and way cuter. It's also extremely comfortable and easy to put on (I can do it without assistance). Furthermore (I feel like I'm an English professor when I say that word for some reason), I totally love having my baby on my back. It brings a whole new meaning to hands-free (it's even more convenient than having a baby in a front carrier).  I have a feeling I'm going to be wearing this carrier a lot now that my baby is 6 months old (the carrier is designed for use from 6 months to 2 years). Another bonus? The carrier fits in airline overhead bins if you're the traveling type.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a kokopax carrier ($179.99). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Wednesday, September 23rd at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #126 Sandi. Congratulations!

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160 comments on “infinitely blessed”

  1. My nephew just had his first baby and this would be perfect for the little fella. The diaper tote in the matching color would be a great addition, too.

  2. What an adorable carrier and a far cry from the unisex, pretty-darn-ugly carrier I had when my oldest was a baby. They've come a long way since then with plenty of colors and styles. The best part is having two free hands when shopping; what a life-saver these are.

  3. oh how i wish i had one of these when my kids were little..we always had strollers this looks so convenient just pop it on and go.and another plus having your arms free from pushing a stroller :)

  4. I would love to win this carrier! It looks so sturdy and would be better for my back than most carriers. I love carrying my little one!

  5. I wish someone would carry me around all day. That would be nice. I carry my son around all day as it is (he hasn't quite popped out yet) so being able to move him to my back instead of my 'front' would be great. Thanks!

  6. I love wearing my daughter, but she's getting too big to wear on the front in my mei tai carrier. And she's so heavy and large (think 8 month old wearing 18-24 month size clothing!) that it's hard to get her on my back properly. This carrier looks like it would be so helpful for that!

  7. My mom had one of these dif brand for my lil sister and it was fantastic i need one of these for my son i bought a fabric carrier and i dont like it dont think its very safe! This are wonderfull though

  8. My daughter is only four months old and it's already getting to be too hard on my back to use a front carrier or a wrap. I've never seen a back carrier so small (the huge hiking ones are just impractical). AWESOME giveaway!

  9. We didn't have baby carriers when my children were little. What a great invention. My nephew will become a new Daddy the first of the year and I know this would come in very handy. Thanks! :)

  10. It is true that a baby on the back is much more convenient than a stroller. I rarely take the stroller on the bus anymore.

  11. I am short, so I've always felt like these kind of baby carriers would hurt my back. But recently a similiarly, uh, vertically challenged friend of mine was wearing one and she told me how much she loved it. So I'm ready to give one a try! Especially with three kids ages four and under, I could use some more hands :)

  12. I love the idea of baby wearing and usually carry my toddler in a pouch sling but am thinking that i need to get a different style for her now that she is nearing 25 lbs.

  13. I sure could use this carrier. My 4 month old daughter and I walk my other kids to school and this would be great for that. Thanks for the chance!

  14. I would love to win this. We try to go for walks every evening, weather permitting. We live on a dirt road and I hate taking the stroller. It always gets caught up in the rocks and the ridges. This would be a great alternative.

  15. We love baby carriers! This would be perfect so that I could carry baby and hubby could carry the Giant Backpack O' Supplies (TM) when we go out walking, and we'd be able to take it with us abroad to visit family!

  16. These carriers look sooo nice. The patterns are amazing and they have to be easier to wear than the one I have now! I love having my kids close to me too! Thanks for the chance!

  17. We have been wanting to go hiking however we have a two month old baby and nothing to put her in so she can go with...this would be awesome!!

  18. I have a wide variety of carriers (ring sling, fabric wrap, ergo) and love all of them in a different way. Would love to have this one too and put it to good use!

  19. We used a carrier as soon as our son's neck could support his head. It worked well for over two years and left our hands free to do other things.

  20. That is an adorable framed carrier! Most of them are super sporty and not stylish but this one is more up my alley. We use an Ergo which I love but it is hard to use in back carry position all by myself. I think my son would like something like this much better.

  21. That is by far the cutest carrier I've ever seen! And it looks like it works great too! I have four boys and we might, and I say might still try again soon for a girl....shhh don't tell anyone.

  22. I would love to win this prize as a gift for my sister-in-law who is expecting :) This would be a great product for her because she is always on the go!

  23. My sister recently had her first, and has been trying every type of carrier out there. It seems so hard to find a really good one, especially when the baby keeps getting bigger!

  24. This is a really cool looking carrier. I think I would rather have my baby in front of me instead of on my back, for fear of something happening and me not being able to instinctively grab hold of the baby. But, this seems like it is a very sturdy carrier. I'm sure it would be nice to allow for more multi-tasking without a baby in front of you also.

  25. this carrier looks awesome, we currently have this sling - its ok but he sort of keeps falling in and it hurts the back after a while. but this carrier looks much much better!

  26. I love wearing my baby, but all of my carriers are rather unstructured (moby, sling). I'd love to give something like this a try! Thanks for the chance!

  27. I totally love that carrier, the fabric is very cute! I've been wearing my baby (also 6 mos) on my back in my mei tai wrap. It is so nice that it is versatile and easy to bring along anywhere, but that back pack sure is cute!

  28. I used a well made carrier for both my kids more than I every used a stroller. I found it enormously helpful being hands free and still knowing my babies were so close to me.

  29. DS is 13 months old and we still use our sling, but I would love to try a back carrier! Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  30. i have never tried these carriers before i usally like the front ones so i know the baby is ok. but i would try the back ones i think.

  31. I love this! Your little one can look forward and enjoy the view at a height that is just right for scenic walks. The structure and balance appears to be user friendly...easy on the back...Great product!

    Thank you. :-)

  32. I "wore" my son in an Ergo (first forward-facing, then on my back) until he started wanting to run! My question for heavy is this carrier? I guess I could look it up. The idea of a frame makes me think it's heavy....Just curious...I get a lot of back pain when I work on my feet because of an old injury as a child and I'm just wondering how comfortable it would be with the frame! I guess I wouldn't want to "enter" until I knew that...I'm just really curious...I"m actually trying to figure out what I'm going to use with our baby since I have to wait on the Ergo until she's holding her head up...I have a Moby Wrap and a Sleepy Wrap (which I don't like tying) and I also have a sling which I never tried with my son because he was too big when someone gave it to me. I gave away my Baby Bjorn because my son didn't like it and I read it wasn't good for small babies...all that to say...What would you recommend for a smaller baby? Before the Ergo? : ) Sorry my comment was so long! : )

  33. This product looks fantastic. We love to go for walks and hikes ~ this would be perfect for us. I love all the patterns choices ~ buds is really pretty.

  34. My baby is due any day now. I have a sling, but not a carrier like this. This would come in so much handier for most things -- especially for my husband. I'd really love to win this one!

  35. As I read your story it brought a smile to my face too and it helps me to remember to enjoy and love the simple pleasures of life! We love to wear our little one too but haven't had a chance to try a structured carrier ~ interesting!

  36. Nice carrier! I love it! I have never tried a carrier like this. Also, I am so glad to hear just how blessed you are. It is wonderful when you have those moments when you just have that great feeling about life!
    On a side note...I love your top you are wearing! It is so so cute!

  37. I'll bet my girls would love to ride on my back! At 22 and 7 months, both still love to be carried. My toddler is becoming more and more independent, so it would be nice to have my hands free to hold hers and her brother's hands while I carry the littlest on my back.

  38. I would love this for my next little one, hopefully on the way soon. This looks both comfy for mom and baby. I didnt use a carrier for my first baby, but think its a definite benefit and would use it with my second

  39. I love the title of your post. It is too true! Great to know about the is hard to find a good baby carrier that isn't huge and cumbersome. Hopefully your weather will cool down a bit so you can enjoy even more time out with your family! I love family walks!!

  40. We like to take family walks in local metroparks, but it can be difficult with a stroller. This sturdy carrier would be perfect!

  41. That looks like a wonderful way to carry a baby. My stepdaughter is about to have her first baby and I think she might be happier with one of those than a stroller. It seems like the baby would be safer too.

  42. Your walks sound so picturesque. We need to take family walks more often. I do take Sassypants out for walks during the day. She really loves sitting in her umbrella stroller, which surprises me because her brothers always wanted to be walking. But she likes to just sit and point out the exciting things we pass.

  43. We have a front carrier, but now that our daughter is also 6 months, I've been wonder how a backpack carrier would work??? This one looks great! And I love your theme for the week :)

  44. I have had a baby pack for my 1st 4 that has gotten completely worn. My little would love a nice new comfy pack for our trip we are taking to Ca. in November. thanks!

  45. I love how the baby looks so comfortable, like in a car seat almost, instead of all smashed against you in the carrier. Thanks!

  46. I am so jealous...with my husband working the 1pm-10pm shift family walks are out of the question, but if we could - I'd want them to be just like you described!

    autumn398 @

  47. I pretty much always carry my almost 2 yr old in a sling/carrier too! I can count the times he's been in a stroller on my 2 hands (maybe one hand). I am a truly blessed mama too! :)

  48. Oh, I forgot to add...I am with you on the infinitely blessed part! Now that it is turning to fall...our evening walks as a family are my most favorite part of the day!

  49. Here's the thing...doesn't your back ever hurt? :-) I must be the only one who's back hurts after using the Baby Bjorn or Mombi thingy. I guess after carrying around my little chunker for nine-months my back very soundly protests to any more weight! (But if I WAS going to carry him...your carrier-thingy sure is stylish! :-)

  50. I own a Baby K'tan and love it, but I need help getting the little one in it on my back, but other than that it is so versatile.

  51. I love going on walks with the fam during sundown, it really is something that just makes you realize that life is perfect. We recently moved out east and live where there are tons of trees, which William says we live in the forest. It is such wonderful memories.

  52. I love that you don't bring a stroller. :)

    Thanks for reminding me of my own blessings!

    That carrier looks so much better than the one I had when my kids were babies. This one looks much sturdier...good for mom's back, I'm sure. :)

  53. I have a Mei Tai carrier and "we" love it, however, I can't seem to get it "right" to carry my daughter on my back. This carrier would be great to have to get things done around the house! And with this carrier, I'm sure Daddy would be super happy to use it.

  54. Now that it's cooling off at night, we have been spending quite a bit more time outside. We love taking walks together or playing together in our back yard!
    I never had a good carrier with any of my kids. It would be nice to have one for our next baby!

  55. Such a unique carrier! I checked out their website and it is made very differently than many carriers.
    I really like your Garden fabric! Thanks, Cindi

  56. I've seen a few of those recently, but not heard a lot about them. I'm glad to know they are so comfy. Levi didn't like being on my back until recently. Now that I'm discovering the ease and comfort of back carries I'm wishing he had discovered the joy of them a little sooner!

  57. Awwww.... Can we come on your next family walk? ;) Devin would LOVE to run with you guys! He is a big fan of "deet-GO!" as he fondly refers to it. And don't worry, I'd only hold my own hubby's hand... if I had this super cute carrier that is! :)

  58. The pack is very cute and baby looks comfortable in it.

    My daughter just had a new baby in July. With a 9 and a 4 year old, this pack would come in handy for her.

    If there is one thing she could use now it is an extra set of hands. She can a least be hands free with baby girl on her back in a pack like this. How nice.

  59. I really want to try a backpack sometime. I think it would make cooking and such SO much easier. Bending over and down with him in the ERGO is a chore. And getting up is even worse! :)

  60. Kokopax carriers are definitely amazing, no doubt about it. My little one loves to swing her feet around and just... hang out. She's not the hang out type of baby, so it's great that she will do it in there. Plus, you're totally right, it's super comfortable. What a great gift this would be!

  61. I would like to try one of these out! I know someone who would love this for Christmas, or otherwise, who knows, I might even have another baby!

  62. I know I will want to baby-wear with my first, but I haven't went out and purchased anything yet. I never even considered a back carrier, but this makes me consider it.

  63. I was just thinking today that I need a new carrier. Today I had my not-so-little 11 month old in my becco carrier (it's like the ergo) and I now I'm in pain! She's over 20 pounds and I really need to switch her to the back. This one that you've featured looks like it has a lot of support which is totally what I need...she's only going to get bigger!

  64. I expect to need a carrier much more with my upcoming 2nd baby, since I will often need my hands free to deal with my delightful toddler!

  65. I used a front carrier made by jeep when my little one was tiny. When she out grew that we always had to push her around in the stroller. It would have been so nice to have one of these to do some of the trail hikes our stroller could not manage. Not to mention the beauty of it! Completely adorable!

  66. I, too, love going on family walks and I always wear my baby. It makes me so sad to see all these little babies being carried from one place to another in their plastic shells with no human contact. I love that Kaiya can grab my necklace, my water glass and see everything that I'm seeing and experiencing. I love this carrier. It looks wonderful and like it would be perfect for an afternoon hike in the mountains or a stroll around the grocery store. I sure hope I win one. :)

  67. We go on a family walk almost every night too :) except I have two on bikes and one in a wagon...I've been wondering how we will keep this up with a tiny one.

  68. I love family walks at the end of the day as well. There's no better bedtime sleep inducer than letting my son run around in the fresh air followed by a soothing bath. Ahh..I just love the end of the day. It's so peaceful.

    Oh and the prize on this post is pretty cool too. :) I love the pattern!

  69. I love that carrier! It's so great that you're able to enjoy time together as a family and get some exercise at the same time. I got into babywearing when my 2nd child was born. I started using a wrap and sling all the time. Eventually I made myself a carrier (designed after the BBO mei tai). I used it until she was 2 and 1/2 yrs old. I was sad to give it up. It kept her safe and happy and I didn't have to chase her all over the place. I'd love to win that carrier for my sister who has a 3 month old (her 4th child).

  70. That is an awesome carrier, I think. I've used a variety of carriers when my kids were smaller. I would have loved to have tried this one. But it'll be another great gift for the parents of the baby I am carrying.. Wow, thanks again. :D

  71. Now that looks like a backpack carrier I could like! I enjoy getting out and walking - especially now that the weather is cooling off but isn't cold yet! Sugar loves to ride in the stroller but I've resisted buying a double stroller because I know it won't be long before she's ready to run everywhere she goes instead of riding.

  72. Love it!

    We recently moved into a house and our neighborhood is SO good for walks. But now that Clare is big enough to sit to the front of the stroller (and not latched on in her carseat) I get so sad that she's up in front of me and we cannot really enjoy her while walking!

    This would be so great for so many adventures with her!

  73. You got me when you said it fit in the airport overhead compartment! I have been keeping my ears open for travel-friendly items since we will be getting our daughter from Taiwan. This looks like it would fit the bill. My only concern is whether it fits larger builds (which both I and my husband have!) It is cute, though!

  74. Cool! I am always looking for something to make my life a little easier with an almost 2 year old and a 5 month old! Right now I have a Chico front carrier and my "little" man is not so little and he gets SUPER hot in it! This thing would be great- too expensive for my budget, but I will look on Criagslist or something!

  75. You write so beautifully. The pictures are gorgeous.
    I would love to win this for my sister who is going to be having a baby in December. I really hope to get her into baby wearing. She says she wants to and I can't imagine not doing it. Lovely!

  76. My little one wouldn't like that. She wants to be one of the big girls, so she insists on running with her sister. I know other people who would love the product, though, and cannot afford it on their own, so I'd be happy to give it to them as a gift!

  77. I love the back pack! I used one of these with my youngest baby! I did tons of things with him on my back, I mowed the lawn and did grocery shopping! I loved the fact that my hands were free to deal with my other three small children!

    I highly recommend one of these to anyone with a child old enough!

  78. This carrier is the cutest I've seen! It would make our outings to the local state park that much easier. It would mean the world to have my hands free for our other child. Thank you so much for this giveaway opportunity!

  79. What an adorable carrier! And it's really nice that you're getting her used to riding on your back early. I wish I would've tried that much sooner with my girl.

  80. What an awesome carrier! I wear my 4 month old almost everywhere, as I have with my other 4 children. Being hands free is a neccesity when out and about so carriers are a must have with the baby! I would love to try this out as I have never tried the back carry, never dared to, really and it looks like this would make it super easy to attempt! Thanks for the chance!

  81. what a sharp looking backpack carrier! I love the sailor pattern. I could totally see myself using this when we make trips to the zoo. Just this morning I was wondering how it would be to push one in the stroller and carry the other in a pack...

  82. Our daughter is pregnant. This would be a wonderful gift, as she and her husband love to go hiking, birding, and walking with their dog. Kokopax has got such a great reputation, I'd love to win it for her, maybe I could borrow it too. :)

  83. I love the fact that its so portable and how easy this would be when traveling and having to pull luggage!I use a sling now and sometimes that can be in the way still.This looks about as comfortable that you can get.Knowing that I would not need much or no assistance to get this on,is great!

  84. You are totally blessed. I'm so happy you have such a lovely life. Makes me warm and fuzzy inside my heart.

    What an interesting carrier, too. I sure would love to try it. It might actually be easier for me to carry my big chunker on my back like that.


  85. This will make a great gift for my first great-granddaughter (who is expected in February). I couldn't find anything better than this to give.

  86. This is an awesome baby backpack. If I win it though, I'll admit I'd probably give it to my step-daughter who has a 2 month old and I have given her my (old) wrap, but she's having trouble getting the hang of wearing her baby girl. (And I think it's really healthy for baby's to be close to mommy!) I have a backpack- like this but not at all as classy, and two cloth wraps (a mei tai and a long piece of cloth). When my son was a baby he spent his whole life on me, up till 5 months on the front and then till about 2 on the back...(except when walking himself). Anyway, this carrier has style... I'd be tempted to keep it (if I win!).

  87. I am SUCH the fan of evening walks. This is the perfect time of year for them, too.

    I have always loved and preferred wearing a baby on my back as soon as their little heads and necks are stable enough to support it. We call our Ergo the backpack because I never wear it any other way, but I would LOVE to try a REAL baby backpack.

    I love the pattern of that one!!

  88. Love the garden fabric and your suggestion about using it for travel! Never tried a back carrier only the Moby wrap (which I do love), but this seems like a little more support.

  89. Our family loves to take walks as well. We have a panhandle which is new that we love to walk on. Eventually it will go for miles from town to town. Our boys ride their bikes on it while we stroll with the 2 girls. We just got a new stroller which we love but a baby carrier would be amazing. Kokopax carrier is so wonderful I love how you can sit it down and it doesn't fall over, and neither does baby. I love their modern fabrics and dedication to serve mothers with the finest styles.

  90. It's adorable and it looks easy to use! I have tried out all sorts of carriers but have yet to fall in love with one in particular. Maybe this one would be it!

  91. I have been experimenting with more baby wearing now that my little one is two. I had no luck with it when she was little...I just couldn't figure it out and it isn't the "thing to do" here. I tried, but nothing was comfortable, so we primarily relied on the Bjorn [which I hated]! Now, I use a hot sling to carry her on my hip and we have a hiking pack for her by Kelty Kids. I love it...but this one is way cuter and looks a bit easier to use. She is very petite, so it allows me to get more use out of these carriers! And since we want a second one, I plan to baby wear a lot more!

  92. We love our backpack, but this one is way cuter! We tried the Moby but our little guy is a mover and shaker and didn't like being so constricted. The backpack is perfect because he can see what is going on and squirm as much as he likes!

  93. Love the color! Can you hand off the baby to your husband without taking her out? Or does it need enough readjusting that you need to redo the whole thing?

  94. I have only used the Bjorn. My 17 pound baby is getting kinda on the heavy side for me. I think wearing her on my back might help with that. We have a hand-me down hiking backpack thing, but the metal frame is so big that I would not want to use it except for hiking.

  95. I've been on the go lately and have really missed my blog reading. I sat down and thought about you this evening though, and I had to come over to see what you've been up to. As I fully expected, I came to find an uplifting, heartfelt, honest post. I love that about you.

    And...that is one seriously cute baby carrier. But don't enter me into the drawing; if all goes as planned there shouldn't be any more babies emerging from between these here hips!

  96. Well that looks really great. We are planning on doing a lot of hiking and such now that it is cooler and I have been looking into these types of carriers. I've always had a hard time with front carriers because your arms feel about 3 inches long trying to maneuver around the baby.

    I really prefer the stroller for walks, but I have noticed that hubby and I only have a chance to hold hands when the kids aren't with us because of the stroller.

  97. I love it! We have a backpack carrier, an ergo, a Moby and a bjorn, and my 19 month old son still uses all of them except the Moby. The bjorn is probably near its end (he is a small guy) and the ergo is difficult to get on my back by myself. This looks great for being able to do that, and as much as we travel this would be perfect!

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