Intellectual Stimulation for Moms

Intellectual Stimulation for Moms 1I read an article this evening, entitled Using Your Mind While Minding Your Children, on the La Leche League website (please put away any feelings or thoughts about the politics of LLL and simply enjoy the content).

The article covered a topic that I am particularly passionate about - finding ways to engage in personal and intellectual pursuits as a mother and, more specifically, as a stay-at-home or work-at-home mom.

As I read, I revisited an idea that I had several months ago: I am halfway considering starting up a group of like-minded moms with the intent purpose of pursuing personal and professional endeavors.

For example, we might:
* read and discuss best-sellers
* volunteer at local charities with babies in tow
* debate current events
* engage in politics
* learn new skills

Anyone interested?

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