Introducing...Working Mom Wednesday

I'm pleased to announce a brand new column on Metropolitan Mama - Working Mom Wednesday. This column will operate under the truth that all moms are working moms.

Every Wednesday I will interview a working mom (it could be a work-from-home mom, a stay-at-home mom, a work-part-time mom, an entrepreneur mom, a work-outside-the-home mom, etc.) and ask all of the questions that we are dying to ask other moms, but are often too afraid to ask.

Stay tuned to read about outstanding moms who are pursuing their dreams and making their families a priority - no matter what working situation they have chosen.

The column will also feature helpful tips about how to break into various kinds of businesses, how to negotiate different work arrangements with the company you work for, and more.

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11 comments on “Introducing...Working Mom Wednesday”

  1. Sounds like an exciting new feature! And I greatly appreciate your comment that "all moms are working moms" - being asked "Do you work?" is a great pet peeve of if a SAHM is a lazy bum who does no "work"!

  2. I like how you think, Stephanie! Yes, all moms are working moms!! I fully agree. Really our job as mom is 24/ it is the busiest job out there! Great idea!

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