Is it just me - or do all the best foods have cheese in them?

Think: pizza, quesadillas, twice baked potatoes, enchiladas, etc. Cheese is also great to sprinkle on soups, salads, and breads. AND grated cheese is the perfect food for toddlers just learning to eat. Cheese is just plain good.

We use our graters so often (almost every day) that we have three different ones. Excessive? Maybe. But we actually put them all to pretty good use.

Could you use a new grater? Or a second one?

Is it just me - or do all the best foods have cheese in them? 1Check out this sleek, stylish, and functional Box Grater ($14.99) from OXO International. It comes with a "a storage container with non-slip ring, measurement markings, and a lid for catching and storing your freshly grated ingredients."

Is it just me - or do all the best foods have cheese in them? 2If you're more of a parmesan-cheese-on-soup or grated-chocolate-on-sundae type of person, you'll probably be drawn to the Seal & Store Rotary Grinder ($14.99), also from OXO International. 

If you're in the market for a grater that is reliable and inexpensive, OXO is a great way to go. You can purchase the graters online or at a store near you.

WIN IT! There will be two winners. One winner will receive the Box Grater and the other winner will receive the Seal & Store Rotary Grinder. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post stating which grater you prefer prior to Saturday, May 3 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). The winner will be announced and contacted on Sunday, May 4. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner of the Box Grater is #292 Connie and the winner of the Seal & Store Rotary Grinder is #259 Sarah Lehan. Congratulations!

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297 comments on “Is it just me - or do all the best foods have cheese in them?”

  1. I'd choose the rotary grater. It reminds me of the one's they use at Olive Garden and they have the best salads.

  2. I like the Seal & Store Rotary Grinder. Have always wanted one of them. Are so nice to use with fresh cheese.

  3. I would love the seal and store rotary grater! I do not have a cheese grater but I've always wanted one!

  4. I'd love to have the Seal & Store Rotary Grinder. A few turns and the cheese is a cloud over my favorite Mexican dip.

  5. We love cheese in our house and some of the cheeses get quite hard. My old grater was getting dull so I replaced it with one from the 99 cent store. The old saying, "You get what you pay for.", still holds true. Help!!

  6. I like the styling of the Box Grater from OXO International. It looks quite sleek and very user friendly.

  7. Love the box grater and ours has seen better days. We grate lots of cheese living in the Dairy State.

  8. Can't beat the traditional box grater! Living in Wisconsin, cheese is one of the original food groups. You can live without a lot of things.. cheese is not one of them.

  9. I would love the box grater. My box grater somehow split down the side. I am always using cheese and my husband is so finicky. It has to be grated (no large pieces!) I love cheese no matter how it is served.

  10. The box grater looks like it would be faster and my wife always has me do the grating but I agree with Linda, I don't like cutting myself.

  11. The rotary one for sure, I have a habit of getting a little 'knucke meat' in my food with a box grater. LOL!

  12. I recently made chicken enchiladas, but the recipe was just a little bit different. I will try yours soon. I use cheese in a majority of my meals and for appetizers. I have a so-so box grater, but I have never owned a rotary one. I love it when you go to a reataurant and they use the rotary grater right at your table! Being able to store cheese in the grater is terrific!!! Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this useful giveaway!

  13. Best of luck to all who enter. Many thanks SW Hoiwever the Seal and Store Rotary Grinder i Fantastic. Many thanks SW

  14. I would like the box grater. I have a really big plastic one and a tiny-tiny one but this one looks "just right".

  15. We would like the box grater. We do not even have a cheese grater (one of the forgotten handy appliances).

  16. I love anything Oxo and the Seal & Store Rotary grater would be terrific. I toss parmesan on just about everything and I love the idea that I can always have some freshly grated, waiting for me in the refrigerator after an exhausting day. That rotary design looks tailor made for a kitchen klutz like me!

  17. I'd like to try the Seal and Store Rotary Grater, never had one of those. Seems like a neat gadget!

  18. I would love the "Seal and Store Rotary Grinder"! My mom used to have one of these things are they are GREAT!! They are very easy to use and leave NO bloody fingers!! :) Thank you for the chance to win I would love one of my own!!!

    "Cheese, Cheese, I love cheese-
    cheddar, parmesan
    load it up PLEASE!!!" :)

  19. I prefer the Seal & Store Rotary Grinder. It would be so much fun to serve cheese on top of spaghetti at home, just like in a fancy restaurant.

  20. I would pick the box grater. My son "borrowed" mine & hasn't returned it yet. Thanks for the contest!

  21. I'd like the box grater. I would use that all the time. I've been searching and searching for the right one but I'm afraid to buy one because I'm worried it won't be a good one. You've done the hard part and picked out a quality grater now all I have to do is win it!

  22. I would like the Seal & Store Rotary Grinder because I already own the other one. I would like to use the rotary grinder for hard cheeses.

  23. The box grater. I am always cutting myself on the grater I have, since it just a flat one. If I won, it would prevent unnecessary blood shed.

  24. The rotary grinder for me since we already have (and love) the box grater. Thanks for another great contest.

  25. I'd love the rotary grinder - we go through so much Parmesan in this house, and I never buy it pre-grated!

  26. I really love rotary graters. They have them in the Italian restaurant where I go, and I asked the waitress if I could try it. It would be great to have one at home!

  27. I like the Seal & Store Rotary Grinder because my fingers are doing the typing and they don't appreciate my slicing off little pieces of them when I use my box grater. So I can say I like the box grater better, but they're the ones doing the typing :-)

  28. Either one would be wonderful but since I have to choose ------umm, the Seal & Store rotary grinder.

  29. I have to say the rotary grinder! Less chance of me to scrape my fingers! (which I have been known to do....takes all the fun out of cooking when you're bleeding!)

  30. I would love the seal and store rotary grinder. it would make things so much easier for me when preparing food.

  31. Stephanie, I would love to win the box grater, my current one is old, rusty and bent-that can't be good. Thanks.

  32. I'd like to win the seal and store rotary grinder. I'm a nut for kitchen gadgets and think I could really use this one.

  33. Oh, a houseful of cheeseaholics here! The box grater would be fab; my current one is so old it's embarrassing.

  34. It's not just you...cheese makes a meal! (I think ;) Both graters look lovely...but I've never owned a rotary grater before, so I think I'd have to go for that one.

  35. I would love to win this for my older brother. He loves to cook and bake and his birthday is coming sooooonnnnn!!!!! ;-) Thanks.

  36. I'd like the box grater. The one that I have is over 50 years old and not as sharp as it used to be.

  37. I really like Oxo products. They are quality items. Thanks for this giveaway. I would like to win the box grater, but would give either a loving home.

  38. I have needed a grater ever since I forgot to put it on my wedding registry! The OXO stuff is great, too - all my other utensils are OXO. The box grater would serve many purposes and would be awesome to win!

  39. I have had in the past something similar to the Seal & Store Grater, and I just LOVE that one best! Less likely to scrap my fingers.

  40. The box grater! I have the other kind now, but my family had the box kind as child and I prefer and am used to the other grater.

  41. Both the grater and grinder sound like they would be very handy. I am always grating cheese, what a hassel it can be sometimes. But I don't own a grinder, so would pick that. Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. What a great giveaway. I could use the box grater because I like to always great my own cheese instead of buying the packaged shredded cheese. THanks.

  43. The box grater looks great. I normally grate things on a plate it does not work so well, this is handy dandy!

  44. The grater with the nonslip container at the bottom is an awesome idea. I always end up having my grater over a paper plate or something like that, and its sliding all around and it takes forever to get stuff shredded. Great giveaway!

  45. I'd certainly take either, but as my hubby likes shredded parmesan, he'd love it if I won the rotary grinder. I'd love to try the chocolate, too... :) gumbi1313 at msn dot com

  46. No, it's not just you! Cheese is the best. I'd love to have the rotary'd make a great addition to my kitchen, and I'm sure my husband will like chocolate shavings on his cold drink - I will too! Yum.

  47. I don't own a grater and would love to own the Box Grater. We usually just end up buying shredded choose from the store so this would be neat to have.

  48. I would love to have a box grater since I put cheese on everything and the grater would really help me out. Thanks.

  49. I love cheese, so either of these items would come in very handy, but I would choose the Box Grater. Thanks for the contest.

  50. From my previous comment you can pretty much bet on the fact that my culinary skills are seriously lacking. All that to say I think that a rotary grater is in order so I don't hurt myself with it!

  51. I too love cheese and eat it on most everything. I really like the box grater, but anything from OXO is great.


  52. I definitely prefer the rotary grater. I already own the box style and I am forever scraping my fingers! The rotary grater looks so easy and safe from my clumsiness.

  53. I'd love the rotary grinder! I could pretend I'm the server at a restaurant when I ask hubby if he'd like cheese with his meal.
    I already have a similar box grater and its great for measuring.

  54. I'm a super cheese lover. I have a friend whose husband dislikes cheese and I am very sad for her. I've become lazy about grating cheese and usually buy the already shredded version and I've never bought a whole chunk of Parmesan so it would be fun to have the seal and store grater.

  55. Happy Monday! Our family loves cheese. Plain, almost any type, in casseroles and such! My husband really enjoys cooking and loves cooking gadgets. We do not have the "Seal and Store Rotary Grinder." Please enter me in your drawing. Many thanks,Cindi

  56. I'd love the box grater - my grater is so old, and is one of those ones that you lay over a bowl, I always cut myself on it lol. If I don't win this one, maybe I should ask for one for Mother's Day hmm?

  57. Anything with cheese just tastes so much better!!! I would love to win the box grater. Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  58. I prefer the box grater. Oxo is one of my all-time favorite brands ~ I LOVE all their products :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  59. I have a vintage version of the rotary grater and I love it. The box grater would be great for grating carrots for a salad. The box grater has my vote!

  60. I'm trying to keep my jaw from totally dropping! (what cool products!) I am sooo right there with you. We love, love, love cheese! Especially strong flavored, but not-too-stinky cheese. The boxed grater is a wonderful invention! My product designer hubby would be thoroughly impressed :) How fab that the cheese doesn't get everywhere, and it won't sleep on the countertop. But, I'd certianly love a chance to try either. thanks!

    ...and keep the great recipes coming!

  61. I'd love the box grater. Just yesterday I was wishing I had one to grate carrots instead of having to pull out the mini food processor.

  62. Hands-down, OXO makes the best quality kitchen tools and toys. But, they are not just in the kitchen! I have some OXO handtools, and they are incredibly well-designed and well-made, just like their kitchen ware. I'd buy OXO anything, and these two items look fantastic. And I love freshly grated Pecorino Romana, nothing beats locatelli!

  63. The rotary grinder looks really good, but either one would be great. I love OXO products. Thank you for your wonderful site!

  64. Box grater please! And yes, all the best foods DO have cheese in them. I never liked it when I was younger, but now love it in almost anything.

  65. Being both older and into healthy eating, the OXO box grater is perfect, easy to use and good for creating those healthy salads, sandwiches, etc.

  66. I think I'd like the seal & store rotary grater only because I already have a boxgrater. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  67. Definitely the box one, I love that it has a container on the bottom for the foods! GREAT idea for when grating some kinds of cheeses! I hope I win it!

  68. I would say about 99.9% of all wonderful foods contain cheese! I'd love to have the box grater - having a box at the bottom to hold the cheese is brilliant.

  69. I love the box grater. Looks like the kind my mom and grandmother had, but with the added convenience of the "catcher" box. Cheese goes best in everything!!!

  70. I would love both, but since i have to choose, I will have to say the Seal and Store Rotary Grinder. My family loves cheese!! Whenever we are looking for a snack...we usually pull out the block of cheese with some olives or deli meat..Cheese is sooo good:)LOL

  71. Box graters are wonderful not just for cheese, but things like grating carrots for spaghetti sauce instead of sugar. And leave it to OXO to make it even easier.

  72. I like the rotary grinder better - I could walk around the table using it just like they do at restaurants!

  73. I agree that cheese is good on almost everything.
    Chocolate is even better! I would like the Seal and
    Store Rotary Grinder if I win. Thanks for the great

  74. Cheese is definitely one of my favorite foods. I love all kinds, as is, melted, fondue style, all tastes fabulous to me! I've been meaning to replace my box grater so that would be the one for me!

  75. Cheese does make anything better (well chocolate too), love them both but if I have to pick I would pick the Seal & Store Rotary Grinder (I would put chcolate shavings on everything, well desserts at least

  76. Love the "holder" on the bottom of the box grater. AWESOME IDEA! That would come in very handy.
    And count me in on the chocolate shavings too. Yummmmy!

  77. I'd agree with you, but I'd expand that statement to: All the best foods have cheese or chocolate in them. And the few with both, like chocolate cheesecake?! Heaven!

  78. Another great one, Stephanie! I SO agree that cheese is just the best. I love to make so many things with cheese, from simply adding some to scrambled eggs or a quiche in the morning to putting it on top of a sandwhich, soup, or chicken for dinner!

    Hard to say which I would like better, but I'll say the Box Grater because I have to choose one!

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