It's a good year to "act local"

One afternoon last week, it snowed.

It's a good year to "act local" 1

 Just like that.

It's a good year to "act local" 2 It's a good year to "act local" 3

The next day, it was 70 degrees. Sunny with blue skies.

It's a good year to "act local" 4

Tucson is unpredictably lovely like that.

Tim and I launched a new project on January 1st - It's the best place for Tucson people to find out about "where to go, what to do, and how to live your best life in Southern Arizona." You'll find playground reviews, restaurant write-ups, volunteer opportunities, a full calendar, plus...job leads, discounts, giveaways, and critiques!

It's a good year to "act local" 5

We have four outstanding writers* on-board. You may recognize their faces from around the blogosphere?

It's a good year to "act local" 6 It's a good year to "act local" 7 It's a good year to "act local" 8 It's a good year to "act local" 9

If you live in or around Tucson, we hope you'll pop over. Follow TucsonTopia on Twitter and Facebook (Win Prizes!). Take a peek at our Pinterest boards. Browse pictures on Flickr. Subscribe to the category that interests you most.

Someone once pointed out that it is imperative to "think globally; act locally." In other words, we needs to think broadly about the state of the world and then act in our own communities. So, here we are - stepping out to start something new in Tucson, Arizona.

How do you keep up with local happenings in your city? What local websites do you follow?

* We'll be expanding our writing team soon in case you know someone who would be perfect.

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11 comments on “It's a good year to "act local"”

  1. You should have seen the high school kids in the snow! They get just as excited as the littles. It's fun to watch!

    I'm excited about this new project! I've looked at many local sites but haven't found a comprehensive site that is useful to us. My favorite for kid happenings is the East Tucson edition of Macaroni Kid. I read it in advance of every weekend to find things to do for our 'family fun' day.

  2. Oh, how I wish we had been in-town that day! Snow in the desert has extra magic, doesn't it?

    I'm pretty sure I speak for all of Tucson (!), when I say that we're thrilled to have you back. Your family is already an invaluable part of this great community!

    I'm so excited about TucsonTopia and honored to be part of the team:)

    1. Crazy indeed. One minute, we were hiking at Cienega Creek in t-shirts. The next, we were running to our car through the hail. And then came snow flurries!

  3. I've been following your site since it launched and I think it is great! I recently went to one of the parks you highlighted there - a privately-owned one that is open to the public.

  4. This is an awesome idea!

    We have a couple of local kid-oriented magazines that have websites. I primarily follow those and the local Parks & Rec website to keep up with what's going on around here!

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