It's a Gym Bag, It's an Overnight Bag, It's a Diaper Bag...It's a Puddle Jumper by LUG!

LUG's Puddle JumIt's a Gym Bag, It's an Overnight Bag, It's a Diaper Bag...It's a Puddle Jumper by LUG! 1per Overnight Bag made Oprah's O List and I have a hunch it's because it is so versatile. It features tons of storage pockets and compartments, a ventilated zip pocket compartment, an interior bottle holder, and a D-ring for your keys.

I've already used this bag as a diaper bag and a swim bag, and I know I'll find many more uses for it in the future. The pockets make it easy to organize and compartmentalize items for easy access, and I love the mesh pocket for flip flops, tennies, or a wet swimsuit.

The Puddle Jumper is multi-purpose and modern. It's a stylish alternative to just another diaper bag or gym bag. Put plainly, it's more roomy and more fun.

There's a new way to LUG around your luggage and your baby gear (which can sometimes feel like luggage!) - the Puddle Jumper Overnight Bag!

It's a Gym Bag, It's an Overnight Bag, It's a Diaper Bag...It's a Puddle Jumper by LUG! 2WIN IT! One winner will receive a Puddle Jumper Overnight Bag by LUG (valued at $75). To enter, simply leave a comment on this post prior to Sunday, May 18 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). The winner will be announced and contacted on Monday, May 19. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #297 Emilie Pianfetti. Congratulations!

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405 comments on “It's a Gym Bag, It's an Overnight Bag, It's a Diaper Bag...It's a Puddle Jumper by LUG!”

  1. My daughter's Dad moved out of state this year so we are traveling more than ever. This bag would be perfect for my 7 year old and myself to use on these trips.

  2. Oh, this bag would look nice with casual red shoes! I would use it for attending my children's sporting events.

  3. I love the bag - my diaper bag is falling apart and my little one is only 8 months old so it would sure come in handy... Oh, and I just love bags anyway!

  4. I am always digging around in the bottom of my diaper bag trying to find my son's pacifier. The many pockets would solve my problem and keep me organized! Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. I love all the pockets and storage compartments! It holds so much and keeps it well organized! Thanks for a wonderful giveaway.

  6. Versatility with Functionality with Design Savy!!!!!!!!! Wow What every female really needs. Many Thanks SW

  7. Traveling with a child is so challenging, you need supplies, toys, food etc. This bag looks like it could make travel so much easier.

  8. We travel back and forth to TTexas (home) frequently and this would make that trip so much eaiser. And it's easy on the eyes! No more frumpy bag!

  9. SO CUTE ! I am FLYING (by myself) with my 1 and 3 year old in about 6 weeks and I'm trying to figure out HOW I'm going to carry everything we'll need in a 6 hours period... This would be PERFECT thanks!!

  10. This is a very nice looking bag, I would use it for an overnight bag, but would probably give it to my daughter for a diaper bag, I really like all of the storage compartments!

  11. Great bag! I hate carry- ons...they are never as cool as a handbag. I travel quite a bit...most little puddle jumpers and have found nothing 'cute' to use as a carry on....just cuz we are moms and travel does not mean we want ugly looking bags!


  12. I love the versatility of this bag. It's hard to find a bag that is useful for so many things and still looks appropriate for all of them. This is a classy bag!

  13. I would love this bag! It would make a great diaper bag for me to use with my 2 year old and my new baby on the way. Looks like it has plenty of room for everything and its a lot more stylish than my current bag!

  14. This is such a fabulous bag! I love the sneaker compartment! My sneakers really stink. It's so stylish and functional!

  15. I would love something like this for an overnight bag. I especially like all of the different compartments, which I feel would help me to be a lot more organized.

  16. Where I work, is to be starting a work at work weight lose program. I could really use this for for walking shoes and other items I will need to walk and return to work afterwards.

  17. This looks like such a great bag. I could find so many things to use it for. And that color is fantastic!

  18. This looks like it would make a great carry on bag for plane travel. You could put the things you would need during the flight in the pockets for easy access.

  19. What a great bag! I love that it holds sneakers as I always have the hardest time fitting those into a regular bag.

  20. I love big bags with lots of compartments! I need a gym bag and this looks like it would be perfect. Thanks!

  21. I have abit of an addiction to tote bags & such, I'm on an ongoing search to find the "perfect one" this looks like it'd be in teh running, count me in!!!

  22. that looks like a super-useful bag. I could carry that around for hiking and everything even besides for the gym.

  23. This looks like an awesome bag - I'm always up for an upgrade on my diaper bag... until I find just the right one, but really I have more diaper bags than purses right now... shocking!

  24. This would serve wonderfully to tote all the I carry for my medically needy teenager. Using a conventional diaper bag is not what my daughter wants but it is the only thing I have easily found that works.

  25. Wow. This bag is awesome. I love the color and the overall functionality. I could use it as a diaper bag and a purse at the same time!

  26. I am just thinking of all of the occasions I could have used a bag like this in the past. Of course all of our trips to the lake comes to mind first. This would be a great saving grace. No losing keys, shoes, or other essentials, anymore. Thank you.

  27. That is a wonderful bag, and I love the colors. I can't believe how much stuff you can fit in there. Awesome!

  28. I could think of a million ways to use this great bag..... story time at the library, yoga class, overnight at Grandpa's house..... overnight at Grandpa's.... overnight at Grandpa's :)

  29. I need that bag. Seriously. I am so cluttered and disorganized, and that bag looks like it could help me out!

  30. I love this bag for myself, and I would definitely buy a few and use the bag as a 'gift basket' and stuff it with baby items, wrap it in cellophane and curly ribbons and present it as a lovely shower gift. Also a great idea for a diaper bag gift basket for a coworker/company shower gift that everyone can chip in and go in on that the mom will love!

  31. This would be a great bag to carry my craft supplies to my friends home when we have crafting days for church events. It would be great instead of an old cardboard box that I use now.
    Some pockets could hold the themed rubber stamps,
    other ink pads, others colored card stock, glue, punches, and the D ring could be modified to hold my scissors for crafting. Great prize.

  32. This bag is fabulous. The color is striking, and I love the way that it can be used in so many different ways. For a busy mom on the go, that is a must! Thank you for the chance to win!

  33. I love this bag. It looks very cute and functional. This would be perfect to take with me for a nice weekend away. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

  34. The Puddle Jumper is awesome! It would be my everyhting bag!

    I think it's safe to assume I could even wade through puddles and my things would be safe! :0)

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

    metropolitanmama rocks!



  35. Metropolitan Mama, you are always finding the coolest products! How do you ever find them all! This Puddle Jumper is wonderful. I have not seen a bag like this that serves so many functions and looks stylish and I also love the color choices! Thank you so much for again introducing us to another fine company!

  36. Wow! This bag is great for going to work, then the gym, and then out to eat! It's stylish since it comes in great bright colors and practical for a working woman! Why can't there be more options like this??

  37. So nice! I have one nylon duffel type bag, but it's match ripped, and that's the one I keep my cosmetics, etc. in when traveling by car! Great prize!

  38. I don't need much luggage - because we haven't been on a real vacation in years - but this bag would be awesome for the day trips we do get to take with the family!

  39. What a great bag! I would love to give this to my friend who is always looking for a hip alternative to the traditional diaper bag!

  40. Wow, what an EVERYTHING bag. It sure would elimate the need to carry 2-3 bags, just put it all in this one, such a great idea. Thank you for the chance to win it and good luck to everyone!

  41. What a snazzy bag! I love it! I have a big, bulky diaper bag (it was actually the free one they give out at the hospital, lol) and would love to have something a bit more stylish and updated. It comes in some great colors and would be fabulous as a carry-on bag when flying!

  42. finally a multi-purpose bag that is updated, easy to carry, and looks great! You don't have to "announce" to everyone you are going to the gym. Or staying overnight somewhere. It is a great for staying over at a friends. It's not too bulky, and doesn't look like you are moving in. And enough colors to fit anyone's palette. thanks for thinking 'outside the box.'

  43. This bag is a mama's dream!!! All the different storage compartments are great. The colors are FAB too-- I especially love the orange. It looks extremely durable as well.

    My son is only 16 months old and the diaper bag I registered for is falling apart already--- I doubt it will live to see baby #2.

    Thank you for the chance to win!!!!!! :)

  44. I was thinking that it was time to graduate from my carryall bags that are oh, let's see, 15 years old and used for everything under the sun. Could use this. Great looking.

  45. I love lots of pockets to keep everything organized, which makes this bag great. Plus so many color choices!

  46. Think of the things my wife could use this fantastic bag! The possibilities are endless! Great contest!

  47. wow... this would be great to send my oldest to college with. she would love it if i won it.

  48. I'm 46 and my daughter is grown, but my significant other is my second child ... and he makes me jump a lot of puddles. I could really use this!

  49. It's simple, and no, that's not a bad thing at all! I love that it doesn't look like your typical "mommy bag", but it's just a practical!

  50. Awesome bag...a perfect excuse to go AWAY!!! : ) You could bring it to BlogHer....hehe

    Awesome site...I like the Camper Messenger Bag too! : )

  51. I love the storage areas, especially the one where they show the shoe storage, will save on plasstic bags since I won't have to wrap them up anymore!

  52. Whoa!!! This bag is amazing. Its SO cute, but also has all of those great storage compartments. Especially the ventilated area for running shoes--genius---thanks!

  53. This bag is adorable! I like how it has a spot for everything and stuff won't get lost on the bottom somewhere. It's also big enough to use for my baby and toddler, which is nice. I hate carrying around two bags for them! Thanks!

  54. Now, I need this bag for myself. I am forever packing a bag when I take my two grand-girls somewhere. The bag I use is really too small so this one would be so handy. That is if I can keep it away from my grand-daugter who is expecting my great-grand-girl in August. Either way, it would be put to good use in my family.

  55. This looks like having a spot for everything eliminates the black hole of my current diaper bag. Thanks for the contest.

  56. Wow, this is one of the coolest bags I've seen! My husband never lets me buy bags...he says I'm obsessed with I haven't had a new bag in forever! This one would be great for on the go with my two girls. Thanks for this opportunity to enter! :)

  57. This looks like a great travel bag to me. It looks like it would hold my laptop, book, and purse with no problem at all - and it's stylish too.

  58. Oh my! So versatile, yet so pleasing to the eye! I can think of about a million things that I could do with this bag! Thanks so much for offering the chance to win it!

  59. Everything having a place and a place for everything!!!! wow you must have read my mind . thanks for showing me this bag

  60. What a great bag, you could use this bag for just about anything.It would be great for overnight trips.

  61. What a versatile bag! The grass green is stunning actually all the bags and colors are nice! This LUG overnight bag would be used until it disentegrated! :-)

  62. I love the long straps on this bag. It also has lots of compartments for storage which is a must!

  63. I can totally see myself bringing this bag to the kids swim lessons (once they start). It will be great to have a separate compartment for the wet clothes.

  64. When you have a 2 and a 1 year old there's always a drippy sippy cup leaking onto your cellphone or a half open bag of pretzels smashed into your keychain. I'm a woman in need of some organization - mommy style!!! Thanks!

  65. What a fantastic looking and useful bag. I think every family member could find a great use for this bag. I would use it when my friend's and I go for a
    "Mom's" weekend!. Thanks,Cindi

  66. I love a great bag. Something the dad won't mind carrying around, something stylish for me to carry around, and something practical that actually fits stuff you need. I love it. Please enter me to win.

  67. What an amazing bag. And I love the color choices. It would be perfect overnight stays anywhere.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  68. I love that it's so versatile and has so many compartments. I don't have an infant anymore, but even with kids, I'm still toting a bunch of their stuff wherever we go and this seems like it would be perfect! Thanks for offering it!

  69. Sheesh, what I would GIVE for this bag! Its beautiful and I didnt put any type of diaper bag or anything on my registry! I totally forgot this time around... Please enter me! I'd love to win this!

  70. That bag is so functional looking. I love all the pockets and the large size. Much better than carrying 2 or 3 bags around. =D

  71. What a wonderful bag. I could really use a big bag like this and I love the compartments. Thanks for this great giveaway.

  72. I am so disorganized and the diaper bag is always a wreck. I need a bag where everything has its place and this looks like the right bag for the job.

  73. This is such a cute bag ~ it looks like it will really hold EVERYTHING :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  74. With three in diapers, you know I have a lot to tote around and this looks like a great solution. Lots of compartments and it's not as expensive as many bags I've seen.

  75. I really could use a new bag, I am always juggling all the stuff I carry around. thanks for the contest!

  76. This bag is Perfect for so many things.
    Thank you so much for the wonderful contest.
    I would LOVE to win !!

  77. Wow, what a great bag, I love the colors the compartments and the style, I could definately use a bag like this for the summer

  78. Waaw, this bag would be perfect for when we travel to Belgium and England to visit my parents and my parents-in-law. With 3 kids on a plane we can use all the pockets we can get!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  79. That is one awesome bag that themommykelly could certainly use considering the arrival of babykelly number three this August!

    Two kids in diapers and one in the occasional pull-up while out is more than I can handle in my old diaper bags!

    And the compartments ... whoo hoo! I am all for the bottle holder! Yeah.

  80. Oh what a cool sounding bag! Currently, I carry a diaper bag and a purse, and often another bag for me if we are going anywhere for an extended period of time. How nice to only have to use one bag!


  81. This looks like such a versatile bag. I can think of lots of uses for it... weekends away, work trips, the gym, day trips, camping...

  82. My wife has been working so hard to lose her baby weight. This would be a great gift for her.

  83. This looks like such a great bag. I love that one compartment that has the picture of the shoes, very cool. My daughter has a dance bag with that & it is great. Love to have this bag!

  84. I love the color choices and the fact it has so many separate compartments, what a great giveaway. Super for a new Mom or grandma too!

  85. This looks like such a wonderful bag. So many pockets, so versatile, great colors. This would be so..super to have, as I have a 21 month old son, and my baby girl is due in August.

    [email protected]

  86. I love this bag. I hate traveling and having to put my shows in with my clothing or having to carry an extra bag just for my shoes. This is perfect and so convenient for trips to the gym and weekend or overnight trips. What a great bag !

  87. You always find the coolest stuff!! I am a one bag girl, so, a bag like this would be very useful. Hope it's big enough for my cycling shoes, diapers, snacks, etc..

  88. Bags with lots of pockets are the best, there is always some occasion or another where we need to carry stuff around! Thanks for the contest!

  89. This is a great bag. I love all the pockets. With traveling most every weekend I appreciate nice bags like this one

  90. This is a great looking bag. Love the color choices too. It would be a great travel bag for me. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway.

  91. Ohhh I would really love this bag and could use it for so many things! Thanks for holding such a terrific giveaway!

  92. This is definately an "it" bag. I love that these days there are stylish options. Many years ago that wasn't the case. The colors and styling are amazing. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to enter your giveaway!

  93. That is definitely an "all around bag"...I would love to have this bag for going on a day out with the family, road trips (which don't happen but once every so often) and any other "outing" we may venture out to. I love the olive color the most.

    Gotta win this!!!!!

  94. This bag looks way more stylish than your typical diaper bag. It would come in handy with my new baby on the way. Thanks!

  95. Oh I really love this bag!!! This would be great for me since we go away for the weekend quite often and also go on long day trips. Very, very cool! Thank you for a great giveaway. I'll be crossing my fingers and toes for this one! :)

  96. Oh I would love to take this to the beach. I could put so many wet beach items in there, including my lunch!

  97. I've been thinking a cute diaper bag/everything bag was on the list for what to get for the new baby........this is so cute and I love the green!

  98. ack! PINK! A quite stylish bag is quite an asset. If ya lug stuff around in a sloppy diaper bag, it makes it hard to access, very inconvenient and you just generally feel a mess. In this case, style does equal quality!
    I would love this baby!

  99. I need a new cool bag to carry my stuff (really their stuff lol). My last bag is getting a lttle torn. Hope you had a great mother's day, I did!

  100. Finally knowing where all your bits and bobs are? Sounds too good to be true! I still fear the traditional diaper bags because you know on a search for something it is always for some reason found in the bottom corner and everything else in it ends up on the floor.

  101. Very nice bag! I have a seperate bag for every reason that you listed you use the one bag for. It must be nice to fit everything into one bag instead of having a really full coat rack. Looking right now, there are three different bags hanging there.

  102. This is a really nice bag! I love the color choices.
    I would use it very often around this house. Thanks
    for the giveaway!

  103. My sister had this bag last week to "lug" all of her things to her wedding site! I really love it and would be so happy if I had one of my own!

  104. I am ALL about pockets and compartmentalizing my bags. This looks perfect! Thanks for showing it off.

  105. I like all the storage compartments. When I travel I like to be able to have quick access to my ipod or travel information.

  106. what a great bag!! this looks like a bag that a dad wouldn't mind carrying!! i have two friends expecting and this would be an awesome gift for them!! hope you had a great mother's day!!
    thanks so much!!
    moore.g at

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