It's different the second time...

Being pregnant, that is.

  • The first time, I read "What to Expect When You're Expecting" diligently every week.
  • This time, I don't read much from the "experts" and, when I do, I do so with a critical eye.
  • The first time, I took afternoon cat naps.
  • This time, I wish I could take afternoon cat naps.
  • The first time, I thought a lot about baby gear and paraphernalia.
  • This time, I know that babies don't need gear and paraphernalia.
  • The first time, I wondered what labor would be like.
  • This time, I know what labor is like...and that is both frightening and empowering.
  • The first time, I knew - in theory - that all the pregnancy woes would be worth it in the end.
  • This time, I know - with absolute certainty - that all of the pregnancy woes are nothing compared to the incredible miracle of life.

I have a little something to remind me of that truth every single day:

It's different the second time... 1

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12 comments on “It's different the second time...”

  1. My situation was similar to Andrea's. I had my first child at 19 and I love being her mom. I just had a lot to learn. My second pregnancy I glowed and I was soo proud of my belly. My second child has been blessed to have me at home with him. He has the benefits of having both parents in the home. This time around I am more patient, secure, and wise. I love being a mom.

    Oh, and I totally agree with your list.

  2. Very well written Stephanie! I love being preggo, too! It is the most amazing miracle God has blessed to us!

    I love how you posted the beautiful picture of your daughter and said she is your reminder! SO TRUE! Children are wonderful!

  3. So true. And beautifully written.

    I can't wait to (hopefully) have another child.

    All of the woes, pain, exhaustion, *everything*, is worth it in the end. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! I hope pregnancy is treating you better and better as time goes on.

  4. It sure was different for me! I was 19 when I had my first child, and totally clueless! I didn't even know if I would be a decent mother, or how I would ever pull it off. I knew I wanted to try my best, though. By the time #2 baby rolled around, all that mothering stuff was old hat and I could focus on keeping my food down (unsuccessfully in the first trimester), and anticipating the new baby. I also knew what to expect in labor, which had been a total shock the first time!

  5. What a fun list. I find that 2nd (& 3rd) pregnancies also seem to fly by much faster - you don't have endless time to obsess over being pregnant & counting every day like you do with your first! And a wonderful thing, too, that I found with my 2nd (and I'm sure will be true with #3), is that you worry much less about nursing, and reaching milestones, and every cough and sneeze, and just treasure each moment with that little one, because you know, *really* know now, how fast those newborn days will pass.

  6. Isn't it funny how that happens? Subsequent pregnancies feel so much more relaxed in a way. Except the not being able to nap at will part. :)

  7. I didn't exactly have a normal second go around (my second pregnancy was a suprise set of spontaneous triplets). However, I think this list is a great summary of the differences between a first and second pregnancy.... very well said!

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