Jabber all you want with the Jabra SP700

IN THE CAR march 2008 2"According to the Surface Transportation Policy Project, single mothers spend 75 minutes a day driving, while married women with children drive 66 minutes a day. Eight out of ten women are radio listeners." - Statistic taken from Mom 3.0 by Maria Bailey

66 minutes A DAY.


I have to tell you that, on most days, my "drive time" is 0 minutes a day. Or maybe 15 minutes a day. Max.

But I may be a bit unconventional in this area.

Or it may be because I have two little ones (a 2 year old and a 3 month old). Couple that with the fact that I run a work-from-home business...and it all amounts to "staying in" quite a bit.

jabra sp700That said, when I am on the road or when we vacation as a family, it sure is handy to have a Jabra SP700 bluetooth speakerphone ($99.99) in the vehicle.

The Jabra SP700 allows you to make and take calls safely and easily. The little device even "announces" when a call is coming in. It's super simple to set up - you just clip it on to your sun visor and go. The clip also allows you to move it from car-to-go...or even into your house...with ease. As an added bonus, you can play all your own tunes and podcasts from your phone, instead of listening to ads, self-absorbed DJs, and swaggering talk show hosts. Cool, don't you think?

You can read about all of the other benefits and technical specifications over at Jabra's website, but - essentially - it's a useful device that will help keep you safe on the road...whether you drive 15 minutes a day or 75 minutes a day.

YOUR TURN: How many minutes a day do you spend behind the wheel? When you're in the car, what do you listen to - politics, pop, or pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake?

jabralogoWIN IT! There will be TWO winners. Each winner will receive a Jabra SP700 ($99.99). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, July 6 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winners are #206 kathleen yohanna and #49 paul haddock. Congratulations!

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209 comments on “Jabber all you want with the Jabra SP700”

  1. Make me legal in Calfifornia! I lost my bluetooth (which is easy to do) and I really need a replacement. I'm now spending 45 minutes each way driving my daughter and her friend to sailing camp at the harbor. I could sure use this to make some calls.

  2. I only spend an hour on the road each day but I our state you cannot talk on the phone while driving. I could sure use this Jabra. Thanks.

  3. It really varies. In the summer, I probably spend more time in the car, going back and forth between home and the water park. During the school year, I take the kinder to school and pick them up. We're about to start some lessons, so that means more car time. Oh, boy! I vary things we listen to: German language tapes, my music, DS sounds, silence.

  4. I spend less than 30 minutes a day driving if I can help it.

    I tried to plan my errands to shorten my trips.

  5. While I prefer a bluetooth headset, my daughter can't use one, so I would give this to her so she could drive her kids around and I wouldn't have to worry about her trying to use her phone while driving.

  6. i drive probably 30 minutes per day 5 days per week mostly i listen to the news because i need to know everything.sometime i listen to a classic rock station :)

  7. My car is my personal music studio. I listen to everything from Rock to Blues to Jazz. Shame that I only spent about 30 minutes a day in it per day.

  8. I am retired and most of the time I babysit my granddaughter. We love to go shopping when we are together and this bluetooth would be a treat for me when we are out and about. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  9. I spend over an hour a day in the car. When I am buy myself I like to just listen to the radio I am not picky. Then depending who is with me or won control of the radio it is anything from rap, The Jonas Brothers or chipmunks. Yup I said the chipmunks that is Alvin and the boys.

  10. I would say on average I spend about 40 minutes a day behind the wheel. I am very lucky in that where we live is super close to all the stores that I generally shop at, schools, doctors, etc. so we can pretty much get to our "normal" daily jaunts within 5-10 minutes. But, when I am driving in the car there is always music playing. I usually put in our own CD's into the player because I like to control what music the kids are listening to. I love to play music like Sade, Chris Isaak, Moody Blues, Jesse Cook, you know feel good music that the kids will enjoy and not be stessed out by, LOL, my Metallica stays in the vault for when the kids are asleep, LOL! You always bring us the best giveaways so thanks so much for the chance to enter for this fantastic Jabra SP700 bluetooth speakerphone, it is something we would use all the time!

  11. This device is just the ticket, luv it. Spend about 15 or 20 minutes behind the wheel, sometimes more or less, depending.Usually pop or oldies or even country.

  12. I would say I spend 45-60 minutes a day driving. No more than than because I do all my errands on the way to or from work.
    I usually listen to either ESPN radio or Classic rock.

  13. My job involves traveling to client's homes. I guess I spend at least Three hours driving. I listen to Christian music.

  14. I am retired now so I don't drive that much anymore; however when I do I like to listen to comedy to brighten my drive.

  15. I spend at least 40 mins a day in the car. When it's a sport season even more, this would be wonderful.

  16. Help! My bluetooth just broke over the weekend. I use my faithfully while in the car...I usually listen to the children's music, pop, country, etc..

    Thank you for the entry.

  17. I spend at least an hour a day on the road. Summer has been crazy with the children home and I are spending more time than usual. I work from home and use my bluetooth faithfully. However, I broke mine this weekend and would love to have a new one. Usually listen to my children's music, pop, disney.

    Thank you for the entry,

  18. I spend about 1/2 hour in my car running kids to school and errands. I like listening to pop music

  19. With all the news out there on car accidents that are caused by cell phone use, this is a great product. It allows you to talk on the phone and listen to music without even taking your hands off the stearing wheel. Great idea!!!

  20. I spend about 45 minutes in the car each day and most recently I've been listening to Strawberry Shortcake during my drive.

  21. I live in a neighborhood that's pretty central to my city, so I usually spend between 15 and 30 minutes in my car a day, depending on where my commute takes me. I usually listen to the UK Alternative Rock station on my satellite radio, though sometimes I like to tune in to NPR for politics and news as well. Thanks for the great giveaway - would love to own a bluetooth!

    [email protected]


  23. I spend about 30 minutes a day behind the wheel, but more in the summer when the kids are all in different camps. I have 2 teenage daughters, so I listen to lots of pop music. My daughters know what songs I especially dislike though, so they always change the channel if rap or Kate Perry comes on.

  24. I spend too much time in the car each day...approximately an hour doing errands, then an hour round trip to drop off and then another hour to pick my son up from swim practice everyday. NOw that there's no school, I also do hour round trips to bring him to play golf a few times a week. When my son is in school, 1 to 2 times a week I pick him up...that's another 40 minutes in the car. I listen to rock and talk radio.

  25. My bluetooth has took a turn for the worst. I would love to win this. I use to spend over 3 hours in the car a day.

  26. I am in the car 2 hours a day. An hour to and from work. I listen to sports or politics most of the time but sometimes listen to music.

  27. I would love to win this for my son as he drives all day for his job and it sure would be helpful. His boss hasn't gotten him anything like this, either, but then he also has to use his own car.

  28. It really depends on the day. Some days I will only be in the car a few minutes or not at all. Other days I will be in the car for 2 or three hours.

  29. I worry about my father's habit of fumbling with his phone while driving. He keeps his cellphone in a case on his belt loop, and insists on picking up calls even when he is driving. This takes a bit of effort before he can actually answer the phone, and I fear that one of these days this will get him into an accident. I'd love to gift him with the jabra sp700 so that I wouldn't have to worry.

  30. When I am going to school, a university that is not very close to my house, I travel approximately 100 miles a day by car. Right now it ranges from 10 to 20 miles per day. This would be nice to have when the fall semester begins.

  31. This would be so helpful to have! On average I spend about 20 - 30 minutes a day driving and we end up listening to either pop/rock or kid music and I know that I should be much safer with talking on the phone while driving!

  32. I think I am on the road more than off. I work from home but have to pick up all the medical records I code from different hospitals. When I am finished I have to drive back to deliver them. Between work and all the activities with the children I am feel as if I should set up a home in the back seat!

  33. My job is 20 minutes away, so I usually spend around 45 minutes per day in the car. I listen to National Public Radio, my collection of CD's--I like indie musicians mostly. I would to be able to tak and make phone calls safely. the Jabra SP700 would be a godsend.

  34. I spend most of my day in the car. My busy teens have sports obligations and activities that take them out of town on a daily basis. My daughter is in a pre-professional ballet company in a large city and after picking her up early from school, I'm either driving a half an hour to the train, or an hour and 15 min. to the studio. Then the trip home. That doesn't include my son's swim practice. Let's not even start talking about weekend rehearsals and swim meets across state! My husband jokes he's getting me a vanity plate that says "MOMITAXI" on it!

  35. Some days it's 0 others at least an hour and some days two hours or more. I would have to say overall about 7 hours average a week. I'm a big fan of talk radio or my cds of Alison Krous. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  36. Since I live about 15 miles away from town, I spend alot of time driving, :( . My oldest daughter is always in charge of the music, so its usually new "hip" music. Thankyou for the contest! :)

  37. i would love this for my daughter, she drives me crazy... calling me after her work day, in traffic. she uses a headphone, but i think this would be so much better, and safer.
    she also calls me with my grandaughter and her hubby in the car.... this would let me talk to all of them

  38. I commute back and forth to work (cost of living in a nearby town is cheaper - real estate, etc). That means I'm on the road at least an hour every day during my commute to/from work. In the mornings, I listen to a local talk radio show that covers local and state politics, among other topics of interest. In the evenings, I usually surf through the radio stations and listen to whatever catches my attention!

  39. Thanks for the giveaway... I am in my car commuting during the week about 90 minutes per day; the radio is set to the local NPR station for their excellent mix of national & local shows. On the weekends when the kids are in the car, they have control of the radio...thankfully, their music tastes do not consist entirely of the Jonas Brothers and bubblegum pop !!!

  40. I spend very few minutes of time behind the wheel since I've vowed to get healthy by walking instead of driving! But when I do drive, I listen to all sorts of radio, whatever strikes my fancy at the moment!

  41. I would use it in the car and around the house. With the economy what is it I have not gone Blue tooth yet...and my kids fuss because I don't answer the cell when driving...It would be great for them and me. I usually am in the car daily about an hour and a half.

  42. This would be a wonderful item to win! We drive to the city and it takes about an hour to and from. This would sure be a luxury to have in our household! I can't tell you how excited the kids would be to have it, (me too)! Thanks for letting me enter!

  43. Where we live - Ontario - it's now illegal to talk on the phone while driving unless you use a handsfree feature-this would be great!

  44. I am in the car about 45 minutes per day, more on weekends if we go somewhere. I listen to Sirius radio and jump around a lot from various music genres to news stations. I like the variety.

  45. I typically spend about 60 minutes a day driving to and from work, plus whatever errands that come along... and I always have music playing - usually pop, country and/or a favorite CD. And could I do some serious jabbering with a Jabra SP700! :)

  46. I spend 1 hour a day driving to and from work and then more on the weekends with my daughter in the car. Thankfully she and I both love 80's hair bands so that is what we rock out to. Bon Jovi is our favorite.

  47. I spend about 1/2 hour each day behind the wheel, except for when we're on vacation, then it could be 4 - 8 hrs. of driving per day.

  48. I'm able to work at home, and my normal office commute is actually quite short now, less than 10 minutes. But I also travel to customer sites on an irregular basis. Those drives can take from 1 hour to 5 hours. I listen to about everything, but I love audiobooks and podcasts saved to my MP3 players.

  49. I drive a lot. I'm a college student who lives about 25 minutes off campus and an hour and 20 from my parents. Right now I've got a research position 2 hours from my house. I'd love to try this one since by current blue tooth makes my ear hurt.

  50. I travel frequently and this would be a great idea for me especially with some of the new laws.
    thank you for the giveaway

  51. Hmmm - I think the amount of time I spend in the car varies quite a bit. But, on *average* probably less than 25 minutes/day. I'm completely aware though that I am a SIGNIFICANTLY safer driver when using an earpiece/bluetooth/etc. than without!


    P.S. My fav thing to listen to? NPR - cartalk and wait, wait. Oh, Terry Gross too!

  52. This is what i've been looking for, a good speaker phone that works with bluetooth. I spend probably 2 hours a day driving around. I like to listen to talk radio and podcasts.

  53. I drive 20 minutes to work and back every day, and I listen to my ipod....80's rock is my favorite! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  54. Please enter me! I'm always getting urgent calls while stuck in traffic...and handsets are illegal while driving in NYC>

  55. I've always wanted a one of these. I think it would make such a great difference when I'm trying to talk on the phone and drive at the same time. Thank you!

  56. I have just recently joined this crazy world of online blogging and I could see how this would really come in handy when I'm taking client calls! I have a new almost whisper quiet keyboard, which is amazing considering the way I pound the keys, I can talk to clients, take calls at the same time and not get a muscle pull in my neck from trying to talk and type at the same time! GENIUS!!!! :-)

  57. I spend about 3 hrs total a day behind the wheel i have 4 kids who all have different activities, we are always listening to kids bop ( kids choice) but i sing along to ha!

    shanadfelts at msn dot com

  58. Luckily I don't drive. I'm only in the car for shopping trips when my husband is home. So I guess it is about 5-10 minutes averaged.

  59. I love to talk over the phone..[my bluetooth recently died on me :( ] I am a very good driver so talking comes naturally to me while driving. i am always cautious so take advantage of the time and multi-task. having a bluetooth is a blessing. i feel i finish so many things..keep in touch with so many ppl just by talking while driving. i definitely could use this!

  60. My drive time depends on what activities the children have that day. I'm usually only on the road for less than an hour a day. I listed to whatever is on my iPod.

  61. I spend about an hour a day commuting to work. I usually listen to the top 40 on the radio on the way there and just enjoy the quiet on the way home, no radio or music.

  62. surprisingly, only 40 minutes. but in that time i still have to wrestle with music & talk radio (since there is no cd player in the car).

  63. I am in the car a lot! This would be really great becuase sometimes I am on the phone, drivig, talking to the kids and having a chicken nugget all at the same time. Yeah! Scary!

  64. I actually don't drive very often but when I do it's usually for a looong time. We listen to music from our ipods. :)

  65. I'm a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom. So, there's no drive time for me unless I have to go up to Pennsylvania to pick up my two teenage sons from my first marriage.

  66. As a SAHM of 2, I'm in and out of the car allot!. I have always used a handsfree device, but this sounds so much better. I don't have to worry if I have it with me, or it falling off my ear etc. Effective July 1st, our state has out lawed cell phone use while driving w/o a handsfree device. So it's even more important for me always have safe access to my phone while driving.

  67. Lately I've been working from home so my drive time is pretty minimal. When I do drive, I usually listen to fast paced songs that make me dance and put me in a good mood. I like to sing in the car, I'm sure it amuses other drivers who see me look ridiculous. Thanks for the giveaway!

  68. I usually just drive to run errands or meet up with friends so usually 30 minutes a day. It would be handy though because using a cell phone without ear piece is against the law here.

  69. I'm with you on the minimal drive time. The 3 days a week I'm at the office, my commute is only 12-15 minutes. Other days, I stay at home or walk to my destination.

    Also not a fan of the radio...except occasionally I listen to NPR. However, I rock out to my CDs (Jack Johnson is the family fave) on my ever so short commute.

    The Jabra is such a nifty idea for folks who are traveling for frequent road trips. Wouldn't this come in handy for entertaining the entire fam and safely talking on the phone.

  70. I, too, work mostly from home. I go into my work office 3 mornings per week, but the rest of the time I work from my home office. It's great because I have time away, but I also can get work done while being with my kids. They spend a lot of time in the car with me, running errands for work or on our way to meetings...probably between 30 and 60 minutes each weekday. Between listening to Sunday school songs, I am often on my cell phone with people for work. This little device would be AWESOME and would make my driving life a little bit easier! :)

  71. With today economy I try to do as much as possible within one or two trips, so when I'm on the road there's no time to pull over to make and/or answer calls. In NY hands-free is the law so I could definately use this device! Thanks for the giveaway. God's Blessings to all....

  72. I spend about 1/2 hour a day behind the wheel and I usually keep the music off and talk to whoever may be in the car at the time.

  73. I avoid using my mobile phone while driving to keep both hands on driving, the Jabra SP700 bluetooth speakerphone would be perfect to able to drive and take a call.

  74. I work from the home most days, but I do go into the office 2 days a week and on those days, I drive 1 hour per day. I listen to NPR almost exclusively. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  75. I spend about an hour in the car per day, sometimes more if I have to run errands after work. I usually listen to a little bit of everything-from Ella Fitzgerald to The Smashing Pumpkins!

  76. Anything hands free is better, especially in a car. I never use my cell phone in the car. I believe in all attend on the road. A speaker phone would be the only way I would communicate while driving. I believe everyone should be concentrating on their driving.

  77. I am retired and probably spend only about 10 min. a day on average in the car. The way gas prices are I am glad it's not more than that!! I usually listen to the local country music radio station.

  78. Very little time in the car, most of my time is spent on the computer and I would love a hands free device so I could multi task.

  79. During the summer when school is out, I drive between 0-10 minutes a day (most days being 0). During the school year, I drive probably between 30-60 minutes a day back and forth to school for drop off and pick up unless I'm carpooling that day. I am a pop music listener most of the time.

  80. I'm the same as you; I hardly ever leave the house and if we do, it's usually to walk to the park, etc. I dread leaving the house because it always seems like more work than it's worth. I'd rather wait until hubby gets home and then run errands by myself. That said, when I do have to be in the car my problem seems to always be finding my ringing cell phone in the deep abyss that is my purse. It would be great to have it clipped to my visor.

    Great prize!

  81. I spend about an hour. I do not listen to anything because I try to concentrate on driving and not get distracted. I get distracted enough by the two little girls talking or singing or screaming in the back seat!

  82. I only take a phone call in the car under one circumstance, when I am oncall at work. I would really make use of this in those circumstances. Otherwise I end up pulling over and answering/talking.

  83. I'm retired so I don't spend hours behind the wheel anymore,I listen to country music when driving around town and -books on tape- on trips.

  84. I am in the car for hours everyday and thats when my phone rings the most, this would save so much grief

  85. I drive my kiddos 16 miles to school everyday during the school year, as well as pick them up. We stay on the road quite a bit it seems. This jabra device would be much safer and helpful! Thanks!

  86. I live in a small community too so my driving a day is only like 5 minutes if I even get out to drive. When I am driving I am listening to my kids.

  87. My daughter spends two hours commuting to and from work, with traffic and unforseen road conditions I would sure feel better about her travel time if she had a bluetooth headset.

  88. We have to drive at least 20 minutes to get anywhere...often 30-45 minutes. However, I often only leave the house a couple of times a week, so my drive time overall is pretty minimal. And, generally I just listen to my baby jabbering away. Such sweet sounds!

  89. Depending on what day of the week it is, I may drive from 10 minutes a day up to one hour a day.
    I believe that it will be outlawed to drive and talk on one's cell phone! I would love to win this bluetooth speaker phone. Please enter my name in your marvelous drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

  90. I try to drive as little as possible, but when it's unavoidable I hate using my phone in the car. It's such a dangerous thing to do, it's already illegal in the UK - you have to use a hands-free device such as the Jabra!

  91. I too have a two year old and a 3 month old. My driving goes in spurts. I will go several days without driving, then spend a couple of hours in the car on one day. We just drove up to Northern California and back, 7 hours each way. My average though is probably closer to 15 minutes a day driving.

    I usually am listening to kiddie songs or classical music. When I do find myself in the car alone I realize (usually when I am close to my destination) that I had been listening to kiddie tunes when I could have been blasting the country music. Oh well.

  92. Hmm never really timed it. I know when my kids were in school before I started working and the youngest was in K I travelled up and down my road 10 times a day between dropping off and picking up everyone - including a husband at work since we only had one car. Those days I'm sure it was over 66 mins! I skip between stations when I am driving. Very rarely talk radio - usually country or modern pop music.

  93. It really depends on the day for me, but typically, it's less than 30 minutes a day. But last week it was over 120 minutes a day, and this little device would have really come in handy! We are currently listening to CD's from the vacation Bible schools we have/are attending this summer. I HATE talk radio, and otherwise listen to a Christian music station in the area. I need something playing to keep everyone happy!

  94. 66 minutes a day! Are you kidding?
    I plan at least one day a week that I don't leave the house. Most days it's a few minutes...to the grocery store, library, Target, etc.
    Unfortunately, our "local" grandparents are each ~30 minutes each way.
    However, I do not talk on the phone in the car.

  95. I drive 20 minutes or so a day and sometimes I from florida to delaware and back 2x or 3x a year AND I ALWAYS LISTEN TO OLDIES STATIONS

  96. Hands free all the way. Not a leagal requirement here in Va but we do it for safety. Need one for my son, just getting his liscense

  97. Look at those boots! Love it!

    I spend no hours/minutes or up to 30 minutes. I would spend about 30 minutes total when my son was in preschool.

    I don't miss commuting!


  98. We live about 30 minutes from our friends, family and church so anytime we go out we spend at least an hour driving. And then of course when we go out, we do as much as we can at once so we don't have to go out again later! It's so hot in Phoenix and getting a 10 week old in and out of the car is miserable in 115 degrees!

  99. Not too much time in the car - 20-30 minutes a day on average. Listen to toddler music from music together. My little boy can't get enough of it!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  100. I only spend about 20 minutes each day in the car, but we travel frequently on the weekends and invariably end up listening to whatever movie my daughter is watching. She gets car sick and we do anything to keep her happy. This would be an awesome way to still be able to listen to traffic and be able to hear her if she needs me at the same time that I'm listening to music.

  101. I'm usually in the car no more than 40 minutes per day for work, but then weekend trips and stuff can add up. This weekend we're taking a 2 hour trek to the Jersey shore so this would have been helpful. :) We do have laws in NY about hands free driving, any one caught driving while on the phone is given a ticket and I believe the amount is over $200. I'm not sure though, I try not to take any calls while driving because I don't have a bluetooth headset yet!

  102. From September to early June - I'm in the car for at least 40 minutes. In the summer, it can be 20 minutes up to a couple of hours, depending on what's going on. When I lived in Mpls,MN it was at least 1.5 hours just in commuting time. That's another reason why I love North Carolina!
    This Jabra bluetooth speaker phone is a terrific prize!
    [email protected]

  103. During the summer, I spend a small amount of time in the car, I am a teacher...so for two months I run errands and that's it! During the school year, I am in a car often...probably one to two hours daily, depending on the situation.

    Thank you for offering this fabulous prize! :-)

  104. Well, if it's a day that we go somewhere I would guess we are in the car for maybe 45 minutes. Things here are rather spread out so it's a good 15min to anywhere we might happen to be heading. As for what I listen to. It varies. Sometimes it's the A,B,C's CD, sometimes it's talk radio and sometimes it's Mommy music. Whatever happens to strike our fancy.

  105. I'm in and out of the car all day. I guess I spend about 2-3 hours a day in the car. We usually listen to Country radio or to the news. Thanks so much.

  106. The best thing about this device is that you don't have to have one of those things in your ear like, "Star Trek" lieutenant Uhura.

  107. Time spent in the car, well I have a three minute commute to take the kids to school, and pick up. That is during the school year, this summer we only leave the house three to four days a week. And those aren't very long trips! We are saving so much on fuel!

    The hands-free design would be great in the car, but also in the house. I could get so much done without having to hold the phone!


  109. I could use a new headset. I spend roughly 4 hours a day in tghe car and listen to country western music.

  110. It is the law here in California that you must be hands free while using the cell phone when you drive. It would be nice to have a good headset that works.

  111. i have the LONGEST drive to work everyday so this would be very useful. I hate driving to work in the mornings.. ugh morning traffic!!

  112. Depends on the day driving, sometimes nothing (I love to stay home), other days 25-50 minutes running errands and stuff.

    I listen to Reggae on Sirius radio or to cd's. I like Country too.

  113. it depends on the day of the week for us - on the days that i have class in another town i drive 2+ hours a day....for awhile i was doing almost 4 hours a day (plus errands - so sometimes 5+) what a big waste of time! if i'm by myself i listen to npr or my fave radio station - if kids are with i do a kid friendly cd or npr

    autumn398 @ yahoo.com

  114. The Jabra sounds pretty interesting. We usually listen to CD's. The kids love the Beatles and Beach Boys. Occasionally I have to listen to NPR so I have an idea about what is going on in the world because I never get to watch the news ad home!

  115. I drive 60 minutes each way to work. Window tint, I believe, ruined my am radio reception. So I listen to podcasts on the way to work. I listen to face the nation, 60 minutes, meet the press and fox news sunday, I also like the Naked scientists. thanks for asking!

  116. I have four kids, and they're much older than yours, so between soccer games and dance class and just driving TO and FROM school and then to and from band and gymnastics or play practices . . . it depends on the time of year, but it can really add up.

    But during the baby years, I could go days without leaving the house. Now, I'm Taxi Mom.

  117. On a daily basis I'd say 5 minutes tops (I'm retired), but going to Dr.'s appointments out of town that would bump it up with a 60 minute round trip on occasion. As it is now, I don't answer the cell while on the road, so this would sure be nice!

  118. Most days I also spend 0 minutes driving. Once a week though I drive 40 minutes round trip to go to my Mom group. It would be really handy to have something like this so I could answer the phone without worrying so much.

  119. I drive a lot and I hate when the cell rings and I'm driving. I know I shouldn't answer it but if I don't my family is like "Where were you". I know it's dangerous. I really would like to win.

  120. My nephew was killed in a car crash 3 years ago.He was using a cell phone when he ran off the shoulder of the hiway.I never use my phone in the car anymore!! This would be an awesome prize for whoever wins!!

  121. I am afraid I drive much more time in the car than I would like. My commute to work every morning is about 45 minutes each way. Then when you add running errands and dropping the kids off... it really adds up! I love NPR in the car, I figure it's a good use of the the time in the car to catch up on the news. This would be incredible to win, thanks so much for a GREAT giveaway!

  122. I usually spend around one hour a day in my car. Especially during the school year, taking kids to school, running errands, etc.

  123. I'd be using this while driving a stroller! And I spend hours each day behind my stroller! We walk miles and love it! This headset would enable me to catch up with friends while my tot snoozes on our walks! When I drive I listen to NPR!

  124. You talk about using it the car. i think it would be better used in the house so you have hands free while doing the chores.

  125. I will be driving less this year since I work closer to home, but the girls and I love driving to the mall and playing in the play area, driving to Target to play with the toys in the toy aisle, driving to the pet store to look at the animals, and other such fun outings. I do talk on the phone in the car, which I know would be much safer if I had a bluetooth device of some sort. As for what we listen to? A mixture of kid songs and my songs. We take turns sometimes so we both get what we want. I like the comment about children's stories, though; I might want to look into that!

  126. On work days I have a too much time behind the 1-1/2 hours!! And listen to all music all talk just to keep alert and aware for the long drives.... Stay Safe Out there Everyone..:-))

  127. My commute to and from work has recently changed from 25 minutes to over an hour. I'm trying to adjust to being in the car TWICE as long now but I get antsy... this would be great to have!

  128. On school days, I am behind the wheel an hour or so, and if the kids are in the car, we have music on, but when i am alone, I listen to talk radio, current events and politics.

  129. My day includes about 60-90 minutes per day on the road. My commute to work each day plus running my daughter to/from practices and sporting events adds up quickly. In my area, radio reception isn't the greatest, so my ipod is my constant companion. Thanks for the offer!

  130. I try to take my bike as much as possilbe these days, but when I drive it is usually for an hour each way. I like to listen to my country and western CD's.

  131. I'm retired so my "behind the wheel" minutes are limited - 15 per day or so. When I'm driving, I listen to a ham radio or an FM station on the car radio.

  132. It depends on the day, but I would say that I fall into the 60 minutes a day category- especially when my oldest is in school since I drive and drop and pick him up. We usually listen to kids music or kids stories on CD or on my ipod. My kids love listening to stories while we drive and it gives me some much needed quiet time. I often don't answer my cel phone while driving because I don't want to take my eyes off the road, but this earpiece would be quite helpful in carrying on a conversation while running errands.

  133. I live in a very small community so my drive time is at zero however we travel to the "big" city to visit family quite frequently and I can see this being very useful! We usually like to rock out. Plus, in the "big" city there is a new law that you must use a hands free device or you'll get a ticket if you're caught talking on your cell phone.

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