JCPenney Fashion Models (from my former neighborhood)

Remember my post about neighbors? I have quite a few really nice ones.

There's Jennifer. Her house has been deemed as "the party house" her five kids. The house has lots of toys, lots of snacks, a sandbox, a grassy place to play, and...a warm & hospitable host.

JCPenney Fashion Models (from my former neighborhood) 1

Also, meet Ashlie. She's super sweet. I can't remember right now, but I think she may be originally from the South (which doesn't surprise me a bit because she totally has that genuine southern kindness going for her).

JCPenney Fashion Models (from my former neighborhood) 2

Finally, you can't enter or exit a room without noticing Katie. She's extraverted and thoughtful. After I had my second baby (long before I even knew her), she stopped by my doorstep and delivered a tray of lasagna.

JCPenney Fashion Models (from my former neighborhood) 3

What do these three have in common? Well, aside from the fact that they're my neighbors, they're all wearing JCPenney in these pictures. JCPenney hooked us all up with gift cards to try out their brand new Liz Claiborne collection.

Jennifer is wearing the V-Neck Christmas Shopping Tee ($19.99) and the Chelsea Jean ($33.00). Ashlie is wearing the Jet Stretch Ring ($12.99), plus a pair of earrings similar to the SW Chandelier ($15.99). Katie is wearing the Sequin Crewneck Cardigan ($45.00).

I think we all agreed that the collection had some cute pieces, but it isn't as "young" or as "fashion-forward" as we had hoped. It's not that we want to look 14, but we don't really want to look 40 either. We're in our twenties and thirties - and we want our clothes to reflect that.

The prices are fantastic though...and gems can definitely be found for the whole family inside the store. For example, I am totally loving this Wool Bib Car Coat ($89.99) from the Clairborne line for men. And that model? Wow - he is somethin' else. ;)

JCPenney Fashion Models (from my former neighborhood) 4

Do YOU shop at JCPenney for yourself or your family? Why or why not?

JCPenney Fashion Models (from my former neighborhood) 5WIN IT! One winner will receive a $100 JCPenney Gift Card. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Friday, November 19th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* JCPenney sent me gift cards for review purposes and is also providing 1 gift card for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #73 Susan C. Congratulations!

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380 comments on “JCPenney Fashion Models (from my former neighborhood)”

  1. I love SOME of my neighbors. I might even consider them cool. I believe I am labeled the 'dork' neighbor. That's okay by me.
    I don't have a JCP very close, but I do love their stuff. I agree that they need the 'mid-life tween' clothes for all of us who fit that category.

  2. I work in retail so I never want to just go out shopping anymore, but the JC Penny store in our town is brand new so I would love to go and check it out if I won this gift certificate.

  3. I love JCpenney I always find such great buys and they always have huge discount on their clearance items..when I walk in a store my eyes scan for any clearance signs :)

  4. I sometimes shop at Penny's, usually if I have a gift card there. I'm more likely to shop thrift stores.
    Thanks for the contest.

  5. My favorite thing at JCPenney's is getting my kids pictures taken there. They have beautiful layouts and the pictures always come out so nice! We also buy a lot of Steeler and Penguins apparel there. I have looked in many, many stores and their shirts are heads above the selection at other stores.

  6. I love JC Penney's. When they have a sale it is always a really good one! And I love the fact that there are always good coupons available too.

  7. I've never been a huge Claiborne fan. I've just found nothing ever fits right. Then again maybe if I actually had hips and not chicken legs I would have an easier time. I do love JCPenney though, as does the family.

  8. My best friend's mom worked at JC Penny's when I was in middle school and we'd get a discount when we'd shop there through her.

  9. JCP is the one store that our whole family loves to shop at. We've found the prettiest prom dresses, homecoming dresses, clothes for my husband from the big and tall section, great bargains on the tennis shoes, soft pj's, etc. We are all able to find clothes that we love and that are comfortable both with the fit and the price!

  10. I shop a JcPenney for my whole family because they have amazing clearance deals and combined with coupons they are hard to beat!
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  11. JCPenney's is always on our list when we go shopping for clothes for the kids. The prices are usually fairly reasonable and they have something for every member of the family.

    samman324 (at) gmail (dot) com

  12. I just LOVE JCP!!! I've a huge love of purses. Once I went there and they were having a huge sale. They had a lot of out of season purses, regularly 60 bucks, on sale for 5 dollars. I walked out of there with 6 purses, and only paid 20 dollars, because I had a 10 dollar coupon. Man, I want another one of those days!
    michedt (at) gmail (dotcom)

  13. Thanks for the giveaway...our "tween" daughters love the clothes @ JCPenny, so they've got that demographic covered !

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  14. I do shop at JC Penneys because they have a large selection of Plus Size clothes. They also have a nice selection of childrens and teen clothes.

  15. My Family & I always shop at JCP. Because of their variety in clothing, shoes, outwear, especially their clearance. I was able to find a pair of black patent heels on clearance for $14 dollars!

  16. I Love JC Penneys, but rarely get to go to the store, because there are three surrounding me, but all are over a 45 minute drive from my home! I do shop with them online though...great sales! My daughter-in-law and her sister are both expecting and have gotten some beautiful maternity clothes at JC Penneys. If I win this, I'd love to "gift" it to my daughter-in-law so that when the baby is born (after Christmas,) she can go shopping for a few new things for herself!

  17. Love JCPenny, not only do they always have great coupons to use but they start out at 1/3 the price of most macys stuff and when your dressing 3 people that works out great!

  18. I've always been very happy with the clothes I get a JC Penney's. I especially love the Gloria Vanderbilt jeans I buy on a regular basis.

  19. i love the Liz Claiborne collection--these clothes that are modeled are sooooo beautiful--i really like the jacket--if i won this--that's top on my list!! :)

  20. I love shopping at Penney's and been shopping there since I was a kid. Great quality clothes and the prices are great especially if you hit a sale.

  21. I went to the J C Penney's at my local mall last week and was pleased to find that they carried the brand Jockey and also had women pull over sweaters.Two items, i thought would be easy to find and I couldn't find at Target, Kmart and Meijers!

  22. We do shop there. I just bought my daughter a super cute Hello Kitty hoddie there Weds. I like to get my daughters' clothes there. They have adorable girls clothes. Thank you!!

  23. I'm actually really feeling Katie's sweater. It's hard when you're too old to be young and too young to be old!


  24. I have shopped at JC Pennys for many years...I like their classic fact I have my eye on a winter coat I would love to have thanks for the giveaway

  25. I like to shop at JCPenney, sometimes I can get excellent deals and as always their items are great quality! I could definitely use this for my kids and myself, in fact we really really need some new socks!

  26. I'm in my late 20s and agree that its tough to find fashion forward, age appropriate clothes
    Lovefool827 (at) yahoo (dotcom)

  27. I'd LOVE to win this. We are unemployed but doing our best, so this would be very helpful for Christmas for our kids.


  28. The JCPenny around our area has some of the BEST bargins around the holidays. I hope whoever wins this needs it as much as we do.,...good luck to all

  29. JCPenney is one of the only stores that sells the kind of pants and shirt that are required at my job. And with two kids, this gift card would be a big help.

  30. i love JCPenney and I agree, their prices are fabulous! I think you all look great, definitely not old! I actually really like all the clothes that were picked...very cute stuff! Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. It's been a long time since I've shopped at JC Penney, but lately the ads have been catching my eye. I guess it won't be long before it's time to head out into the world of Christmas shopping! Thanks!!

  32. I usually shop there end of season sales for kid clothes. I don't really shop there for myself unless it's for a basic such as a black skirt.

  33. I shop at JCP regularly with my sister-in-law and niece (age 14). We were just there on Saturday, as a matter of fact! A giftcard would certainly make for an awesome shopping spree! JCP has great prices on quality apparel and wonderful clearance specials!

  34. I grew up with JCP, but where I grew up they were just a small store front where you would stop in and order from the Catalog! As a child, I can't tell you how many Christmases I spent marking up the toy section of the Holiday Catalog with my wish list :)

  35. I do most of my personal and Christmas gift shopping at JC Penney , from jewelry to baby wear and household goods, I love the quality and the free discount dollar offers!

  36. I haven't shopped at JCPenney in a while (largely because I tend to shy away from malls, in general). I do find their selection to be hit or miss. Some of their stuff is too "mature" for my tasted, but on the flip side, I bought a red wool peacoat in 2000 from JCPenney, and that coat is still going strong and looks very fashionable. I get compliments on it every single year!

  37. I love shopping at JC Penney's! They always have the cutest outfits for great prices! I would love to win this gift card and take myself on a winter shopping spree! Thanks so much!

  38. I shop at JCPenney regularly. I can always find clothes for me and hubby, clothes for granddaughters, shoes, linens . . . gosh, just about everything we need.

  39. This would be so great! I go to JCPenney for everything and now I have a new job so could really use this to get some clothes for work!

  40. I love to shop JC penney's but lately the Larger size Womans clothing are looking Old Lady styles I have a 14 year old I may be 52 but not ready to look like MY GREAT GRANDMOTHER....and I don't think She would wear some of the clothes......I love alot of there other things also

  41. I have purchased some small appliances in the past at JC Penney. I still have the blender that I got there many years ago, so the quality must be good.

  42. I love JC Penney! I see clothing costs have gone up but this would really help my family buy some clothes for the kids. Kids ALWAYS need clothes as they keep growing out of what they have so it costs quite a bit!

  43. You ladies all look great. I especially like Katie's cardigan. It would be perfect to wear for the holidays!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    beckytag618 at gmail dot com

  44. I love to shop at JCP. They have clothes that are ME. The prices are also very reasonable and they have great sales.

  45. I used to shop JCP often. Every year, it was my first stop for school shopping with my hard-earned babysitting money. After college, I don't remember being as near one, so I shopped there much less. A JCP just opened a couple of months ago that is very near and I have already been a couple of times. It is a gorgeous store and fun to shop. It even has a Sephora.

  46. We live in a rural area, and there are not many places to shop, but we do have a JC Penney's. It is one of our favorite stores. My daughter recently bought a bunch of tops at Penney's, and they were all on sale. We saved $85!!

  47. I have shopped at JC Penney brick and mortar stores and JC Penney online and have been pleased with the items I bought.

  48. We definitely shop at JCP fairly regularly - especially for more formal wear (they do carry some simple, classic lines for men, women, and kids), shoes, and bedding. Thanks!

  49. i shop at jc penney all the time! i just fell in love with the i <3 ronson line. it is an obsession but it is just so cute and trendy and functional!

  50. I used to shop at JC Penney fairly often until we moved. Now I'm happy that we can shop online! They have some cute things at reasonable prices!

  51. Jc Penney's always has some great sales. I've been a happy shopper there since I was a kid, my grandma used to call it Penney's :)

  52. I did not know that there was a Claiborne line for men - I will have to check that out next time I go the JCP (which will be this weekend) I love shopping there and now I have another reason to go :)

  53. They are having a huge sale next weekend with Door Buster's starting at 4AM on Friday November 26th. They have some great deals if your crazy enough to get up that early.


  54. I love the cardigan sweater that Katie is wearing! I love shopping at JC Penneys...especially when they have their buy one get one for a penny sale. Great excuse to buy two items instead of one! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  55. We love to shop at JC Penny. That Sequin Crewneck Cardigan is so cute! Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

    sewmuchstuff at ymail dot com

  56. All the clothes in this post are very nice. It makes me want to go shopping to find these items. :)

    itsjustme62613 at

  57. $100 at JCPenney could go a long way with all the sales they have been having lately! I would love to see how far I could stretch it:)

  58. I am a very big JCP fan - I think they have great deals, great quality, and a nice selection. Plus, I am a petite size and their petite department is still modern, not frumpy. I could definitely use that $100 gift card :)

  59. That's so fun that your neighbors and hubby got to be models! We definitely shop at's a great one-stop place where we can all get something.

  60. I shop at JC Penney for work clothes when I can (usually it is Goodwill and thrift stores). They have some nice things to wear for work. I'm really loving that wool men's coat too, I wonder if it would look good on me?

  61. JC Penny's is my mother-in-laws absolute favorite store. She loves the personal service and the prices. I hope to win this for her!

  62. I found the greatest dress for my oldest daughter to wear in our Christmas photos on JCP online. I would love to win this and get all the kids coordinated outfits

  63. JC Penney has done a really good job of stepping up their game in the fashion department. I'd buy stuff there now.

  64. I like shopping at JCPenney. My girls have gotten a some great jeans, shirts and leggings there for school this year, and I have some Pajamas from JCPenney that i love

  65. I love the sweater Katie is wearing. I don't shop for clothes a lot at JC Penneys, I just have a lot of other stores physically closer, and with clothing, I usually like to try it on. But I definitely would shop for home items.


  66. I love shopping at Penney's, they have great sales and let's face it, there aren't many other places to shop where I live! I have to admit that I do vastly prefer their a.n.a and east5th lines to Claiborne though.

  67. JCPenney has such great clearance deals. We spent 40.00 for my 6 year old daughter and saved 450.00!!!!!!!!! Such a awesome deal!

  68. Thank you for the giveaway. This is a great store because, they have fantastic deals and you can even find great items on clearance if you look for them!

  69. my mom always shopped at JC Penney's when i was a kid, and that was where our school shopping was done. would love to win the card because i am helping a sister and her four kids hard hit by the economic crunch.

  70. If I had that jet ring, my daughter would be wandering off with it (she's 8 going on tres chic). Love the wool coat, I hope they make something similar for women.

  71. I enjoyed looking at fashion pictures with people from around your neighborhood. Always refreshing to see fashion on real people instead of models!

  72. Recently I had a job interview and after searching around the mall I decided to go to JCPenneys. I found some great pants and a couple of sweaters that were on sale for an equally great price. Yes, the clothes were a little "older", but last time I checked so was I and I needed a professional appearance that Forever 21 couldn't give me.

  73. I didn't realize you were hosting a giveaway for JCPenney's! I buy the majority of my husband's clothing there because they have a great selection of men's wear, very competitive prices and the return policy is very generous.

    I had to return a pair of chinos that had one panel of a slightly lighter color a few weeks ago and the customer service was awesome. The sales associate did an even exchange.

  74. I need a new coat and really like the Claiborne Wool Bib Car Coat that you featured. Will have to go check it out in the store.

  75. It has been a long time since I been in a Jc Penney store. My daughter could use some new clothes, and I know they got tons of deals and sales. If I won I think a trip to Memphis was be needed and much appreciated.

  76. JC Penney has really nice kid's clothes. They hold up pretty good to my son's wear and tear. I haven't bought any clothes for my self there (or any where for that matter) in ages though. Oh and I love their shoe department :)

  77. I don't know why I don't shop more at JC Penney's, I guess the location is not on my way to anywhere. But they do have nice affordable clothing. If I won the gc, I know I would spend that and more there because of their good prices and sales.

  78. JCPenney is one of my favorite places for the things everyone needs, from sweaters to underclothes. I'm not at all surprised that all your nice neighbors are looking so stylish in their clothes!

  79. I've had a lot of luck finding clothes for work at JCP. I can't seem to find such a good range of sizes at any other store. My favorite brand is Worthington. I also love that they have sales all the time!

  80. I recently read that most smart shoppers invest in a JC Penny's card. I don't, however, JC Penny's always has great coupons that can save you up to 40 percent not just around the holidays but all year long.

  81. Shopping at JCP online is great. They frequently have free shipping offers, and you can return items free of charge to the store, so it's risk free!

  82. I love shopping at JCP. Their Worthington collection is a really affordable option for suits and other professional wardrobe items!

  83. We've shopped there whenever they are having their sales - during my last pregnancy I found some great buys on maternity clothes. My mother-in-law loves Pennies and Dillards, so a lot of the clothing gifts she sends for our girls are from there.

  84. I LOVE JCPenney. I can always find great deals there as well as quality clothes that are stylish. It is always one of the first stores that I shop in when I go to the mall.

  85. If I won this gift card, I would use some of it towards Christmas gifts, but I would use some of it to purchase some winter maternity clothes for me! Thanks for the opportunity!

  86. I shop there sometimes when I buy new. Usually I shop second hand stores first. But I do have to buy the kids new underwear and socks. Last year I bought my oldest son new underwear and socks at JC Pennys.

  87. I shop JCPenney for all our family members. They offer great sales and I get coupons in the mail pretty frequently as well.

  88. I didn't realize that Liz Claiborne had a collection at JCPenney now ... I have always loved the way her clothes fit me. I'm going to have to stop by the mall and check that out!

  89. How cute to photograph your neighbors!

    And JC Penney always surprises me each time I visit - I have gotten some of the most gorgeous accessories there, and great deals on kids clothes (and me clothes!). People are always surprised when I say that my necklace or dress came from JCP!

  90. M*cy's is having a huge sale tomorrow and I desperately want to go shopping for some new clothes! (I'm still wearing a combination of maternity clothes and in between sizes clothes, bleh!). But after doing the money tonight... I know I have a very small budget! For awhile I could hardly find anything at Penney's I liked, but recently I've found some cute stuff there!

  91. I only recently started shopping at JC Penny after going their with a relative. I'm a fan now and I love the SW Chandelier.

  92. I like to shop the J C Penney's sales. I usually go with my mother and we always find great deals. Also, I can find great Christmas gifts at good prices, often on sale. Thanks for the giveaway! pvbugg at embarqmail dot com

  93. JC Penney is my MIL's favorite store, and since she clothes shops for me more than I shop for myself, I've come to love it, too. There was one time that I went shopping there to get a new blouse for work, and later found out that my MIL had bought the same blouse for herself. Our senses of style have really met up well, don't you think? :)

  94. I love JC Penney! Everytime I have a wedding to go to (and in my last 5 years we have gone to approximately 18 weddings), I can never find a dress that I deem suitable. So I go to JC Penney and I'm left with a ton of options and trouble choosing! That cardigan on katie is gorgeous!

    vschilke at gmail dot com

  95. I love to shop JC Penney for dresses. Last Spring I bought 5 dresses in one day. They make such cute dresses that actually fit my body type. I just can't say no!

  96. I DO shop at Penneys. I especially love the line of clothes from Worthington. I still have some Worthington blouses that I bought over 20 years ago and wore for work over and over again.

  97. We buy a ton of gifts for christmas at JCP. Right now, we need to buy a dust ruffle and a hawaiian shirt. Random, but what was asked for!

  98. I shop at JCPenney every now and then. I usually only head in for a big sale or when I'm Christmas shopping. However, I did find out that the Sephora in the JCPenney nearest me is MUCH less busy and MUCH better stocked than the real Sephora just down the mall!

  99. My husband and I have been consistent "Penny's" shoppers for years. Their sales on men's dress clothing are virtually unbeatable! Many years ago back when my husband and I were dating, my husband lost one of his closest friends to Lupus. Being college students, cash was a little tight and he needed a sportscoat for the funeral. We headed to JC Penny's and found not only the employees to be most helpful but also a good sale that worked within the budget! You can count on Penny's to provide quality clothing for working families!

  100. I really like JCP I can always find something that I want. My daughter bought her winter coat there last year. I hope to win this GC so I can buy myself a winter coat this year.

  101. I shop there for baby clothes...they have great sales occasionally and my mom has bought Addy quite a few things on clearance from their Okie Dokie brand and Carter's. All very nice stuff, cute and durable. I've been eyeing a set of their flannel sheets for mom also got some of those recently and says they are very nice and warm and a good price on sale.

  102. I don't shop at Penney's much because it is out of the way for me and I have quite a few choices that are more convenient. If I'm in the area - then why not!

  103. We always get a bunch of coupons from JCPenney, plus we each have a JCP card for extra deals. So yes, of course we shop there. LoL.

  104. JC Penney is definitely a great place to stock up on basic pieces for a decent price. I'm loving their Liz Claiborne Buffalo Check Jacket.

  105. awesome post! I just love Jc Penney they have such amazing deals and you can find almost anything there..I am 25 and I find that they have some great things for my age group.well at least last time i checked..I hope this is still the case LoL..
    [email protected]

  106. My mom started working at JC Penney's in the late 70's when it was still kind of new for woman to be managers (can you believe it)? and she loved it. The whole family has always shopped there and I'm sure always will. It's such a family store with something for everyone and the prices can't be beat. What I especially love is the quality of items too - you really get what you pay for and more. I always feel good giving any gift from JC Penney's - I really love their selection, quality and prices. thanks, much.

  107. I shop at Penney's for my husband because they carry "tall" clothes. I like their clearance sales for the two of us.

  108. my grandmother adores JC Penney... this would make a fabulous christmas gift for her!! Thanks!
    And so amazed and inspired by your new venture... can't wait to hear how you are blessed (and are blessings) by it!

  109. This would come in handy since we are moving to Florida and need to buy a lot of things for the new house. I usually get my curtains from J. C. Penney.

  110. I was just telling a friend this weekend how much I LOVE JC Penny. They always have awesome sales and I usually save MORE than I actually spend when I go there.

  111. JCPenney definitely varies on how wearable its lines are - it's trying to compete with Sears and Macy's and trying too hard to be both. However, I also haven't shopped there in years, so a gift card to test if my feelings for the store have changed would not be a bad thing.

  112. I love the clothes and the value you get for your money at JC Penneys. My girls have worn the Arizona brand for years. They are always up to date on the latest styles.

  113. I like JC Penney's and I do believe they are trying to cater more towards younger customers. I like the Nicole Miller line the best. Thanks, Stephanie, for your honest review!

  114. When JC Penney's has a big sale, we will sometimes drop by, but we're so cheap that we normally don't go to the mall for clothes shopping trips. Would I love to? Absolutely! We just try to keep our clothes budget pretty low, so we end up going to a lot of garage sales instead.

  115. I shop there sometimes when they send a 10 dollar off anything coupon, but I usually just buy children's clothes for the kids. i also will buy levis there for my husband because that is his favorite brand of jeans. i agree with you on the womens clothing selection thougb

  116. I adore JCPenney's holiday dresses for little girls. I think they have a great selection of kids clothes and you can not beat their end of the season clearances.

  117. I generally don't shop at JC Penney's...because I tend to avoid the mall. But my BFFs mom gave her some really cozy PJs from there that I'd love to get for myself.

    \Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  118. Wow Ihave not shopped at a jc penny in soo long, come to think of it, I havent shopped in soo long! lol Iwould love to win this!

  119. "Do YOU shop at JCPenney for yourself or your family?"
    Of course....Great prices on purses, clothes and linens....The store near me also remodeled and was made a lot bigger a few months ago. A very nice store. semtaylor(at)yahoo(dot)com

  120. I haven't shopped at JC Penney's in a long time but maybe I will try them sometime. My favorite department store, Mervyns, went out of business, at least in my town.

  121. We love JC Penney--especially when they have good sales! It's definitely one of the stores I always hit up on Black Friday.

  122. I like shopping at JCP and can usually find something. I'll have to check out what they have for fall. Thanks for the giveaway.

  123. I love Katie's outfit. I wish I had your female models bodies, but mine is a plus sized body. Thanks for the giveaway.

  124. JC Penny's is my favorite place to shop for regular clothing. My mother always took me there for school shopping and such. Between that and the prices, I guess it just kind of stuck. ;)
    chainmail(at) iwon(dot) com

  125. I don't shop at JCPenney all that often. There are many other stores closer to my house that I like better overall. However, I do love their shoe department and could definitely use some new shoes for the whole family.

  126. Just stepped into my forties and still don't want to dress frumpy. I just recently bought a pair of shoes from JCP but haven't bought any clothes from them in years.

  127. I haven't tried JCP in years, never really found any clothing I liked for me. But looking around their site I see things I would actually wear. And I am in love with the Okie Dokie Toddler Girl Snowsuit with the matching scarf and hat.

  128. What an awesome giveaway. I love to shop at JC Penny's and have 100.00 before Christmas would be great.
    I like their pants, which actually fit my body. Actually I like all their clothes.

    Please contact me at muffetval at yahoo dot com and I will send my address to you once I win. Just positive thinking, then I will do a Happy Dance around the Christmas Tree.

  129. This is so great, I do all my shopping at JCPenney - Stafford and St. John's Bay are the most common names around my home!

  130. Wow! What a great idea - you and your neighbors! Well, former neighbors, but you're all linked for life, I bet :)

    I usually go to JC Penney's for work clothes. They have dressy things that are comfortable. Also, I have shopped for bathing suits there because they always have awesome suits for "well-endowed" women, that cover just enough and are cute, not old-ladyish :)

  131. JCP has the best sales . It is one of the few places that I can almost always find what I am looking for at a great price.

  132. Yes we shop at JC Pennys. We love their clothes. I just purchased my winter coat from there
    and my husband really likes their pillows. We shop at JC Pennys about once a week. We like all their
    clothes and bath and bedroom items. Thanks so much for the contest.

  133. i shop at jcpennys a lot, we have one a couple of miles away from our house - i'm actually going there today b/c they are having a great sale today! (extra 20% off clearance)

    autumn398 @

  134. I love JC Penney! They have great clothes at affordable prices. I am also around 30 and sometimes have problems finding clothes that do not look like they were designed for a 14 year old or a 40 year old. I can usually find something ot match my style at JC Penney.

  135. Great looking fashions! We love JCPenney in this house, we often buy clothing and shoes there for the entire family. Oh and that male model, what a hunk! ;)

  136. I love JcPenneys to shop. My dd's love their jeans! We went last week and got them a few pairs. They always have the best sales!

  137. I've never been to J.C. Penney's because I've never lived anywhere close to one. But seeing your neighbors (and hubby!) modelling the new Liz C line makes me want to go check it out. I particularly like the sequined cardigan and the chandelier earrings. I'm always up for a bargain!

  138. My son is growing so fast I can't keep him in clothes, not to mention the fact that his taste in clothes changes every other month. And I thought females were bad about that! This would really help out!

  139. I was just at JCPenney and they had the cutest flannel 2 piece pj set for ladies with scottie dogs on it. I really want that one.

  140. I get probably 85% of my clothing from JCP. I just wish they'd hire a few more people so I wouldn't have to search quite so hard for assistance.

  141. They all look so cute! I'm glad you were able to bless them with new clothes; they're great people. :) You're right, though; I generally don't look at JC Penney when I'm thinking new cute fashion, but they've got some cute stuff if you look around.

  142. I would love to win this J C Penney gift card. I am always buying clothes for kids, but never for myself. I haven't really bought myself any new clothes for a couple of years. If I win this I think I would treat myself to a few new things!

  143. My daughter is getting married in April and I would love the gift card to go toward an ourfit at JC Pennys--I love their clothes

  144. How funny! I used to live in that neighborhood! I know Ashlie and Katie. They are 2 of the nicest women I have ever met!
    I don't shop at JCP often because there isn't one very conveniently located to my house, but I have shopped there in the past and would happily drive out of my way if I had a giftcard!

      1. We moved over near Udall Park because I wanted to be closer to my family. Now we are 5 minutes from my parents and 9 minutes from my sister! I don't think I ever saw you walking the neighborhood but I saw you at the 5K in Sierra Morado once! I used to walk our dog twice a day (but often times in the dark). Too bad I didn't know you then!

        1. How fun to live near Udall Park, Kendra! I love the walking/running track's nice to have an indoor option for the summer months too.

  145. I shop at JCPenney for myself and for my son. He 6'6" tall, and I can always find something for him in the Big and Tall Department.

  146. JCPenney is one of those outlets where we've gotten a lot of our finer outfits :) They've got juuuuust the right level of sophistication that's not too terribly expensive :D

  147. My family just rediscovered JC Penneys this last year. They have a great Juniors department with sizes that are small enough for my petite daughters and they are very stylish. The sales are great too, especially when they offer the $10 off $10 coupons. You really can't go wrong.

  148. JC Penny's is not a place I typically shop at. I did just stop by the other day after my family watched a movie and realized it is a great place for one stop shopping. My husband was entertained, as well as my step-dad. My mom and I were able to get some shopping done without having the guys complaining and asking "How long are we staying here?" So even though I don't shop at JC Penny's often, I enjoy going and it is definitely a place I should go to more often.

  149. I love JC Penney! I found a pair of skinny denim leggings in petite sizes (which were still a tad too long since I'm so short) for $8!!! They're "A.N.A." brand which I think has much younger looking pieces than Liz Claiborne. But I do think you could mix n match pieces of the Liz Claiborne collection that are more classic looking with more trendy pieces to look cute & age appropriate!

  150. I haven't shopped at JCP for years, mostly because the clothes aren't quite my style, but I am willing to give it another try!

  151. I've been looking for a coat just like the Wool Bib Car Coat above . It's kind of nice that I stumbled upon it this way!

    We do a lot of our cloths shopping at JCPenney's (even when I was a kid, that's where we did our school shopping).

  152. I am so loving your neighbor posts. It really made me decide I have to become a bigger part of my neighborhood, we've been here almost a year and only know one of our elderly neighbors. What a fun thing to do with your neighbor's, I'm a bit jealous actually! I am going to make it a point to introduce myself to at least two neighbor's in the next couple weeks, and hopefully on the 28th (when our neighborhood lights the Christmas Tree at the Village Commons) I can meet a bunch more.
    I normally only shop at JcPenney's for my son, he is in an odd size right now and JCP is the only place we found pants that fit him well.

  153. JC Penney's is great for getting some great outfits for my entire family! Of course, bargain shopping here is always a treat and will always stock up on next seasons clothes for my kids to save some bucks, especially for my son who loves the variety of t-shirts available !

  154. When I was growing up, there were two places to shop-JCP or Sears. I always preferred JCP because they had the cutest clothes.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  155. I think JCP has some fantastic deals for this holiday season. I was just searching through their website for a suitable Christmas party dress and I found more than one option. Moreover, the item I would like to have (a beautiful, ruby red satin dress) comes at an affordable price, which gives me the chance to invest in a new pair of dress pumps from the same store this year. Thank you for the fantastic giveaway!

  156. When my children were babies, J C Penney always had great quality clothing and more for them. My husband is a big guy and LOVES their casual clothes. He bought 3 identical pairs of Levi's cargo pants from them!! They have great sales too.

  157. I love that outfit that Ashlie's son has on so cute!! My mother bought our stuff at jcpenney when we were younger and now I shop there for my son. They have some good deals in store and online all the time.

  158. agree - love that coat. would look grat on my hubby as well. we all need some new clothes and the price at jcp is just right
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  159. Yes, we do shop at JCP. We take advantage of the online coupon codes that they have. The last time that we bought shoes for my husband, we received free shipping and a 40% discount as well. They have some incredible coupons and sales!

  160. we had a JC Penny's store open up in our town last holiday season and I have found that since I have one in my backyard now I do shop there and while I've never found a whole outfit I have found several pieces and I like their shoes!

  161. JCPenney is a trusted name my mother shopped by for many many years that's the name I knew growing up. They have such nice clothes and furniture.

  162. I just went to JC Penney yesterday with my kids to get them all new winter coats. Love JC Penney and love the sales that they have! What a great giveaway. This would come in handy for Christmas shopping.
    Thanks so much.

  163. I have a hard time finding clothes for me at JCP, but I like their kids clothes. We just went there a couple of weeks ago to get my son a winter jacket - and he wore it today for our first snowfall!

  164. I grew up going with my mom to the really big JCP sales a couple times a year. I still shop there. I always seem to be able to find something nice for a decent price and for pretty good quality. Plus, they are one of the few nicer clothing stores in my small town.

  165. I love these! Especially the top Kate is wearing...and you're making me hungry for lasagna. I wish Kate was my neighbor!

  166. I like to shop at JCPenney for the kids clothes. The prices are good and their kids clothes are not as cheaply made as some other stores. I super love their prices.

  167. That must have been a fun shopping trip before you left. I hope you all went together and had coffee too :) I've been reading all your posts, but am usually stealing moments away from my son to check my mail and am too hurried to comment. I just wanted to tell you I am praying for you and I think it is a beautiful thing, listening to God's heart. Have you ever visited:
    she, her husband and child seem to be on a similar journey as the one you are preparing to embark on.
    God bless (as He always does) and know that I will be praying for you and your family.

    1. I wish we would have all gone to coffee together, but we actually all went shopping separately. It worked out better w/ all of our crazy schedules this time around. ;)

  168. We do shop at JC Penney. You can really get some great deals there. I once got a reversible comforter marked down to 7 dollars there and I still wanted my 5 percent off.

  169. I shop at JC Penney's stores. They have great sales with plenty of items on the racks. I buy towels and sheets on sale. The online variety is really good and the styles that my family really likes and uses.

  170. Yes I do! I worked there for a year part time after my first was born and I enjoyed it. Since then I have been a regular customer off and on. They have fantastic store sales and great catalogs for ordering!

  171. Your friendly neighbors look great. For several years I lived in a very small town and the only place we had for shopping was JCPenneys. It was a busy little store.

  172. I do shop at JcPenne'ys at times. However, like you, sometimes I don't think their clothes are young enough for what I'd want to be wearing. I think they are improving though from years ago.

  173. Yes, I shop at JC Penney b/c I think they have some great deals and sales, as well as coupons. I agree that their fashions are NOT exactly cutting edge, but I go there for basics and the deals... :) Cute post involving your neighbors - that is awesome! :)

  174. Those ladies look like great neighbors.

    I haven't shopped at JC Penney's in about a year but when I was working outside the house I used to buy a good amount of my clothes from them. As a larger gal I wish they had more fashionable larger sized but I did like their "work dress" pants.

  175. We shop at Penny's all the time. They have great shoe deals! We also love their clothing. Growing up in a small town, we had two department stores. Penny's was one of them. So we grew up dressed in Penny's stuff. Now that we live in a larger place with more options - we still love Penny's. I love the okie dokie line of kids clothes too. They are not only cute, but good quality items that look great wash after wash!

  176. We are lucky enough to have some amazing neighbors as well! I honestly believe God has sent them, because there have been times that I don't know what I would not have done if they didn't stop by!

  177. Neighbors are great! My best friend, and also my former neighbor, just moved about 2 hours away and I miss her!
    Your neighbors look great!

  178. While sometimes it takes some hunting, I can always find something for everyone in my family (including Grandma!) at JCPenney.

  179. I love that plaid shirt. I also love that you have real people modeling the clothes, everyone looks great! I can always find what I love and need and JcPenney's for great prices

  180. I hardly ever shop at JCPenny...and then....usually around the Holidays I will run in there for whatever reason and truly find great stuff.

    I think one of the reasons I don't shop there more frequently is their website??? I do mostly online shopping, not sure but I don't think its as engaging as others....and like you said they are inconsistent with their in between style of's either too old or too young?

  181. I hadn't been in a JCPenny's in years - and this weekend my hubby and meandered in the one in the mall. I was actually surprised by how many nice things there REALLY surprised! Ours had an adorable little baby section (which I will clearly be hanging out in over the next few months!) I wonder if they sell maternity clothes? Now that i'm rounding out at almost 6 months I'm finally in need of "stretchy" belly pants or whatever they are called :-) I'd love to win this!!

  182. I have not shopped at Penney's (as my mom called it) much since I have moved back here. I don't enjoy malls except when necessary for spending time with my teenage children. I do love them though! What I appreciate most is that they have a location in a strip mall where we are from (and still have our home, and will be returning too). It is a small town, and they are the best place to go to shop for family clothing. They have great sales, and I love that they have something for everyone. Even through these hard times, they have managed to stick it out and still have the store there.

  183. I just looked at the line and agree with you...although I like Katie's sweater for work. I find quite a bit there for my kids. My daughter has a skinny waist and love that most of thier jeans are adjustable. For my little one they often have great sales for toddler clothes.

    1. I can relate! We are in constant need of the "basics" around here - stretchy pants, plain t-shirts, comfy sweatshirts, etc. :)

  184. Oh, I love that you took pictures of your neighbors. Looks like a nice, young group. Looks nothing like our neighborhood. ;)

    I love JCP, by the way. It was one of my favorite places to shop but they are a wee bit too expensive for me now, so a freebie would be great!

    We've got family pictures coming up and need to outfit everyone for it.


  185. That is so cool that your neighbors got to have a little shopping spree with you. Fun. I love JC Penny, but I do tend to forget about it, I think just because of where it is located. But when I remember I always seem to find something great. They have a nice sandal selection in the summer and the prices are great.

  186. I don't usually shop at JcPenney because I agree with you...the clothes seem a little on the "older" side. But I'd be willing to give it a shot again. I haven't checked out their children's clothing.

  187. how you have time for this, I don't know!!! But it's still fantastic. I am in need of a few nice sweaters, since I was pregnant last winter and in AZ/Asia the winter before that!
    I used to get things at JCP, but I mostly just do thrift stores now when we need something.
    Remember going to Speedway Thrift together?

  188. I've been thinking of getting my sister and her family a comfy bean bag for their newly completed basement/ family room. I found some great options at

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