Just One Kiss, Please

Just One Kiss, Please 1Yesterday I was working on my laptop during my daughter's naptime (which is a common practice around here). When I heard her stirring in the next room, I brought her out to lay on my shoulder for a moment as she was "waking up."

She started getting fidgety so I said, "Can you just sit next to me for about five minutes while I finish this project?"

But she insisted on sitting on my lap. As I typed - balancing her on my knees and away from my pregnant belly - I started to feel just a tad bit frustrated at my inability to see the keys on my laptop. "Can you please just sit here for two minutes? I'm almost done." (I really was almost done. I just needed 2 minutes...).

That's when she took my face in both of her hands and said, "Just one kiss, please." 

So I closed my laptop and decided that my project could wait until after bedtime.

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15 comments on “Just One Kiss, Please”

  1. My 2 yr old daughter has started taking my cheeks in her hands and turning my face to look into her eyes if I'm not paying attention. It's frustrating if I'm talking to someone else and also completely adorable.

  2. Oh, I love those times. They also make me feel guilty for thinking whatever I was doing was more important than the people in my life. But I need those reminders because I'm more shortsighted than my little people are. I love my family! :)

  3. How sweet is that! I end up with Becca on my lap a lot of the time too - trying to type around her... I know I need to do better with just getting up from the computer when she needs and wants that time with me. Sigh.

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