Just Say It

Do you ever think amazing compliments about people and not say them?

Like, for example, you'll walk by somebody on the street or run into a neighbor or read someone's blog...and THINK...

"Wow! She has the warmest, prettiest smile." (That's Stephanie of Adventures in Babywearing)

Just Say It 1

Or "She totally has the gift of encouragement." (That's Nini of Lettner Livin')

Just Say It 2

Or "Oh.My.Goodness. Is it even possible for someone to be more creative than her? She astonishes me." (That's Dana of MADE)

Just Say It 3

Or "Mercy! She has a way with words!" (That's Sarah of Emerging Mummy)

Just Say It 4

Or, "Her sense of style has cool written all over it." (That's Leigh of Marvelous Kiddo)

Just Say It 5

Or, "She is thoughtful...ever so thoughtful...and she gives from her heart." (That's Nicole of The Pixel Boutique and Confessions of a Cropaholic)

Just Say It 6

Lately, I've been trying to remember to "just say it." Out Loud.

Whenever someone or something strikes me as being beautiful, extraordinary, or sublime - I don't want that little nugget of goodwill to be lost. Because I know that..."kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless" (Mother Teresa).

So...if you like a person's yellow jacket or their sparkly teeth or their radiant personality, say so. If you notice a person's gentle parenting techniques or spotless bathrooms or humility, stop and use your words (not just your mind).

Let's fill this world with endless echoes of kindness. You with me?

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29 comments on “Just Say It”

  1. I'm so bad at this. I think those things all of the time but don't say them out loud often enough. I don't know why because when someone else says something like that to me, it makes my day.

    I'll start now:

    Stephanie - you seem like an amazing mom. So hands on and involved and creative.

  2. Receiving a compliment totally brightens my day, that's why I love to comment and compliment whenever I can. I especially like to encourage moms that are out and about with their kiddos. I remember one day in Target, when my daughter was acting a bit naughty and a stranger told me that I was handling the situation wonderfully and to keep up the great work. It totally helped me to take a deep breath and let the moment pass.

    Great post!

  3. You are brilliant with words lady - I love this post because it speaks absolute truth in such a lovely way.

    I try to be intentional with compliments and I endeavor to pass them out freely. It's how my dad operates and something we heard at home often - keep criticism to yourself until you can find a constructive, kind way to deliver it but pass out compliments the minute they cross your mind.

  4. One time. I did it on one significant enough to remember occasion. There was this lady in downtown dallas who I swear had the prettiest face I've ever seen -- ever, magazines and movies included. I had to tell her so I did. I just said it and kept walking before she thought I was weird or some sort of creep.

  5. We have so much power to change someone's day (or life for that matter) with just one sentence. I love this post, Steph. I hope you will participate in the LOVE LINK I sent to you and posted on my site.

  6. If more people would just do this every day, it would foster a world of kindness and compassion. You never know what is going on in someone's life at that moment, or their heart...and a kind comment might really mean A LOT and go a LONG way. Especially to those you know only in passing...they may really be in need of a human connection with another person, even if something very small...so this is a beautiful idea! I hope everyone gives it a sincere try! Love your blog! Am a new reader and am glad I found you!

  7. Oh, Stephanie...I'm a little overwhelmed (and weepy. Can I be honest? Actually weepy.). Thank you so much. I feel so small and insignificant, just writing about what I love or find interesting so to be up there, next to all of these women that I so admire, noticed by a woman that I respect and admire (yourself) well - it's a good good day.

    Love you, friend.

  8. Much of the time, if I think it I say it. I'm totally uncensored, which is both good and bad ;)


  9. All these ladies are great!

    I think giving someone a compliment means so much. It really can make someone's day.

    It's important to also teach our kids this. I remind my son on his way to school to "tell someone something nice today". His teacher's pretty skirt, the girl's pencil next to him, a friend's new glasses or haircut.

    I love coming to your blog Stephanie, it really makes me feel good!

  10. I really like this idea.

    Last week I had a moment where I had a very clear understanding of how lucky and grateful I am to have my mother as my mother. We have a good relationship and I frequently tell her I love her, but I don't tell her very often how much I appreciate the effort she put into raising me. So I walked around for two days with this thought in my head before writing it into a card and mailing it to her. I could have easily called her but for some reason the card just felt more personal at the time.

    Thank you for this reminder to share our warm thoughts with others.

  11. Aw...you're so sweet!

    I am SO guilty of this. Being a little on the reserved side, I hesitate in saying "love the skirt" or "your smile is so great" or "have you lost weight??" in fear of people feeling embarrassed, or me feeling embarrassed or...I dont know...just fear? But who DOESN'T love to hear a kind word? I know I do!

    BTW, were your ears ringing this weekend? Darcie and I were talking about how we love the way you share your opinion so honestly yet so graciously on your blog. You have a real knack for that! Just thought I'd "say it". Out loud! ;)

  12. Stephanie, you are so resourceful, kind, intelligent, and thoughtful. I don't know how you balance everything! This isn't a compliment shared only because of your post, it's just the perfect timing to tell you! :)

    And oddly enough, I just posted a cute video about this exact thing yesterday! http://www.makeitworkmom.com/?p=2307
    We're on the same wavelength! :)

  13. What a beautiful post! I love complimenting people and I do so very often. But I'm sure there are lots of times when I don't make the effort to do so... especially online. It's easier in person, b/c you just have to open your mouth. But online, you need to take an extra step.

  14. I'm definitely with you on this one. Being given a genuine compliment is so uplifting, so it only makes sense to share them when you think them about others.

  15. Okay, so you just made me tear up. Thanks! I needed that tonight! When I saw the title of this post it made me happy because I have been trying to be intentional in speaking my compliments out loud. I told a gal at the market that I thought she was so pretty and that it wasn't just the fact that she was beautiful, but that she was genuinely interested and engaging with the customers...so I told her not to think I was weird, but that I just wanted her to know it :) In the past few years I have also been trying to make an effort to actually pray for people on the spot rather than saying, "I'll pray for you"...cause I don't want to be all words, I want to act as well. So, if I find myself thinking, 'I will pray for you', instead I say, "can I pray for you right now?" It doesn't happen all the time, I'm trying.

    I also know you most likely will get heaps of compliments on how amazing you are, but I won't let that stop me: YOU ARE AMAZING! You are inspiring and insightful and encouraging. I look forward to the day (whenever that may be) that we get to sit and have a cup of tea together! Thanks again Stephanie!!

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