Just when I thought it couldn't get better - you turn FIVE

Just when I thought it couldn't get better - you turn FIVE 1
on your 5th birthday

Dear Kayla,

Just when I thought you couldn't possibly get any brighter, more beautiful, more daring, more kind...you turn FIVE.

And now? You startle me with your wit and creativity, your goodness and your intoxicating liveliness. Your blonde curls and beguiling blue eyes.

At five, you like noodles and fancy dresses and chapter books. You're a literalist and would rather people not tease you (as grown-ups often are in the habit of doing).

If we go past a toy aisle at the store, you say, "I like craft supplies more than toys." You create masterpieces out of paper plates, paints, scissors, tape, and bits of string. You deserve canvases of your own.

"Kids always follow me and do what I do," you told me insightfully a few months ago. I honestly can't think of a better 5-year-old to lead. You love Jesus; you insist on honesty and virtue.

Meticulous. Observant. Visionary. That's what you are. Last week, we were talking about something at the dinner table. You added in, "Next time we travel around the world, can we...?" I don't even remember what you asked, but Tim & I looked at each other, inspired.

Just when I thought it couldn't get better - you turn FIVE 2 Just when I thought it couldn't get better - you turn FIVE 3

I have no doubts that you'll travel the world, my adventurer. And when you do, you will carry with you all of the things that the world desperately covets - warmth, love, and the beautiful audaciousness of hope.

Love you.

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12 comments on “Just when I thought it couldn't get better - you turn FIVE”

  1. What a beautiful tribute. And that quote about next time you travel around the world? Well, that's just one of those moments where you can rest in the fact that you have done something awesome for your child. More than the difference you made in the lives of others, you made in the lives of your own children. Well done, good and faithful servant!

  2. Oh I love it! What a vibrant young lady!
    I am loving 5 in my big girl, too. She seems so grown up. She also plans to be a world explorer/nature artist/cultural writer. :) Perhaps Kayla & Gillian could venture out together!

  3. She is five already? Time flies, she is going to be a great leader, you and Tim are doing a great job instilling confidence in her and leading her the right path. She sure looks like a leader, the world is waiting for you to grow up Kayla :)

  4. What a gorgeous tribute to a totally spectacular girl. She just glows, doesn't she? Those craft masterpieces of hers ARE crazy-amazing!
    Thanks so much for sharing this personal post. You always get me excited with your glimpses of the possibilities just around the bend (or year). ;)

  5. A belated Happy Birthday from all of us in VA. Sam frequently asks if we can go camping with you guys again. Maybe in AZ next time?!

  6. Kayla reminds me of my Mikayla. Mikayla doesn't want toys she wants arts and crafts supplies. She is also a very friendly person who always makes new friends at the playground and wants to play with everyone and she makes everyone feel better. What wonderful little girls we have.

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